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r0-boat · a day ago
Hc: Diluc had braces
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r0-boat · 2 days ago
Late Night Shenanigans
Levi Can't Contain his Feelings
Sfw fluff
Levi truly treasures the time he shares with you. Specially late-night gaming sessions Even if you're just next to him watching. Leviathan can easily pull all-nighters this is a no-brainer. But you are just a human, humans need their sleep, it is crucial for their health. It's only a matter of time before you started to nod off.
Levi felt something hit his shoulder, he looked over to see your cute sleeping head on his right shoulder
The demon's face went red, he forced his voice into a whisper not wanting to wake you.
Levi felt like he was overheating. He put a hand over his face turning away quickly unable to handle whatever cute Normie bullshit is going on on his shoulder.
He was squirming but he wouldn't dare to move. He can't just Disturb something so perfect!
'Is this what Satan feels like when one of his cats starts laying on him?!'
A part of him wants to just put you to bed.
But another part of him...
His face is still red Levi's orange eyes look back at your sleeping form. You wouldn't mind if the two of you stayed like this for a little while longer? Levi puts his arm around your waist pulling you closer.
His controller was back in his hand. He played it as cool as he could when he kissed your head, before focusing back on his game his ears turning red at this point, you couldn't help but smile wanted to snuggle into him but if you did that he'll know...
That you weren't really sleepy in the first place.
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r0-boat · 2 days ago
I need a yandere Visual novel in which the yandere is a guy
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r0-boat · 2 days ago
GB patch’s Tumblr confirmed Cove is a switch. LIVING MY BEST LIFE RN
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r0-boat · 4 days ago
i see your diavolo and byleth combination, and i raise you diavolo and claude accidentally-on-purpose making barbatos' life a living hell
Yeesss that but with Claude and Satan. Bc I can see Claude hating Lucifer lol.
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r0-boat · 4 days ago
No thought just Obey me! Pokémon Au
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r0-boat · 5 days ago
Tumblr media
Earlier today we announced to the press that we are running a beta test program for Post+, Tumblr’s newest add-on subscription tool. Post+ is a completely optional tool that will allow creators to make some of their posts exclusive to their paid subscribers. You can read more about it right over here on our @postplus Tumblr. This feature is being tested by a small group of incredible creators on Tumblr.
We want to hear about what you like, what you love, and what concerns you. Even if it’s not very nice. Tell us. We can take it. We WANT that feedback. It helps us make Tumblr better.
What we won’t ever accept is the targeted harassment and threats these creators have endured since this afternoon. These creators are some of the most talented people around, and all they’re doing is testing out a feature. These are the people who graciously agreed to pilot a program to help us discover bugs before we open it up to all creators. These are the humans who are testing a feature that we hope will soon help thousands of Tumblr creators feel empowered, get rewarded for their efforts, and find support within their community.
Our Community Guidelines are clear: Don’t engage in targeted abuse, bullying, or harassment.
Anyone in violation of these guidelines will be dealt with swiftly and will be forced to contend with the appropriate consequences. It’s okay to tell us how you feel. It’s not okay to bully someone because you disagree with their choices.
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r0-boat · 7 days ago
Why doesn't Levi ever talk about his experiences when he was Admiral.
You can't tell me that Levi cringes a little bit when he watches the Devildom version or One Piece.
And listen to Levi rant about the Marines in the show.
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r0-boat · 8 days ago
Tumblr media
Oh I've been waiting for this one!
Soft Yandere Luci HeadCannons
Nsfw is mixed in with the sfw hcs
Lucifer just wants you to be good. His punishments are still harsh and cruel. But he'll give you a kiss on the head and reward you for taking your punishments so well.
And if you don't love him back that's okay he'll train you to if you be good he'll reward you with soft touches kisses and sweet nothings. But if you're bad he will restrict you restrain you mold you into shape. Don't be shy and take your physical punishment like a good human for him.
He would be lying if he said he didn't get off the punishing you though.
He would like for you to just give in to him but it's rather exciting watching you struggle.
Sometimes you're not so sure who's the one in control because one moment in public Lucifer acts pretty normally. Keeping you close to him and does not let you leave his sight for a minute, but as soon as the doors closed lucifer's kneeling in front of you Servicing you with his mouth. Gripping your hips and thighs to the point that they'll bruise later.
Thinking you've gained some control you try to move away from his hot mouth until you feel a sharp pain of Lucifer's teeth digging into your thigh to glaring up at you with a dark look.
Luci will shower you in affection and gifts until you drown. Giving you clothes to wear just for him, Paying for a romantic dinner is just for the two of you, And a box of sweets just for the two of you to share.
Oh, how his heart swells at the idea have your smiling face as you feed him chocolate.
Just give in and let Lucifer give you all the attention you deserve.
You're lucky he even allows you to leave the house. The Devildom and human realm are completely unsafe and his brothers are already on thin ice.
For the most part, he is relatively okay with his (also yandere)brother's being around you. It's the constant danger they keep putting you through.
But anyone else who aren't his brothers and Lord Diavolo fair game for slaughter, Murdering anyone else In Cold Blood in front of you who he thinks is getting too close.
But for now, he must hide his affection for you and as it grows he's not sure how long he would last. Because he knows once he gets a taste eons of his self-control will snap like a twig and he'll take you rough and raw. Eager to claim you as his.
If it wasn't for Lord Diavolo and his human Exchange program he would have locked you up in his room forever. Laying in bed with you every night Caressing your face until you fall asleep.
But don't worry he'll take such good care of you.
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r0-boat · 9 days ago
Why does everyone make yandere Lucifer so cruel?
I mean I know that's how he is but what about his softer side
Him literally having heart eyes for the MC?
What about an obsessive yandere Lucifer that will spoil his MC with affection and gifts while still keeping his overprotective, strict and sadistic nature.
Because you are the only one who he has these feelings for and you're receiving all of his love whether you like it or not.
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r0-boat · 9 days ago
ahhh hi i was wondering about something that would take place between step 2 and 3 where the MC is bullied but doesn’t really tell cove. how would cove react when he finds out? fem reader thank u :,) <3
HeadCannon timmme!!
If you're being bullied right now please go tell someone you trust :)
Step 2-3 Cove finds out reader is being bullied
I think Cove would find out when he Witnesses it.
Even if Cove seems nonconfrontational he won't stand you being treated like crap.
It's like something in him flips a switch. When he seeing you in danger.
As soon as the bully raises their hand to hit you he rushes in to grab their arm
He'll get in between you and your bullies and protect you. And when you finally tell him this has been going on for a while, he'll get angry at himself that he didn't notice before...
Cove will pull you into a hug holding you tightly he'll apologize and start to tear up.
He's are so stupid to not see your sadness.
He would ask you if you want to tell your moms about it or do something about those bullies. The look on his face is scaring you.
Your mom's will not take bullying lightly.
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r0-boat · 10 days ago
Should I add nekopara Cat boys to the list?🤔
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r0-boat · 10 days ago
I have time! I got my job I just need to adjust to overnight :) requests are open ill get to them as fast as I can!
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r0-boat · 12 days ago
Tumblr media
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r0-boat · 14 days ago
Idk if you guys know what the game Peachleaf Valley is, but I'm hella excited for it
and as soon as it comes out I'll add it to my fandom list.
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r0-boat · 14 days ago
Idk if you played the patreon moment... but I did and I’m 20000% sure Cove has a praise kink
NO THOUGHTS just Cove whimpering and shaking because you keep telling him how well he’s doing and calling him a good boy
Also idk if u do anon tags, but could I be 💕 anon maybe?
I didn't want to spoil to those who didn't have the patron moment so I didn't say anything.
I didn't really think about Anon tags but I'll definitely do them now!
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r0-boat · 14 days ago
ok so thought, nsfw step 3 cove with, fem reader, 30 on the prompt list, and “they’re gonna catch us”? 👁👁
Valid thought, that's hot as fuck. Sadly Cove would never really do this in public though :,)
But that's what fanfiction is for sooo...
I have done number 30 here
You ground your clothed underwear against Cove's crotch your lips pressed hard against his. Cove was a whimpering mess desperately trying to be quiet as to not wake your parents.
"They're gonna catch us"
Cove was not quite ready to go inside of you yet and that was okay. You quite like the idea of humping your cute boyfriend until he's a desperate mess, watching him squirm against you trying not to be too loud.
Despite being really skittish of the idea. Cove was as excited as you the idea of doing such a dirty act while your parents are not too far what sort of thrilling.
He started to grind his hips back against yours taking his fingers into your hips his face buried in your neck.
"Mmm-... Mc im so close I- Can't"
Your breath hitched you are close as well
You slammed your lips against his silencing the both of you as you both came together.
Coming down from his high, Cove broke away his eyes are half open and full of lust.
"Mc can I please taste you?"
You're corrupting your poor boyfriend.
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r0-boat · 14 days ago
DragonAu! Lucifer
angst bc I can't resist.
Lucifer is in between dragon and bird. He is full of black feathers with his signature black four wings on his lower back behind his second pair of wings if you part the feathers you'll see a big scar on each side where his last pair used to be.
I see Lucifer having a toothless situation. This Dragon known for being an excellent flyer long ago can No longer fly like he used to.
During the war his third pair of wings got ripped apart and he fell. Luckily he survived but at a cost his wings were severely damaged.
Not only that he needs to recover so that he doesn't wince in pain every time he flaps his wings trying to get off the ground.
( which over hundreds of years has gone away to a mere sore every now and then)
he needs to relearn how to fly without his third pair.
Him being almost flightless seems to be a sensitive topic for him and his brothers since they never bring up the issue or talk about it.
On the outside he seems that he no longer cares... but we all know suffer there's more to it then what it seems.
It's not like he lost his flight completely though he can still Glide. He can take off no problem. It's staying in the air where he has the most trouble currently.
Other than that massive ass headcanon he is still the same Luci you know and love/hate.
To those of you who are wandering yes his feathers are in fact soft and fluffy.
And with that we're done!
this time I think I'm not going to do the side characters. If you want more dragon stuff then let me know and plus I think my followers are sick of constant dragon crap on there dash lol.
Plus I may recently be getting a job soon (overnights) so I may not be able to post as regularly as I currently do. But! I'll always do requests since they always be open.
Thank you!💕 For always reading my stuff even when it's not the greatest! I truly have a good time when I'm thinking about different scenarios with characters by love!
Ok Ro out
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r0-boat · 14 days ago
Demon Brothers: uh oh Mc touch my hand!
I can't handle it! I love them so much!
Also them: *casually murders someone*
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