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psrj·5 months agoAnswer

Where do you find the pics for your studies?:))

i collect the vast majority of my references on pinterest, including the ones i use for photo studies.

now, there’s a big problem of sourcing and crediting when it comes to pinterest, which i think is important to keep in mind when using it. for the more direct studies i end up posting here, i make very sure the image im using isnt the work of a photographer or artist with an active online presence, without giving credit. always spend the time and effort doing a thorough reverse image search.

most of the images i use are no longer available with their original sources, which is infuriating at times, and ive been thinking more recently about how to go about using them as an artist. i worry i might not be transparent enough when it comes to my photo studies, but in the cases where the original credit is lost, i struggle in deciding on how to best handle it, and im very open for people to chime in on this

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psrj·5 months agoAnswer

I love ur art! You're an amazing artist. If you're comfortable saying, do u study art in college or do art for ur career? I'm curious to know how much art u do in ur life or if it's more of a hobby/side thing

thank you so much! <3

basically, ive had no formal art education whatsoever, and i currently dont consider it to be a viable career option for me. as of right now, im just doing my best to improve on my own.

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psrj·5 months agoAnswer

hiya, absolutely love your art!! how long does it usually take to finish any of your drawings/studies?

so the simple answer for studies is usually somewhere around 2 and 3 hours, sometimes less, sometimes more, depending on how complex it is. the last two took around slightly less than 2 hours each. honestly, sometimes the first rough sketch takes about as long as the whole colouring process, simply because im struggling to figure out the composition

(then there’s also the fact that i am really struggling to keep any kind of focus rn, and i either do things in 5 minute increments or in one 8 hour obsessive session, which makes it a little bit hard for me to keep track of how long anything actually takes. i think my drawings take a bit longer in general, but i am really bad at keeping track)

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