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March 4th 2016// my office & happy place 馃挏. It鈥檚 so important to find somewhere you can comfortably study and be productive. Free yourself from any distractions !

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Hope ya’ll have a wonderful semester.
I’ll be posting new things very soon. Also, feel free to message me if you have any questions.

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Hey guys! These are 7 (technically 8) tips on how to get straight A鈥檚! I鈥檓 sorry for the mistakes 鈥 ONE: the tip 鈥淪ome Study Methods鈥 should actually be number 7, not number 1 hehe. TWO: in tip number 6, 鈥淒oing your homework鈥, it says 鈥榓lways remember tip number 6!鈥 what I mean is *always remember tip number 5!* STUDYBLRS 鈥 reblog this for a possible follow hehe (see tip 3). Anyway this whole thing took me HOURS. Hopefully it helps someone! ily all & good luck!

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hey everyone! I鈥檝e gotten a few asks recently about saving money in college (especially on textbooks) so I thought I鈥檇 make a post on it! Feel free to add any other tips + tricks I may have forgotten :)聽

  • Don鈥檛 buy from your university store unless you have to. Check out some of the websites linked at the end of this masterpost for some cheaper alternatives! Also, it鈥檚 worth doing a google search or two to find some good deals
  • Don鈥檛 buy your textbooks until you get your syllabus. Unless you have assigned reading from your book, wait until the class starts before you get your textbooks. You might find out that you can get by in a class without the textbook (especially if you only need to read excerpts from it every so often. not worth dropping $70 dollars for maybe 15 pages of reading max)聽
  • Check your university鈥檚 textbook exchange. This is probably my most recommended course of action. My university has an unofficial page on facebook where people sell their old textbooks for really cheap. I got a used textbook for $5 instead of $90! Also, this is a great way to make some extra cash off old textbooks you won鈥檛 use
  • Buy older versions. New versions of textbooks are ridiculously expensive and the main difference between the two is usually just some minor changes or adding an updated study. Again, do some google searches and talk to your professor to see what exactly the changes are. Most of the time, your professor will cover these new additions in class anyway
  • Rent your textbook. I usually rent mine from chegg or amazon. Super helpful for my general education classes or for classes where I don鈥檛 think keeping the textbook will be useful. Saved me some serious $$$.聽
  • Use your library. Your university library should have some extra textbooks that you can borrow for a few hours on reserve. I would check with your professor to see if they have the textbook or check an online catalog for your library if you have one.聽

helpful websites:聽

  • chegg: buy, rent, and sell your textbooks. they have some pretty sweet deals.聽
  • amazon: buy, rent, and sell textbooks
  • ebay: buy + sell textbooks聽
  • bookfinder: find the best deal on your textbook
  • openstax: a collection of free textbooks! founded by bill gates聽
  • bookboon: fill out a quick form and download your textbooks!聽
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As a university student whose course load is heavily math-based, I鈥檝e had my fair share of encounters with math problems that seem unsolvable, and notes that make absolutely no sense. Fortunately, I鈥檝e also come across a lot of useful resources that I thought I would share with my fellow math comrades! So here is my list of聽鈥渓ife-saving鈥 math resources that will hopefully make your math life a little bit easier.

Wolfram Alpha

Definitely the most used resource when I am doing math homework. It鈥檚 capable of solving basically any math problem. You have to pay to see the step-by-step solution, and I have a shared account with my friend, so that鈥檚 an option if you want to pay a little bit less!


Similar to Wolfram Alpha, but free! You can see the step-by-step solutions without paying, so that鈥檚 great. However, the downside is that if your math problem is quite complicated, it may not have the solution (i.e. crazy integrals)

Paul鈥檚 Online Math Notes

This website has notes on algebra to multivariable calculus, with plenty of examples and explanations. This is an actual life saver for my friends who are doing advanced/university level math. Especially if your professor has atrocious writing but can鈥檛 seem to stray away from hand written notes.聽

Khan Academy

Has video lessons on elementary to university level math. Great for visual learners, since the lessons include a lot of graphs and diagrams. Not to mention this website offers video lessons on a variety of subjects!


Graph functions (single and multivariable) and plot data tables!


Textbook solutions!!! You can probably find the solutions to most of the calculus textbooks used in universities. Really great for those who like to study by doing a bunch of practice questions.

Bonus: Scannable聽(not really math related, but still useful)

For those with professors who prefer digital submissions of assignments: turn your phone camera into a scanner without the bulk. The best scanner app I鈥檝e come across - it will make your papers look like they鈥檝e actually been scanned, even if you take the photo in bad lighting.

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How does one apply for Universities when they are transferring from a two-year college?

It鈥檚 essentially the same process. The only difference is that your deadlines for application are different, and you will need to send transcripts from your two-year college in addition to your high school transcripts.聽

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Hi! What does 泻谢邪褋褋 mean when it is used in social media? Especially on instagram, people will write "泻谢邪褋褋!" under a picture. I know the definition, but I wasn't sure if the word means anything different on social media.

Hi! It鈥檚 like聽鈥渁wesome鈥,聽鈥渃lassy鈥,聽鈥渃ool鈥,聽鈥渄ope鈥, 鈥渟uper鈥澛燼nd so on. Just a general expression of 聽excitement, positive evaluation and social approval. You can also find other words like this on social media, for example:

泻褉褍褌芯, 泻褉褍褌褟泻 - cool
泻谢褢胁芯 - dope
褋褍锌械褉, 褋褍锌械褉褋泻懈 - super
褔褢褌泻芯 - dope/cool (I鈥檓 not sure if this slang word is still in use)
泻谢邪褋褋薪芯 - classy, swell
芯褎懈谐械褌褜, 芯褎懈谐械薪薪芯 - mind-blowing, freaking good (informal, slang)
芯褏褉械薪械褌褜, 芯褏褉械薪械薪薪芯 - fucking cool (warming, mildly obscene)
芯褏褍械褌褜, 芯褏褍懈褌械谢褜薪芯 - fucking great (strongly obscene, do not use it when talking to your Russian teacher)
芯褌锌邪写 -聽 mind-blowing, slang
芯褌胁邪谢 斜邪褕泻懈 -聽 mind-blowing, slang
褔褍屑邪, 褔褍屑芯胁芯泄 - lit. plaque, rad, brutal

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July.19.2016 聽鈥淭he secret of getting ahead is getting started鈥 -聽 Mark Twain Summer Reading : start early, pace yourself, and take notes to retain the information.聽

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I'm confused about the process of visiting colleges. How many colleges should you visit? When? Should you only visit the colleges that count demonstrated interest and visit others after you get into them?

Whether or not you visit a college and how many colleges you visit is entirely up to you. Although some colleges do take demonstrated interest into consideration with applicants, it (in my opinion) isn鈥檛 worth spending the time and money to travel to a school for a visit if you aren鈥檛 genuinely interested in seeing the campus. If you feel like you can commit to a school without seeing the campus in person, visiting a school isn鈥檛 necessary. The internet is ubiquitous and there are digital tours, photos, and blog posts describing campus visits, so it may not be necessary for you to visit a school in person during your application process.聽

That being said, if you do want to visit, here are some tips!

  • Typically students will visit colleges during their Junior and Senior year of high school.聽
  • Make sure you sign up for an official visit. That way, the school will know you visited (getting you brownie points for demonstrating interest) and you will also be able to take part in official campus tours, eat at a dining hall, visit a dorm room, and maybe even sit in on a lecture.聽
  • Try to visit when the weather is good. No one wants to take part in a walking tour if it鈥檚 twenty below or if it鈥檚 pouring rain.聽
  • Really take everything about the visit into consideration. Did you like the dorms? Did you like the dining halls? Is that school really a place you could see yourself living and studying at for four years?聽
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Hey guys! This is my second post, and again I want to mention that these tips are based on my personal experience and how I study for exams and finals. I really hope you find this useful. If you have tried everything and nothing works try these tips and see if they help, or take ideas and create your own 鈥渟tudy style.鈥

Tip # 1
So the first thing to do is to take as many notes in class as you can. Make sure you pay attention to what your professor鈥檚 lecture. Write down key words you can understand that can help you understand your notes. Make sure that your notes are simple but understandable. If your professors are like mine, that do not mind repeating, ask them to repeat if you did not understand something. DO NOT WORRY SO MUCH ABOUT TAKING PRETTY NOTES that鈥檚 completely unnecessary.

Tip # 2
ALWAYS do your readings, if there is something you didn鈥檛 understand chances are it is in the book and you will (hopefully) get a better understanding of it. Readings are also great for revision, you can add to your notes and basically go over the material a second time. This will help you learn it and remember it better.

Tip # 3
This is the most important thing to do. If you are like most that enjoy flashcards do that, I personally use a notebook where I rewrite the notes I took in class and those extra notes I added from the reading. Rewriting helps learn the material. Then use elaborative rehearsal. This will help you memorize it and keep it in your long-term memory so that when you take the test you do not forget anything. AGAIN, DO NOT worry about your writing if it is pretty or not, trust me mine is awful but I don鈥檛 care as long as I am learning and memorizing the material. But if you have nice pretty writing that鈥檚 awesome too! (:

P.S. Almost forgot to mention, study ahead of time. By that I mean, start studying a few days before the exam not the day before the exam.

Bye guys!
That鈥檚 it! Try these tips, and let me know if they work for you guys. Enjoy your summer guys!

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