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"I'm scared." "That's the point of it, Bryce. Of life. To live, to love, knowing that it might all vanish tomorrow. It makes everything that much more precious" ~ Sarah J. Maas Crescent City
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psycho-bookaholic 2 years ago


Hunt is not a Sam/ Chaol/Dorian/Tamlin

And I will say why I think so.

Taking the fact that the combo of wings + tattoos obviously.

  • Hunt knows all the facets of Bryce and does not flee from them.

  • Hunt likes to see Bryce being powerful and badass.

  • He does not feel personally offended by her rebutting other males, in fact he gets turned on.

  • Hunt accepts and really likes the parts of Bryce who made others flee from it.

  • They have intimacy that goes far beyond sexual desire.

  • Hunt knows Jelly Jubille.

  • Syrinx loves Hunt. Hunt loves Syrinx.

  • Hunt never tried to go over Bryce’s will. Instead he always dialogues with her so she can hear it.

  • Hunt worries about Bryce’s well-being, not only physical but emotional and psychological as well.

  • Hunt defends Bryce even when the consequences are absurd to him, as when he went after Amelie and had his wings cut off.

  • Hunt’s first thought at Bryce on the street that day was that he admired her and wanted to have her as a friend.

  • When Bryce was willing to deliver everything for his freedom, he thought she was incredible, but that he didn’t deserve it and above all, he couldn’t bear the idea of her to go through all that. He preferred to suffer for a thousand years, than to know she would be hurt.

  • When Bryce was in mortal danger, Hunt fought with everything he had to go to her (even if Sandriel controls him).

  • When Hunt sacrificed for Bryce, it was not for someone he fucked a few times and knew a little bit … no, he knows all about her, and he loves all of it.

  • When Danika talks about Hunt, she says he’s not just “a guy” for Bryce, and that’s okay to fight for him.

  • When Hunt woke up from his near death, his first thought is Bryce. It’s keeping her alive. It’s fighting for her too.

  • Hunt and Bryce see each other as mirrors. They understand the fears and trauma of each other at a deep and personal level. As Rowaelin and Feysand.

  • The “He鈥檇 been waiting for her from the moment he鈥檇 been born.” line.
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psycho-bookaholic 3 years ago


Find someone who compliments you the way Hawke compliments Poppy

鈥淏oth halves are as beautiful as the whole鈥

鈥淵ou鈥檙e an absolutely stunning, murderous little creature鈥

鈥淵ou look absolutely exquisite, Poppy. Beautiful鈥

鈥淵our scars? They are a testament to your fortitude. They are proof of what you survived. They鈥檙e not ugly. Far from it. They鈥檙e beautiful Poppy鈥

鈥淵ou鈥檙e so damn beautiful鈥

鈥淭here is no side of you that is not as beautiful as the other half. Not a single inch isn鈥檛 stunning. That was was true the first time I said it to you, and it is still the truth today and tomorrow鈥

鈥淵ou are so incredibly beautiful when you鈥檙e angry鈥

鈥淵ou鈥檙e beautiful when you鈥檙e quiet and somber, but when you laugh? You rival the sunrise鈥

鈥淯nique and brave, intelligent and beautiful鈥

鈥淵our scars are beautiful鈥

鈥淵ou鈥檙e beautiful. Both halves, and you should never question why anyone would find you utterly, irrevocably, and distractingly beautiful鈥

鈥淵ou look beautiful, Poppy. Absolutely… Am I seeing things or is that a dagger strapped to your thigh?… You鈥檙e an absolutely stunning, murderous little creature鈥

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psycho-bookaholic 3 years ago


Hawke Flynn & Poppy from 鈥淔rom Blood and Ash!鈥 I am so in love with Hawke…

I love it 馃槶

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psycho-bookaholic 4 years ago

I know everyone is being crazy about Cassian and Nesta, and Azriel after live that was yesterday, but can we please focus for moment at Feysand baby?!

I need that so badly. I hope Feyre will be pregnant in acosf or AT LEAST she will tell that she is in the end of the book.

Bianca Lahr

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psycho-bookaholic 4 years ago


Acosf is written in first or third pov?

Third 鈥 It鈥檚 between Cassian and Nesta. There were originally a few first person pov scenes from Feyre鈥檚 and Rhysand鈥檚, but they added anything so she put them out and now they鈥檙e in bonus content for special editions.

What happened to it (Feyre/Rhys pov)?

There was like a scene from their pov that she liked to show, but the editor was asked why those scenes because it jumps from third point of view to first.

It was funny to Sarah to write from Nesta and Cassian鈥檚 point of view because it allowed her to see how other characters view Feyre and Rhys. Nesta and Rhys don鈥檛 get along that well so it was a cool way to see the world from other鈥檚 eyes. While she was writing Nesta鈥檚 scenes and how she was dealing with Rhys she was like 鈥淥h my, she鈥檚 dealing with Rhys鈥. It was weird and inappropriate, because Rhys is in her head and he鈥檚 real to her.

Do you think people who doesn鈥檛 like Nesta will come out liking her more?

Sarah hopes they came out liking her. Nesta certainly has to face a lot of her behavior and that鈥檚 a big part of her journey 鈥 is like how she sees herself, like how she realizes how other people see her and deciding who she really wants to be and what the actions from the past have to dictate her future, can she change that? And the people who she treated badly - will they still willing to love her and open their arms to her?

The book is a healing journey in a lot of ways and self-reflection. Nesta is an asshole for a good chunk of the book. Sarah said she likes to write characters like that because it gives her so much more to explore and asking herself 鈥渨hy is she (Nesta) like that? Why did she act that way?鈥

- Sarah was sobbing in the end of the book. She has this story in mind even when Nesta was a side character, so a lot of her behavior earlier was about to make this journey.

- Sarah said she loves Nesta and characters like her. She likes people like Nesta - not so simple. She鈥檚 always like 鈥淎re you really that nice?鈥

- Sarah agrees that people usually are more accepting difficult male characters than female characters.

- Nesta has her own journey to becoming an epic hero.


She refused to say who was involved in the threesome delete scene of ACOSF.

I really wanted to know who was involved in that threesome :(

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psycho-bookaholic 4 years ago




Ok so in Empire of Storms when Lorcan asks her about her love life it says “if she were to ever feel desire, it’d be a result of trusting someone so much those horrors faded away, a result of knowing they would fight tooth and claw to keep her free and never lock her up or hurt her or leave her” (377)

AND THEN FENRYS NEARLY KILLS HER… and Lorcan’s pov nearly kills me because it says, “In his ancient, bitter bones he could not accept it. she had been forgotten-by everyone and everything. And still she had hoped. And still she had been kind to him. And still she had offered him a glimpse of peace in the time he had known her.” (537)


He recognizes how she’d been abandoned, and he could not bare to be the last one who abandoned her. He saw her pain and felt it too, as he, even if he doesnt realize it, feels the same. He was hurt when Rowan abandoned him for Aelin and he is the same in that sense, that he could only love someone who would never leave him too. They are just absolutely perfect for each other and this part is so beautiful and AHHHH I just think this parallel is so good!!

Yup, I love Elorcan

Love them 馃槏

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psycho-bookaholic 5 years ago



The High Lady and The High Lord of The Night Court 馃寵

@tswaney17 馃槏

Sooooo pretty馃槏

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psycho-bookaholic 6 years ago


So this was supposed to be just a sketch but I decided to give a little grey details AND AS A BIG FAN I REALLY DREAM ABOUT THIS HAPPENING
My beloved Feyre and Rhys expecting a baby! PS: this scene doesn鈥檛 happen in the books鈥 at least not so far

I really hope it will happen in bonus chapter of A court of Silver Flames

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psycho-bookaholic 6 years ago

“ - I thought to myself, There’s someone I want guarding my back. There’s a friend I’d like to have. I think I have you such a hard time when we met up again because… because some part of me knew that, and was afraid of what it’d mean.”

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psycho-bookaholic 6 years ago

I’m sooooo excited. I’m literally squeaking! I can’t wait for it. (And I hope Cassian is saying this)

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