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randomfandomdrabbles·20 days agoText

Eruri was first, now I get to give something to my fellow Levihan shippers and Hanji lovers

  • Hanji is almost always shown around Levi, this is canon. Let’s say she started constantly staying close to him after Farlan and Isabel died because she didn’t want him to feel so suddenly alone
  • He would tell her to get lost and that she was annoying him but she just stuck around because she was sure that, deep down, he appreciated her attempts. Or, he began to appreciate it later on
  • They became best friends first, often sharing late night conversations over tea or whiskey, before any romance began
  • In fact, Hanji was the first person to hear a story from Levi’s childhood. She had to pry a story out of him, but she got one eventually. She also has no idea if his story was true or if he made it up just to get her to stop asking, but she’s glad she got something
  • You know that giddy feeling you get when a crush begins to grow and that person rests their head on your shoulder? That’s the feeling Levi started to get when Hanji would walk into the room and say hi to him in such an enthusiastic tone
  • And Hanji would get that feeling when he’d bring her tea or coffee in the late hours of the night while she was in her office/lab
  • When their relationship first starts, neither of them confirm or deny it to people who ask. They just simple move the conversation away from that because they didn’t know how exactly to describe it
  • After a while, though, Hanji became more open about calling him her boyfriend. Like I said in the Eruri headcanon set, I still think Levi wouldn’t say they were dating or not dating but you would definitely be able to tell that you shouldn’t hit on either of them.
  • Hanji would be the best at taking care of Levi when he’s sick and I can actually see her dragging him off to bed the same way he drags her into a bath.
  • One time, he had a bad cold and a fever (like an actual cold, not COVID that dumbasses wanna call a cold) and Hanji forced him to bed before he completely felt terrible. After he napped, she came back to his room and asked if he wanted potato soup that she made and he just nodded before falling back to sleep. She woke him up and sat with him while he ate.
  • When Hanji’s sick, I’d hate to say it, but Levi isn’t the best. He’s caring about his sick soldiers and his sick lover, but he is not very sensitive. He’s constantly washing his hands, disinfecting everything, staying far enough away to feel safe but providing everything they need when they need it
  • Sometimes after she’s forced into a bath and cleaned, often at night, Levi braids Hanji’s hair before putting her to bed
  • Hanji and Levi go to each other for emotional support but, if they can’t go to each other, they have someone else. Most of the time, however, they go to each other and talk because they can find ways to amuse each other
  • Plus Hanji tends to go off on tangents and Levi is pretty much one of the few people who will sit through the tangents and babbling and listen all the way through it
  • Hanji is always fascinated about Levi’s past and often tried to get stories out of him or for him to at least explain some politics and cultural rules that may be different. So far, she’s only learned a couple things in the years she’s known him, but she doesn’t mind because she’s getting to know little things about him
  • ****SPOILER for chapter 132(?)**** Lets say Hanji didn’t die: I can see her coming back when Levi didn’t believe she would and he would feel so much joy and relief that he’d get himself up long enough to meet her halfway and her catching him. She’d tell him to relax and that “of course I came back,” as if there wasn’t a huge possibility for the opposite. He would give her a tight hug
  • When Farlan and Isabel died, Hanji walked into the mess hall one night to find Levi alone, drinking tea all somber and shit. She sat right beside him and kept asking him if he was okay, like really are you alright, you can tell me. She kept pressing so much that Levi shouted at her to leave him alone with tears in his eyes (Oh can you imagine Levi getting so angry and emotional after a hard mission and having angry tears?) 
  • She would sit and wait very patiently for Levi to talk to her because he realizes he can’t scare her away from him because she knows he’s lashing out out of sadness and loss than real anger towards her
  • Her favorite date to take Levi on is to this cute little café in the corner of town and buying pastries he’s never had so they can try them together
  • His favorite date to take Hanji on is to a nice place for dinner. He doesn’t like to force Hanji to look differently because he doesn’t care what she looks like, but he will never complain when they have a rare night off and go to a nice restaurant; Hanji shows up in a nicer outfit and it leave Levi drooling over her all night
  • Now, to end it with a little NSFW, Hanji would totally be the type to either peg Levi or take total control over him
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randomfandomdrabbles·21 days agoText

Y’all seem to like my Levi Ackerman NSFW Headcanons so here’s a little piece by me to my fellow Eruri shippers (LeviHan is next!)

  • Erwin is very understanding towards Levi and his habits carried over from his past. His cleanliness, his standoffish attitude, his reluctance to socialize, things of that nature don’t bother Erwin because he knows exactly why Levi is that way and he loves these things about Levi.
  • I feel as though they would never make their relationship official, but everyone just sort of knows not to go after either of them. Like, they’ve never said they were a couple, but it can just sort of be seen in their actions.
  • Levi has shown Erwin little talents of his without even thinking about it at first, but he’s also shown things to Erwin to impress him that he was very aware could be impressive.
  • One example would be the knife game. You remember the knife game? Where you press your open hand palm side down on the table and stab around your fingers to the tone of a song. Yeah, I wanna say Levi did that around Erwin to try and impress him when they were just starting to get along
  • It scared the hell out of Erwin because he thought his best soldier was going to stab himself, but he was, and he’d never admit it aloud because he doesn’t want to make Levi do it again, pretty impressed by the end when Levi had no cuts or pricks or stab wounds in his hands. 
  • Erwin and Hanji taught Levi how to read/write, but Erwin taught him cursive/calligraphy and how to develop his signature for paperwork
  • He also thinks Levi has a beautiful signature, even though it’s literally just his first name written in a pretty way
  • Levi laughs around Erwin quite a bit. He finds Erwin to be really funny and laughs at his jokes when they’re alone. 
  • Erwin loves Levi’s laugh and his smile and tries to get him to laugh a lot. Sometimes, if he’s lucky and being really funny, Levi will laugh hard and it sounds like, to my best descriptive abilities, David So’s laugh
  • Before they started their not so official relationship, Erwin found himself doodling Levi’s face quite often. After their relationship started, he openly drew Levi while they sat in his office and Levi was amazed by it
  • He never had anyone draw him before, by the way.
  • Levi brings tea to Erwin’s office and they sit in there and work together when they have piles of paperwork to get through
  • Since it’s canon that they share a room, I wanna say Levi keeps little things from his past hidden in a box under their bed and Erwin is mindful not to touch it or let anyone else know it’s there
  • I wanna say Levi hides a lot of things so no one finds them because of his past and Erwin ends up randomly finding little things hidden here and there in their room
  • He won’t say anything or move the things found, he just goes about his day because he doesn’t want to make Levi feel nervous about his things being found
  • Levi doesn’t say that he loves anyone word for word. He says it differently and, with Erwin, he tells him that he trusts him and will follow him to the end. 
  • Erwin loves to wrap his arms around Levi’s waist and rest his head on top of Levi’s head. He also loves to kiss the top of his head
  • Levi may beat the fuck out of someone for calling him “shorty” but he loves the height difference between himself and Erwin. Something about it makes him feel protected by his big boyfriend and he loves being manhandled by his big boyfriend during sex
  • On that note, Erwin was genuinely worried about hurting Levi the first time they had sex, so Levi had to keep reassuring him that he was okay and he could go harder and faster or choke him or pull his hair or anything if he wanted to
  • Levi never understood why Erwin would give him his clothes when they were obviously too big and what the fuck, don’t you need those clothes Erwin? Then he learned that it was something done in relationships and Erwin had plenty of clothes and fuck his clothes smell good so he just accepted it
  • Erwin loves to hear stories about Levi’s past, whether they’re sad or not. He gets to learn more about his little lover
  • Levi loves hearing stories about Erwin’s childhood, especially his time in school.
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randomfandomdrabbles·23 days agoText
  • First off, I believe this is canon but I had this headcanon way before I found out it was canon, Levi is a sub/bottom
  • He’s into being choked
  • (I’m an eruri shipper-well, a multishipper for Levi anyway, but oh well-so I can really see this with Erwin but whoever you imagine him with works too!) If he’s alone with his SO and he gets a little too mouthy, his SO can just arch a brow and say, in a very specific dark tone, “I’m sorry, love, do you want to repeat that?”
  • They sound very stern and it shuts Levi up almost immediately most of the time
  • He can be bratty from time to time, usually in the beginning of sex because he hasn’t completely let go yet; but his SO can usually get him in that space to just relax and be taken care of
  • He may act like he doesn’t like aftercare, but he does and his favorite thing is when his SO runs their hand up and down his back while he falls asleep
  • He can be pretty vocal: gasps, moans, whimpers, and a whole string of curses. However, he’s so much louder when he cums
  • He loves it, though, when his SO covers his mouth and tells him to keep quiet
  • Call him a ‘good boy’ and he’ll be putty in your hands
  • He has a tendency to get embarrassed and usually tells his partner to shut up if they say something super sweet to him during sex
  • He rides dick like a champ; whew those legs are strong
  • Levi gets hella impatient and likes to tease back so he can spur his partner into just giving in already. He grinds into his partner when he’s growing super impatient
  • He would never admit that he likes being tied up and made to struggle, but he really does, like he really does 
  • He also really enjoys giving head. Of course, he enjoys receiving it too, but he really likes giving it because he could either tease his SO and hold back from giving them exactly what they want or he could comply completely and show off how obedient he can be
  • Oh, can you imagine him being a complete obedient sub? No? Well I can and it’s marvelous
  • When he refers to his partner by a higher title: master, mistress, sir, Commander, daddy; he does it in a teasing and sarcastic tone because he really can’t help it
  • That is unless you get him to a point where he is so fucked that his tone is naturally endearing and pleading
  • Levi hates a mess, we know, but his SO can make him drool by shoving their fingers in his mouth (Especially if they’re fucking him from behind)
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randomfandomdrabbles·a month agoText

These are all just my headcanons for a ship (one of many) that I shamelessly have and never see any content for. Enjoy!

  • Sebastian and Angela knew each other for centuries. It had been a little over a decade, however, since they’d seen each other before Houndsworth.
  • Their relationship lasted a couple centuries but it was not a good relationship. It’s canon that they can’t stand each other (Hello, they’re natural enemies) so I can really see them having a pretty toxic relationship but it’s that toxic relationship that you lowkey idolize because you have daddy/mommy issues; yes I’m calling you fuckers out because I’m the same way
  • When it was good, it was great. They were passionate together, protective, and the exact type that didn’t give a fuck what other angels and demons thought because they were just fine together.
  • But when it turned bad, it was awful. They fought a lot; screaming matches, name calling, throwing things, hitting, accusations. Again, they were passionate, but they’re also stubborn so both of them took forever to back down and things would get heated (sometimes in the good way, but not as often as the bad) very often.
  • Their both very dominant in their personalities, so they were switching out power dynamics in the bedroom regularly
  • When Sebastian’s in charge, he is very malicious in the way he teases. He takes his time pulling her apart bit by bit, calls her sickly sweet pet names he knows gets her going, even calls her sinful. He takes a less bondage approach to being in charge in the bedroom with Angela. He is very demeaning (in everything besides the names he calls her. Those are always cutesy unless he calls her ‘sinful’ in some way), though, and loves overstimulation and edging/denial. He wants to hear her beg and plead for him and loves to hear her whine and whimper when he takes her pleasure away. He also mixes pain in there and I can see him enjoying fire. 
  • Now, Angela, likes bondage. She likes to tie up her demon lover and taunt him the same way he taunts her. She’s a bit more violent, though, which Sebastian loves. She’s branded him before, too. Whips, Her pet-names are demeaning. She calls him all sorts of things to show him he’s the bitch in that situation. She likes to tell him to stay quiet and, if he makes a sound (which he often does just to test her) she’ll grab his face and repeat herself with a delightful grin. While Sebastian doesn’t have a specific title to Angela during sex, Angela has one to him. She makes him call her ‘mistress’ or ‘your highness’ because she likes to feel like she’s above the demon at her feet. Power hungry, basically.
  • Angela does this thing, when they’re having stupid and petty fights, where she puts on lipstick or lip oils or something while Sebastian is arguing his side because it would shut him up. She would then look at him and ask her how she looked and he’d be like “Magnificent. You look delectable,” and she’d suggest going out
  • If Sebastian wanted to stop a petty fight, he’d wait until she was finished making her side before holding her face (often before kissing her) and call her his sweet kitten while suggested the fight was so tiresome and perhaps they should retire to the bedroom. He’s a demon, he’s gonna use lust to his advantage
  • Their breakup was really sad too, by the way. I can see it being like that scene in Good Omens where Crowley goes “We’re on our side” and shit like that. That whole seen might as well be Angela and Sebastian’s breakup. They cared about each other and loved each other, so it was going to hurt when they had to break up.
  • Now, don’t get me wrong, they would still fuck around if they saw each other again. There’s too much chemistry and they know what the other likes perfectly so they would certainly end up hooking up. 
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