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Playing Lamento ~Beyond the void~ and got lost in the number of points. I thought I played fair between Rai and Asato, since I’m indecisive until the last point of common route. At some point I think I entered Asato route because they shared the same room! T_T I wanted Rai

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I’m studying Japanese so I’m applying my knowledge by translating manga I personally like. I work by myself, from translating, cleaning up to typesetting so it will be slower. My cleaning skills are also just the bare minimum, so I might leave a lot of sfx uncleaned. Right now, I’m working on translating these:

1. alive by satellite (Kunishika Etsuo)  [21 finished out of 53 pages]

2. Roommate skinship by Jita [10 finished out of 28 pages]

Updated September 14, 2020

Please tell me if a scanlation team is already working on these, or if it’s already translated!

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Prequel story as roughly translated from this original material 

First Love Sprout

By: Ginger Berry

Translation: Ren

“How about this, Tsukigase. Can I leave it to you?”

That happened one school day near the end of August.

I asked Outa-sensei, who is painting by himself in the Art Club Room as usual, to lend us the electronic drill we needed in preparation for the presentation during Cultural Festival. In exchange of lending his drill, he made a strange request.

“Have you heard about the exchange student who will be coming to your class starting the second term?”

“Yes, I’ve heard about it, but…”

“That student, it was decided that he’ll become a homestay at the Chairman’s place. Take care of him, will you?”

From what I heard, that exchange student’s grandfather was a common acquaintance between Chairman and Outa-sensei.

It was probably also because of it, that it was decided that he stay at Konomi Gakuen. But since the Chairman would not be able to tend to all his needs, someone should be able to become his helping hand. And that was Outa-sensei’s condition for letting us borrow the drill.

I am more than happy to become of help. To an exchange student, who was away from his family for around one year, would definitely be anxious and troubled. Fortunately, I was good at English and could speak a little. Still, I should practice speaking until the next term.

Of course, I said as I nod to Outa-sensei.

“This is probably a good thing, for both of you,” Outa-sensei said with a mysterious smile in his face.


Laughter filled the center of the classroom after the classes. In the middle of that, surrounded by several girls and boys, was the exchange student who had just been admitted on this second term, Albert Nanao Ainsworth.


I immediately gulped down the sigh I wanted to let out - the exchange student did not really need any help at all. A week ago, after he introduced himself with “My name’s pretty long, so just call me Nanao”, he instantly became the center of the class.

Although, for some reason, he was strangely attached to me. I thought Outa-sensei told him something, but sensei flatly rejected my suspicion. Up until now, he was still repeatedly stealing glances on me even though he should be preoccupied with the other people.

“Hey, Ai. What are you doing while thumping the keyboard?”

“It has nothing to do with you.”

Ah, really, Nanao shrugged his shoulders while returning to others’ conversation. I secretly let out a sigh… I wondered if that was too unnatural.

But I was relieved when I saw that others did not really mind what just happened.

In order to not pay attention to Nanao, I keenly stared at the screen of my laptop. I had not yet finished even half of what I should be accomplishing for today.

“But, Nanao’s really good at Japanese.”

“Really? I still don’t know some words, you know. Like, …”

Nanao whispered the continuation, and everyone was “what?” as they wondered. Only me who knew what it meant blushed from afar. When Nanao noticed my face, he gave a meaningful wink, but I ignored it and pretended to be busy with what I had been doing.

But really, I needed to focus.

There was only 2 months before cultural festival. Our class presentation, the jet coaster was actually my idea. I will definitely make it succeed.

While desperately trying to regain my momentum, I finished jotting down the information I got from the 3rd years during the lunch break.

I noted down all the things we needed to prepare. The tentative schedule during the cultural festival. Budget. Important points for the working the class presentation. Most parts of the blueprint for the jet coaster had been completed during summer break, but problem would definitely arise when actually working on it. Also, the division of work during the day of cultural festival itself. There were still a lot of things to do.

Moreover, the advice from the senpais who accomplished a coffee cup class presentation was actually an important thing to consider.

“In the end, be it a coffee cup or jet coaster, you still need manpower during the cultural festival, right? That time was our spotlight!”

“Yeah. We could not assist during the preparation, so we’re glad we could help in that way”

“Shima, you were really desperate the rotate those right”

These were the stories from Yamabuki-senpai which is part of Basketball club and Kawai-senpai from Track and Field club. Since both of them were busy with their respective clubs, they were not able to help during the preparation of the class presentation so they were glad to be able to make memories on the day of the cultural festival itself. I should also take note of this…

“Ai, don’t make such a scary face, come here”

I was caught unprepared when I suddenly felt a weight in my shoulders. Before I noticed it, Nanao had gotten so close and he tried to put his chins in my shoulder as he peeked at the laptop monitor.

“What’s this? A blueprint?”


With Nanao’s voice, everyone in the class gathered around us. It was amazing how he could do that so simply.

“What do you plan to create with that?”

“The class attraction, a jet coaster.”

“Jet coaster?! With the class? You can do that?”

Unconsciously, my body cowered when he made such a surprised voice. “I want to make a jet coaster” - I almost recalled the stupid face I made as I told this to the homeroom teacher. Everyone in the class agreed to do it, but I wondered what someone from outside like Nanao thought about it. He would probably say that something like that could not possibly be -

“Wow, that’s interesting!”


When I turned my face unintentionally, Nanao’s face was really close. And when I saw his eyes sparkling at the blueprint on the monitor, I felt a little nervous.

Then, Nanao stretched his hand from my body to the monitor and pointed out some things.

“So this is the course…I see, there are curves huh. Is this curve for slowing down?”

“Ye-yeah…If the speed gets too high, there’s a risk of derailment after all…”

Without minding the distance, Nanao continued with his questions as he stared at the screen. Calculation of strength, safety devices, acceleration and friction. Since he was trying to understand the tricks and patterns in it, he also got me passionate about explaining it to him.

And the class who heard our exchanges also got interested.

“Oh, so you really need to consider a lot of things huh…”

“It’s a lie, sorry. We left everything to Tsukigase”

“No, I did it because everyone listened to my selfish demand”

It was two years ago. I was still conflicted which high school to enroll, so I visited the Konomi Gakuen’s Cultural Festival to learn the school’s atmosphere. Then, there I saw the jet coaster. I was amazed that they can make those things by themselves. I was sure that something would change if I go to that kind of high school where they are free to make such creations.

In the end, they were not able to make the jet coaster move. So, when I enrolled in this school, I decided to make it successful.

When I shared this to the class, they decided to cooperate with my plan. I was so happy. That’s why I would definitely make it successful. No, it would be successful.

“But, why is the course so short? If you reroute it here, it will be more interesting, don’t you think?”

Nanao pointed out as he intently gazed at the blueprint.

I was amazed Nanao actually noticed that. When I first made the blueprint, the original plan is to make it move from the classroom’s entrance and the course should last long for 1 week. But now, it was more compacted and should only run for half the week.

“There’s not enough budget. And schedule.”

“What do you need to buy?”

“Mainly, wood. If only we can get some scrap wood from construction sites, it’s easier but…”

“Then, why don’t we search one?”

Nanao remarked as if it was simple, as he turned to face everybody.

“Someone knows something like that? Someone with lots of spare wood?”

Everyone looked at each other.

Nanao said that, but it was not as if I had not yet searched for one. But something so convenient like that would not just pop out. It was impossible.

But then, a girl exclaimed “Ah!”

“It’s not a construction site, but our house’s currently being remodeled. I’ll try asking them.”

“Oh, if it’s a remodeling company they will have information on where to get scrap wood…”

Isn’t that just a trouble. For the remodeling company. And for her family also.

I was about to refuse her offer when Nanao beat me to it and gestured a thumbs up to the girl.

“Yosh! It’s decided! Where’s your house, Kanako?”

“Eh…? You’ll come to our house, Nanao?”

“Well, isn’t it better to talk to them about our situation? I plan to go with Ai. Anyone wants to go too?”

“Can I also go?”

“Of course,”

“Do you plan to go after this? I’ll tell my family.”

“Hmm, what do you think Ai? Can you go?”

The conversation continued before I knew it. I was not able to keep up with it and unknowingly let out a “Won’t it be a bother?” while feeling restless. And she immediately shook her head.

“Not at all. Ah, but there’s a chance they might refuse, okay?”

“Of course, there’s also that. But…”

“Don’t mind it, it’s not a bother, really… Actually I’ve wanted to help before, but I don’t want to become a hindrance to you, Tsukigase.”

“A hindrance?”

That was so unexpected, and I could not help blinking my eyes. There was no way someone like her would be a hindrance. However, everyone seemingly agreed with her.

As if there was a misunderstanding regarding my behavior.

When I became listless, Nanao let out a big sigh.

“You see, Ai, everyone wants to help. Since we’re going to do something interesting, don’t just monopolize it and let everyone join.”

“I’m not monopolizing anything.”

“Really? But you know, I never knew you were doing something like that.”

“Ah, I’m sorry if I wasn’t able to explain this to you…”

“That’s not it.”

Nanao extended his big hands. For a moment, I thought he was going to beat me up so I kept myself on guard, but those hands gently patted my shoulders.

“You do everything by yourself.”


“Everyone knows you’re doing your best. So, we want to help, right?”

“Yeah, that’s right!”

Someone from the class agreed with a large voice. Then came a stream of voices of what they can do to help, or apologies for not helping since Tsukigase can do anything, or admiration on the blueprint.

They did not really have to apologize. At first, I was surprised but later I realized.

Everyone said “We’ll help you” when I presented the idea. But I proceeded with the plan without telling them at all, and this troubled everybody.

I recalled what Yamabuki-senpai told me this afternoon. “Our spotlight!” and “We’re glad to help”. The senpais who told me those lines looked so pleased. I certainly felt their delight…

I don’t want to bother anyone - those thoughts were just so selfish I felt so embarrassed about my attitude.

“I’m sorry.”

“What are you apologizing for?”

Nanao asked exasperatedly.

Ah, right. I should not be apologizing.

I looked at everyone. We were all too awkward to say anything. Not everyone can be as bold as Nanao, after all. We were all trying to be considerate on each other, and then in process, we left some things unclear.

But that was not it. That was not what I want to do.

“…Thank you.”

I almost whispered, but everyone sighed with relief.

My chest felt warm with delight and contentment. This was the result I wanted. I was not wrong. I felt a smile creeping up on my face, but suddenly, something big pressed on my body.


“This is crazy! Ai, you’re soo cute!”

The moment I realized it was Nanao’s abdomen that embraced me tightly, I suddenly felt so hot I thought my whole body ignited with flames. The perfume Nanao always wore permeated from my nose up to my brain. I also felt his hard and muscular abdomen, strong arms, body temperature. I could not breathe.

“Hey Nanao, release Tsukigase. He’s stiff as rock.”

“Don’t wanna-”

“Don’t "don’t wanna” me. What’s with that cutesy line?“

Everyone was laughing but I could only hear the loud palpitations of my heart.

"Ai, you don’t hate this, right?”

He said with a playful voice, but Nanao let go of my body and met my eyes. Then, his eyes looked at me with a surprised expression. Reflexively, I pushed him and stood up. I was lost on what to do, so I ran out of the classroom to escape from Nanao’s touch.

What should I do? He would definitely think it was weird. Or maybe he noticed.

I jumped on the nearest toilet, locked the door and breathed deeply several times. I lowered my view and terrifyingly, saw the erection rising through my pants. That was humiliating.

No, no, that’s not it!

I clutched the hand that was trying to relieve my erection as I desperately tried to keep myself calm.

Nanao s kind to everyone. I’m not special to him. Don’t misunderstand his actions. I’m the one who’s weird for getting excited from his hug. Yeah, I’m the weird one.

I clenched my teeth as I tried not to get crazy about the faint smell of that perfume left in my clothes.

I like Nanao. Probably. Most likely. From the start. Always.

I know. I just didn’t want to accept it. I won’t accept it.

Nanao was my ideal person. His face, voice, cleverness, kindness. As I knew more about him, I realize he was my complete opposite.

That’s why.

I won’t get closer to him than this. Not any closer.

I breathed quietly. To calm my palpitation and to hide everything deep in my heart. It’s okay. I can do this. I will not let him notice it. I will never tell it. We will be just classmates all throughout this 1 year of his stay.

Even if that means he will end up hating me.

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I’ve been translating random stuff like this for my friend, who also loves this fandom, Danshi Koukousei Hajimete No ( 男子高校生、はじめての )! This series currently has more than 13 volumes of Japanese drama CDs, each with different pairing but all of them are going to and fro on the same High School. The profiles above are a pair in the 7th volume (第7弾 同級生とやりたい100の願望 | 7th Chapter 100 Things I want to do with my classmate)

Original picture from

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Hi! This tumblr account is mainly for my random BL talk, but I’ll most translate stuff I found in the internet. For now, I mainly translate random BL manga or report manga from Ginger Berry Records. As you can see from my layout, I also play BL games :D

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