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rabbit-luck·12 days agoAnswer

I’m gonna fight your mom. 😌

Uh?? Why????

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rabbit-luck·12 days agoAnswer

I’m gonna fight your mom. 😌

Uh?? Why????

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rabbit-luck·14 days agoText

Appreciation post for dream smp

i am. in love with these artists and dream smp and i love everything about them thank you very much

1. wilburrsir

2. lizardswithsocks

3. laraiain

4. chilldeggd

5. soupbrainrot

6. raybae._

7. sketeker

^^ all of these artists are on insta!! i’m sorry for not tagging them before but here are all of their handles

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rabbit-luck·24 days agoText

butterfly’s repose

• first things first, HUGE tw for thoughts of suicide and mentions of self harm. this is a very important fic to me. it’s in honor of suicide prevention month- last month. if you are ever struggling, please reach out.

i hope this fic helps in some way or form to help you know you aren’t alone.


you couldn’t help the way you were. closed off, quiet, boring. you couldn’t help that this was the way you made yourself. you couldn’t help that you could never show who you really were. you constantly felt your head falling under the waters of self hatred and uninterest in the game called life.

most days you found it hard to smile, hard to put up a facade of normalcy- a mask of faux happiness. everyone always expected the bare minimum from you anyways, why bother putting up a fight with your depression when you were always bound to lose? you were seconds away from slipping into despair and a part of you was ready to succumb to the silence.


today was unlike any other day. you counted down the days until you’d finally be gone- like a single flame gone out in a room full of LED lights. you were pointless, outdated, and uninteresting. people had moved past you. no one cared about the quiet kid- the one who never had much to say and never seemed to say much at all. well, almost no one. there was one person who lately seemed to hover more- to watch you more closely.

his name was keigo and one day you had had enough of his persistent questions and comments towards you. “what is it that you want? cant you see i’m working here?” he was quiet for a moment and you’d almost thought you’d won this bought- until he cracked a smile.

“your number.”


the weekend was your least favorite time. you were more alone than ever- the silence was like a noose around your neck choking out the life you had left. it was hanging like a thread about to be cut like fates scissors- and then your phone buzzed.

birdbrain: hey. it’s kei!! wanna hang out? let’s meet at the boba shop next to the school.

you couldn’t help the small smile that cracked on your face- and you could claim you couldn’t help his charm that swayed you to hop on your bike and ride over to that boba shop. his eyes shone like pieces of gold in a stream when he saw you arrive- surprising you by throwing his arms around you with a laugh.

“i’m so glad you came!”


you felt dead. you wanted to be. this was exhausting. the deep lines running over your arms were getting harder to hide even with sweaters- for gods sake it was the end of the school year: summer. it was blazing hot and if you weren’t ridiculed for your silence, you were torn apart by your classmates for the sweaters, jackets, and sweatpants.

a knock flipped you out of your haze and you sighed. opening this door meant interaction, and could you really handle that? besides, your room was… nothing pleasant. it couldn’t have been your parents- they never knocked and hardly acknowledged your existence to begin with. your room was shockingly bare- as you had gotten rid of practically everything in it.

your hand grasped the knob and opened it- to your shock it was kei with a bag of fast food under his arm. “hey, y/n! i was in the area and thought i’d stop by. your mom let me in!” you couldn’t find words to answer him with, your mouth was too dry.

“uh, yeah, come in.”


keigo lay on your bed next to you, your headphone cords laying between you. he’d been here almost everyday recently and it scared you. your whole deal was avoiding people and keeping to yourself- and this man had dug his way right on in.

“so, why is your room so empty?” you noticed now the music wasn’t playing anymore. you flipped to your side to look into his eyes, inhaling sharply. you couldn’t help the sadness that seeped into you when you looked at him. he looked so full of life and joy- so opposite of you.

“i guess i just don’t really have a need for material things anymore.”


he had seen. you knew he’d seen when he got so angry with you. you’d made the mistake of leaving a bloodied tissue on the top of your trash can and he pushed you on it. why was it there? what had happened? where were you hurt? did you- you didn’t let him finish his barrage of questions when you told him quietly you thought he should leave.

“what are you hiding from me y/n? what did i do to make you think you couldn’t trust me with everything and anything?” you sunk to your knees at his words because you knew he was right. you hadn’t even known each other all that long but he’d been here almost every night the last week. he’d listened to your stories and your experiences- but you couldn’t open up to him about how you felt.

he had gently gripped your wrists- pushing your sleeves up a bit. and that’s when you saw his eyes fall to your skin. he had seen it.

“tell me this isn’t what i think it is.”


you hadn’t spoken to kei since he’d seen. you told your parents if he came by to not answer. he’d called dozens of times. he’d texted. you responded to none of it. you were a disaster.

you hadn’t slept in days. your eyes burned with tears you wished you hadn’t cried- you missed someone who had been in your life for only a few days- and yet had changed everything. was this really the right thing? was this really your time? are you really ready to go?

you stare at your hands. time feels like it is inching by- seconds like hours, minutes like years. your mind is a prison that weighs you down with doubts and insecurities. kei is one person who probably doesn’t even care. he’s popular. he has so many friends. what do you even mean to him? quiet, silent, dumb y/n… the person who couldn’t even help themself. you could feel the tears gathering.

you didn’t belong here with him.


you saw him at school. you both met eyes. he looked as if he wanted to say something, he looked so hurt. his hands found their way into his pockets, his eyes fixated on the ground. you knew how it was. you kept walking.

you walked into the bathroom and washed your hands- well, that was your excuse for leaving anyways. really- you were scrubbing your hands as you sobbed into the mirror. drying your hands and swiping at your eyes, you slipped back into the hallways to head back to class. he was there. he met your eyes and held them this time- a small smile on his face.

“can we please get boba after school? i miss you.”


you woke up and didn’t even get out of bed. you told your mom you were sick. you couldn’t make it to school today. you threw away the trash in your room, did all your laundry and made your bathroom and room spotless. anything to make the aftermath easier for your family. when the clock hit five you hopped on your bike and went to the boba store. you got a drink, sat down at a table outside, and stared into the distance. you were terrified.

death was hours away from you. you had the pills in your bag, the place picked out already. you were so ready to finally relieve yourself of this world- relieve others of the burden you’d placed on them. you choked up, tears on your face.

“you will to live is weak, but honey, hold on for me.”

this was the song you and kei would listen to as you laid on your bed. as you told him about your horrid grades, your terrible eating habits, your urge to sell everything you bought almost immediately after. all the signs were there, you were now coming to realize. you had known you were depressed for a long time now- and kei had known all along.

the food he brought you, the time he spent with you, the books he’d bring you to read to “make your bookshelf less lonely”… he had always known. and you’d pushed him away. you looked up at the sky, and unbeknownst to you a certain boy sat down in the seat across from you. he watched you gaze at the sky for a moment, a small sad smile on his face. when you finally looked at him, you could feel your heart splinter into a million pieces.

“you knew all along?”

“i did.”

“then why did you stay?”

“i know that you’re an angel but it’s not your time to fly now… we need you here on earth.”

he quoted the same song you’d listen to with him all those times. nothing could stop the waterfall of tears that fell as your body wracked with sobs. he was at your side in an instant and you rose, falling right into his arms as soon as you were on your feet.

it was in this moment you realized you weren’t ready to go. you wanted to stay. you wanted more moments like this- more late nights in bed, more books on your shelves, more boba talks, more hugs, more love. you wanted this- for better or worse.

“darlin’, i’m right here.”

and he was. and he always would be.

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rabbit-luck·a month agoText

uhh i should probably update on this:

destination unknown is going on a hiatus. i’m really burnt out on bnha right now and i just can’t push myself to finish d.u. right now. i have worked on the written chapter and just feel.. unsatisfied. i will pick it back up again in the future- but for now i’ll be writing other stuff. i’m actually starting a character analysis series called “Let’s Talk About Them” for different characters in different shows and their character flaws and traits. so if you want to see that feel free to stick around :)

thank you, saturn

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my long overdue tulip appreciation post

tulip is amazing. she is an extremely flawed character when we first meet her- and honestly, that doesn’t change. she meets one-one and is ready to give them up simply for a way out- but she realizes that one-one is worth more than a cat in a sphere. (no hate samantha). tulip is an extremely task driven character who can get lost in the end goal instead of stopping to smell the roses-

and that’s exactly why atticus and one-one are so good for her. they teach her to appreciate the world- and to not take everything she sees at face value. atticus and one-one teach her too, though. atticus teaches her that friends don’t just leave when the going gets tough- or just because they have different goals. one-one teaches her that it’s ok to want to succeed at goals and still enjoy the rewards that come along with the journey- however it’s most important to note this.

tulip teaches atticus and one-one. a girl who was brought onto the train to learn a lesson and leave ends up teaching two “nulls” (thank you grace) more about themselves. tulip teaches one-one that just because things aren’t what you think they should be doesn’t mean they’re wrong. tulip teaches atticus that sometimes there’s more to life than being a royal dog- there’s so much to see and learn and enjoy. tulip embarks on a quest and she doesn’t even know it- a quest to change the train she herself doesn’t even understand.

tulip is truly one of my favorite characters not because she has no flaws or because she “becomes a better person” but because she learns that she is indeed flawed, she is indeed imperfect and reckless- and she runs with it. she uses it to make a spur of the moment choice to save atticus- inadvertently saving not only atticus but the train as well. she risks her life to save a dog and help one-one “find his mom” for a “door” she may not ever get. it may be lost in the back of the train forever.

tulip becomes a loyal, headstrong, beautiful character who sees people, nulls, and robots as something other than the label they’ve been given. she fights for a home she isn’t even at peace with yet- because she knows she’s still learning. she’s still becoming herself- ever changing, and ever bouncing back.

and that is why i love her.

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thank you for the tag @angelhitoshi & @iwaizoom !!!!!

iconic – emotional oranges
pyramids – frank ocean
daylight – joji
save room for us – tinashe
hai domo – cao white
unlock it – charli xcx
IFHY – tyler, the creator
dark red – steve lacy
505 – arctic monkeys
baggage – breakfast santana
…baby one more time – the marias
gimme love – joji
go – the black keys


thanks for the tag love <3

1. my love- maye

2. commitment- luna luna

3. funny thing- thunder cat

4. favorite mistake- giveon

5. white- odd future ft. frank ocean

6. shadow man- noname

7. looking out for you- joy again

8. sofia- clairo

9. cyber sex- doja cat

10. as long as you care- ruel

11. ugotme- omar apollo

12. my jinji- sunset rollercoaster

13. skyline to- frank ocean


thanks for the tag!!

  1. lovesick - banks
  2. yup! - yung gravy
  3. lovestained - hope tala
  4. don’t - bryson tiller
  5. 8wolves - cemetery drive
  6. kamikaze - omar apollo
  7. sunrise - michelle
  8. love is so hard! - the millennial club
  9. strawberry ice - sunshine blvd.
  10. come on - mikhael paskalev
  11. bonnie moves - eliza moon
  12. richard simmons - yung gravy
  13. giveuwhatuwant - the driver era

BONUS: romancing - the colorist


thanks for the tag bby!! <33

  1. coffee - beabadoobee
  2. cloud 9 - beach bunny
  3. everybody talks - neon trees
  4. sway - michael bublé
  5. the side of paradise - coyote theory
  6. black & white - niall horan
  7. runaways - all time low
  8. nothing - bruno major
  9. no judgment - niall horan
  10. psycho - russ
  11. talking body - tove lo
  12. dalaga - allmo$t
  13. blueberry eyes - max, suga


  1. happy pills — weathers
  2. bottom of the deep blue sea (acoustic) — MISSIO
  3. boys will be bugs — cavetown
  4. cut that always bleeds — conan gray
  5. the story — conan gray
  6. verbatim — mother mother
  7. mama — mcr
  8. violence — the unlikely candidates
  9. rich kids — new medicine
  10. race you to the bottom — new medicine
  11. don’t you dare forget the sun — get scared
  12. golden — fall out boy
  13. the abandoned — memphis may fire

BONUS: the sinner — memphis may fire


thanks for the tag @animoozies

1. she’s so nice - pink guy

2. break shit - jasiah

3. killer - the ready set

4. everybody talks - neon trees

5. sex with a ghost - teddy hyde

6. never met (ft. glitch gum) - cmten

7. wow i can get sexual too - say anything

8. somewhere only we know - miki ratsula

9. i love you i love you, its disgusting - broadside

10. cloud 9 - beach bunny

11. sunrise - childish gambino

12. little game - benny

13. intro III - NF

bonus track: ugly faces - watsky


13 songs i’m currently listening to 🎶

thanks for zee tag boo @haiikyuuns

So these are the songs that are on repeat for meh

1. WAP - Cardi B & Megan thee Stallion

2. Trappers Delight - Tay Money

3. Confidence - RAYE


5. I Wish (Taylor Swift) - The Knocks


7. Nothing in the World - PNAU

8. I Remember You - Cartoon

9. Watermelon Sugar - Harry Styles

10. Rendezvous - Years & Years


12. Navajo - Masego

13. Entropy - Daniel Caesar

bonus: POP/STARS - K/DA & MAMACITA - black eyed peas

this is why I don’t play aux cause I’m all over the place. not to mention I listen to linkin park, simple plan, and Britney Spears faithfully lol

tagging(tagging a lot cause I’m a slut for new music)

@hoekageyama @juvsbby @unvalley @zal-eska @varksvader @pipsqueak1507 @loveandlucky @bakugoustanaccount @myhaikyuuhq @nerdyshaddowhunter @milkandtobio @pathetically-queer @todoroki-sama @h-a-mburger @lellilotti @akela-nakamura @schizo-baby @koushi-waka @natsudorkoneel @nalu-natic @catstudio7-reblogs @incorrect-youtubers

@the-broken-halo-writer @blackvelvet-writes @miinaashido @nekxrizawa i forget who my mutuals are, rip… but yall dont have to do this if you dont want to

tagging — @ceeswrites @sophiawithstars @bokukiyoom @deerixiie @kiiyomiis @sugakuns @katsushimaa @sushimii

tagging: @bkglovesyou @kirislut @animatedarchives @meliorist-midoriya @cellotonin @kuroosrighttoe @dont-mind-me-imjustpassingby @shoutodoki @rat-suki @bnhatrashh @shoutaaizawas @iwaizoom @mrs-kuroojinguji @icejins @jmeyerss @deephasoceanmagic @softieshoto @colorseeingchick @lulusstarmilktea @pandaboba123 @samusangel @scftxes @shoutamajiki @lilkiwisfinest @oikaw-ugh @m-arahuyowrites @strawberriimilkshake @applepienation @legendaryoikawa @aizawaslovebot @isolshi and anyone else who wants to do it!! :D

tagging: (sorry if you’ve done it) @azucanela @angelhitoshi @itachiyam @hoekageyama @lovetetsuro @lovelykawa @sachirou-senpai @baeshijima @kirislut

tagging: @itachiyam, @hoodtoshi, @photosbyameil, @myhoodacademia, and anyone else!!

🔖: @hoodtoshi @bakuhoetoedoroki @rabbit-luck @miinaashido

uh alright let’s do this

orgin of love - hedwig and the angry inch
as tradition - maple glider
mess - lil wayne
when am i gonna lose you - local natives
little pistol - mother mother
message in the wind - carole and tuesday
pink motel - the glorious sons
heather - conan gray
angel of small death and the codeine scene - hozier
rip 2 my youth - the neighbourhood
smile again - blackbear
dance, baby - boy pablo
long as i live - toni braxton

whoever else wants to do this can :”)

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if u receive this u make somebody happy. go and send this to ten of ur followers who make u happy or somebody u think needs cheering up. if u get it back even better 💗🥺 baby i hope ure okay

thank you so much baby 🥺 i’ll be fine don’t worry ab me

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i literally always get tagged in stuff like this and i have like

two friends on tumblr i’m SORRY

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Hi!! So I found your Dabi SMAU and I’m entranced from just the latest chapter(16) I accidentally read. Pretty please add me to the taglist 🥺👉🏼👈🏼 (After I send expect notifications of me liking the other chapters cause I’m gonna binge read them immediately!)

omg!! of course! i’m so glad you like it that means so much to me AHHHHH ❤️❤️ thank you for reading

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Destination Unknown- Chapter 16 (c0py c4t)

synopsis: y/n is a singer who was previously part of a mainstream band in japan called the earth angels. she moved to america for seven years, and when she comes back and rejoins she finds herself entangled in the world of band leader dabi, an anomaly in and of himself.

a/n: hahaha written chapter after this ❤️


@nerdynstoned @dawnshuntress @axerrri @galagcica @miadraws0 @otaku-fangirlse @noonewouldlisten25 @kac-chowsballs @fi16ns @monochromaticelliot

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Reblog & tag someone who has brightened up your day ☀️

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Let’s spread some love & make each other’s day even just a little bit better 💖

Omg Val you sweet summer child I love you with my whole entire heart and you make my chest go *squeeze*

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being tagged in this legitimately made my whole entire day,, love you moe 🥺

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Right back at you, bby!

Hehehe, now is the perfect time to call out all the lovelies I see in my notifications (not sure if I can get all of you, but I still have so much love and appreciation for you guys!!)

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I know for a solid fact that this isn’t everyone (mostly bc you’re on my taglists, so I remember your urls better), but I see you guys in my notifs a lot! I want to thank all my readers and followers though, because every single note from you guys brightens my day just a little more!

Oh god I-

Thank you💞💞💞 you literally brightened my day 😢😢

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@engel-hageshii I wasn’t expecting this at all… Thank you 😭

Most recently: @jadenyukis-bodypillow 😊

I- I don’t know what to say! Obviously you’re one of the people now! @bungeegumsurprise

But also @softkodzuken @yungguhnk @goho-m

IM CRYING 🥺🥺🥺 tysm

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wtf i love you VDJSBSJS 😻

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rabbit-luck·2 months agoText

i’m still alive. i’ve been really sick recently, and while yes i DO have depression, i am actually sick. i’ll be finishing up the next destination unknown chapter, and after that it will be a written chapter, so look foreword to that :) i am so sorry for my absence the past two weeks. i love you all.

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rabbit-luck·2 months agoAnswer

yeah hi id like monokuma texts thank u very much give me monokuma texts pew pew

HE’S A LITERAL BEAR DJSJKDKF i tried my best i know nothing about danganronpa

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rabbit-luck·2 months agoText

DESTINATION UNKNOWN - Chapter 15 (that’s what you wanted, right?)

synopsis: y/n is a singer who was previously part of a mainstream band in japan called the earth angels. she moved to america for seven years, and when she comes back and rejoins she finds herself entangled in the world of band leader dabi, an anomaly in and of himself.

a/n: phew. i’m going to try to update twice tomorrow. i literally fell into danganronpa and homestuck hell IM SO SORRY!!! ily guys so much!!

TAGLIST: @nerdynstoned @dawnshuntress @axerrri @galagcica @miadraws0 @otaku-fangirlse @noonewouldlisten25 @kac-chowsballs @fi16ns @monochromaticelliot

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rabbit-luck·2 months agoAnswer

hello! could I please be added to the destination unknown smau?? it's so good!!!

of course!! i’m so glad you like it! you’re added :)

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rabbit-luck·2 months agoAnswer

I'm so happy for you and that it went well! Such good and lovely news, to be honest! 💞

you’re so sweet 🥺 thank you so much for the kind words that means the world to me

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