Counting The Days With No Remus

yes that is a spongebob reference in the headerwhen will rat man return to us [crying cat emoji]r//mr//m shippers DNI you make me uncomfortable

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remus-countdown·2 days agoAnswer

it hasn't even been 2 weeks and the Virgil countdown is considering drama because they still are thirsty for that emo

Chaos for the purpman

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remus-countdown·7 days agoText


Countdown Blog Masterpost

Sanders Sides Characters

Virgil countdown: @when-is-virgil-coming-back

Remus countdown: @remus-countdown (me!)

Logan countdown: @lookoutforlogan

Patton countdown: @pattonimissyoupleasecomeback

Patton countdown: @pattoncountdown

Janus countdown: @janus-come-back-to-us

Roman countdown: @readyforroman

Thomas countdown: @when-did-we-see-thomas-again

Thomas countdown: @thomas-turn-around-and-come-back (untaggable?)

Nico countdown: @nicoflorescomeback

Nico countdown: @the-nico-countdown

Orange side countdown: @orange-side-please-appear

Orange side countdown: @when-will-we-see-the-orange

Vine/Shorts Characters

Remy countdown: @remy-please-come-back

Remy countdown: @missingremysanders

Andy countdown: @andy-come-home (me!)

Pryce countdown: @paying-the-pryce

Event specific

Logan’s breakdown countdown: @countdown-til-logans-breakdown

Logan’s smile countdown: @logan-please-smile-again

Roman’s confidence countdown: @lookingforromansconfidence

Janus’s cane countdown: @where-is-the-cane-for-janus

Virgil’s curtains countdown: @wheresvirgilsspidercurtainstho

Janus’s arms countdown: @mystery-arms-janus-countdown

Joan’s beanie countdown: @awaiting-the-beanie

Virgil’s eyeshadow countdown: @whereisvirgilspurpleyeshadow

Janus’s bowtie countdown: @we-miss-jans-bowtie


Hello Fresh countdown: @whynohellohellofresh

Critic countdown: @wheresmycritic

Bathroom guy countdown: @john-the-bathroom-guy

Movie theater worker countdown: @comeback-paigeintheboxoffice

Stove countdown: @whereisstevethestove

Trash can countdown: @foodcourttrashcancountdown

Crofters countdown: @crofters-senpai-where-are-you

Plant countdown: @where-is-plant

Onesies countdown: @onesies-countdown

Canteen guy countdown: @randomcanteenguycomehome

Picture countdown: @big-picture-countdown

Dragon witch countdown: @where-is-the-dragonwitch

Dragon witch countdown: @dragonwitchpleaseshowyourself

Drill countdown: @bring-back-bill-the-drill

Rap countdown: @rainforest-rap-please-come-back (untaggable?)

Episode countdown: @countdownuntilnextepisode

Sanders countdown: @countdown-til-sanders-takes-over (untaggable?)

These are the ones I know of right now, if you run one/know one and it’s not mentioned here please send an ask with the @!

Only 50 mentions allowed for post, here’s pt 2! Apology to everyone who I had to retag to organize


Joan countdown: @joan-countdown

Joan countdown: @waitingforthejoan

Talyn countdown: @talyncomebackplease

Camden countdown: @camdencomeback

Cartoon therapy

Picani countdown: @picanicomehome

Sloane countdown: @waiting-for-sloane

Elliot countdown: @where-is-elliot-come-home-please (untaggable?)

Kai countdown: @kai-please-come-home

Kai countdown: @countingdowntilkai

Dot countdown: @missingdot

Dot countdown: @dot-please-come-home

Larry countdown: @larry-come-back

Larry countdown: @larry-please-come-home

Kill in the blank

Detective Sanders countdown: @detectivesanderscountdown

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remus-countdown·7 days agoAnswer

The awkward pics of characters are like the cool older cousins of the countdown blogs

Omg they areeee

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remus-countdown·8 days agoAnswer

Local Remus stans deprived of content devise a plan starting with arson and ending no one knows where. More at 11.

Shhhh don’t out the plan yet /j

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remus-countdown·10 days agoAnswer

Hey! Sorry to bother you but I made a countdown blog called whereisvirgilspurpleyeshadow and I was wondering if you could add it to the list. Thank you and have a nice day!

Will do!

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remus-countdown·10 days agoAnswer

(Not Remus related) I made three new countdown blogs, if you could add them to the countdown master post?

Yea sure what are the @s

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remus-countdown·10 days agoAnswer

I am so sorry you have to update the masterpost constantly rn, your back most be sore from carrying the countdown gang - The peep running the Remy and Dot blog

Not really i just type like 6 words and I’m done lol

Honestly I’d say the people working the discord are doing more bc they’re sending out invites and stuff I just gotta write down @s

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