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ray-of-fricking-sunshine·8 hours agoText


This…this is not how beekeeping works.

Why do you think that beekeepers rip of the wings of queen bees as a standard industry practice? Its to force the hive to stay in these artificial enclosures built for the purpose of exploitation. Bees aren’t consenting to this. They also don’t consent to being artificially impregnated, which involves the murder of many males, and is practiced even in cases where your dealing with just a single hive. They certainly are not happy with having their food source (which they spend their whole lives making) stolen from them and replaced with a substitute which actively harms their health.

And like yeah, I’m angry at capitalism, but I’m also angry at beekeepers who think it’s okay to exploit and harm bees for their own personal pleasure/profit. And I’m angry at people like yourself who try to make out as if this exploitation is at all consensual, who perpetuate this “happy exploitation” myth.

~  Bitesizevegan has a great short video on the subject (here)

~ @acti-veg article on honey

~  Managed honeybees linked to new diseases in wild bees, UK study shows

~ Honeybees Help Farmers, But They Don’t Help The Environment

~ Commercial honeybees threaten wild bee populations

~ Commercial honeybees linked to spreading diseases to wild bees

~ How The Bees You Know are Killing the Ones You Don’t

~ Bees Gone Wild - Feral honeybees pose a danger to native bees and the ecosystems that depend on them


Jfc this was a meme about INDIVIDUAL beekeeping where 1 beekeeper keeps 1 hive and since its a well known fact bees just up and LEAVE beekeepers who dont keep them comfortable and happy (a problem amateur beekeepers often have) i find it funny that if the beekeeper and bees are both happy a lot of vegans are still angry about the practice


Standard industry practices in commercial beekeeping: 

~ Murdering entire hives of bees before winter to reduce costs.

~ Artificial insemination, a process where which male bees are crushed and drained of their semen, which is then forcefully inserted into a queen bee. Links on queen bees and AI, and more links here and here and here and here

~ Ripping the wings of queen bees to prevent them from flying away

~ The use of smoke to purposely disorient and panic bees

~ Taking all or most of the essential honey that bees produce for their hives, and replacing it with a sugar syrup substitute which is thought to contribute to the development of disease in honeybees because it does not provide the proper nutrition and may produce a toxin under heat that kills the honeybees.


I discovered this on my phone and i dont remember the original reason i made it which just makes it all the more funny

Bees obviously dont consent to any of this, commercial beekeeping is exploitation, theres no consensual relationship going on here. 

you’re not angry at beekeepers you’re angry at capitalism so stay off my post

~ Urban beekeeping is harming wild bees, says Cambridge University

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ray-of-fricking-sunshine·2 days agoText



This is not true!!! The prevailing theory of the universe’s end is heat death, NOT the big crunch. Be careful guys, we’re in full disinformation mode right now!!!!!

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ray-of-fricking-sunshine·2 days agoAnswer

So this is a weird question, but could you try to explain what being genderfluid feels like? Or what the different genders feel like? I'm trying to figure things out, so anything that could help would be great!

I’m personally not genderfluid, so….


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“you can’t rescue animals from slaughterhouse because they’re dependant of humans on humans to survive so is pointless” Umm, take care of them? Create sanctuaries to house them? Preventing them from breeding, maybe??

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‘He him lesbians are the reason no one takes trans people seriously’ 'neopronouns are the reason no one takes trans people seriously’ ’ nondysphoric trans people are the reason no one takes trans people seriously’

I have something that’s going to BAFFLE you. Transphobia is the reason no one takes trans people seriously and blaming lesbians + other trans people isnt going to make cis people like you, and it isnt going to stop them from being transphobic. Also use people’s pronouns and do so without complaint or I’ll hit you with a chair

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The idea of spontaneously getting on a train and going somewhere far might be romantic in another country but England is too small for that. Pull an Eternal Sunshine and go where? Fucking Slough? Go to fucking Slough and get a fucking boots meal deal?

i only understand about 60% of the words in this post but i still think its funny

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If you are finding that prolonged isolation and confinement to a single living space are having a a severely detrimental effect on your mental and physical health, perhaps I can interest you in some PRISON ABOLITION

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choose your fighter

Welcome to watch mojo, and today we’re counting down our top ten dumbest gendered items. 

This is the reverse lesbian version of the “if a man eats desert on a date he’s gay.”

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if you consider yourself an anarchist you have to support animal liberation. elimination of hierarchies means all hierarchies, even those that oppress animals. you are not above anyone or anything. thats the point.

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I’m actually sick of seeing the word asperger’s. everyone who is classified as having asperger’s syndrome is Just autistic you don’t need another word for it, especially since that word was coined by a fucking eugenicist to describe the autistics he thought were still, like, useful to society

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microsoft word: please….. i am begging you…. write one single short sentence in this paragraph……….. or at least this page……. pl.ease……

me: haha subordinate clause go brrrrrrr

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