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rat-zuki · 3 hours ago
who IS lady-bakuhoe? kingkatsuki? never heard of her..
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rat-zuki · 4 hours ago
absolute dread when i’m watching something and a character is at the point where they have to make a choice to either kill someone or to not. and i’m screaming, thrashing, ripping my hair out as i’m edged to literal shreds. shouting at the screen. KILL. DO IT. they collapse, start crying or whatever. all “i can’t.. i can’t do it.” that’s literally my 13th reason and it makes me feel so itchy and angry and deprived. considering death.
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rat-zuki · 4 hours ago
who IS lady-bakuhoe? kingkatsuki? never heard of her..
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rat-zuki · 23 hours ago
the “idk i try to avoid it tbh” made me laugh out loud bc i’m the exact same way. like human interaction in person is just not something i wanna participate in. i got my cats, 2D men, & my bedroom, i could survive with just that, plus food & books lmao.
exactly lmao i’m honestly so content just chilling in my room all day. going out is exhausting and menial and i dread it
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rat-zuki · 23 hours ago
hi anu i've procrastinated this reading proj all week and i'm doing it last min <3 hru? i hope your job n stuff is treating you alright
that’s the best way to do things tbh
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rat-zuki · 23 hours ago
Plz, your responses to asks are fucking god-tier. I always look forward to them
And the tags, can't forget the tags, that's where your true thoughts come out lol
the tags r my safe space. honestly wish i could use tags irl but then they’d make me go to jail
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rat-zuki · a day ago
u are giving very *incomprehensible chanting* (◕‿◕)♡
Tumblr media
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rat-zuki · a day ago
Annie you're secretly a god but bad at hiding it
oobz did i accidentally leak my god “complex”
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rat-zuki · a day ago
cursed bitch ass motherfucker (affectionate)
i just flinched D: hika i’ve never seen u curse sm
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rat-zuki · a day ago
You give me a vibe of fandom hive meets chaos incarnate 😊
HAHAH thank you
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rat-zuki · a day ago
stg i just scrolled past 42 consecutive rbs of the same eren fanart lmao are yall doin ok
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rat-zuki · a day ago
the types of mutuals:
-just a dude
-secretively a god
-secretively a god but bad at hiding it
-chaos incarnate
-vague gremlin
-the wholesome bean
-the precious bean
-yearn incarnate
-info dump fren
-cursed bitch ass motherfucker
-*incomprehensible chanting*
-fandom hive
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rat-zuki · a day ago
and they were housemates (musings) | bakugo katsuki x reader
warnings: 18+! swears, bakugo’s beefy arms
a/n: been thinking about this a lot. a real lot.
You sigh, again. Fingers centimetres from your phone tap the surface of the table, brain trying to focus on the textbook open in front of you, while your eyes wander back to that pesky phone.
“Oi,” Bakugo’s stare is on you from across the dining table, protein shaker gripped in both of his big hands as it rests on the surface. You absentmindedly watch the condensation drip down the side of it and pool slowly over his fingers. “Hey, dumbass?” He tries again, moving it out of your line of sight.
“Hm?” Your eyes jump up to his, take in the fleeting look of concern in his features, before it scrunches back into it’s resting-scowl-face.
“You’re upset.” He states, leaning back and throwing his elbow over the back of his chair, hand gesturing at you.
“Nah, I’m good; swear,” you flash him a grin, look down and try to find the place in your book where you left off. But you can feel his eyes on you; another thing to worry about. “Aren’t you going to the gym?”
“I was,” he says, in that tone that screams I already told you, “fifteen minutes ago.” He explains, irritation coating his tone.
You throw him a fleeting smile, a quick: “okay, sweat a lot.” Before giving the textbook your full— unfocused— attention.
“I’m not going until you tell me what’s wrong,” he pushes, and you catch his arm flex as he takes a sip of his drink out of your peripherals.
You’re distracted again when your brain decides to give said arm your full attention, counting the little silver slithers of scar tissue wrapping his forearm, his bicep: one, two, three, four—
“Alright, I’m serious now,” he slams the shaker back onto the table, “tell me, or I’m taking you with me to the gym.”
“No...” is your immediate response, the whine in your throat even irritating you.
“So, tell me! You’re clearly not fucking focusing.”
“Language, Katsuki!” You shoot back, deepening his scowl.
“Fine, don’t tell me.” He grumbles with finality, pushing out of his chair and digging his hand in his pocket, pulling out a fiver and slamming it onto the table.
Great, a tantrum.
It’s a knee-jerk reaction, “He dumped me,” slipping from your lips, forehead hitting the table, hand reaching for your phone.
“What?” He asks as you unlock your phone, bringing the conversation back up.
“I think we should see other people,” you read aloud, “you’re not into me like I’m into you.” Tears well in your eyes as you scroll down the convo, you sending message after message and getting no response.
“Wait, rewind,” he starts, annoyed. You look up just in time to see him fall back into the chair, scowl deep and teeth bared. “He did this... over text?”
“Huh? Yeah?”
“What a fucking coward,”
You laugh humourlessly, “no doubt.”
“Well, why the hell are you wallowing?”
“Because why? He’s dead fucking weight—“
“Oh my god,”
“You’re way better off without him!”
“My vagina isn’t,” you mumble, low enough so that he can’t hear you.
“Your what?”
“It doesn’t matter; who even dumps people over text anymore?”
He watches you for a moment, before his trap opens again, “get your shit, I’ll take you through a workout.”
“No; god, that is actually the worst idea?”
“Hurry up!” He snaps, sighing before he downs a mouthful of his protein shake. “You can do with the endorphins,” he meets your eyes, “they’ll make you feel better, think clearer.”
There’s a staring contest, him looking down his nose at you, you glaring up at him with a cheek smushed to the table. Maybe getting out will do you good? Not like you’re actually soaking up any of the reading you’ve been doing for the past two hours.
“Fine,” you sit up, watching as your roommates scowl morphs into a cocky smirk. “But that’s ten more dollars for the swear jar, stupid.”
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rat-zuki · a day ago
Okay but bkg & izu together
like conjoined at the hips or just within proximity
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rat-zuki · a day ago
Did you change your pfp or am I crazy? 🤔
i did. i am feeling very tomusus nowadays
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rat-zuki · a day ago
you’re so corrupted and disgusting i love it
by the gods i am going to cum
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