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procrastinatorimagines·11 hours agoText

Fandom: Legends of Tomorrow

Character/s: Mick x Reader, The Legends

Warning/s: *a lot of googling so sorry if I got it wrong*

Word Count: 1,428

Request:  hi, could you do a x reader oneshot on where the legends try to cheer the reader up after she found out that her favorite festival “Uncle Billy’s Day” was canceled (in Altavista, va), by throwing her a festival on the waverider (with games prizes, and her favorite sweets: Deep fried oreos, Sho cones, and Funnel Cakes). including the reader and mick getting together and sharing their “First Kiss” (after mick was caught flirting with the reader)!

Summary: Reader’s feeling down after her favourite festival is cancelled, but Mick helps make it a day to remember, in more than one way…


“What are you moping about?” Mick Rory asked, standing in the doorway of the kitchen, watching you slide your pancakes around with your fork absentmindedly. 

“Huh?” You looked up to see him regarding you carefully, equal parts curious to know why you were down, but also clearly not prepared for an emotional conversation. “I’m not moping,” you told him a little defensively.

“Yes you are,” he replied gruffly, heading more into the kitchen, “it’s weird, you’re usually more annoyingly cheerful.” He approached you at the table and knicked a pancake off your plate, shrugging and looking at you as if to say, if you’re not going to eat it then I will. 

You glared at him as he took a seat to eat your food, folding your arms and leaning back in your chair. He stared back at you unblinking. “Fine, you really want to know what’s wrong?” You took his grunt to mean yes as you continued. “My favourite festival was cancelled back home, Uncle Billy’s Day.”

“Why does your Uncle Billy have a day named after him?” Mick asked through a mouthful of food.

“No, not my Uncle Billy, Billy Lane, he founded my home town, Altavista in Virginia. The festival is an old tradition celebrating the businesses and people that make the town so great,” you explained, “great music, great food, great atmosphere…”

“That’s it?” He asked when he realised you were done, “you know we’re on a time ship right, just take the jump ship and go meet your uncle, simple.” 

“He’s not my-” you realised that that was one part of the conversation that wasn’t going to stick with Mick, so you let it go and said, “-look, it’s not the same, though that does sound like a cool idea, but I just wanted to spend the weekend with my family, you know? Normal people stuff, eat some food, go around the market, watch the fireworks… You just- you don’t understand, it doesn’t matter.” 

You reminisced about the many years spent visiting the festival with your family, this would be the first one in as long as you could remember that you wouldn’t be able to go to.

“What’s there not to understand? You don’t get to spend the day you wanted with Uncle Bill and your family,” you rolled your eyes but he didn’t seem to notice, “family’s important to you, I know that, doesn’t mean you have to spend the whole day moping though, frowning will give you wrinkles.”

With a sigh you pushed your plate away, with Mick willingly taking it off your hands and grabbing your fork. “You know what? Forget I said anything, I’ll be in my room.” You headed out the door, Mick watching you leave out the corner of his eye.


A few hours later you were blasting music out your headphones and flipping through an old family photo album. You loved being a Legend, and you wouldn’t change that for the work, but you missed the simplicity and normalcy of your life back home, the traditions you had with your family, and not being about to go to Uncle Billy’s Day with them was making you homesick.

You were so lost in thought that you missed the knock at the door the first time, but pulled your headphones down once the banging got louder. Heaving yourself out of bed you opened your door to reveal Mick, looking rather embarassed as he gestured for you to follow him. “Need you on the bridge.” Was all he said.

“Okay, yeah,” you followed after him, unsure why he looked a little fidgety. You’d never seen him actually look nervous before, but he kept glancing back at you as you headed towards the bridge, what was going on?

You realised, however, when the door opened, to reveal the rest of your crew shouting, “Surprise!” Around the room were tables of food, music playing, as well as various games and decorations.

“What’s all this?” You asked in surprise, looking from Mick, who avoided meeting your eyes, to the rest of the crew. 

Nate replied as Behrad passed you a plate with a slice of funnel cake on it. “Well Mick mentioned you were a little down today because you couldn’t spend the weekend at your festival with your family, so we thought we’d bring the festival to you.”

“Yes we’ve got party poppers, streamers, and the most sickeningly America desserts you could ever imagine,” Constantine chimed in, glancing suspiciously at the deep fried oreos on a tray. You grinned as you looked around.

“Well don’t just stand there, come on!” Sara grabbed your free arm and pulled you into the room as you looked around at what they had done for you.

“You guys did all this?” You asked in equal parts gratitude and disbelief.

“Yeah well, you couldn’t be with your family at home, so we figured this was the next best thing,” Charlie patted you on the back.

“Thank you,” you told them, taking a bite of your cake and smiling widely.

“It’s Mick you should be thanking,” Ava replied as Mick shuffled awkwardly in the corner, “it was his idea.”

“Really?” You turned to face him and he cleared his throat.

“Yeah, well, you looked miserable, it was annoying so…” He shrugged, grabbing a beer and from an ice box next to a sno cone machine and heading to grab some cake, not giving you time to thank him properly. Emotion wasn’t really his thing, but it made you heart flutter that someone would care enough to do something like this, this was a big gesture coming from Mick.

“Well, what are we still standing around here for, let’s get this party started!” Sara cheered, “we couldn’t really get the carnival here so we’ve improvised some drinking games and added prizes to them.” You looked to where beer pong was set up at the side.

With a grin you put down your now empty plate and took a paddle, with Nate excited grabbing the other one before anyone else could. “This is going to be so much fun,” he said and you agreed. 

This may not be how your day was supposed to go, but they’d made their own festival for you to make you feel more at home, and it was absolutely perfect.


The day was getting on and your sides were hurting from all the laughing, games and sweets, so you went to take a breather out in the hall while the others played some variation of Heads Up.

To your surprise you found Mick out in the hall, helping himself to the oreos that had somehow gone missing earlier. “Hey, you done already?” He asked, looking to from where he was sat against the wall. You slide down to join him and helped yourself to some more food.

“Just taking a minute, why aren’t you joining in?” You asked him.

“Not really my scene,” he replied, having another sip of his beer. “I’m just glad you’re enjoying it.”

“It’s better than I could ever have asked for,” you told him, noticing the corners of his lips twitch up into a smile. “Thank you, really, you didn’t have to do anything of this.”

“Team effort,” he said, looking to see you staring back at him. You put a hand on his arm.

“But it was your idea, you’re kind of the only one I told about today, so thank you for making it possible,” you noticed that he’d gone pretty still under your touch, eyes not leaving you as you felt yourself leaning in a little. “Thank you for caring, Mick.”

You could see his eyes glance down between your eyes and your lips, leaning in a little too but letting you take the lead as you planted a light kiss on his lips. He seem practically frozen in place as you drew back, unsure whether you’d been reading the signals right. But the shock wore off of him quickly as he pulled you back in with a little more force, kissing you properly - you’d definitely not been reading those signals wrong.

Your hand when from his arm to his collar as you pulled him into you, not wanting the moment to end as you both lost yourself in the kiss. When you eventually broke apart to breath you smiled at him, noticing the soft and caring look in his eyes. 

“Sorry this wasn’t the day you had planned,” he mumbled, face inches from yours.

“That’s okay, today was a good day.”

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procrastinatorimagines·17 hours agoAnswer

Idk if you are taking requests but can you write a John Murphy Fic where he's kinda insecure about his body and scars but reader just keeps complimenting him...?


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procrastinatorimagines·18 hours agoAnswer

Please let the baby be a boy in here for you. Everyone does girl babies

😂 I’ve got a bit of a plan for that series don’t worry

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procrastinatorimagines·a day agoPhoto

Request: Could u do a Hank voight imagine where Adam is the reader’s older brother and they both work in the unit and they knew she was seeing someone but didnt know who until Adam went to the readers house one night and Hank was there and that when he found out and the next morning they stopped hiding it. Something really fluffy and maybe some smut if u can if not just fluff ❤❤

Word Count: 2,160


“Who is it?-” a nudge to the back of your chair as you tried to do your paperwork- “come on… tell me…-” another harder kick had you swivelling in your chair to glare at your older brother, Adam Ruzek.

“Stop.” You demanded, pointing your finger at him. He shrugged and threw a crumpled bit of paper, which bounced off your head as you seethed.

“Tell me and I will,” he replied with a shrug. He knew you had a gun too right?

“What are you, twelve?” You asked, annoyance and angry plain on your face. You saw Burgess roll her eyes from across the room and Atwater bury his head in his own paperwork, trying not to get involved in the latest Ruzek family squabble.

Adam opened his mouth to make a snarky retort when Voight opened his office door. “The both of you better be finishing off your work,” he said as Adam slid his chair back to his desk, “multiple people advised me against having siblings in this unit, don’t make me regret it.” You shot him a grateful look before turning to get back to your work, knowing he’d done that more for your benefit than anything else. 

Adam had been relentless both in and out of work trying to figure out who you’d been dating ever since he’d found men’s clothing at your apartment. He’d guessed just about everyone you knew, reasoning, and correctly at that, that the only reason you’d be this stubborn about telling him the guys name is because it’s someone he knows. You glanced at Voight through his office window, chewing the end of your pen. If only he knew…

You double checked the time as you continued your work in silence, trying to get through these reports as quickly as possible so you could head off home, but at least you had tonight to look forward to. For the first time in a while both you and Voight had a free night, so he was coming over and helping you make a nice homemade dinner. You were aware of how domestic it sounded, given that this was initially supposed to be a casual thing, but the thought of spending a genuinely normal night together had you nearly grinning to yourself as you dotted the last of the Is and crossed the last of the Ts before finishing your paperwork.

Closing down your computer you grabbed your coat and bag, heading over to Voight’s office to hand him your closed file, ‘accidently’ hitting your brother on the back of the head with it as you passed, much to his annoyance. 

Voight signaled for you to come in as you knocked, putting it on his desk with a grin as he noticed the post it note you’d added, ‘see you at 8, I might have bought something new…’ He scrunched it up quickly, trying to mask his expression, but the look in his eyes said all you needed to know about his plans for tonight. 

Schooling your own features you winked at him before turning and heading back out the door, saying night to your colleagues as you left, heading down to the carpark with a little spring in your step as you looked forward to the rest of your night. 

8 rolled by quickly, but you were already ready, finishing applying the last of your make up as Voight knocked on the door, never one to be even a minute late. You didn’t have to dress up fancy for a night in, but since you didn’t exactly both go out as a couple this was the only chance you had to go all out, and that included your outfit.

Voight took you in as you opened the door, smiling as he gave you a quick kiss and entered your apartment. “You look incredible,” he told you, slipping his free hand around your waist, the other carrying a very fancy bottle of wine. 

“Why thank you,” you kissed him again, “you clean up okay I guess,” you grinned as he raised a brow.

“You guess?” You both laughed as he took off his coat, “Well I appreciate it thank you, I do try sometimes.” You winked at him as you both went further inside, taking the wine and putting it in the fridge for later. 

“Hey, before we put aside work mode for the night-” he took your hands and pulled you closer, looking a little more serious for a second. You both had a rule about work talk when you were together, and it was only broken when it was important. “-this thing with you and Adam isn’t going to be a problem is it?” You shook your head.

“It shouldn’t be- I- no, I’ll handle it,” you told him, and he nodded.

“That’s all I needed to hear,” he smiled again and relaxed, looking you up and down in your dress.

“Is that the something new you bought?” He asked and you wrapped your arms around his neck, leaning you whisper in his ear.

“Well, I am wearing it,” you told him, earning a certain kind of look that had your head swimming.

“Is that right?” He asked and you bit your lip as he wrapped his arms around you again and planted a kiss on your neck. “We could always have dinner later…”

“And what did you have in mind in the mean time?” You asked innocently, pretending you didn’t put on something red and lacy for this very reason.

Instead of answering verbally, he pushed you back against the fridge, hands slipping down to the edge of your dress and his mouth found yours. 

You were both so lost in the moment, in each other, that you didn’t even hear anyone else come in until you heard, in the most shocked and confused tone imaginable, “Oh my god!” 

Jumping away from each other you both turned to see your brother standing in the door way, spare key to your apartment in one hand and a pack of cream cakes in the other, which had been your version of a white flag since you were in arguments as kids. 

Adam looked between you and Voight, his boss, your boss for that matter, mouch open and eyes unblinked as his brain tried to process the scene in the room.

“Adam-” you open your mouth to say something, explain something, but there wasn’t anything you could say that he couldn’t already see, no way you could make what he’d just walked in on make anymore sense to him.

“Okay, well, I can’t ever unsee that,” he shook his head in disbelief as you glanced at him sympathetically. Looking to Voight you realised that probably for the first time since you’d known him, he was at a loss for words. Adam laughed a little and continued, “you know, the last time I caught you with a guy I’m pretty sure I nearly rung his neck in, can’t really do that in this situation.”

“That’d be wise,” Voight said, and Adam looked to him with his jaw clenched.

“That being said, I think I have enough right to at least ask what the hell you think you’re doing with my sister!” He raised his voice a little as he finished, putting down what was in his hands on the counter and crossing his arms.

“Now listen here-” Voight began, but you put a hand on his arm to stop him, noticing that he was putting on his Sergeant voice. The last thing this situation needed was anybody pulling rank, Adam actually had a point in this instance. 

“He’s right Hank,” you said, noticing Adam biting his tongue as you calling him ‘Hank’ instead of Sergeant or Voight. “I’m sorry you had to find out like this,” you directed your attention to your brother, trying to be reasonable. 

“Like this? Is there some other way I was supposed to find out that you were screwing our boss?!” Adam snapped back. Okay, so maybe the reasonable and mature approach wasn’t going to cut it, but you guessed you’d probably lose your cool a bit if you walk in on Adam and… well, Platt. 

You tried to get that image out of your head as Voight took a step forward. “Watch your tone” he said calmly, but the order behind the words was all too clear. 

“Watch my tone? I just walked in on my boss with his tongue down my little sister’s throat and his hands up her skirt and… what? I’m supposed to act like there’s any version of this that’s okay?” Adam held his ground, face getting redder as you tried to quickly think of a way to cool the situation before the two men came to blows. Adam looked ready to throw a punch, and Voight was hardly the kind to not return fire. 

Stepping between them you faced your brother. Adam and Voight were two of the most stubborn people on the planet, and this could get ugly fast.

“I love him,” you blurted, stopping both men in their tracks as they looked at you in shock. Okay, so maybe that was the first time you were saying those three words, but you meant it, and you knew Adam could see that too as he searched your face.

“You… what?” He asked, dumbfounded. You could tell his brain had been exploding all over the place trying to process everything he’d seen tonight.

“You heard me,” you said gently, looking back to see Voight smiling at you as he took your hand, standing to face Adam as a couple.

He took between the two of you and down to your hands. “Well… Jesus Christ Y/N, what am I supposed to go with that?” He pinched the bridge of his nose and sighed defeatedly.

“Let me be happy,” you shrugged, “that’s all I’m asking.” Voight gave your hand a soft squeeze.

Adam laughed a little at that, but more in disbelief than malice. “That is… so not all you’re asking Y/N, come on-” Okay, so maybe it was a bit more complicated than that… but still.

“I care about your sister, and I love her too,” Voight added when a silence fell between you and your brother, “So if you have a problem with that, so be it, but that isn’t going to change how we feel about each other.” You were surprised by the candor in his words, Voight wasn’t exactly the vulnerable kind, it’d taken him long enough to open up to you at all, let alone tell anyone else how you felt about each other.

“Well then I guess there’s nothing left to say then is there? You’re… in love, just-” Adam took a breath and turned his attention to Voight, “if you hurt her, I’ll-”

“I won’t, I wouldn’t” he promised and then smirked, “but I am curious to see what you think you could do to me.”

“Hank-” You started to warn but Adam just laughed dryly. 

“No- no, you know what? Tonight has been a lot more than I bargained for, I’m… just going to leave now, try and wash out any images of what you two’ll get up to when I’m gone from my brain.” Adam decided, giving you a quick brotherly kiss on the cheek before heading for the door, grabbing the keys and hesitating for a second over the cream cakes before leaving them and walking out.

“Well, that was unexpected,” Voight said after he heard the door slam shut, laughing a little at the ridiculousness of the situation.

“What the hell just happened?” You questioned, grateful that at least Adam had left the cream cakes, that at least meant that he wasn’t still entirely mad, but you knew he was far from okay with this situation.

Voight brushed a strand of hair out of your face and looked into your eyes. “I do love you you know, I meant every word of that.” 

“Me too,” you replied, knowing that now was the time for that serious, what next?, conversation. “What do we do now?”

“Right now?” He grinned and you shook your head.

“You know what I mean-” you told him, but instead of replying he kissed you gently.

“I know,” he told you, “I also know Adam well enough to know that he’s going to at least tell Atwater and Burgess…”

“Who’ll tell Vanessa and Hailey, who’ll tell Jay.” You finished for him.

“I guess we may as well… come clean,” he said seriously and slowly.

“It’s better they hear it from us than through the grapevine,” you reasoned, “and I guess it wouldn’t be so bad if we didn’t have to hide anymore.”

“No, no it wouldn’t,” another kiss and you were back against the fridge, memories of what you were doing before you got interupted coming back as you sunk into Voight’s embrace. 

“Tomorrow though?” You smiled between kisses.


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procrastinatorimagines·2 days agoAnswer

Hey sweets! Can you write a Jay x reader where she's been his partner since Erin left but in the meantime she fell in love with him but she only told Will about it. When a uncover gets out of hand and Jay is kidnapped, she's the one to take down the person holding him at gunpoint. While they're at med so he can get checked out the adrenaline wears off and she talks to Will about the fact that she didn't even think twice about shooting bc she was so scared of losing him, but Jay ends up 1/2

Thank you! Sorry this took so long, queued now!!

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procrastinatorimagines·2 days agoAnswer

Hey! If you like the idea could you do a Jess LaCroix one where he finally comes to terms that he likes the reader and just goes for it? And maybe the reader is also from CPD and came to New York with Haley? Thank you!


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procrastinatorimagines·3 days agoText

Fandom: Chicago PD / One Chicago / Chicago Fire

Series: Could Have Been More

Part 1

Character/s: Voight x Reader, 

Warning/s: murder/death

Word Count: 1,569

Request: I really loved Could have been more are you going to do a part 2

Summary: Actions have consequences… and Y/N’s explosive relationship with Voight isn’t even the half of it


Well the cat was out of the bag about you and Voight, except… there was now no more you and Voight. You’d woken up well before your alarm, lying in bed and thinking over the events of the other day until it was actually time for you to get up for shift. No one had directly said anything about it at work, you knew one of the girls had no so subtly told the others to zip it about the whole thing, but you didn’t mind, you’d rather not talk about it at work, or at all.

When your alarm finally sounded you untangled yourself from your covers and went to take a shower, hoping your head would clear and your feelings would go down the drain with the water. God this was a messy situation, and not your normal, run of the mill messy break up that you could talk about with all of your friends, where would you even start?

You had no doubt news of your relationship with Voight had gone beyond the walls of 51 now, not that anyone in Intelligence would dare say a word… okay, maybe Adam would, but he’d shut up pretty quickly.

With a sigh you shut off the water and got ready for work, eyes flicking to your phone screen, half a hope he’d call. You’d tried to call his exactly once afterwards, but you’d hung up before you could even see if he picked up or not, not that he called you back anyway. Your phone did actually ring at that moment, but to your more than slight disappointment it was just Stella telling you to move your ass, they were downstairs ready to pick you up for work.

“Ready to face the day?” Emily asked as you climbed into the back seat. It had been the end of the week when everything went down, you’d had the weekend to mull over your break up, but it also meant you hadn’t seen anyone else from work since either.

“Ready as I’ll ever be I guess,” you said as Stella took off, staring out the window as the houses and buildings passed you by, lost in thought about what the day might bring.

Sylvie squeezed your knee and brought you back into the car. “I’ll bet no one’ll even mention it,” she tried to reassure you, but it didn’t do any good, so she quickly changed the subject, and you spent the rest of the short drive discussing Capp’s new and alarming hat collection. 

Shift started off… normal, to your surprise, not to say that you weren’t relieved. Sure, conversation was a little quieter than normal as you went with your partner to grab breakfast before you were inevitably pulled away on call, but the briefing had gone smoothly, and so had double checking the ambo’s inventory. 

You were just about thinking you could make it through the rest of the day when Herrmann let out a very loud sigh and put his paper down as you and Sylvie took your seats at the table. Mouch shot him a glare from across the room and Ritter shook his head. You lower your fork, your egg half way to your mouth.

“Don’t-” Mouch said from the couch, rolling his eyes in defeat when Herrmann spoke anyway.

“Voight?” He asked in disbelief, combining so many questions into one simple work, when? where? why? how? what… the hell were you thinking?

Gallo suddenly found his food very interesting and Cruz threw a cushion at Herrmann, but he held his ground, eye brow raised in expectation of some kind of answer. 

“What about him?” You replied, getting back to eating and trying to act as casually as possible. It looked like Kelly was trying to decide whether to intervene or disappear into his own chair when Herrmann continued.

“Oh come on, everyone here’s thinking the same thing I am, they just don’t want a bollocking from Foster-” he ignored the look he gave her and carried on, “but you can’t honestly expect us not to be a little curious, I mean, you and Voight-”

“Herrmann,” Boden snapped from across the room, entering in the door way and pointing at him, “that’s enough.”

“But Chief-” Herrmann protested, mercifully cut off by the alarm signalling the need of ambo 61 for a shooting. You gratefully shoved some more of your food in your mouth and hurried out the door with Syvlie, nodding your thanks to Boden for trying. You could hear him scolding Herrmann as you climbed in, glad to be driving so you could distract yourself. 

“Sorry about that,” Sylvie said, giving you a sympathetic and understanding smile, you didn’t know what you’d do without her.

“Eh, it was what I expected, especially from Herrmann,” you replied, turning the corner and heading down a side road. Up ahead you could see several police cars and a crowd of people.

“Uh oh,” Sylvie said as you slowed the vehicle, looking for a way to get through, but the crowd was blocking the road too much and everyone was staring in the direction of the police line, ignoring you entirely. “Looks like we’re pushing our way through on foot,” she decided as you climbed out the ambo and went to grab as your med bags and a back board.

You and Sylvie pushed your way through as best you could, the police at the tape helping you through when they noticed you struggling. You saw several bodies, most DOA’s if you had to guess.

“Where do you need us?” Your partner asked, dragging you away from the site of carnage on the street as the officer pointed to a house just a little up the road. There was about a dozen police officers there from what you could tell, and they all moved out the way to let you through as you noted at least three more bodies leading up the drive. 

When you entered the house you saw a man lying on the carpet, but before you could kneel down to check his pulse a voice stopped you. “Not that one, he’s gone, we’ve got a few survivors in the back,” you turned back to see Voight in the doorway, Sylvie cautiously looking between the two of you.

“Lead the way,” you told him and he nodded, gesturing you to follow him through to the back of the house. You may be hurting, but you were a professional, you’d damn well act like it and you knew he would too.

“What happened here?” Sylvie asked finally, stepping over a pool of blood and a broken vase. 

“Mass murder,” Voight replied and you shivered a little. You’d never gotten used to how calm he could be around death, but he’d been doing this job for a long time.

In the back you found a few shaken and battered 20 somethings, two men and a woman, being talked to by various members of Intelligence. You headed over to the woman talking to Adam, who stepped back to allow you to check her out.

“Hey, my name’s Y/N, what’s yours?” You asked as you shined a torch in her eyes and felt the cut on the back of her head. 

“Melanie,” she winced, face wet with tears. “Why did this happen?” She whispered, and you glanced at Adam as you went into your bag for some wipes and a bandage.

“That’s what we’re going to do our best to figure out,” Voight said before Adam could reply, wandering over to where you were working. Adam took that as his clue to take his leave, looking between the two of you, his eyes asking the same question Herrmann did earlier.

You finished patching Melanie up, she had a serious gash on her head that would need to be treated and checked out at Med, and a major concussion, but other than that the rest were superficial cuts and scrapes, whoever hit her on the head must have though it was a decisive blow. 

Sending Melanie away with another paramedic that had arrived on scene you turned to head off towards Sylvie. Voight grabbed your arm to stop you, shaking his head and giving your arm a tug to follow him. You head off out into an emply side room.

“I need to get back to work Hank,” you told him, glancing at the door, worried who’d just seen him pull you in here, wanting to at least maintain your professionalism.

“Listen to me for a second,” he said as you noticed he never let go of your arm. He noticed too, pulling his hand away quickly and taking a step back. “You remember that case from last week?”

You nodded, “of course I do, but here isn’t really the place-” Voight cut you off, his features soft and his eyes full of concern as he spoke.

“The manager, Albert Strauss, the one who got away,” he took a breath, “this was him,” he said finally.

You stood in shock, mouth open, horror and guilt filling your mind. “What did I do?…” You mumbled, covering your mouth in shock.

“You did what you thought was right, Y/N-” he tried, reaching out his hand but you pushed it away, taking a shaky step back, your legs threatening to give out. 

There was at least eight dead bodies here… what had you done?

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procrastinatorimagines·3 days agoAnswer

Could you possibly do an imagine for OA Zidan comforting his s/o who just got a bad haircut? Okay, it’s me. I have the bad haircut and need comfort. 😭


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procrastinatorimagines·3 days agoAnswer

Oh cool! If it’s alright would it be okay to request a Viktor Krum x reader where he’s super protective of reader? She’s a chaser on the Gryffindor Quidditch team and yeah! If you can’t that’s okay! I love your work! ♥️🥰

Thank you! Queued now, sorry it took so long x

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procrastinatorimagines·3 days agoAnswer

How many requests do you have? Just curious... Also, thank you for sharing your work with us ❤

Hey thank you for reading it! 😂 ❤ I’ve been a little behind recently with finishing off exams so I have about 6 at the moment, 3 Chicago PD, 2 FBI and a Harry Potter, but I still have some in the queue so they should be coming out shortly! 😊

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procrastinatorimagines·3 days agoText

Hey when is part 3 of your klaus fox slcoming out ? X

Hey! It should be out at some point in the next few days :) x

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Fandom: Chicago Med / One Chicago

Character/s: Reader x Will Halstead, Natalie, Maggie

Warning/s: pregnancy

Word Count: 1,118

Request:  Hi! It you are taking requests could I please ask for a Will Halstead imagine? The reader, his wife is also a doctor and while on her shift she feels sick and Will suggests her to be examined. He’s there by her side while Natalie takes a look at her and they find like that they will be parents! Thank you 🥰❤

Summary: You were nautious and light headed because of stress, you’d been working long hours with very little sleep, that had to be the reason, what other reason could there be?


“I just want to make sure you’re alright,” your husband, Will Halstead, said, for the fifth time that shift. You’d been feeling a little off this morning before you’d left for work, you’d figured it’d clear up as the day went on but it’d only gotten worse. You still refused to be examined though, you needed the beds for actual patients and you very much had a job to do.

“Will I swear to god if you say that one more time-” you slapped him in the arm with the glove in your hand and he shook his head.

“Doctors really are the worst when it comes to being treated,” he sighed, taking a step back but not entirely backing down. 

“Treated?” You heard Maggie say from behind, turning to see her walking over, great, just what you needed was more people trying to get you admitted, “is everything alright?”

“I’m just feeling a little under the weather, it’s nothing Maggie really,” you told her, glaring at your husband, “Will’s just overcautious.”

Will shook his head, “you’re nautious, you threw up this morning, you’ve barely eaten anything all day and don’t think I didn’t notice that dizzy spell you had earlier,” he listed, folding his arms. You looked to Maggie for some kind of support but the look on her face told you she wasn’t on your side.

“How long have you been feeling like this?” She asked, and noticing the look on your face she added, “honestly, Y/N, how long?”

“A few… weeks I guess,” you admitted with a shrug, which earned you a frown from Will, who had only noticed this morning, “but it usually passes after lunch, it’s not a big deal.” An expression you couldn’t quite interpret dawned on Maggie’s face.

“So what you’re saying is…” she said slowly, “that this is a morning… sickness?” You blinked, the look of shock on your face probably mirroring the one you could see on Will’s. You were a doctor damn it, how had you not thought about that? You’d been so focused on work and your pile of cases that you’d assumed you were just stressed, sleep deprived and eating too much take out, why hadn’t pregnancy crossed your mind? 

Will turned to you and put a hand on your shoulder. “Well I mean, are you late?” He checked, and a quick mental calculation told you that yes, you were. You simply nodded a little and he squeezed your shoulder.

“It won’t take long to get checked out,” Maggie said, signalling for you to zip it when you opened your mouth to protest, “I’m not having you passing out or worse in my ED, it’s better to be safe than sorry, got it?” She said it like a question but you knew it wasn’t. Sighing you rubbed your temple before nodding.

“Fine, it’s not like we have actual patients to treat or anything,” you said finally, following Maggie and Will to one of the open treatment rooms. If this was… that, you’d rather take a test yourself at home, in private, not in an ED full of your colleagues and friends. But it was going to be on your mind for the rest of shift, and Will’s, and Maggie’s too now, so you sat on the bed as instructed.

“I’ll get Nat,” Maggie patted your leg, “she’s just finished up with a patient now, it shouldn’t take too long,” she winked at you and was gone, leaving you and Will alone in the room.

“You alright?” He asked, taking your hand.

“Yeah, I mean, it’s definitely unexpected, but we don’t even know what it’s going to say, we aren’t exactly unsafe,” you reasoned, trying to calculate when the hell this could have happened. You and Will were married for god’s sake, you weren’t exactly strangers to intimacy, but you were also doctors, and even if you didn’t always use condoms you were definitely on the pill.

“Not always 100%,” he replied, not to you specifically, you realised as you saw the slightly distant look in his eyes. You weren’t the only one trying to make sense of the fact that you might be pregnant. Sure, you’d talked about kids, but with the way work was at the moment you’d shelved that conversation for a later date, you were in no way prepared for this…

Natalie came in then with Maggie, a little confused but happy to give you a quick exam. “You said you’ve been feeling like this for a few weeks?” She double checked and you nodded.

“Okay well, then it’s probably easier to do a quick ultrasound rather than take bloods first, if what you’ve been experiencing these past few weeks is morning sickness then you’d most likely be far enough along to see,” she told you, knowing you knew all of this but still, it was pretty comforting to just let her go through it. “Lift up your shirt?” She squeezed the gel on your belly and got the monitor ready, you could have sworn Will wasn’t breathing as she turned it on.

As soon as she began you felt your heart rate pick up, unsure of what you actually wanted to happen right now, and how you would react to either outcome. You’d forgotten how to breath yourself until you heard the quiet sound of a heart beat that wasn’t your own.

Nat grinned as she stopped moving her hand, letting you see on the monitor the very early form of a fetus appearing on the screen. “Oh my god…” you breathed, looking to Will, who was still staring at the tiny beginnings of your baby. 

“What is that, about eight weeks?” He asked, unblinking by the looks of things.

“Looks like,” Nat smiled, clicking a button on the monitor to keep the image on the screen as she passed you a wipe to clean the gel off your belly. As you did it dawned on you a little, there was something growing inside of there…

“Wow,” was all Will said, finally looking back to you, “that’s really a baby.”

“That’s really our baby,” you replied, taking a shaky breath, “Will…”

“I’ll give you guys a minute, congratulations,” Nat smiled, pushing a reluctant Maggie out of the room, you could hear her shout congratuations as she was pulled out, probably a little too loudly but you were still in too much shock to register the fact that everyone in the ED probably now knew.

Will bent down and kissed you on the forehead, then the cheek, then the mouth. “Y/N… we’re having a baby.”

Putting your hand on your stomach lightly you pulled him in for another kiss, “we’re having a baby.”

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