Shuri Udaku Is My Disney Princess :))

my name is rei :) ✰ she/her |16|icon by: @punof-agun <3mostly Twd, tua, b’nine-nine, spn, teen wolf, hp, avengers.

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In an interview with inc.com, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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Natasha: I hate the ocean.

Natasha: That’s where that stuck-up bitch Rose left Leo to die. There was plenty of room on that door.

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Things that take time & many tries to get right:

  • learning to be a good friend/partner
  • healing from depression, failures or heartbreak
  • becoming amazing at an art or skill
  • overcoming anxiety, insecurities and low body image
  • overcoming the need to isolate yourself
  • changing self-hating thoughts to kinder ones
  • making a real connection with someone
  • overcoming self-defeating and self-sabotaging thoughts
  • learning how to study effectively
  • finding a sense of stability and calmness at your core
  • quitting habits or addictions
  • leaving people and behaviours that turn you into the worst version of yourself
  • getting used to healthier coping mechanisms & mindsets that feel fake
  • treating yourself like you truly care about yourself
  • becoming the person you always wanted to be
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starting a new one bc the old one was getting kind of long!! thanks for the tag @little-league-coach-mako mwah mwah :)

zodiac sign: sagittarius hehe

hogwarts house: slytherin!

middle name: not applicable and/or not comfortable

mbti personality type: uHHhHH it always changes but last i checked ESTP-T

favorite movie: pride and prejudice (2005) or the phantom of the opera!

sexuality: ???? pan aro????? m a y b e????????????

five ships: wuko, kagehina, catradora, klance, and asanoya!

last book: i read a midsummer night’s dream does that count

favorite singer: all time low!

favorite album: selfish machines (2010) by pierce the veil

tagging: @tangerinefluff@eilime910​ and @kavinsgay​ if y’all are comfortable w doing it!! 

ty for tagging me @bisexualmattholtstan i heart u so big 🥺

zodiac ; cancer !

hogwarts house ; i think hufflepuff last i checked

middle name ; elizabeth ! (which is why a good bit of my friends call me eli !)

mbti personality ; infp :)

favorite movie ; probably train to busan ! it’s rly good listen…

sexuality ; lesbian 🏳️‍🌈

five ships ; sakuatsu , osasuna , bokuaka , ushiten , and me x some sleep (please)

last book ; very good question , these days i just be reading fanfic

favorite singer/band ; clairo atm !

favorite album ; immunity - clairo

taggin @anxiously-scared @vanilla-beanzz @tpwkatsumu @b0ku4ka @fukoronoko @u-make-my-heart-tsumtsum and anyone else who’d like to join :)

Ty for the tag!

Zodiac~ Taurus

Hogwarts House~ I don’t watch Harry Potter but my friend made me take the house testy thingy, I think it was Hufflepuff!

Middle Name~ Elia

Mbti personality~ istp!

Favorite Movie~ Tangled (shhh yes)

Sexuality~ bisexual

Five ships~ iwaoi, bokuaka, Bokuroo, matsuhanaiwaoi, sakuatsu

Last book~ Check! Please

Favorite singer/band~ Nf or Mother Mother

Favorite Album~ The Search (I think that’s the name!) by NF!

Tagging: @arthasnorulesorlimit @meaty-meat @rintaroutea @fukoronoko

thanks for tagging me beans ✨

zodiac: taurus

hogwarts house: slytherin (for 6 years baeby 💔)

middle name: i’d rather not share

mbti: intp

favorite movie: halloween

sexuality: bisexual

five ships: bokuaka, iwaoi, kagehina, levyaku, and whatever the ship name for kuroo daishou and mika is 💔

last book: then we take berlin by john lawton

favorite singer/band: hollywood undead

favorite album: notes from the underground

tagging: @morioh-splatinum @bakibakibreakyourankles

thanks for the tag mon chéri

zodiac: libra

hogwarts house: hufflepuff

middle name: ann 🥴

mbit: infp

favorite movie: jurassic park or donnie darko

sexuality: bisexual

five ships: uhh i’m blanking rn tbh

last book: ace’s story (one piece light novel)

favorite singer/band: ricky montgomery

favorite album: your city gave me asthma by wilbur

🏷 @tetsoleil @cloudswritings and anyone else

zodiac: september virgo

hogwarts house : slytherin

middle name : prefer not to say

mbti : intp-t

favourite movie : howl’s moving castle

sexuality : heterosexual

five ships : kagehina, yamatsuki, kuroken, bokuaka, and iwaoi

last book : the crucible - it was for english

favourite singer/band : i have way too many

favourite album : apricot princess by rex orange county

tagging: @tetsoleil @squishytenya @koushiskitten @tangerinefluff @vangoghmusings @ceo-of-daichi and anyone else!

Zodiac: Taurus

Hogwarts house: Slytherin

Middle name: associated with my dead name so no

Mbti: INFJ

Favourite Movie: either The Grand Budapest hotel or Arthur Christmas

Sexuality: Pan/Bi

Five Ships: Todoiideku, Kiribaku, Erasermic, Seroiida, Iida x Inasa

Last Book: Sense and Sensibility - Jane Austen

Favourite Singer/Band: I can’t choose just one sjsjd

Favourite Album: currently its Bears in Trees newest one

Tagging @red-riot-rat @bisexual-confusion @scraggylovesanime and @wow-she-a-h0e-for-aran

Zodiac: Virgo

Hogwarts House: Gryffindor

Middle Name: Mya

Mbti: no idea

Favorite Movie: Either Howl’s Moving Castle or My Neighbor Totoro

Sexuality: Bisexual

Five Ships: rather not say (because I can’t choose between fandoms)

Last Book: I think it was Percy Jackson (I’m reading fanfiction more often ngl)

Favorite Singer/Band: Yea I can’t choose, sorry

Favorite Album: idk if it counts since it’s mostly a soundtrack but the Detroit Become Human album

Tagging: @emmiju @kingdoms–night–star and @saoirse-1887

Zodiac: Capricorn

Hogwarts House: I never got into HP, but my friends all say I’m a definite Hufflepuff

Middle Name: June

Mbti: Idk lmao

Favorite Movie: Ponyo

Sexuality: Bisexual disaster

Five Ships: Bakudeku, Rusame, Prucan, Huntfuma, Erasermic

Last Book: If fanfiction counts then I’ll go with “Neon Gravestones”. If it doesn’t,  then it would be “The year I didn’t eat”

Favorite Singer/Band: This is a very hard decision, so I’ll give my top 5 artists in no particular order. Alec Benjamin, Melanie Martinez, AJR, My Chemical Romance, Elliot Lee

Favorite Album: Hard choice, but Melanie Martinez’s k-12 album

Tagging: @doublerainebow@lissyj @anarchytheselfshipper @procrastination-lady

Zodiac: Virgo

Hogwarts House: Slytherin

Middle Name: Winona


Favourite movie: Mama or Chesnutt: Hero of Central Park

Sexuality: Gray-Asexaul

Five ships: Bakudeku, Drarry, Todomomo, Ironstrange, Kenhina

Last Book: Percy Jackson and the Sea Of Monsters or if fanfic counts, Hold My Hand

Favourite Singer/Band: Set It Off or Kendrick Lamar

Favourite Album: Anti-Flag’s American Fall

Tagging: @ace-systematic @cloudswritings @jmeyerss @breadgenie892 @scraggylovesanime and @hanta-sero-anon

Zodiac sign: Aquarius♒

Hogwarts house: Hufflepuff 😌😌

Middle name: Fun fact I actually don’t have one :) (you can tell I’m still salty at my dad for that)

MyerBriggs personality type: Not a clue

Favorite movie: Definitely ‘The Old Guard’ (am a simp for stronk woman)

Sexuality: Bisexual and polyamorous-

Five ships you like: KiriBaku, TodoDeku, ShinDenki, BakuDeku, and Drarry🧍‍♂️

Last book you read: Midnight Sun

Favorite singer: Dean lewis or NF

Favorite album: Love yourself by BTS

@punof-agun @world-atlass @bombshellbella @silentxraiin @kaminari-anon @raiisakitsune @fuzzy-cloud-head-queen

Zodiac sign: cancer

Hogwarts: hufflepuff

Middle name: i don’t have one i-

Myer briggs personality: i dont?? Know???

Favorite movie: hmm the avenger movies rn like in general but my fav rn is iron man 2 (??)

Sexuality: straight (???????)

Five ships u like: dekubaku, vanyasissy, gleggie, richonne, stucky, and pepperoni, dabihawks (i know it says only 5 but in lonly ok) And dabi and me (dabrai) :))))

Last book you read: carry on by rainbow Rowell (crying over baz and Simon)

Fav singer: Billie eyelash (imbasic unfollow me)

Fav song: rn it’s crybaby by the neighborhood

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The Smirk™

Captain America: Civil War (2016)
Captain Marvel (2019)
Black Panther (2018)
The Avengers (2012)
Thor: Ragnarok (2017)

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just putting this out there that I will not hesitate to stomp on your toes if you disrespect elliot page’s identity :)

also: reminder that they use he/they pronouns! make sure to use both when referring to them, he doesn’t go by he/him pronouns exclusively :)

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