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prurientpuddlejumper·a day agoText

Yooo idk if anyone’s noticed my absence lately, but I’m on… semi-haitus while I live as a feral creature in the forest

Please enjoy these pictures of flowers in the meantime (in lieu of any content you’ve been following me for)

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prurientpuddlejumper·a day agoText



Oh gosh, I really appreciate it! Sorry for the late reply, I’ve been on a hiatus as of late. BUT, I definitely have a bunch of recs up my sleeve:

@demyrie LINK
@dylawa​  LINK

And there’s sooo many more, but I’m outta time atm - please check out all these lovely peoples’ work as I dissipate back into the abyss.

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prurientpuddlejumper·3 days agoAnswer

frankenstein disney au where he and his city slicker s/o who isn't used to nature reenact colors of the wind

omg. First time s/o sees the creature he’s like:


and they’re just immediately in love. City Slicker runs back to camp and asks whoever they’re traveling with if this is like… a normal thing out in the country. 

“You’re asking if giant men standing majestically on cliffs is… typical?”

“Y…yeah well, is it?”

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prurientpuddlejumper·10 days agoAnswer

Re: ur tags on ur frankenstein musical post. At this point I would trade my firstborn and any future fortune for him to do an adaption, he seems so passionate about the book as it is, and is obviously someone who has thought about the characters in depth. (Bonus points if Luke Goss were the creature again. Unlikely, but I can dream, can't I?)

I knoooowwwww!!!! Guillermo del Toro GETS IT, and all his movies have such impressive monster SFX - like honestly that part excites me the most. Because Guillermo would NOT half-ass it and put some normal guy in zombie makeup. We would have a creature who was actually 8-feet tall with gangling, impossible limbs… he would make him genuinely terrifying. 

I looooong for an adaptation where the monster is actually a monster

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prurientpuddlejumper·12 days agoText


1st thoughts: Awww, I can’t believe they actually made Victor and Elizabeth sweet!! The Creature’s voice is so deep and perfect! This is great!!

Shortly…: Why is Victor having his nervous illness alone? Where is Henry? Oh. Henry only exists in this version to criticize Victor and try to stop him, and nobody even bats an eye at his death?

Oh I see then. 

Soooooo, the music was pretty, and it’s probably the most true-to-the-book adaptation we’re going to get on a stage, buuuuuut yeah, I’m mad they stripped out all the homoerotic subtext, made Victor be some normal-ish extroverted guy instead of an anxious depressed mess, and honestly… really muddied the Creature’s motivations too.

I mean, the Creature is rejected and hated by humanity everywhere he goes, through no fault of his own, and that’s why he decides humans are crap and so is his dad. In the musical, the DeLaceys don’t throw him out for being ugly…. he kills DeLacey (by hugging him…? too hard?? on accident??)

Which honestly is like…. that’s on you, bro. How are you blaming Victor for your own murdering, and decide doing more murders is the solution?? Like, what?? 

Book: “I’m going to murder your family as revenge for making me so ugly no one could ever love me!”

Musical: “I’m going to murder your family as revenge for making me a murderer!” 

Good try, Frankenstein: A New Musical, but I’m afraid I’ll still be waiting for the Guillermo del Toro adaptation. 

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prurientpuddlejumper·14 days agoAnswer

Do you have an embroidery tutorial on how to do the different stitches that you've used to make your All Might stuff?

I did make a mini-tutorial on Lazy Daisy stitch but TBH I’m too lazy to make more tutorials… but I can point you in the right direction!

The majority of all my embroidery is just backstitch. All the “inked lines” are backstitch. The trick is keeping them smooth by being careful with the angle of each stitch, and keeping the stitches tight. 

The fill areas (shadows) of the “ink” are done in satin stitch. Basically keep all your stitches parallel so they look smooth and satin

My most recent mini-hoop uses only those two techniques!

But if you want to add some floral embellishments (and you do, because this is embroidery!), Lazy Daisy and French knots are the two I use the most:

Those are just my 4 most versatile stitches, but I’ve also thrown in stem stitch, woven wheel, split stitch, long-and-short, chain stitch, fishbone, and more. And there are a ton of stitches I haven’t tried yet! Fortunately, there are a ton of tutorials on YouTube, and craft blogs. /r/Embroidery/ on Reddit has a lot of pinned resources (not to mention lots of friendly and talented users!)

TBH, I recommend doing a sampler. Just find a tutorial video for a stitch, do a line of that stitch, then let the Up Next play until you’ve filled a hoop with different stitches! 

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prurientpuddlejumper·14 days agoAnswer

How do you color the skin for the one All Might embroidery?

I assume you mean this one? 


It’s felt! Specifically, I ordered the felt from an Etsy shop called Sweet Emma Jean from one of their color bundles. I am honestly not sure which color, though it’s probably “Peach Skin” 

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prurientpuddlejumper·15 days agoText




being a longtime follower of an average Tumblr blog is like walking into a cafe for a cup of coffee once and then continuing to go there every morning for nine years even though it’s now a mattress store

and every now and again the shopkeeper just hands you a cup of coffee, just never when you expect it

Running an average Tumblr blog is like owning a fairly successful mattress shop, but being guiltily aware at all times that the only reason you have so many customers is because half of them originally came here for coffee.

And then you wake up one morning and something tells you it’s time to turn it into a garden centre…

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prurientpuddlejumper·16 days agoAnswer

You inspire me to want to try embroidery 🥺 I give up too easily though.

You should definitely try it! Just figure out what hurdles are making you give up, and smash through them!

If you’re not sure how to get started, buy a kit that comes with everything. If you need to see how it’s done first, there are tons of video turials out there! If you’re too perfectionist about it not coming out right, start with a really small project! If you don’t have money for materials, use a regular sewing needle and thread and do a design on a pillowcase!! YOU CAN DO THIS!

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