Natsuki: Uuugh, I hate it when you’re right. You get this look on your face-
Natsuki: *glances at Monika*
Natsuki: Yeah, that’s the one.
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Ched: This plan is stupid.
Horse: Hey! Nothing we’ve done so far has been un-stupid, and we’re all still alive, aren’t we?
Ched: I can’t argue with that, but I feel like I should.
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Sasha: Hey, nice to meet y-
Andrias: This world is imperfect.
Sasha: What-
Andrias: If only I could wipe away the impurities…
Sasha: Is anybody else… listening to this?
Andrias: …and make it as beautiful as me!
*during True Colors*
Anne: King Andrias - you were behind all this!
Andrias: Yes, it was I. My machinations lay undetected for years - for I am a master of deception!
*Sasha and Grime exchange a glance*
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Luisa: *sleep-deprived cackling*
Dolores: …
Dolores: I don’t feel safe!
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Phasma: *running like a madman*
Phobia: *blows whistle* Walk, please.
Phaedra: No, no, you gotta do it like this.
Phaedra: *blows whistle aggressively* WAAALLK!
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Sasha: We could play a board game!
Marcy: …
Anne: ….no.
Sasha: Why not?
Anne: I think you need to go to anger management before I play another board game with you.
Sasha: Oh, anger management, huh?
Sasha, shoving herself up: Name one time that I hAD ANGER PROBLEMS!
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Queen: My Laptop Wasn’t Working So I Yelled CRISTO: At It
Queen: The Screen Immediately Turned Black
Queen: I’m Performing An Exorcism Now
Noelle: Is that silly string?
Queen: It’s Not Silly String If It’s A (Very) Serious Matter
Berdly: Serious string.
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Mirabel: If I had a nickel for every time I approached an older sister of mine with the intent of learning about/trying to stop the thing that’s threatening our magic, and hearing them vent their problems, making me think “The heck, are you okay?” I’d have two nickels.
Mirabel: Which isn’t a lot, but it’s weird that it happened twice.
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Glendale: Why does Wammawink call you babygirl?
Horse: How about we stop talking for a while?
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Petition to refer to TERFs as FARTs, which stands for Feminist Appropiating Reactionary Tranaphobe
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Andrias: Girls, please, it’s Christmas!
Calamtrio: It’s December 10th.
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Stead: Fun fact - if you rearrange the letters of Delta and Omicron, you get Media Control.
Shadow: You also get Erotic Almond; what’s your point?
Worthy: Uuuuuggggghhhh, I’m trying to take over the world, but my incessant need to make anagrams of my top secret plans keeps giving me away.
Talon: Other anagrams of Delta-Omicron include - Moron Citadel, Cilantro Mode, Condom Retail, Moonlit Cedar, Lord Meat Coin, Rent Acid Loom, and Acne Mold Riot.
*all Redcloaks chuckle at varying levels*
Jolt: I gotta focus; I’m shifting into Cilantro Mode.
Howl, to himself, snickering: Guess Stead lives in the Moron Citadel.
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Andrias, in danger: MY LOOOORRRD!
Malga: I ain’t your helicopter overlord. Sink or swim, b****.
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*in the Core’s mindscape*
Marcy: *floats up* I’m looking at the back of your head, but I’m speaking to the front of your face.
The Core: The front of our face is listening to the back of our head, so your head doesn’t count.
Marcy: Huh- wh- dammit. *floats back down*
A random newt in the Core: I like shoes. And medicine.
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Thorn: Please, Dreaming, just let me have one good day-
Lord of the Locusts: Bloody stars, you again? Just give it a rest, Harvestar!
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Ivy: I can be your partner for the next race!
Sprig: Sorry, Ivy - it’s a brother-and-sister race.
Polly: Maybe there’s a contest for lonely children after this!
Sprig: It’s only children, Polly - a lonely child is what you’re gonna be when I sell you!
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The Stolen Hope IQs to convince you to go over to GaLEMtido’s channel and watch the reboot:
“Ask all of my friends and they’ll tell you I’m the nicest, but not if you’re in motherfreakin’ ISIS!”
- Jackson, probably
General Dusk: Road work ahead? Well, yeah, I sure hope it does.
Lunis: I could really go for a snack right now!
Vivian: I could really go for you not talking.
Apollo: *screams*
Lunis: *screams louder to assert dominance*
Caroline: Should we do something?
General Dusk: No, no, I want to see who wins this.
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