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I’ve been getting a lot of asks about what my author recs are, and normally I would just link them to the post where I already covered them. But, seeing as I’m constantly following more blogs, I figured I should make a more up to date list of my author recommendations.

My Author Recs!

@midnightmoonkiss   @decoydeku   @izukuwus   @izukumidoriydamn   @dee-madwriter   @clee-writesbnha   @1a-imagines   @bokunokangae   @justanotherpersonwhohateslife   @bokunoheroine   @letthemreadfanfiction   @jojosmilktea   @meganshinsou-tm   @onyxiana-is-obsessed   @denise-the-death-goddess   @vnmwrites   @lovingshoto   @amaamajiki   @lurkingshadow8   @todorosky   @bokunowriteracademia   @slutty-bnha   @midnight-heroes   @random-mha-thoughts   @bokunoheroandchill   @kingtamakimurder   @leeswritingworld   @tumblingintothefeelstrain   @zylith-imagines-and-fics   @shinsvu   @plusultrawritings   @bnha-violetnote   @my-hero-fantasies   @add-a-teaspoon-of-heroism   @tamaki-isbaby   @sparkncharge   @tsnderes   @bnha-mha-imagines   @my-romantic-academia   @heroprose   @denkiisbestboyo   @queensynderella   @shinsouzone   @lemons-made-here   @writer-chu   @burnedbyshoto   @pink-imagines   @namelessthirst   @ikinabi   @thunderdenki   @myherowritings   @our-heroes-rise   @cheeky-kitsune   @heroes-among-us-all   @shoutodoki   @nekokoafanfictions   @ua-imagines   @luna-dare   @saint-eridell​   @a-small-writer-in-a-big-world​   @amaamajiki​   @stratentme​   @wakai-imagines​   

Yandere Blogs!

@yandere-daydreams​   @my-sweet-hero​   @yandrabble​   @degenerate-yandere​   @your-yandere-kiss​   @love-toxin​   @lovelove-dere​   @lovely-nightmares

Of course, this isn’t anywhere near all of the blogs I follow, but these were the ones I see the most of! 

M-Me? Like…me? 🥺🥺 I’m actually so devastated, my senpai reccomends little me among all these other amazing writers. If you’re a midoriya stan please follow her, you wont be disappointed AT ALL, I have so much respect and love for Ashi, shes so wonderful and charming and lovable 🥺

Thank you so much Ashi dear 💖

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what requests do you have rn?

Hi anon! I have a total of 5 in progress right now, so I guess this serves as a WIP list I guess? This is also in order of them being requested:

  1. Deku/Bakugou x Reader (haven’t decided yet): reader is attacked by Dabi while out on patrol, and the rest of 1A is in the dorms watching the fight on the news cast
  2. Bakugou x Fem!Reader fluff/crack: reader has a size manipulation quirk, but accidentally shrinks herself down to 2 inches and Bakugou has to take care of her
  3. LoV x Reader platonic comfort/fluff (this was DMed to me this morning) where the reader as insomnia because of her dark thoughts, so the League helps her in their own ways; I might make this into a headcanon since I don’t really have too much of an idea for a scenario, but as of now it’s still a scenario!
  4. Bakugou x Rem!Reader fluff: An exchange student comes from a country where it’s custom to kiss people on the cheek to greet them, and once she learns of the cultural difference, both of them get embarrassed
  5. Shinsou x Reader angst: Shinsou has a crush on reader, who’s deathly afraid of the color purple :(

Why am I so popular 🥺🥺 you guys I love you so dearly 💖

I got the last 3 just this morning!  There’s a possibility I might do the 2nd one before the 1st just because I anticipate that 1 will take me a while to do because of the action and the angst that might come with it.

Which ones are you guys most excited for? I’m not really sure myself actually 🤔 I’m personally really happy that I have requests, but forgive me if they take a while to do.  I’m still doing classes online and there’s usually a lot of work for me to do every day, so it might take me up to 2 days to write them depending on how long/complicated they are, so please be patient with me!  On the bright side, at least you guys will have steady content for the next week!

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random-mha-thoughts·18 hours agoAnswer
Hey you could take ALL the time at this but it wouldn’t be sad if Shinsou’s crush, the reader, is porphyrophobic. That means the reader is scared of the color purple. Have a good day!

NUUUU ANON WHY WOULD YOU DEVASTATE ME LIKE THIS 😭😭😭 Our baby Shinsou doesn’t deserve this treatment, he’ll be so heartbroken



But that’s ok bc I’m a masochist/sadist. Pain and angst is my middle name! :3

Thank you for the request anon! I promise I’ll start this when I’m done with the others!

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random-mha-thoughts·19 hours agoAnswer
OH MY GOODNESS I FREAKING LOVE YOUR WRITING.💜🧡❤️💚 I have a request!! Would it be possible if you did a scenario with Bakugou x Female Reader where the Reader is a transfer student and comes from a country where is normal to kiss people in the cheek to say hello and kisses Bakugou but then she is told of the culture difference in Japan, then she is embarrassed but Bakugou is even more. HOPE YOU HAVE A GREAT DAY!!



This sounds so cute, I’m really looking forward to writing this 🥺 I’ll have to warn you though, anon, this is my 4th request in line right now, so this one will take me about a week to post, but trust me that I will write it, I promise! Please be patient with me!

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Anon requested: “Hey this is my first time requesting but can you do a scenario where Bakugou (can do Todoroki and kirishima too) is a pro-hero, then one of his “daring” fan kisses him and his s/o saw the whole thing. Happy ending please!!”

Characters: Bakugou Katsuki, Todoroki Shouto, Kirishima Eijirou

Genre: Fluff

Tags: @cyanide9602

a/n: I wasn’t sure if you just wanted Bakugou or you wanted all 3, but I also didn’t want to just do HCs, so I did mini scenarios of about 400-550 words for each character!  I hope they were to your liking, and thanks for the request!  Hope to see you again soon~


Bakugou Katsuki


As soon as this fan came up to him, Bakugou knew it was trouble.  The fan eagerly came up to him while he was out with you, not paying you any mind while they gushed about Ground Zero being their favorite hero - and not even trying to hide their groping hands on his arms when they leaned in for a selfie.

And at the last possible second, the fan did the ballsy thing and plants a kiss right on his lips.

Your eye starts twitching.  Your sweet boyfriend felt bad for spending a lot of time on his job for the past few week, and today he decided to devote the entire day with you.  Today is supposed to be your day, and - not to sound like a spoiled brat (although you don’t care at this point) - Bakugou is yours and you’re not in the business of sharing with anyone, especially not some ballsy, entitled fan who thinks they can kiss your boyfriend right in front of you and get away with it.

They had another thing coming.

The fan pulls away from doing their little stunt with a smirk, briefly turning to eye you to gauge your reaction, only for their face to turn completely white.

“I hope you can die happy after doing that,” you mutter gravely, cracking your knuckles.  "Because you’re about to!“

The fan runs off screaming, and you would’ve followed if it wasn’t for Bakugou holding you back by your waist.  "Let me at ‘em!  I won’t hurt 'em too badly!”

“Babe, calm down, you’ve already scared them away,” he whispers gently in my ear.  "People are staring.“

His hands rubbing at my waist settles me.  "I just wanted to rough 'em up, that’s all,” I explain innocently.

“I know you did, but you can’t make a scene in public.”  He kisses my jaw softy and smirks.  "Damn, you being as much of a hothead as me is so hot.“

"Damn right I am!” you huff.  "I’m the only one for you and you better not forget it!“

His low chuckle resounds in my ear.  "Never.  Come on, let’s go get brunch like we wanted before we were rudely interrupted.”

Todoroki Shouto


One of the things you’ve always admired about Todoroki is his heart when we interacts with his fans.  He sought to be the opposite of his father, so he welcomes fan interactions with a warm smile, kind words, and an open attitude.

What really annoys you is how dense he can be.  Of course, there are fans who are starstruck by his handsome appearance, who wouldn’t be?  But there are those that are really bold,  sneaking touches at him, making double-meaning requests, showering him with more compliments than needed, or trying to dress and act suggestively to catch his attention.  Being the kind of guy who isn’t terribly good at reading the air, Todoroki doesn’t really notice any of their advances.  It’s sweet, in a way, because he only has eyes for you, but you really fear that one fan will take things too far and Todoroki won’t realize it.

So when you were on line getting coffee for the two of you and you saw a fan approach him, it made you uneasy since you weren’t there to cut into the conversation.  You trust your boyfriend not to do anything, so you settle on continuously darting your head backwards to his table while you pay for your drinks instead of rushing over there like a possessive lover.

Which you regret doing once you turn around while you’re in the pick up area.  The fan had pulled your boyfriend in to steal a kiss on his lips, and now you’re furious.  At the same time, the barista called your order number, so you grab your order and march over to their table, seeing red and ready to give this fan a piece of your mind.  Todoroki, wide-eyed and shocked pushes them away, putting his hands up in front of his body.

“I apologize if I came off overly friendly, but I’m very happily committed to someone else.”

And just like that, all your immediate anger melts away and you find yourself lovestruck.  Very happily committed,  your thoughts echo pleasantly.  In your face.  You finish your walk to the table and set down your drinks, both of them darting their heads toward you as you shoot a beaming grin at your boyfriend.  "Here’s your coffee, babe,“ you push the drink in front of him.  Yeah, it’s petty, but he’s your man.

Todoroki follows through, wrapping his arm around you to pull you into his lap and placing a sweet kiss on your lips.  "Thank you, love.”  He turns to the fan and you finally address them with a tight, polite smile.  "This is my one and only.“

"O-Oh.  I’m s-sorry!”  After another stutters of an apology to both of us, the fan scurries off.

“Shouto sweetie.”  He hums in response.  "I told you to make our relationship public earlier, didn’t I?“

"Yes, love…”

Kirishima Eijirou


Your lovely boyfriend Kirishima has the best fans in the world.  With such a courteous, respectable role model, you expected his fans to be just the same.  Whenever they say him in the streets, they would always ask him how he’s doing, reprimand him for not getting enough sleep, thank him for his service, and sometimes offer letters or small tokens of appreciation.  He always gushes about how proud he is that his fans take after him.  It’s like watching a proud dad praise his adult kids; it’s endearing and wholesome.

On your way to meet Kirishima for your date, you spot him from across the street and wave.  He waves back, his sharp-toothed grin gleaming back at you as he waves.  He’s about to cross the street and meet you halfway when he gets stopped by a fan next to him.  A proud smile plays on your lips as you cross the street to meet him.

Something isn’t right with this fan, you notice.  The first thought when you see how tensed the fan is, you think they’re about to strike him.  Instead, they bravely lean up and kiss the red-haired hero.  It makes you falter for a step, but you pick right back up, ready to stomp over there and give the fan a harsh talking-to.

Kirishima immediately backs away and puts some distance between them.  "Whoa there, I’m taken by someone already.“  Once you approach, he turns to you and snakes his arms around your waist.  "There’s my sweet baby,” he purrs before capturing your lips in his.

Your stomach flips when it isn’t as quick as you would have thought.  Kiri makes sure to make a show of it, moving his lips against yours in a controlled but dominating way before pulling away after a few kisses.  Your heads at the mini heated kiss, a little embarrassed that he did it in front of the fan, but you’re not complaining.

The hero beams his signature grin as if he’s done nothing.  "This is my baby, we’re really happy together.“

The fan is understandably flustered, turning red in the face out of secondhand embarrassment.  "O-Oh, I see.  I’m sorry about that.”  They bow politely.  "P-Please enjoy yourselves,“ they manage to say before escaping down the sidewalk.

You lightly run your tongue over your bottom lip, his linger taste still present.  "That was unexpected, Kiri.”

“But effective.  Nobody get away with that, especially right in front of you.”  He squeezes your waist closer to him and smirks down at you.  "But it was pretty manly of me, wasn’t it?“

You barely squeak out a reply, making Kirishima chuckle at your tinted cheeks before leading you off towards your date.

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I have a request! BakugoxFemale Reader. Fluff please! Ok bit o context first, the reader has like a size manipulation quirk but cant really control it. Alrighty here’s the basic idea: so Baku picks a fight with her, The reader is very self conscious and stuff and tries to stop this because she knows its not a good idea. She ends up shrinking herself to 2 inches tall for a few days and has to stay with Baku. He ends up finding out that she likes him, and hijinks ensue, cuz he also likes her uwu.

Hi lovely~ Thanks for requesting!

I’m getting the same charm in this request as I feel for those fics where a character gets turned into a child and ends up being taken care of by their crush.  It’s super cute and I’ve always wanted to write my own spin on it, so thank you for giving me the opportunity~ I’ll aim to finish it after this weekend!


(This anime has been on my watch list for a while but it looks so friggen cuteee)

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yooo sketch was so cute and he was so in character! if you’re taking requests could you write a fic where basically all of 1a is at the dorms besides the reader who’s patrolling and she gets attacked by dabi and has to fight him off alone meanwhile 1a and dadzawa watch from the dorms via news channel? bonus points for a water quirk reader!

Anon dear, if I tell you that you’ve read my mind for the multi-chaptered fic I’m planning, you’d never believe me!  You were right on the nose with everything except the pairing 😉

Thanks for reading! I really enjoyed writing it, I was really happy with getting the request because it sounded so cute and fluffy and eafreuhggoh I’m a sucker for fluffy things but I still prefer angst sometimes bc I’m like that

Who knows?  You guys might just end up with more hints about my story with this request 😉 I look forward to writing this! Thank you for requesting anon dear~

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Hey this is my first time requesting but can you do a scenario where Bakugou (can do Todoroki and kirishima too) is a pro-hero, then one of his “daring” fan kisses him and his s/o saw the whole thing. Happy ending please!!

Hi sweetie~ Welcome to the requesting family, it’s happy and sweet here. I don’t bite, but I might shower you in kisses and hugs though 😘


As for your request, I love the idea! Hijinks will most certainly ensue!  I’m not sure if I’m reading this correctly I’m bad at this, please forgive me but I’ll do mini scenarios for all 3 of them rather than headcanons since I’m not sure which you’re asking for.  Please correct me if this isn’t what you want, I’ll cater to you!

Update: Posted this one here!

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Characters: Bakugou Katsuki

Genre: Crack

a/n: Not a request, more like a suggestion, but @kuachann commented on my How would Todoroki and Bakugou react to you never having their favorite foods headcanon: “Omg this! Would love to see another version where S/O loves spicy food and challenges Bakugo to a spicy food challenge!!” and I think ti would be pretty cool!  So here we go!

Also! I’ve received all your asks (I got 4 of them today alone?? How the HFLL?? When did I become so popular?? Thank you guys so much!!??) and I’ll be responding to them right after I post this so sit tight!  Thank you for all the love 💜


-Prepare your ass, guts, and toilet because all of that’s gonna be MESSED. UP.

-You already know how competitive Katsu is

-You’re just asking for it at this point, RIP you

-It comes up at lunch when you’re sitting with the Bakusquad and both of you have spicy lunches

-Kirishima’s like, “Idk how you guys can eat that kind of stuff, I’m jealous!”

-And Bakugou, all smug, goes, “This isn’t even peak spice for me!  Compared to (Y/n), I’m a king.”

-You stop mid-chew, stare him down with narrowed eyes, “Is that a challenge?”

-That’s how you two end up in a crowded lunch table 2 days later, everyone’s huddled around your table eagerly waiting to see who wins

-There’s two packs of extra spicy instant noodles, plus pre-measured spoons of other spices laid in front of both of you; first person to tap out and ask for milk loses but the first to finish their food with all the spices wins

-At the signal, both of you stop glaring holes into each other’s head, rip open your noodle containers, and chow down, barely batting an eye at the spice

-“You feeling it yet, babe?” Katsuki smirks between bites

-In one neat slurp, you gulp down your noodles and dump the first spoon of extra spice into your bowl, not breaking eye contact with him as you stir

-“Try to catch up.”

-Shocked and pumped and slightly turned on, he follows your lead and dumps his first spoon into his noodles as well

-After that, it’s a constant battle between who ruins their food with more pepper first and the other follows

-The Bakusquad has no idea who to root for; Katsuki’s obviously scary, but you seem to be holding your own against him

-Your tongue is burning once you reach the second to last spoon, but you’ll be DAMNED if you let him win

-He’s also huffing, cheeks flushed, and he’s slowed down a bit

-Begrudgingly, you dump the last spoon in, knowing full well that you’re digging your grave and you’re gonna feel it later

-Like a friggen champ, you power through the last bit of noodles in your container despite Katsuki trying to psyche you out through his pants

-“Come on *pant* I know you want that sweet, sweet milk already *pants*  You’re already tearing, just admit defeat already!”

-You tell yourself you’re an iron horse!  This pain is only momentary! Even though you’ll be crapping until tomorrow night Victory is within reach!!

-Tears are streaming down your face and you’re pretty sure steam is coming out of your ears

-Katsuki’s finally dumped the last spoon into his bowl too, and you think he might catch up, but he starts hiccuping from the spice

-Slurping down the last noodles is sweet victory; you can’t feel the inside of your mouth, nose, or ears, but it’s all worth it

-Slamming your chopsticks down you lean over the table at him and huff, “Who’s the king now?”

-The entire cafeteria erupts into cheers and roars in victory! Someone beat Katsuki, holy shit!

-Someone rushes off to get you some MILK

-You thought he’d be fuming mad to be beaten

-Instead, he sits back in his seat, accepting defeat, wipes his running nose, and manages a weak but still effective smirk

-“My my, look how wonderful you look all flustered and panting like that.  I absolutely love that face.”

-Because fucking Katsuki “Teasing Flirt” Bakugou still needs to get the last word in even when he’s lost and it fucking works in flustering you even more

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82 and 64. Preferably Hitoshi/reader but Bakugou/ reader works too. I love your work so much btw!!!!! All the feels ❤️🧡💛💛💚💙💜

Prompt list

Prompts: “I trust you.” “ “Yell, scream, cry, please, just say something, anything.”

a/n: Thank you lovely 💜 Haven't written for Hitoshi in a LONG time, so I’ll write this for him.  I’m assuming you when you say feels, you mean fluff, but to be on the safe side I’ll do angst to fluff, so PREPARE TO BE FLOOFED.  For some reason, I get the impression of doing this as an alternate ending to Chains, so I’ll be using that as a backstory.

Shinsou x Reader

Genre: Fluff


After the Sports Festival, I change into my uniform and stretch out my sore muscles.  It’s been an exhausting day, physically and emotionally.  All I really want to do is go home and relax from the day.  As I walk out of the change rooms, I spot Shinsou in the distance waiting near a bench.  Taking a deep breath, I approach him, knowing what I have to do.

His violet eyes glance over me and his body shifts as if he’s surprised that I came to him first.  "Hey.“  When I simply nod in greeting, he stuffs his hands in his pockets.  "Um…I know a lot of stuff happened, but we said we would get ice cream on our way home after the Sports Festival.  Do you still want to?”

Oh, right.  I nod wordlessly, leading the way from campus to our route home.  Shinsou follows without another word.

“You did really well in the obstacle course.  Using your chains to fling yourself over the ropes and the minefield was a good idea.  I think you could’ve gone far in the competition if…I hadn’t won,” he trails off sheepishly.

Not really, Midoriya would’ve definitely  wiped the floor with me if I won, I think to myself, but remain silent.  I appreciate his compliment, but that’s not what I want to hear.

“I did a lot wrong today.  I used my quirk on you when I promised I wouldn’t, and then I said all those things during our match.  I was afraid you were abandoning me for your hero friends because I’m insecure.  And I shouldn’t have said those mean things about you and your friend, I was jealous.”  He turns and gently grips my shoulder for me to stop walking.  "I trust you.  I know you’re still trying to make time for me and I had no right to call you out like that.  It was stupid and I’m sorry.“

I gaze up at his broken expression.  He’s genuinely distressed about how upset he’s made me.  It makes me guilty too.  I should’ve paid more attention to his feelings so we could’ve talked about this sooner.

Shinsou rubs the back of his neck.  "Well, don’t just stand there looking at me.  Yell, scream, cry, please, just say something, anything.

I look up at him and throw my arms around his body.  "You’re forgiven, Hitoshi.  It’s something both of us should’ve brought up.  But I really didn’t like you using your quirk on me, you’re really lucky I didn’t smack you for doing it twice.”

His deep laugh rumbles against my form and he hugs me back.  "I know better next time.  If I have to fight you again, I better take the defeat.“

“You better.”  I point a finger at him.  "It didn’t feel good, it was like an out of body experience and oof,“ I shiver when I remember the coldness.

"Sorry, I won’t do it again.”  He presses his lips to my forehead.

I grab his hand and pull him down the sidewalk.  "You’re treating me to ice cream as payback.  I’m getting 3 scoop and you can’t say anything about it.“

"My poor wallet,” Shinsou groans playfully, letting himself be tugged as we set off.

“You’re gonna be boring and get the mint chocolate chip right?”

“Hey, it’s not boring.  It’s fresh and sweet, thank you.”  He gets defensive for certain things he particularly likes, me included.

“It’s a strange flavor, it’s like eating sweetened toothpaste.”  I make another face.  I tried it once the last time we got ice cream together and it tasted disgusting.  (If you guys like that kind of thing, I don’t think this, I’ve never even had it, please don’t kill me)

“So what are you getting then, since your taste is so much better than mine.”  One of his arms drapes around my shoulders to pull us closer.

“Since I have free reign to get multiple things and I can get anything, maybe I’ll get one cookies and cream, one double chocolate, one rocky road-”

“You have such an obsession with chocolate.”  He kisses my cheek and whispers in my ear, “Does that mean if I were to taste you, you taste like chocolate too?”

The most heated blush crawls up my neck and ears.  "Y-You’re asking for me to be hit, aren’t you?“

"How do you know I won’t like it?”

“You’re such a pervert sometimes.”

“Aw babe, but it’s only for you.”  His arm squeezes me tighter.  "I’d only let you hit me whenever you want.“


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Ok random heh how fitting headcanon I thought of while writing Sketch:

If Bakugou would creatively show his love through drawings, Todoroki would show his love through poetry, and Midoriya would show his love with photography.

Thoughts on any other characters?


Hitoshi would sing (his Japanese VA has suuuuch a soothing voice! He sang Mare ~ Kimi to Tsuzuru Koukai Nishi)

Eiji seems like the scrapbooker type!

Denki would make doujins for his SO! (A yagami yato headcanon c:)

Hawks secretly probably does something sappy like make paper cranes everytime he’s remember a fond memory of his SO (which is probably everytime he’s not working lol) til he gets to wish on a 1000 paper cranes

Tokoyami would make you soothing and mysterious songs with his guitar!


Someone please just out hitoshi and tokoyami in a band PLEASE. I want hitoshi to sing me to sleep, THERE I SAID IT.

I see you’re a cultured one listening to yagami yato wink wonk

Eijirou is hands down a scrapbook type, can you imagine the amount of care he would put into cutting out pictures of him and his s/o and taping them into a book? Him and his cute scissors that cut into squiggles and waves? 🥺

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Bakugou x Reader

Genre: Fluff

Anon requested: “Hi, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the way you write Bakugou. I always blush when reading one of your stories. Can you write one with Bakugou where they go to his room and they see like a journal of his or artwork of his that has poems or drawings of her? And he walks in and sees her reading/looking at what his work, and he gets embarrassed, but the reader absolutely loves it, and showers him with love? Pretty please with a cherry on top, and thank you!!”

a/n: Anon, you’re so lovely, why would I say no to you?  Thank you for requesting this!  I had a lot of fun writing it!  I have another Baku headcanon request coming tomorrow so look forward to that.  I hope you all enjoy reading this, and thank you again for 900 followers~ I really need to think about a 1k special event hhh idk what I’m gonna do, does anyone have suggestions?


“You didn’t make it too spicy, did you?” I tease, eyeing the plates Bakugou sets the table with.

My boyfriend smirks at me.  "No, I know how much of a baby you are.“  He sets down a glass jar of orange-red paste at his place setting.  "I’ll just add my own spice on the side.”

“Hey, I can take a little spice, I’m not totally hopeless!” I jut my lip out in a slight pout.

Another few small bowls of side dishes are placed in the middle of the table, one of them being kimchi.  "If we’re gonna be together for a while, you better get used to it.“  

The thought of dating Bakugou for a long time down the line warms me up, and I find myself smiling as he fetches the large serving bowl of our main course and sets it down in the middle of the table.

"And dinner is served!”  A proud grin stretches across his face when he plops down in his seat.  "Let’s eat!“

Like the gentleman he is, the blond scoops out the spicy udon soup onto my bowl first before filling his own.  The broth isn’t too thick, but what slightly scares me is the orange color.  I take a spoonful before Bakugou has the chance to poke fun at me being a coward.  While the spice dances on my tongue, it mingles with the rich, slightly sweet flavor to provide a happy balance that makes the heat bearable.

"Mm, Bakugou this is amazing-”

I cut myself off when I spot the boy across from me dumping a heaping spoonful of his red paste into the broth, watching in horror as the orange color of the broth turns into an angry scarlet as he mixes the paste in. He glances up at my gawking and chuckles, “Yeah, this is how spicy I like my food, babe.”

My eye twitches.  "You’re a monster.“

He just winks in response.  "I’m your monster.”

I flop back into my seat with a groan.  "I can’t tell if I’m full or I’m overwhelmed.“

Bakugou throws his head back and laughs at my running nose and flushed face.  "You can’t handle spiciness babe, I’m sorry.  Just look at you!”  He hands me another napkin.

“Hey, at least I’m not crying.”  I gladly take it from him and swipe under my nose.  But my tongue might be burning for a while.  I tried to pace myself on the water so it doesn’t look like I’m struggling too much, but I ended up drinking at least 3 cups the entire meal, and this jerk across from me is relishing my pain.

“If you had another bowl, I’m sure you would have,” he unsuccessfully chokes back his chuckles.

I’m aware of the swelling in my lips and the thin sheen of sweat on the back of my neck and my hairline.  "It’s not funny,“ I pant out a whine.  But he might not be wrong.  I gulp down the rest of my fourth cup of water and rise from my seat to help clean up.

I clear the dishes from the table and bring them to the sink, where my devilish boyfriend started soaking the dishes and the bowl.  I wrap my arms around him from behind and lean my head on his shoulder.  "Babe, do you mind if I spend the night?  I didn’t bring clothes though.”

He shuts off the sink and turns around to hug me at the waist properly.  "You can take one of my shirts and my shorts if you wanna spend the night.“  Calloused fingers stroke my cheek before cupping my chin and bringing his lips down to mine.  Surprisingly, the few kisses he places there are quick, desperate, before he nips my bottom lip, earning a yelps out of me.  He smirks at the sound.  "Your lips are so swollen, it’s like they’re calling me to kiss them.”

An intense blush coats my cheeks and I push away from him.  "I-I’m going to look for your clothes,“ I stutter and scurry off to his bedroom.

"Second drawer from the bottom,” he cackles after me.

I duck into his room, patting my cheeks to calm myself.  I find his drawer and pick out an oversized black tee and red basketball shorts.  When the shirt’s on, it already goes down to my thigh.  I hold the shorts in my hand, debating if I should even wear them, but I err on the side of modesty.  Bakugou’s already riled up seeing me eat spicy food, I don’t want to push it.

“Silly, hormonal boy,” I shake my head, slipping the shorts up my legs and tying off one side of the shirt to shorten it.

Somehow, my eyes meet directly with it, the sharp corner peeking out from a slightly lifted corner of his mattress.  Being the curious - and slightly nosy - person I am, I pull the object out to find that it’s a thin, paper notebook.  The cover is void of any labels; I would think it was empty if there wasn’t a pen hooked into it, the clip bookmarking a page in the middle.  Without another thought, I open up to the page only to stare wide-eyed at it.

Inked onto the unlined page is a half body sketch of me smiling.  The crinkles of my eyes, the out of place hairs, the smile lines, the contours of my face and neck; every detail I didn’t know someone would recognize just by looking at me is inked before me in loving care.  I flip to the previous page to see a full body drawing of me gazing absently out a nearby window, the same attention to detail paid.  More flipping showed more candid moments of me drawn onto the page.  Weightlessness blooms in my chest as I scan every inch of the notebook.

It dawned on me so suddenly that tears fill my eyes in a whiplash of emotion.  Bakugou not only watches me from a distance when he thinks I’m not looking to paint this memory into his mind, but he takes the time to lovingly sketch it out into this notebook every night because he wants to look back on it.

“Babe, you-”

I snap my head towards the doorway, the ash blond frozen there as he glances at the object in my hand.  His eyes widen into saucers.  "Where did you find that?“  His voice goes half an octave higher.

"Katsuki.”  That’s all I can manage in my shaky voice.  A million overwhelming thoughts and emotions tumble inside me that I don’t know how to start.

“You weren’t supposed to see that!”  His cheeks turn scarlet as he stumbles towards me, hand outstretched to snatch the book out of my hand.

I shut it and hug it to my chest, protecting it as I examine the boy in front of me.  It hasn’t been terribly long since Bakugou and I started dating, we just crossed 6 months a few weeks ago.  There are still times when I’m unsure of his feelings towards me, an insecure side of me that I can’t help.  But now that I’ve seen this silent gesture of his affection, I see our relationship in a new light.

Bakugou groans out.  "Shit, I never wanted you to see it-!“

I throw my arms around him to shut him up.  "You idiot, I love it.  It’s not creepy or weird or anything like that.  I didn’t even know you saw me like this, you big lovable dork.”

“Wait wait,” he pulls me away by my shoulders, “You’re okay with it?”

“Katsuki, you’re too sweet,” I laugh wholeheartedly and start peppering kisses all over his face.  "This is the most flattering thing someone’s done for me, why would I hate it?“

His face turns a deeper shade of red.  "I dunno…  I don’t do this for everyone, just you, I didn’t know how you would react.”

“Well now you know.”  I let go of him to stare at another page, my chest comfortably full.  "Look how much love you put into this, I can’t believe you hid this from me.“

Bakugou scratches the back of his head.  "You…wanna know which one’s my favorite?”

My eyes widen as he takes the book out of my hands and flips through, landing on one page near the beginning and shows it to me.  "It’s rough, but it’s one of my favorite memories of you.“

I didn’t think my heart could swell more than it already has, but it did with this one.  My head rests facing up on Bakugou’s lap, my eyes closed and a lazy smile gracing my features.  One of his large hands rests on my cheek like it’s softly caressing the skin.

"Say something at least,” my boyfriend grumbles after a few moments of my awed silence.

I decide not to, opting to plant a kiss on his lips instead.  "I don’t know how you manage to make me look more attractive than I actually am, thank you.“

"Dumbass, of course you’re actually this attractive.”

I lean back against his chest, admiring his line work.  It’s not the most artistic, but it still manages to bring out the beauty and love in the image.  "Maybe you should draw one of us together.“

His eyebrows furrow together.  "No way, I did this for you, not me.”

“But it would make me really happy if you did one of us together.  It makes your love look one sided when you know that’s not true.”

He wraps his arm around me and kisses the top of my head.  "Fine, I’ll do it for you, babe.“  His calloused hand reaches up to brush my face.  "But just so you know, I’m totally drawing you all flushed over spicy food because I really liked seeing you that way.”


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I’ve been wanting to post this this yesterday but your girl had schoolwork and stuff.  THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH I’M SO HONORED 💜💖


I still don’t get why you’re here, but I appreciate all the follows even though I’m not as active on this blog as I want to be, I’m so overwhelmed with the amount of work I have for online classes now, I really wish I can spend more time writing.  Ahhhh if I can hug all of you I would so please accept my virtual hugs and love!

This milestone, I’m shouting out @pink-imagines​!  She’s one of the first BNHA writers I started following but I haven’t given enough love to lately, but I recently read Spice it up and I really enjoyed it and I realized that Nana needs a little more love and attention because she deserves it for all her great work :3

In the meantime!  I have 2 requests lined up for today and tomorrow, you’re getting Bakugou fluff in a few hours and tomorrow you’re getting a Bakugou headcanon that’s a continuation of a headcanon I did recently, so look forward to it!

Thank you guys so much again, I really feel so grateful for you taking time out to read even one of my posts, it means a lot to me.  I love you all 💖  I hope you’re all doing well in these difficult times.  Please take care of yourselves, eat well, sleep well, take breaks, talk to people every once in a while, watch some good anime, treat yourself, BREATHE, practice self care, do anything and everything you want to make yourself feel better, you wanna know why?  Because you deserve it, you’re wonderful, and you’re doing great 😊

Holy shit I need to start prepping a 1k follower special event don’t I? What do I dooooo, how does one Tumblr T_T

I’ll see you guys with a new post soon~


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Hi, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the way you write Bakugou. I always blush when reading one of your stories. Can you write one with Bakugou where they go to his room and they see like a journal of his or artwork of his that has poems or drawings of her? And he walks in and sees her reading/looking at what his work, and he gets embarrassed, but the reader absolutely loves it, and showers him with love? Pretty please with a cherry on top, and thank you!!

Hi lovely~ 💜

Thank you for the sweet compliments~ I enjoy writing Bakugou a lot, he might be my second favorite (he’s competing with Shinsou), only behind Todoroki.  I’m really happy I can make you blush with my writing, it means the world to me 😊

Of course I’ll write it for you!  It sounds really sweet and fluffy, I can’t wait to start on it!

Expect it to come out either tomorrow or the next day, I have an exam tomorrow and more work for school, but I promise I’ll work getting it out as quickly as I can for you!  Thanks for requesting, and I hope you’re doing well~

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hey i saw that u take reqs from wattpad? i was wondering what's ur wattpad name. i would love to read ur stuff there too!

Hi! It’s chibirach99.

I do post on Wattpad, but they’re just simultaneous uploads of all my oneshots here into a single book there, only because my little cousin doesn’t have Tumblr and she enjoys reading my stuff.  There’s like one other book (It’s a Taemin from Shinee multishot) that I wrote as a request from another site and I posted it on Wattpad just to see how it would do (it didn’t do very well, I’m very bad at tagging tbh).  I was originally going to transfer over all my BTS fanfics from AFF to Wattpad, but I might move to Ao3 or another sideblog here just to post my BTS/misc stuff (bc I have a lot stored up and I want to edit them).

I don’t really like the interface of Wattpad as a library itself, but I like writing stuff in the editor bc it keeps a word count.  I’m personally also not too fond of the quality of stuff there, they’re mostly just guilty pleasure/mindless reading.  Though I have found some good stories on the site too.  Idk, I’m still undecided!

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Have you Ever tried watching hunter x hunter?

Ahhhh it’s on my watch list! I’ve been meaning to watch it, but my friend told me to start watching Haikyuu so that’s what I started instead.  When I finish the 1st season of that, I’ll start HxH, promise!


Tysm for the ask anon~ I love it when I get these random asks, I get pleasantly caught off guard :3  If you guys wanna talk about other animes, def send me stuff!

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Todoroki x Reader

Genre: Angst/comfort

Request on my Wattpad: “I was wondering if you can do a Todoroki x wolf reader where the reader is depressed and bullied because of her quirk and her family knows about her wolf quirk and disowns like they think she a disgrace abuse her and doesn’t want her and she feels so worthless she gets to a point where she feels not good enough and that she completely loses control of herself and turns into wolf or monster version wolf and Todorki he tries to help her I hope this makes sense and I hope it’s ok”

a/n: I’m not terribly happy with this, but it was a different kind of request, and I’m glad I did it.  If it’s cringey, I’m sorry, but I hope it meant something to someone.

Also even though the request indicated female pronouns, I didn’t really use any, so consider this gender neutral.  If anyone was wondering, I wanted the character to be kinda like Atsushi from Bungo Stray Dogs with the hair color and the personality, but also with wolf ears, so do with that info what you will.


I run through the dimly lit streets, tears streaking through my eyes as my heart pounds and chest heaves.  I don’t know where I’m going, but I know I have to get out of this hell I call life.  Everything I thought I knew was a lie, I was the only person who didn’t know it.

Tripping over my own feet, I finally tumble down a hill and land at the base of a tree, finally stopping my rabid movement, but it doesn’t help my mind running five hundred miles a minute.  I turn in on myself, trembling as the darkness surrounds me, clawing at me the same way I grip my legs to my chest.

The image of my parents smiling together with my younger sister is the only thing I see behind my eyelids.  The last time I saw my family, there was nothing but turmoil and contempt.  All the times my sister pulled at my ears, locked me in a closet, and cut me up; all the times my parents punished me by having me sleep outside “like the dog I am” for the slightest misdemeanors.  They used to always argue, there was always screaming in my house.

My former house.

When I got into UA and we were forced to live in the dorms, my parents couldn’t look happier.  In front of Aizawa and All Might, they contained the sheer joy they felt like the actors they are, and when my teachers left, they hurried to throw all of my things out the door.

“Finally, we can get rid of her!” they cheered.  I can only watch in horror as they pack all my stuff away before pulling me by the ear and setting me out next to my belongings.

“Don’t ever come back!  From now on, you’re on your own!”  That was the day I became an orphan.

My parents always had this vendetta against me because of my quirk.  They don’t know where it came from, no one in our family even had one like me.  My dad used to always accuse my mom of having an affair with another man after she had me.  I don’t know why he ever stayed, if he really believed that was true, but they both looked at me with contempt because of the quirk I shouldn’t have.  And then I did the worst thing I could’ve done: I lost control one day.  When I was playing with my sister, I don’t even remember why I got angry, but I bit her and scratched her.  The only person who loved me in that house suddenly became scared, and grew to hate me just as much.

School wasn’t any better.  Everyone teased me for being the tamest wolf they’ve ever seen.

“I thought you were supposed to be scary, you’re actually a huge wimp!”

“What kind of hero can you be when you can’t even stop mumbling to yourself?”

The only reason I was so quiet is because I couldn’t even raise my voice to assert myself in my house without being punished.  My parents were so scared of me losing control again that they put me down for getting the slightest bit aggravated, so I learned to just lay low and stay quiet.  And I couldn’t stand up to my bullies for fear of being punished at home.

I’m so ashamed of my quirk.

Going to UA was a dream of mine.  It was my ticket to being able to use my quirk freely, so I can learn to control it to become a great hero.  But I quickly realized how weak I and useless I was in comparison to the other students.  Not being able to use my quirk at home took a toll on me, it was a miracle I even passed the entrance exam.

Today was particularly bad.  I didn’t do well in quirk training today; I’ve been trying to partially manifest my quirk in some parts of my body to temporarily amplify my strength, but it’s just not working.  Going for a walk in town to clear my head, I spotted my family out together, happy and smiling without me around.  And that was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

I tremble to myself under the tree, pushing against the rough bark biting into my forehead.  They’re so much better without me.  I was holding them back this entire time, I should’ve left years ago.

I’m a failure as a wolf.

What kind of wolf am I when I can’t even use my quirk?

I’ll never become a hero.

This is all because of my stupid quirk!

“Fuck everything!”  I don’t even realize when I’d stood up and started punching the thick trunk.  Blood drips from my knuckles, my vision blurry from tears.  "You’ll never be a hero!  You’re a failure!  All you did was tear your family apart because of the stupid quirk you can’t even use properly!  Idiot!  Stupid!  Weakling!  Dumbass!  Homewrecker!“

Fury rushes through me, the grayscale colors in front of me fuzzing together.  My arms grow in size suddenly, my punches boring a large hole the size of my head into the bark and my nails have grown.  Looking down, I’m farther off the ground, my clothes ripped to shreds on the grass, and teeth have grown into fangs.  The shadowed silhouette of a wolf figure on two legs presses against the ground behind me, cast by the light of the moon.  I scream, which sounds more like a gravelly growl into a howl.  My blood boils with all the anger built up over the past ten years, fueling this wolf form I’ve only taken twice in my entire life.

I catch a familiar scent in the distance, blood warming my body at the thought of fresh blood.

”(Y/n)!“  A voice screams from the top of the hill I rolled down as it runs towards me.  Once the owner closes in and notices what’s going on, he stops short, gawking up at my form.

I snarl, crouching down as if getting ready to strike.  My rage blinds me, only guiding myself by the smell of my prey as the shadows blur.

”(Y/n),“ he repeats, more carefully this time, "Calm down, it’s me.  I won’t harm you.”

My fangs bare at the boy.  I’m ready to take my anger out on anyone, friend or foe.  I stalk towards him.  No one’s my friend, I’m all alone.

He takes a step back.  "It’s me, Todoroki!  Get ahold of yourself!“


I grit my fangs at myself, clawing at the ground to keep myself from attacking him despite the rage instinct telling me to attack.  It hurts to fight, but I need to protect him.  He can’t turn out like her.

"I believe in you, (Y/n)!  I know you can fight it!”

Another piercing howl screeches out of my mouth, overwhelming my head with painfully conflicting emotions.

“Try to breathe.”  Shoto’s voice calms down.  "Relax and breathe.“

I loosen my tightened jaw and fists, smoke starting to come out of my nose in grunts.  I imagine it being my anger escaping out of me.  Feeling myself deflate, despair sets back in.  I almost hurt him.  I crouch down as my body shrinks back to normal, hugging my knees to my chest.  I’m physically and mentally burnt out, too numb to feel my emotions but I know they’re still there.

Shoto approaches me, slipping his oversized denim jacket over my naked form.  "Are you alright?  Are you hurt anywhere?”

“I should be asking you that,” I sigh, too tired to get up.  The wind brushes my skin and I clutch the jacket closed, slipping my arms through the sleeves.  "I almost attacked you, I’m sorry.“

He shakes his head, kneeling down in front of me.  "It’s fine.  Why are you out here alone anyway?”

“I…saw something.  And I just took off running and I got here.”  I rub my temples with my hand to ease an oncoming headache.  "Things just got overwhelming, but I’m okay now.“

Shoto’s mouth sets into a line.  "You’re not okay.  You haven’t turned into a wolf since you were eight, not even in training.  You must have been extremely distressed.”

I shrink into myself.  "I don’t want to talk about it…“

His bi-colored eyes rest on me, but he doesn’t push the matter further.  "You look exhausted, let me carry you.”  He squats down in front of me.  "Get on my back.“

I’m happy he’s much bigger than me, his jacket manages to cover everything down mid-thigh even while I’m on his back.  My arms hang loosely from his shoulders as he hikes up the hill and back to the main road.  It seems I ended up in a park near the town.  The streetlamps light the sidewalk, people staring at us as we walk by, but I’m too tired to care.

"Do you think it would calm you down to visit your parents?” Todoroki asks modestly.  "Or maybe you can go get some clothes-“

"My parents won’t want to see me, let’s just go back to school,” I interject feebly.  A fresh set of tears threaten to fill my eyes.

He doesn’t question it, continuing to walk as his gentle rocking pace persists.

“I’m surprised you aren’t running away from me,” I mumble as we reach the road going up the mountain to UA.  "I almost killed you.“

"I know you wouldn’t, I have faith in you.”

I close my eyes, leaning against the side of his head.  "I’m so ashamed you had to see me like that.  I probably looked like a monster.“

"Aside from the danger you posed in the moment, I think you looked…majestic.”

My eyes fly open and I tense, waiting for him to elaborate.  How could he possibly think that about me?

“Your fur matches the gray of your hair, gleaming in the moonlight.  It looked soft enough to touch, all the way down to your tail.  But your ice blue eyes were my favorite.  Once you calmed down, they were practically glowing.  I’d like to see you like that more often, once you’ve trained enough of course.”

My heart quickens at his compliments, heat rushing to my cheeks.  "Thank you, Sh-Shoto.  Though, I don’t know when exactly I’ll even get to that point.“

He’s silent for a moment, his steady rhythm continuing up the path.  "I’ve known you for a while, (Y/n), since we were younger.  I know I’ve never been much help with you and people teasing you for being weak, but I want you to know that you’re not weak.  Obviously, you have a lot of emotional baggage with your family, and it’s trickled into your own inner demons.  You should know that you’re strong for dealing with it on your own all this time, but you should find family elsewhere.  I know you’re stuck, but make your own family of people you care about, and - when you’re ready - confide in them about your problems, they’ll be there to help you.  I’m here to help you.”

Tears silently roll down my cheek, but I don’t want to wipe them and call attention to it, so I rest my chin on his shoulder.  "Do you think…my quirk is good, Shoto?“

"Of course I do,” he answers without missing a beat.  "It’s your’s to use as you wish.  I know you’ll use it to become a great hero someday.“  His footsteps stop and he gently puts me down to face me.  "You’re a good person, (Y/n).  Your quirk is an extension of yourself, and I know you’ll use it for the benefit of others, even if you’ve probably made mistakes in the past.”  His thumbs gently rub the wetness from my face.  "And nobody should tell you otherwise.“

I lean into his touch, my eyes flying open when he presses his lips to my forehead.  His mismatched eyes bore into mine, glistening under the dim lights of the streetlamps and the moon.  My heart pounds at the amount of pure affection he’s showering me with, it makes me want to cry even more.

"I’ll be there to support you every step of the way.”

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Todoroki x Reader

Genre: Fluff

Summary: Todoroki’s ice quirk somehow gets swapped for a more soft and dainty one, garnering the attention of the 1-A girls.

a/n: I was inspired by this fanart by @cheetaglow-ab​.  It was just so cute and floofy and lovable and adoring, what can I say?  And I finished all my schoolwork for the week and was able to take a nap, so I was in a good mood to get back to writing!

I got a request on my Wattpad, so the next post this weekend will be angst to fluff. Please look forward to it~  Enjoy this little fluff piece!


Everyone in Class 1-A sits in the common room for breakfast, ready to get ready for another day at school, except for a few boys.  Midoriya, Todoroki, Iida, and Kirishima come down later since they were out for an early morning training session.

“Hey Todoroki, the ice is out on the fridge, can you make me some for my juice?” Kaminari asks.

The handsome boy had just put his breakfast tray at our table with his friends.  "Sure.“

The honey blond bounds up to the boy, holding out his glass expectantly.  Todoroki closes his right fist to materialize ice in his palms.

I don’t miss the slight furrow of his brows a few seconds before he opens his hand, revealing not ice, but the heads of perfect white daisies.  The two boys and I blink at the strange occurrence.  He tries again, putting a little more power into his quirk, but ends up making a flurry poof-explosion of daisies coat his right side.

I can’t take my eyes off him as time slows.  The perfect white flowers pepper up his bare arm and uniform short-sleeve, some of them softly flutters down to the ground.  But what really captivates me is the way one of them nestles itself in his white bangs near his grey eye.  The purity of his shock and the white flower petals frames his face in the most innocent way that makes me catch my breath.  Somehow, the pretty flower boy of our class looks magically more pretty in this moment.

Midoriya follows my gaze, turning around in his chair in confusion.  His green eyes light up at the sight.  "Oh wow, daisies!”

Everyone in the room simultaneously turns towards Todoroki, who’s staring at his outstretched palm in astonishment.

“Oh my gosh, Todoroki-san!”

“They’re so pretty!”

“How did you do that?”

The girls are having a field day, surrounding him in awe of this quirk he’s somehow developed and gushing.  The boy, not used to holding this much attention, blushes and brushes the daisies off his arm.  "I’m not sure what’s going on with my quirk today, I just had training and it was working.“

"I think this one’s way cuter!” Hagakure squeals, her shirt sleeves folding inward in excitement.

“I kind of wish you would keep it.”  Uraraka’s eyes shine, picking off a daisy from his shoulder and admiring it.  Tsuyu nods from next to her, sharing the same sentiment.

I kind of agree, I think, dazed from the scene still in my mind.  My eyes stay glued to the flower still perched in his fringe.  I hope it stays there for the rest of the day.  Please no one take it out.

“Why is Todoroki so lucky?” Kaminari silently weeps with Sero and Mineta in the corner.  "He always gets all the attention, it’s not fair.“


Even once we’re in the classroom, Uraraka, Tsu, and Mina wouldn’t leave his side, crowding around his desk.  The brunette asked Todoroki to materialize a bunch more flowers in his hand and started meticulously placing them in a halo around his hair, making a disconnected flower crown for the quiet boy.  He’s not even bothered by them doing it, letting them carry on their business.

Ah, he really looks like the gentle prince he is.  I can’t stop admiring him from the distance.  These girls really know what they’re doing, it’s illegal to make him more attractive like that.  My stomach flips when he glances up, meeting my eyes for a moment and I quickly look away, facing forward.

"Can you extras sit down already?!  It’s not that big of a deal!” Bakugou growls out, leaning his legs on the desk as usual.

“Bakugou, please get your feet off the desk!”  Iida immediately rushes over to reprimand the boy.  "This is an academic institution!  Your respect is needed-!“

"Shut up, engine legs!”

“What’s going on here?”  Aizawa finally arrives, standing upright without a fluorescent yellow beanbag wrapping his body.  His dark-ringed eyes glance at the scene in the back of the classroom.  "Todoroki?  What’s the meaning of this?“

"Apologies, Aizawa sensei, something went wrong with my quirk this morning.  My ice seems to have been replaced by daisies.”  His holds out his hands full of petals and white flower heads.  Uraraka takes another one out of his hand and breaks off the petals.  Admittedly, the boy softens at the girls smiling and having fun with this new quirk development.  The corners of his lips quirk upwards when Tsuyu sprinkles a few of them across his nose and cheeks.  Uraraka and Mina squeal at the small touch, taking photos with their phones.

Our fatigued teacher deadpans.  The poor guy got up too early and doesn’t get paid enough to deal with the strange occurrences that happen to this class every week anymore.  He can’t do anything but sigh.  "I’ll see if there’s anything I can do to fix it before training this afternoon.  Take your seats, we’ll start class.“

Midoriya gets Uraraka’s text message photo of Todoroki adorned with glorious flowers.  I lean over his shoulder, admiring the way the colorless petals frame his face and contract his bright eyes and hair, his long eyelashes almost brushing the petals.  "Psst, Midoriya?  …Can you send that picture to me?”


The boys seem to be fed up over the whole thing by lunch, and the girls were having fun sharing photos and tittering among themselves.  I can’t say I’m not secretly enjoying the photo Midoriya sent me earlier.  Even as I wander the halls, returning from refilling my water bottle, I smile at my phone screen.  I didn’t think it was possible for him to get more handsome.  I’ve never been so happy to be wrong.


I let out a small yelp, almost dropping my phone out of my hand as I hurriedly lock it.  "T-Todoroki?“

The boy had brushed off the petals from his face and clothes, but kept the halo crown around his head.  I try not to stare too dazedly at his beauty, but he smiles, "The girls did well, didn’t they?”

Heat rushes to my face.  "They did.  I-It looks good on you.  I’m surprised you didn’t mind them doing it.“

His fingers brush the edge of a few petals fondly, joy dancing in his eyes.  "It made them happy, and I think it suits me.”

My chest throbs once in awe.  "It’s a shame it’s only temporary though.“

"Ah, I guess so.  But I think we made the best of it for now.  It’s a lovely memory for the class to remember.  They said it looks princely.”

“Yeah…” I breathe without thinking.

A blush spreads across Todoroki’s cheeks.  "Well, if I’m the flower prince, would you like to be my betrothed?“

My stomach turns as his hand behind his back reveals another crown of daisies woven together by their stems.  Oh.

"I know it’s a temporary quirk, but I wanted to master as much of it as I could.”  He fidgets, plucking a few stray petals off.  "I managed to grow them with stems, and thought it would be a thoughtful gift…for someone as adoring as you.“  He materializes a full flower in his right hand, stem and head, before weaving it into a spot on the crown before outstretching it towards me and holding my gaze with his awed mismatched orbs.  "Will you accept it as a token of my feelings?”

Warmth washes over me as my shaky fingers clasp together.  This whole ordeal feels like a dream, especially with his own flowery crown making the whole thing seem like a surreal, one in a million movie scene.  "Y-Yes.“   I don’t trust my voice to say anything else.

Todoroki smiles wider in relief and gingerly places the crown on my head.  "I guess this strange quirk has its perks. It’s best for confessions.”  His eyes scan over me.  "You look divine, just as I thought.  It suits you.  Allow me to take a picture of us.“

He takes out his phone and leans closer to me, framing both of us in the shot.  I resist the urge to squeal and cry.  We look so cute as a couple, our matching halos the focal point of the entire thing.  At the last second, he sneaks a kiss on my cheek, sending more flush to both of our cheeks.  The painted rose on our faces makes the photo capture more of the essence of innocence.  It’s the perfect photo for a budding relationship of high school love.

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