feral ozpin 2020

(met,she/her) made this to share fanart! i can count on my hand the characters i regularly draw, though

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The name Tumblr is derived from "Tumblelogs", which were hand coded multimedia blogs.

psuedomonas-aeruginosa·6 hours agoPhoto

it’s transparent! 

i couldn’t make up my mind on how to color this, so i decided to leave it up to whoever feels like it. 👻🥀👩‍👧‍👧

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psuedomonas-aeruginosa·9 days agoAnswer

Your Rwby/Animaniacs crossover lives in my head as serotonin and it makes me smile daily

i’m so glad it makes you happy!!!! the words i’ve always taken closest to heart have always been about the joy that my stuff brings to other people! so i’m really really glad to hear this ! 💕💕💕

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psuedomonas-aeruginosa·11 days agoAnswer

The hot dog head thing reminded me of my OTHER favorite goofy thing to call Salem: the reactions channel Khanvolution's first instinct upon seeing her was to call her an angry lionfish. Hot Dog Head the angry lionfish

oh, i LOVE that

haaah, get outta here, fish lady! go bother some other middle school wizards, fish lady!

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psuedomonas-aeruginosa·14 days agoAnswer

The Warner’s with McElroy quotes is absolutely genius and perfect thank you for bringing it to the world

thank you so much!! soon, i’m planning on drawing the bits i didn’t get to on that first pass.

i’m honestly floored at how much attention the post has gotten- i’m really happy it’s making people laugh. 💕this morning, i drowsily checked my phone to see 800-something notifications… what a way to wake up! 

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psuedomonas-aeruginosa·15 days agoAnswer

HEY!! i just wanted to pop in & say that ur artstyle is amazing and why i followed cos of how distinct it is & i hope u know how much all ur art and comics make me smile!! :-))


thank you for taking the time to tell me- i’m so glad my stuff makes you happy!! i’ve said this before and i’ll say it again- that’s part of why i do it!! 💕💕💕 

this made my day!!

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psuedomonas-aeruginosa·17 days agoAnswer

hey, I just wanted to say I really enjoy your art! You always manage to make me smile with your cool comics! 💖

apologies for the delay- thank you so much!! :”) i’m glad my work makes you happy! 💕💕

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psuedomonas-aeruginosa·20 days agoAnswer

Hello, I was wondering, could it be possible to get the second panel of your 'Penny roasting Salem' comic as a standalone post? (the one that's a close-up on Penny's face) It looks really cool and I'd love to reblog that just by itself. (the entire comic is also awesome too!)

yeah, sure! i’m glad you liked it! ^ v ^

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