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I write for (as stated) dead fandoms but also small fandoms and old fandoms still kicking!! I've gotten tired of lack of content and the fact I'm always late to the party so I've decided to do it myself!! Feedback is more than appreciated!!!
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DP Going Angst Week 2021: Trust Your Gut But Mind Your Limit With Luck.
Day Two: Instinct/Obsession.
Summary: Valerie has always had good instincts. She wish she could say the same thing about luck.
   It was Valerie's instincts that tipped her off that there was something was eerily wrong with Vlad Masters and while she accepted the tools he handed her and carried out favors for him, she didn't trust him within an inch of her life.
   So, she wasn't all that surprised when Dani, the clone girl of Phantom, revealed that Vlad was actually a halfa (Valerie thought that there had to be a better name for them) and manipulative asshole.
   It had taken everything she had not to march in and blast that motherfucker in the face but Valerie had to keep her cool. She couldn't let him know she knew.
   It reminded her of, when Paulina and her were still friends, playing poker with Paulina underneath the bleachers before cheer practice. 
   Star would watch the rising tension between the two of them when they played and declared it "the most entertaining part of her day" as they aggressively exchanged stickers instead of chips.
   Valerie was good with using her instincts to guide her through her plays, when to fold and when to go all in, and it proved to do damn well.
   Though it didn't always compare to Paulina's luck. Sometimes Valerie would envy the way fate would bless her perfectly manicured hands as they drummed the concealing backs of the cards.
   Though this had a lot more at stake than stickers in a friendly game of poker. This could potentially be life or death. Valerie wouldn't show her cards too soon.
   But she knew now. She had the upper hand now. So why did this situation still itch at her?
   Valerie had tossed night after night until it had finally clicked.
   Dani was a clone, a genetic copy so if she was halfa then so was Phantom!!
   Valerie sat up right in her bed at the revelation.
   She probably went to school with them. 
   She probably knew them by name; Amity wasn't all that big after all.
   Vlad was trying to destroy –no, kill– a still partially human child for only God knows what.
   She had been unknowingly coerced into helping him.
   She felt used and enraged.
   It took more willpower than before to not barge into his mansion and even then her hands viciously twitched for her gun.
   It felt like she had set her cards a little too low and her opponent could see the tippy-top of her cards.
   She had to know who Phantom was and until then she would avoid him like the plague.
   At least that had been the plan.
   Phantom had appeared while she was patrolling.
   "You're avoiding me aren't you?" He crossed his arms and stared at her intently. "Why?" 
   Valerie frowned at him.
   "I don't owe an explanation to you g-ghost," she replied, choking at the last word because she knew it wasn't quite true. "Besides, do you want me to make attempts on your life? I mean, after-life. If so, I didn't peg you to be a masochist."
   Phantom pulled a face.
   "I'm just saying you're acting weird…. You suddenly go from wanting to annihilate me to leaving me alone. I just wanted to check in on you, I guess?"
   "Of course you did," Valerie said as she shook her head. 
   "So," he said, cocking an eyebrow.
   "Look, I have bigger things to be dealing with than you. For now," Valerie said, her threat only half-hearted.
   She could sense that Phantom knew that but he let her leave nonetheless, though she could feel his curious glance on her back as she flew away.
   Valerie's science teacher walked in with sunglasses and she instantly clocked her as hungover which was further proven when she suggested they watched a documentary on cells rather than read from the textbook. Valerie was glad that taking notes was optional because she was in no mood to do so and apparently so was everyone else as there were not-so-silent "fuck yeah"'s and fist pumps. 
   It was probably halfway through class that she decided to look over at Danny across the room. His head was propped up on his hand and he looked half asleep. 
   It was at that moment she was able to catch the light of the video turn his hair white-ish gray and have green was over his face, making his eyes look green.
   It felt like one of her cards had slipped from her hand and hit the ground.
   Valerie felt horror and shame wash over her as she finally connected the dots on who Phantom was.
   She didn't know what she wanted to do first: run over to Danny and beg for his forgiveness and understanding or punch Vlad's lights out.
   She didn't do any of those things.
   She let her head face the screen again and let her mind reel in this new information.
   Valerie had planned to finish Vlad off once and for all over the course of two weeks.
   She had carried out her duties like normal (except for making attempts at Ph- Danny's life) and in her spare time checked over her weapons again and again, all while finding entry and exit points when she reported to him.
   Valerie decided that taking Vlad out while he was sleeping was her best bet. Cowardly, but it was the only option that guaranteed success and survival.
   She went to his mansion at three AM. Vlad was definitely sleeping at the Witching Hour.
   She slipped in easily and quietly.
   Valarie treaded carefully to Vlad's bedroom and opened the doors.
   They didn't make a sound.
   Valerie approached the lump underneath the covers.
   She tore away and instantly shot at… pillows?
   She heard the soft murmur of the doors clicking behind her and an oppressive presence enter the room.
Valerie had dropped all her cards.
   Feeling the rage radiate off of him, she whipped around and shot at him before throwing the bedside lamp through the window.
   She jumped out it and summoned her hover-board and quickly turned around so she faced the window which was now a good six yards in front of her.
   Vlad in his ghost formed slipped out from it with intangibility and the expression on his face screamed murder.
   Without hesitation, Valerie shot at him and maneuvered her hover-board backwards; she watched the background behind her through her peripheral vision so she never fully took her eyes off him.
   She dodged his ecto-blasts with her instincts and even managed to clip him a few times with her gun.
   It was at this moment especially Valerie wished she had Paulina's luck.
   It felt like lava was burning in her gut. It was the hottest, most searing pain she had ever felt in her entire life.
   It was so unbearable that she barely recognized her scream as her own as she plummeted to the ground.
   When she finally hit it there was this sickening pop followed by a moist squelch. She couldn't tell what it was though as at that point she went into shock and everything mercifully went numb as her brain short-circuited from all the agony.
   And as she watched the blurry figure of Vlad descend upon her, her last thought was she wished she had apologized to Danny.
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Going Angst Week 2021: Instinct
Read: [1: birth]
Warning: Ghost Hunger
Ectoplasm was poisonous to humans. Danny knew that, it was one of the first things his parents had drilled into him when he was a kid.
If humans ingested small amounts of ectoplasm, they’d be sick but would likely be fine the next day. If they ingested large amounts of ectoplasm, they’d be rushed to the ER to get their stomach pumped, and if they didn’t make it there in time, they’d die.
Danny had accidentally eaten ectoplasm-infused cookies enough times in his childhood to be able to taste it’s gross battery-acid flavor. He’d felt enough stomach cramps from his mother’s cooking before Jazz insisted that they install a second fridge in the lab to store their samples inside of to know how much the human body hated the substance. 
Ectoplasm was poison. Period.
So then why was it that when he stared down longingly at the carnage before him, did he want nothing more than to dip his hand into the delicious pool of green and scoop it into his mouth?
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Tumblr media
yo I’m cruising in last minute for birth/creation :)
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Immortal!Danny headcanon prompt that's written a little too much like a mini drabble/ficlet at parts:
After noticing how he was aging way slower than usual, Danny had started to get worried. The worry peaked for a while when it seemed his aging had halted completely after reaching the physiology of a young adult. He started taking pictures of his friends and family members unprompted and completely out of the blue. His family thought he was finally starting to regain some family spirit, sure, that's why. His friends occasionally felt like it invaded their privacy, but whatever. His ghostly acquaintances were confused to put it lightly, but they humored the halfa.
After some years, the frequency at which Danny took pictures had declined, but he still did so regularly. It is just that now, he had been taking them during special events. Taking pictures during such events was normal right? And so people rarely questioned it anymore. The half ghost eventually seemed to have taken up painting as a new hobby. He was quite naturally gifted at it, actually. It made people wonder why he hadn't picked it up earlier. He mostly painted the faces of his loved ones.
It was surprising to Danny, really, how long it had taken said loved ones to start noticing his seemingly non existent aging process. Why had he never told anyone? He didn't really know for sure. Was it as to not alarm them? So they would not worry, or become sad upon hearing such a harsh fact. Or was it not to hurt himself more than he already had? To protect himself from the truth, believing it would hurt less as long he kept it from others. If Danny had to guess, it would probably be the latter.
When finally confronted, the beans were spilled. It became all too obvious why he had suddenly taken up event and portrait photography and portrait painting. It was so he could remember. He documented as many big events of his dear ones as he could. He documented their changes in appearance, style and whatnot, all to remember. He would not forget anything of the people who had helped and loved him the most.
And then the inevitable came. First, his parents went. He started to paint their faces more than before. Was it as to mourn his loss? Perhaps so. This happened every time another friend or family member passed. Every time someone left, he started painting them more. Eventually, painting basically took up almost all his free time. As he seemingly mourned the loss of his dear ones, he did not meet new people who could've become his new family. Not realizing such a fact.
In truth, Danny only partially painted the faces of his loved ones to mourn. The more important reason he did so was because he was afraid. He was afraid something would would happen to the pictures he had taken, printed, backed up and whatever other form of safe-keeping you could think of. If he painted then, in the slight chance his pictures would start disappearing, he could always continue making them himself. This way, he'll never forget, not even until the end of time.
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Tumblr media
more on my stupid headcanon about older danny being haunted by an increasingly outrageous/less than human teenaged ghost version of himself… identity crisis and ultimate enemy gave me so many ideas about this…
drawn while listening to @sailorleo‘s excellent fanmix and thinkin about how cool a reboot could be.. yeah!!
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If you're still up for requests, could you draw some more Danny/Valerie? Thank you ♥
Tumblr media
old request but i hope you’re still around, anon! here’s my fav ghost busters
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Can I request Vlad masters with fangs? Idk if you ever drawn him but your style is super awesome and I love coming to your blog everyday!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
vlad kind of freaks me out, hes so twofaced, i think i like him tho?
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diversity win! your friend survived the lab accident and is now something distinctly nonhuman
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Tumblr media
Going Angst Week Day 1 - Birth/Creation
This idea popped into my head, and I thought it was very funny and comedic. The picrew I used as a base is here
(It’s really good)
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Tumblr media
quick sketch of @spookberry’s ghost Sam (and darwin 🥺)
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Day 2 - Obsession/Instincts
None of them realized what had been happening at the time. Not until it was too late.
They had all woken up in cages, lost and disoriented from sleep. No longer were the walls brown and familiar, their favorite toys nowhere to be seen. This weird white room smelled too strongly of chemicals that made their noses itch and burn. Which sent Rex and Hugo into a nervous frenzy. 
Why they were in a white room? How did they get there? Where was Taylor? And more importantly…
They had done their job. They listened to Taylor and all her weird rules. They looked around their home in search of strange humans who hunted at night. Weird humans unlike all the others they had grown fond of and lived in their home. 
So why sent away? 
And where was Taylor?
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A shade of Pale: Angst week: Instincts.
This is my one shot based off my banshee headcannon. 
Phantom had been acting strange lately.
All of Amity noticed.
The little ghost was the local hero, after all.
He was usually so full of energy and bright smiles.
His puns during battles brought laughter and levity to what would otherwise be a terrifying situation.
He was the first to help if he saw someone needed it and the last to leave.
He watched over the children of Amity like they were his own siblings.
It wasn’t uncommon to find him pushing kids on swing sets or applying ice to a banged-up knee.
In the summer, Phantom would bring snow.
It was special just for his favorite town.
A way to cool everyone down during the hottest weather.
Phantom seemed to honestly care for the citizens he served. He knew almost everyone by name.
And everyone knew his.
The young ghost was a constant pillar of safety and happiness in their community.
So Amity noticed when his demeanor started to change, and he suddenly wasn’t.
He stopped showing up as much. His fights were suddenly deprived of jokes and much shorter and more violent.
Phantom stopped playing in the park and didn’t stay around to talk or hang out like he used too.
The behavior put all of Amity on edge.
Things only got worse when the wailing started.
It was loud and sorrowful.
It was depressing.
But most of all, it was scary.
Every time it was heard, something terrible happened the next day.
People died the next day.  
So far, it warned of Death by old age, but Amity was terrified that it might warn of something worse later.
Some thought the keening was causing the deaths, but no one knew for sure.
They just knew that they went to bed every night praying that they wouldn’t hear it.
Perhaps some of Amity’s citizens should have prayed harder.
Then again, for deputy Sarchie, things never seemed to go his way, even if he wanted to.
For Pete’s sake, it’s how he got stuck on the night shift in one of the most haunted cities in the world.
Ghosts were scary during the day, but they were downright terrifying at night.
They seemed less human at night. If they were ever even human, that is.
He gulped back his fear as he continued to follow the sound of the wail that had been causing havoc in his city as of late.
He was slowly sweeping the area with his flashlight.
His ectogun at the ready in case things turned ugly.
He wasn’t sure if he’d really be able to shoot if it came down to it, though.  
Even if he could, he doubted it would be aimed well with how badly he was shaking.
He was praying Phantom showed up soon.
He didn’t want to handle this on his own.
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Tumblr media
Angst week day 2 Obsession/ instinct
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1. Birth/Creation
It was beginning of something new but it felt like the end...
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
petition to give him racing stripes
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Tumblr media
going angst week 2021 | obsession/instincts
gotta satisfy that hunger somehow (:
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Going Angst Week 2021 day 1 : Birth/Creation
(TW : blood, ectoblood, wounds)
Tumblr media,
I'm going to hell with this haha
Not the most original, but i just need it to go out from my system
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The Danny Phandom really is the epitome of "it's not that deep but I've got a shovel and I'm ready to dig"
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Tumblr media
I don’t have anything for today’s angst week prompt but I do have this and I hope that compensates
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DP Going Angst Week 2021: A Mother Stores Her Love And Her Ire In Her Hands (Sometimes She Doesn't Know Which Is Which)
Day One: Birth/Creation
Summary: Maddie as always knew her hands were to create things... she never imagined herself destroying one of her creations.
   Maddie loved Frankenstein ever since she read it her freshman year of high-school.
   It was rare for Maddie at the time to not only see a woman with an interest in science (even if the science was fictional) but more specifically an interest with science relating to death. She had felt she could relate with Victor Frankenstein in his ambition and need to see his experiments through but not so much his cowardness in being unable to correct his mistakes and letting a blight such as The Creature destroy his family. 
   She would muse over what she would have done instead and how she could never make the same mistakes Victor had.
   Maddie grinned at her husband (the novelty of the word had yet to lose it's shine), Jack, as she finished unpacking the last box of their equipment.
   She placed her fists on her hips and glanced around the basement-and-soon-to-be lab proudly. 
   Jack slung his arm around her shoulders and gazed at the room with her.
   Here, over the next couple of decades, they would build their ghost hunting gear, ecto-instruments, and, more importantly, The Portal. 
   Maddie could feel the excitement quiver in her hands as she ran them across the wall. Maddie knew their purpose was to create things.
   Maddie looked down at the bundle of joy snuggled to her chest and soaked in the joy at having big, blue eyes peer up at her.
   Jack was standing by her side and Jazz, their daughter, was sitting on the hospital bed by Maddie's hip.
   "What's his name," Jazz had asked.
   "Danny," she remembered saying. "His name is Danny."
   Maddie gave her children's hands a squeeze as they crossed the street to their home. Their home.
   Maddie's upbringing was… less than exceptional. It wasn't like her parents hadn't tried because they did but Maddie and her sister had still ended up with some of their needs not being met. 
   So, it brought Maddie a certain feeling of euphoria at everything her and her husband had built for their children.
   Maddie smiled as the kids rushed to the kitchen when she opened the door, their backpacks bouncing off their backs as they ran.
   The kids were growing faster than Maddie honestly would have preferred but she was glad that they were doing so with joy alight in their eyes.
   The kids grabbed their snacks and Danny declared a race with Jazz as he bolted up the stairs. Jazz yelled her grievances as she chased him.
   Maddie shook her head and rubbed her hands together. She quite liked the life she had carved out for herself.
   Maddie sighed heavily as she placed the Fenton Finder down in front of Jack, again. 
   Jack looked up at her, exhausted.
    "It's still not working," Jack asked.
    "It's still locking onto, Danny," Maddie said, huffing out a frustrated sigh through her nose. "I don't understand, we've recalibrated it so many times so why is it still not functioning correctly!?"
    "That's what we're trying to find out here, Mads," Jack said gumly.
    Maddie rubbed at her temples.
    "Let's go to bed and take a crack at it tomorrow. Sound good?"
    Jack nodded reluctantly and stood up from his seat at the workbench.
   Jack walked in front of her and at the top Maddie turned off the lights after she looked around sullenly.
   Nothing they had invented was working correctly or at all and it was so discouraging after everything they'd done to get this far.
   The Portal laughed at her as her clenched hand closed the door.
   The family's drifting apart, Maddie thought to herself as Jazz and Danny immediately disappeared upstairs after coming home from school. 
   Maddie couldn't remember the last time all four of them were in the same room together and it felt like she was trying to hold a pound of loose sand but it kept slipping through her fingers when tried to keep them all together.
   Maddie tapped her fingers anxiously on the counter top before heading up to Danny's room and knocking on the door.
   "Danny, sweetie, can you please come downstairs and help me make dinner." She heard hesitant shuffling then she backed away when he opened the door.
   "Sure…," Danny said warily.
   Despite how tense he had been at the start, Danny had loosen up and Maddie could almost fool herself into believing the distance between them had never existed to begin with.
   Until she was reminded.
   Maddie didn't realize how fast she must have raised her hand or how much closer Danny had been than she must have realized because he flinched. He, honest to God, jerked away violently. 
   Maddie stared at him in confusion as he stuttered while asking if he could be excused.
   He ran away before she could answer. 
   Maddie leaned her back against the counter and, staring at her hands, wondered what she had done to make her own son so afraid of her.
  Maddie pressed her burning legs forward as rain poured into her vision.
   She had shot him!! Gotten Phantom right in the side!
   She couldn't wait to tell Jack, who was resting up in bed with a terrible cold, and she could just see the excitement lighting up his face in the back of her mind's eye.
   Maddie saw his spectral glow dart around a corner into an alleyway and she deftly followed.
   When she had cornered Phantom she had expected for him to be borderline feral to fight, to finally let down his too-human facade and show his true colors as the monstrous ghost he was. What she wasn't expecting was to see him turn into a terrified lump that was clutching its side on the ground that looked like her Danny with just two rings of light.
   She couldn't help but lower her ecto-gun even though her mind screamed at her to not be fooled.
   Maddie couldn't do anything but stand there as he told her about what happened with The Portal and what activities he had gotten up to in the past year.
   And she believed him. 
   How could she not? Seeing his big, blue eyes now (they were green just minutes ago. Green with ectoplasm, she reminded herself) she could never mistake anyone as the baby boy she held tightly to her chest. He wasn't lying and she knew that.
   Maddie thought of Victor Frankenstein and how he couldn't take care of the monster he had made. The monster that ripped his family apart.
   Maddie wouldn't make the same mistake.
   She lifted her gun back up and aimed right between his horrified big, blue (greengreengreengreengreengreen) eyes and shot him dead.
   The weight of it felt heavy on her chest like the heavy gun in her shaking  hands.
   Maddie didn't know if her hands would ever stop trembling or if she could ever even look at them again.
   Maddie hated the book Frankenstein.
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