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presumenothing · an hour ago
how do draw good
fill 14 sketch book
bad stuff is good stuff bc you made stuff
do you like sparkle???? draw sparkle
draw what make your heart do the smiley emote
member to drink lotsa agua or else bad time
d ont stress friend all is well
your art is hot like potato crisps
don’t let anyone piss on your good mood amigo
if they do
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presumenothing · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
527: I will try not to hug him too hard.
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presumenothing · 9 hours ago
Post-canon sect gatherings are about to be wild. Listen. Jin guangyao is dead, lan xichen is in seclusion, jin ling is jin ling, and we haven’t met any other competent sect leader ever. Post-canon sect gatherings are p much all on jiang cheng and huaisang to manage. And sure huaisang could help but. He’s a little shit. If it ain’t a qinghe nie problem, he’s not here for it!!! The second sect leader yao opens his mouth, huaisang is halfway out the door! He has no reputation to save and hasn’t slept in over 10 years!!! He doesn’t care! And jiang cheng! Is Jiang Cheng!
jiang cheng: and where do you think you’re going?!
nie huaisang, leaving the meeting: stress is bad for the baby
jiang cheng: what baby?
nie huaisang: me. I’m baby
jiang cheng: are you taking shots?!
nie huaisang: yeah want some?
jiang cheng: ………..yes give it here
nie huaisang: this is the best way to go about this
other leaders: we don’t believe you
nie huaisang, really doesn’t care what they do anymore this meeting has been going on for 5 hours: that sounds like a you problem
nie huaisang seeing off those sect leaders who refused to listen to him: bye! I trust in your ability to handle this your way!!!
nie huaisang: there’s a 30% chance they’re all gonna die
jiang cheng: slices a table in half
jiang cheng, throwing some money at the broken table: I’ll pay for that
other sect leaders: is this… a liability waiver?
nie huaisang: yeah I had some written up after sect leader jiang broke that guy’s legs last meeting? anyways everyone sign one before going in please
other sect leader: maybe…. sect leader jiang could stop injuring people at meetings instead?
nie huaisang: hahaha No. don’t forget to date your signature.
jiang cheng: either we start agreeing or I’m gonna get the whip
nie huaisang: diplomacy at its finest
nie huaisang: everyone, welcome to the banquet! the unclean realms welcomes all its allies!
jiang cheng: wei wuxian is sucking face with lan wangji right behind you
nie huaisang: this ain’t about them
nie huaisang: sorry I’m late. I ran into a problem on the way
jiang cheng: what problem?
nie huaisang: not wanting to come
nie huaisang: we need to do something about your temper. how about you just do what I do?
jiang cheng: which is?
nie huaisang: every time sect leader yao talks I imagine shoving my fist down his throat and watching him choke on it slowly, clutching at his neck, as his face turns blue and he dies.
nie huaisang: really puts me in a much better mood :)
jiang cheng: …. noted
jiang cheng vividly imagining killing sect leader yao: oh hey
nie huaisang: what did I tell you?
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presumenothing · 19 hours ago
suddenly remembering that old superstition about not writing names in red
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presumenothing · 20 hours ago
cursed groundhog day loop where after each time things go (fatally) bad wei wuxian wakes back up in the mo family estate. after enough times of this he kidnaps grabs lan wangji and fucks off to some village to build the farm life of his dream for like three lives a row (sizhui can come along too i guess). another life he spends most of the time trying to patch things up with jiang cheng somehow, which is both easier and far more difficult than it sounds. nie huaisang is mildly confused
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presumenothing · 21 hours ago
what is ur blog about
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presumenothing · a day ago
If you’re a creator of some sort who posts their work publicly somehow, put in the tags your most “underrated” piece
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presumenothing · a day ago
Iroh: People work their entire lives to find spirits and access the spirit world. It has taken years of dedication and study for me to reach the small part of it that I’m able to find.
Sokka, who accidentally steered a canoe to where the Avatar had been frozen for a century and then fell in love with the moon and also spent 24 hours in the spirit world that one time and was the only one who the hallucinations flat-out spoke to in the magical swamp: what, like it’s hard?
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presumenothing · a day ago
Tumblr media
biu ~
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presumenothing · a day ago
maybe the -jun titles were more common to the sunshot generation? since they would have been more actively involved in things/developing a reputation outside their own sects and the occasional conference, and the titles seem to be born from something of a consensus amongst common people + npc cultivators?
huh yeah that does sound plausible actually! especially with the way the lans are as a sect, they're like. idk the mountain retreat of the entire cultivation world so in the previous generation qingheng-jun might've been the only *customer service voice* external facing person as the sect leader and all
AND "NPC CULTIVATORS" ASDKFKDJSJS what's your idle animation as a cultivator. cursing out wei wuxian i guess. staffing the twin jades of lan fanclub. the possibilities are endless
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presumenothing · a day ago
nirvana in fire fic translations
in honour of nif week: here’s the fic translations i’ve done, for those who haven’t read them yet! all complete and pretty much focused on changsu and jingyan, with various appearances from the rest of the cast.
the dumbfounded diaries of xiao jingyan | 萧景琰连环懵逼记
Could it be that…… Sir Su was his brother, long-lost all these years?
16.4k words of absolute crack, except when it’s not. add accidental time travel to poor communication kills, shake, and mind the warnings.
silk scroll, twelve inches |  碧鲤书
As if someone had arrived, and it was only right that he open his eyes, raise a hand to rub away the tiredness, and look clearly at the person that came into view.
4k words. bittersweet with a strong emphasis on the former, and poems which i may or may not have mangled in translation. some references to novel events; i’ve linked relevant bits in the (very extensive) notes.
and last but not least – the most humongous of them all, the absolute whopper
known, unknown | 知否
Lin Chen pushed the windows open and took an exaggeratedly deep breath: “Ah… what fresh air! What magnificent weather! If you want to stay put in the guesthouse, Changsu, then stay all you like, but this young master here will absolutely not be wasting such good weather indoors!”
Mei Changsu put down the book in his hands helplessly: “When did I say that I wanted to remain in the guesthouse?”
an absolutely mind-boggling 106k words(!!) including 2 side stories. the post-nif1 fix-it AU you never knew you wanted but absolutely do. tropes include amnesia, identity porn, hurt/comfort up the wazoo, and a guaranteed happy ending to boot. also poetry, politics, and my eternal struggles to translate both. read it and weep.
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presumenothing · a day ago
timetravel au where wei wuxian wakes up at the xuanwu cave after dying at the burial mounds, on account of it being his original encounter with the would-be tiger seal, and proceeds to fake his death.
not immediately, of course! he’s sick and injured enough at that point that he’s almost certain this is a hallucination, which is just… yeah, great, fine, of all the moments in his life it’s gotta be this one that flashes before his eyes when he’s dying? really? says a lot about his life, doesn’t it. (it really does.)
it’s not until he wakes up again to find himself in lotus pier that wei wuxian starts believing all this is actually real. because even his subconscious wouldn’t do this – arguing with jiang cheng is one thing (though he’d almost forgotten what it was like to quarrel over anything less than life-and-death), but seeing shijie smiling, warm, alive? even in that terrible future she would not be dead, if not for him. he doesn’t have the right to even imagine her like this.
therefore: this is real. lotus pier is still standing, the elder jiangs still alive, and he has two weeks to figure out how to keep it that way.
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presumenothing · a day ago
Hi! Loving your meta on suibian :)) Just wondering what were your frustrations with cql, especially considered you've watched this in multiple mediums? (I've only watched cql)
Hi anon! thank you so much!
Oh boy, you’ve unlocked a boatload of hidden dialogue, are you ready?? :D (buckle up it’s oof. Extremely Long)
@hunxi-guilai please consider this my official pitch for why I think the novel is worth reading, if only so you can enjoy the audio drama more fully. ;)
a few things before I get into it:
I don’t want to make this a 100% negative post because I really do love CQL so much! So I’m going to make it two parts: the changes that frustrated me the most and the changes I loved the most re: CQL vs novel. (again, don’t really know anything about donghua or manhua sorry!!) Sound good? :D
this will contain spoilers for the entirety of CQL and the novel. just like. All of it.
talking about the value of changes in CQL is difficult because I personally don’t know what changes were made for creative reasons and what changes were made for censorship reasons. I don’t think it’s entirely fair to evaluate the narrative worth of certain changes when I don’t know what their limitations were. It’s not just a matter of “gay content was censored”; China also has certain censorship restrictions on the portrayal of the undead, among other things. I, unfortunately, am not familiar enough with the ins and outs of Chinese censorship to be able to tell anyone with certainty what was and wasn’t changed for what reason. So I guess just, take whatever my opinions are with a grain of salt! I will largely avoid addressing issues related to how explicitly romantic wangxian is, for obvious reasons.
OKAY. In order to impose some kind of control on how much time I spend on this, I’m going to limit myself to four explicated points in each category, best/worst. Please remember that I change my opinions constantly, so these are just like. the top contenders at this specific point in my life. Starting with the worst so we can end on a positive note!
Henceforth, the novel is MDZS, CQL is CQL.
CQL’s worst crimes, according to cyan:
1. Polarizing Wei Wuxian and Jin Guangyao on the moral spectrum
I’ve heard rumors that this was a censorship issue, but I have never been able to confirm or deny it, so. Again, grain of salt. 
The way that CQL reframed Wei Wuxian and Jin Guangyao’s character arcs drives me up the wall because I think it does a huge disservice to both of them and the overarching themes of the story. Jin Guangyao is shown to be responsible for pretty much all the tragedy post-Sunshot, which absolves Wei Wuxian of all possible wrongdoing and flattens Jin Guangyao into a much less interesting villain.
What I find so interesting about MDZS is how much it emphasizes the role of external forces and situations in determining a person’s fate: that being “good” or “righteous” at heart is simply not enough. You can do everything with all the best intentions and still do harm, still fail, still lose everything. Even “right” choices can have terrible consequences. Everyone starts out innocent. “In this world, everyone starts without grievances, but there is always someone who takes the first blow.”
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