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razberryyum·10 hours agoText

Scumbag System (SVSSS donghua) episode 8 Thoughts (spoilers)

(covers SVSSS chaps 19 - 22, BC Novels Translations)

The BingQiu love was in full force!

I love how the donghua really emphasizes how bad SQQ feels about what he eventually has to do to Binghe. When I was reading the book, I didn’t feel his regret as strongly until the event actually happened, but seeing his constant worry and dread about what is inevitable was a really nice change. It also underlines the budding feelings Shen Yuan has for Binghe since he’s obviously already attached to him emotionally. Of course Shen Yuan always had affection for the badass protagonist of PIDW, but I think the donghua clearly shows this early on that there were obviously more to his feelings than just being a fan. I know we will never get as far as the irrefutable confirmation of their romantic love for each other, but I see these affectionate moments between them as Easter Eggs from the donghua team to show they are trying the best they can in their own subtle ways to acknowledge their love.

Some of these moments were more or less straight from the book, but I will always appreciate the fact that they could have easily just omitted the looks of adoration or even the hug and the touches in lieu of something even more platonic or, worse yet, simply nothing, reducing BingQiu to just an ordinary pair of master and disciple.

I guess that would make them kinda like how it currently is between SQQ and Ming Fan.

Poor Ming Fan. Before Shen Yuan came along, he was destined to be SQQ’s #1 disciple for as long as SQQ was still whole. Of course he was also destined to meet a horrible, painful and slow death, but how could he know Shen Yuan was basically doing him a favor by letting Binghe usurp his standing. He looked so sad about being demoted in his Shizun’s heart, I genuinely felt bad for him, when prior to the donghua, I honestly never spared Ming Fan much thought. He was just a cannon fodder deserving of his end since he wasn’t that nice of a person in PIDW, but then again, a lot of his actions were encouraged by Shen Jiu, so he definitely shouldn’t have to shoulder all the blame. He’s actually a smart boy, and a good one as well, once he’s out of that bullying mode, so he really deserves some love.

Also completely deserving some love, my queen QiQingqi. Look at her range in just a split second. I love her so much. In an alternate universe she and Madame Yu would’ve made such an awesome power couple. They could easily rule the cultivation world with just their disdainful, ball-shriveling glare alone.

Another person I was so looking forward to loving was Gongyi Xiao. He was so instantly lovable in the book, even though I know that was a fruitless love. And while I loved this cute moment between him and Bingmei:

I can’t help but be a tad disappointed at how he turned out.

Poor baby, what happened? I was expecting a total Adonis, rivaling both Binghe and Liu Qingge’s beauty. Not that he was hit with the ugly stick or anything, far from it, but I think they spent all their energy and resources on making SQQ, Binghe and LQG pretty so when it came to this lovely cannon fodder, they ran out of everything so he fell rather short of gorgeous. I’m especially not a fan of that hairstyle.

I can’t even be angry at the donghua team tho since they overdelivered on my holy trinity, especially LQG. I also love seeing SQQ’s interaction with him: I love how casually he acts around his shidi, how almost OOC he is in his behavior since SQQ is supposed to be more cool and collected than that.

And of course, how flirtatious SQQ continues to be towards LQG.

It’s interesting that both LQG and QQQ are really the only ones that get to see this playful, casual side of him and yet both of them are completely unphased by it. I don’t know if we’re supposed to assume that to them, he’s acting normally while we are the ones seeing the real Shen Yuan, or maybe they just think he’s changed cause he’s still poisoned. Either way, it’s cute.

We got to meet 3 of Bingge’s future wives but I’m gonna be honest, I never cared about them in the book and I still don’t care about them in the show. At this point, in terms of his never-to-be harem, I really only care about Liu Mingyan and Sha Hualing. The scene where he tried to talk to LMY just to see why his Shizun was so interested in her (in other words, out of jealousy), only to just brush her off was hilarious.

I would say poor Liu Mingyan but honestly she’s better off not being one of his 3000 wives. Bingge’s harem sounds like a freaking nightmare to be a part of, imho, even if she would’ve been a higher ranked wife. She deserves better (like Sha Hualing 😁).

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razberryyum·4 days agoText

Favorite moments in the MDZS manhua this week, chap 154:

(SPOILERS for MDZS novel chap 54, The Untamed ep 13, and donghua ep 9)


“The thing on your body right now will not be able to come off for the rest of your life either.” –from ch. 54 of the novel


Without speaking a word, Lan WangJi took out some of the herbs from his palm and pressed them onto Wei Wuxian’s chest. Wei WuXian’s entire body trembled as he exclaimed, "Ah!” – ch. 54.

Other faves:

Wei Ying comforting Lan Zhan. (WY’s saying how LZ’s complexion didn’t look too good today, that’s why he would feel better after spitting out the bad blood in his body.)

Wei Ying: “Don’t worry, I don’t like men. I won’t use this opportunity to take advantage of you.”

Lan Zhan: “Lame”

Oh Wei Ying honey. You got some self-learning to do.

This gremlin. So proud of the fact that he saved a girl from certain permanent scarring. Meanwhile, Lan Zhan’s getting super jelly.

Suddenly, Lan WangJi shoved him hard, raging, “So you also know that she will not be able to forget you for the rest of her life!!!” –from chap 54

Wei Ying’s reaction. 🤣🤣🤣 And he’s about to make it worse in 3, 2, 1…

Wei Ying: “Lan Zhan is it cuz you like Mian Mian?”

🤦 And hence, the biting. 😁😁😁


Please try to support the official manhua if you can: https://m.kuaikanmanhua.com/mobile/1749/list/

Tutorial on how to purchase the manhua: https://twitter.com/chiharuzushi/status/1122649132223664129?s=19

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razberryyum·6 days agoText

Food for thought

What if DaGe defeated the measuring serpent cuz he was hiding something like what Gintama’s Elizabeth has under his robes?

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razberryyum·7 days agoText

MDZS Q Ep 13: a Jin Guangyao-centric episode. Chibi JGY is so cute with that mature voice, and also goofy AF. Dude was monologueing to no one.


DaGe’s awesome as usual. Wonder what he used to measure up to the measuring snake and defeated it so thoroughly too. My guess? 🍆🍆🍆

Meanwhile little bro has the worst luck. Bad enuf his ass was bitten, but it had to be bitten by a low level demonic beast. Would it have killed them to spare him some dignity and have a HIGH level beast bite him? 😂

(MDZS Q is available on WeTV app and Youtube as “Founder of Diabolism Q”)

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razberryyum·7 days agoText

Scumbag System (SVSSS donghua) episode 7 Thoughts (spoilers)

(covers SVSSS chaps 16 - 19, BC Novels Translations)

I love everything about Bingge–his gorgeous good looks, his beautiful ensemble, his deliciously intimidating aura–everything, except for his voice. Yes, still his voice, which I must regretfully and heartbreakingly say is doing nothing for me at all. When I lamented about his voice and voice performance last episode, people were telling me to basically just wait until he grows up, until post-Abyss, that he’ll sound better then. But I actually remember that we already heard a bit of his voice in the PVs, and I already had misgivings then; hearing him now in this episode, only cemented my opinion if it. I know he only uttered a line, but it still was enough to reaffirm my doubts. His voice lacks the OOMPH quality that I dreamed of for Bingge. I think his VA was going for creepy, but I wanted the kind of creepy that was more seductively menacing…the type that makes my knees weak. I didn’t feel anything and that just bums me F out. I love Binghe so much, I wanted everything about him to be perfect. He deserves/demands perfection, dammit.

Again if you think he sounds great, more power to you! I wish I felt the same, I really do.

Although I do want to say his VA’s work during the mom scenes was solid. I actually teared up.

Even as Bingmei I think his voice is a scooch too soft most of the time, but it does work the best during vulnerable moments like this.

Per usual, I loved all the BingQiu interaction in the ep. There was so much TOUCHING!

And of course there was that scene from the credits which I still cannot believe exists:

They created a freaking rainbow ffs. How cute is that??

Although I was surprised that they downplayed the moment in the book when SQQ promised to take care of Binghe (from chap 18):

“Shen Qingqiu smiled and said: “However, you don’t need to dwell on it too much. If you have no way of becoming strong, I’ll be by your side and protect you.”….Shen Qingqiu didn’t mind at all taking him under his wing and taking care of him for a lifetime…the affection in these words seemed too much. After the tide of warm feelings slightly subsided, a hot sensation quickly climbed up Luo Binghe’s face.”

Pretty significant emotions involved but all we got in the donghua was:

…and we didn’t even get to see Binghe’s reaction. I know they can’t show us all the love but they already did so much…funny what they choose to hold back on sometimes.

Also, I appreciated the contrasting versions of BingQiu they gave us at the beginning of the episode versus the end:

Of course I love all versions of BingQiu but seeing Bingge interacting with either version of SQQ–original goods Shen Jiu or Shen Yuan–is exciting. We probably won’t get another scene this season so I can only look forward to seeing more of Bingge harassing SQQ next season.

Lastly, the dream demon. Um. He’s an old man as expected. Was hoping they’d change that up and give us someone who looks like Zangetsu from Bleach, but that’s just me being a superficial idiot.

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razberryyum·11 days agoText

Favorite moments in the MDZS manhua this week, chap 153:

(SPOILERS for MDZS novel chap 54, The Untamed ep 13, and donghua ep 9)

WANGXIAN CAVE LOVE Part 1 (holy crap the manhua team totally went for it!)

“WEI YING!!! What are you doing???!!”

“There’s only two of us here…”


“Now that we’ve taken off our clothes, (something something…sorry, don’t recognize one of the Chinese characters…look, basically Wei Ying is freaking Lan Zhan out with gayness so that he’d spit up blood. You remember the drill.) we should take off our pants.” (thanks, @ricciardicilous ) 😂

Honorable mentions:

Wei Ying being tender.

Their expressions. lmao. Wei Ying is trying to drag Lan Zhan farther away from the Xuanwu.


Please try to support the official manhua if you can: https://m.kuaikanmanhua.com/mobile/1749/list/

Tutorial on how to purchase the manhua: https://twitter.com/chiharuzushi/status/1122649132223664129?s=19

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razberryyum·13 days agoText

MDZS Japanese audio drama extra: Ran Zan only. He’s helping Gi Ei take a bath and checking him for injuries. Seiyuu Satoshi Hino sounds so sexy as Ran Zan, as sexy as his original Chinese audio drama counterpart by voice actor Wei Chao. The way he says “Gi Ei (Wei Ying)” in that whispery voice…🤤🤤🤤

Sexy episode art by Twt @Langlang_ha

MIMI FM official link (raw): https://m.mimifm.jp/sound/14390

Chinese audio drama S1 extra at Maoer FM: https://m.missevan.com/sound/1064946

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razberryyum·14 days agoText

MDZS Q Ep 12: this ancient earworm awoke inside of me as soon as I saw this scene so I had to do it to share the torture.


For a heart stopping second I thought they were gonna do their own chibi version of the Phoenix Mountain kiss. Was kinda bummed they didn’t. All they had to do to pay homage was have Lan Zhan pop up with a blindfold to play hide and seek or something like that. Total missed opportunity.

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razberryyum·14 days agoText



MDZS Japanese audio drama Extra: Gi Ei vs Puppy

Totally Cute episode art by Minatu (Twt @minahomine)

MIMI FM official link (raw): https://m.mimifm.jp/sound/14386

Chinese audio drama S1 extra at Maoer FM site: https://m.missevan.com/sound/1065383

Novel chapter …I honestly can’t remember which chapter this extra is from. Much shame. Anyway, here’re the translations by Team Exiled Rebels Scanlations:


MDZS Q Ep 2: WeTV and Youtube

This extra is based on a funny story of this list: https://my-otp-list.tumblr.com/post/175509193435/10-strange-and-hilarious-facts-about-mo-dao-zu#notes

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razberryyum·15 days agoText

Scumbag System (SVSSS donghua) episode 6 Thoughts (spoilers)

(covers SVSSS chaps 13 - 16, BC Novels Translations)


And in case you’re wondering, HELL YEAH I ship them. BingLiuShen…power 3P of SVSSS. BingQiu ofc is still my OTL, but once in a while, I totally don’t mind Liu Shidi joining in for some fun. In fact, this scene reminds me of acernor’s fic (the “Dual Cultivation or Date” series), which is what started me on this madness. 😁

Ok so it’s established that donghua SQQ and Binghe are supremely beautiful, but then holy God, Liu Qingge cleans up SO SUPER WELL. I mean, look at this man!

As if his fine features and smokey eyes weren’t enough, they went and gave him a sexyass mole under his eye too. The donghua team aren’t playing fair at all!

Also, I am positive now someone on the donghua team ships LiuShen…cuz the cute moment of them talking over each other and then Liu Qingge resting SQQ on his lap was NOT in the book.

And look how SQQ insists on always presenting his ass to LQG. They had the same exchange in the book, but that positioning was definitely not in the description.

I’m honestly more into BingLiu as an alternative pairing but the donghua team is definitely winning me over with these LiuShen moments.

Still, at the end of the day, my heart belongs to BingQiu, my original OTP, and as usual, they made sure we were fed.

I thought for a sec the donghua would just go for it and have Binghe feed Shizun, but alas, in the end, they stuck to the book.

I loved how adoring Bingmei looked as he watched his Shizun eat his congee. I also loved how they framed the scene so it looked like Binghe was presenting flowers to SQQ at one point, like he was confessing his love. The donghua team are really too generous.

Well, generous in some ways, in others, man do they deprive. Like seriously, what happened to our poor doctor?? I thought YQY’s design was subpar, but Mu Qingfang’s downright criminal. He looks like a super creepy perv with those weird eyes and that wimpy pornstache. For those who love our doc, I can only offer my condolences (unless, you like his character design, in which case, sincerely happy for you!).

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razberryyum·18 days agoText

Favorite Moments in the MDZS manhua this week, chap 152*:

(SPOILERS for MDZS novel chaps 53 - 54, The Untamed ep 13, and donghua episodes 9)


I will never stop screaming about this cuteness!!!!


Lan Zhan saves Wei Ying…

…so Wei Ying saves him back. Future husbands got each others’ backs.

Honorable mentions:

Wet Jiang Cheng to brighten up some JC stans’ day. You’re welcome!


Please try to support the official manhua if you can, they’re doing such a good job: https://m.kuaikanmanhua.com/mobile/1749/list/

Tutorial on how to purchase the manhua: https://twitter.com/chiharuzushi/status/1122649132223664129?s=19

* last week was actually part 2 of chapter 151.

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razberryyum·19 days agoAnswer

hiii, i really love your posts!! if you dont mind pls share your fav danmei novels/drama/donghua(of course other than mdzs/svsss/tgcf) no force though ^^ have a good day

Thank you so much! Other than ofc 2HA, MDZS and SVSSS, my other favorite danmei novel so far is You’ve Got Mail: A Cautionary Tale. It’s currently being translated by Blackbox Translations. It’s super adorable and also super smutty. 😂 I also really enjoyed Banished to Another World because of the detailed world building and characterizations (yeah, amazingly I enjoy the plot rather than care about the smut for this book) but it’s a bit of a tough read so I can’t say I recommend it completely.

Cdrama-wise, honestly other than the Untamed I can’t say I have any other favorites. Guardian was such a huge disappointment by the end, I can never watch it again, but I would recommend it for the amazing chemistry and performance between the two leads, Bai Yu and Zhu Yilong. Journey to Lanling Mountain is not BL-based BUT it has some cute random fanservicey moments that were quite enjoyable.

As for donghua, naturally my faves are MDZS, Scumbag System and Legend of Tang. Since Legend of Tang is the underdog of the three, PLEASE check it out if you haven’t already, all eps are available on Youtube now.

Thanks for asking!

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razberryyum·20 days agoText

SPOILERS FOR SEASON FINALE OF LEGEND OF TANG! (don’t watch the vid if you haven’t finished the season!)

I want a second season of Legend of Tang (aka Legend of Exorcism, aka Tian Bao Fuyao Lu) so bad, such an amazing show. Almost all of their battle scenes are superb…like this one, between Yongsi the Calligraphy Boy and XXX (spoiler for Big Bad of the season). One of the best fight sequences EVER, imho. Totally GORGEOUS.

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razberryyum·21 days agoText



Madame Yu is still amazing in chibi form. A true Goddess Queen. Just wish she didn’t fight with her hubby so much since it makes Jiang Cheng upset.

That sad little face just broke my heart.

Finally Chibi Shijie is adorable through and through. Her voice is soooooo cuuuuute it makes my heart clench.

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razberryyum·22 days agoText

Scumbag System (SVSSS donghua) episode 5 Thoughts

(spoilers spoilers spoilers!)

(covers SVSSS chaps 11 - 13, BC Novels Translations)

“Come! She has come! The novel’s two big female leads were about to PK5 for the first time!” –SVSSS chap 11

🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 SO MUCH BULLSHIT coming out of Ming Fan’s mouth (courtesy of Airplane Bro probably). This was just BRILLIANT and HILARIOUS. In the novel, Sha Hualing and Liu Mingyan’s fight was over in like a sentence…there waa no dancing or Ming Fan narration involved. So this whole scene was all the invention of the donghua team and I couldn’t stop laughing.

I expected nothing less than a beautiful pair of eyes and lovely figure for Liu Mingyan, and they delivered on both counts completely, but what I didn’t expect was how wonderful she sounded as well. So relieved she didn’t have a high pitched, squeaky voice.

While Binghe was fighting, they shockingly flashbacked to the abuse he experienced at Shizun’s hands before Shen Yuan took over. It really hurt to see those scenes. I’m glad that Binghe started seeing the abuse in a new, more character building light and only loved and was more grateful to SQQ as a result of them…

And then, one of my favorite moments in BingQiu’s relationship:

When SQQ forgot about Binghe’s protag armor and instinctively jumped in to save him because I think it’s an indicator of Shen Yuan’s budding affection for Binghe. It also served as a nice counterbalance to the moments of abuse we saw.

I already said again and again how much I love Shizun, I LOVE SHIZUN SQQ!!!!!, especially his melodious, adorably expressive and authoritative voice, so now I want to take a moment to talk about Binghe. Of course he’s super pretty, he’s the protag, our master Luo Binghe, he HAS to look good. But there is one thing about him that is really still not working for me and that is his voice. I am just NOT feeling it AT ALL and that makes me so so SO SAD. I understand the reasoning behind the choice of this voice: wolf in sheep’s clothing, so he has to sound like a innocent little lamb. And normally I would find it amusing that the super seme of the story has a total soft spoken uke voice, HOWEVER, I think they went TOO FAR in that direction and he just sounds weaksauce to the max. Like his whole speech about what SQQ did for him was supposed to be moving, but he just lacked conviction. I regretfully must admit I don’t think his VA is doing a good job and omg it pains me so much to say that! I wanted to love every single thing about donghua Binghe, but fuckkkkkk….his voice is making it so hard on me. I’ll get used to it but I’m beginning to think I don’t think I will ever love OR even like it. 😭

(available on WeTV app, VIP membership gets you one ep ahead. Also on Youtube)

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razberryyum·22 days agoText

MDZS Japanese audio drama Extra: Gi Ei vs Puppy

Totally Cute episode art by Minatu (Twt @minahomine)

MIMI FM official link (raw): https://m.mimifm.jp/sound/14386

Chinese audio drama S1 extra at Maoer FM site: https://m.missevan.com/sound/1065383

Novel chapter …I honestly can’t remember which chapter this extra is from. Much shame. Anyway, here’re the translations by Team Exiled Rebels Scanlations:


MDZS Q Ep 2: WeTV and Youtube

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razberryyum·23 days agoText

Friendly reminder that a beautiful 2HA audio drama exists and is available for FREE on Maoer FM:


Every episode is FREE because it’s a fan project made with professional voice actors (who are so awesome. I don’t think the production team’s making money since the eps are free, so please show your support by giving each episode a ❤️. They have a long way to go so support them so they know they’re loved and hopefully that’ll help them finish the entire story.

Suibian Subs were translating each episode but I’m honestly not sure if they’re still doing it.

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razberryyum·25 days agoText

Favorite Moment in the MDZS manhua this week, chap 151:

(SPOILERS for MDZS novel chaps 53, The Untamed ep 13, and donghua episodes 9)

Er, really only one moment was my fave, not much happened other than them being stranded in the Xuanwu cave and then them finding the exit hole in the water.

I love that all Lan Zhan said was “there were leaves”, no one had any idea wtf he meant, except Wei Ying who immediately figured out that Lan Zhan found a way out based on the drifting leaves in the water. It’s yet another indication of how smart Wei Ying is (also how in tune he was becoming to Lan Zhan’s thoughts…except when it comes to thoughts about himself ofc).

Honorable mentions:

Wen Zhuliu holding onto Wang Lingjiao like you would a shit-covered cat cuz you don’t want to get their crap all over yourself. 😂

Always thought it was so weird and random that Wei Ying offered himself up as BBQ meat to Jiang Cheng.


Please try to support the official manhua if you can, they’re doing such a good job: https://m.kuaikanmanhua.com/mobile/1749/list/

Tutorial on how to purchase the manhua: https://twitter.com/chiharuzushi/status/1122649132223664129?s=19

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razberryyum·a month agoText

MDZS Japanese audio drama S1 Extra: Lotus Seed Pod. Flashback to when everyone were still kids: Gi Ei talked about Ran Zhan all the time, Ran Zhan thought about Gi Ei all the time. 🥰

Adorable art by Minatu (Twt: @minahomine)

MIMI FM official link (raw): https://m.mimifm.jp/sound/14382

Chinese audio drama S1 extra at Maoer FM site: https://m.missevan.com/sound/1059598

Novel chap 125: https://exiledrebelsscanlations.com/novels/grandmaster-of-demonic-cultivation/

MDZS Q Ep 8 (kinda): WeTV and Youtube

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