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repeatingteens·a year agoText

i think if cyrus comes out he won’t say he likes tj yet but he definitely won’t say ‘im gay’ i think he’ll say something along the lines of ‘i don’t like girls’ but im just super excited for the coming out scene!!!!

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repeatingteens·2 years agoText

don’t come for people for worrying about disney queerbaiting. it happens way too often and it may be early but people have every right to be cautious about it bc it’s a constant thing we deal with and it’s so hard to be attactvhed to characters and have them ripped away bc being gay is too much for your show

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repeatingteens·2 years agoText

anyway what i think josh meant by those tweets is that he thought/wanted tyrus to be endgame and wanted them to be canon by saying ‘we’re dating’ but i think tyrus will be endgame but it won’t be clear. they’ll just be together a lot but never mention that they’re in a relationships bc disney and the cast love to queerbait bc they wouldn’t have half the views on this tv show if there wasn’t a gay character bc i can tell u now u wouldn’t have started watching when it aired if i new everyone was straight!

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repeatingteens·2 years agoText

bc cyrus and tj are hanging out with tj’s friends and it goes bad they’re gonna talk after at ‘that’ scene and if tj doesn’t ask cyrus to hang out alone with just them two to make up for whatever tj’s dumbass friends are into i will stop watching !

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repeatingteens·2 years agoAnswer
can i ask how old you are

i’m 17

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repeatingteens·2 years agoText

cute the promo was kinda gay. this makes me think it’s gonna be the last season so they’re saying fuck it let’s make it gay bc we’re not gonna get another promo for it rip

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repeatingteens·2 years agoText

the gag is i don’t think tj is bi but i’m not ruling it out bc literally nothing has been confirmed yet so let people headcanon him as bi it ain’t hurting you lmao y’all can kick off if he gets confirmed as gay and people are STILL calling him bi but until then step the fuck off it’s not hard

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