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rideboldlyride·12 hours agoAnswer

You’re episode was absolutely amazing and I adored it! You helped me find Tempest in a Teacup- my idiot brain accidentally closed the tab after chapter 21 without saving it. Anyway, I was wondering if you guys could look at Mending Wounds on AO3 and Fall of the White Lotus [Zutara] on AO3 and Wattpad- they’re two of my favorite fics of all time. Again, great job with the ep and I can’t wait for the next one!

Hello, Ride here!

What a catastrophe, to loose Tempest in a Teacup without finishing! We’re so glad you found it again, and we got to help you find it again! 

We had such a fun time making this podcast, so we’re so glad you enjoyed it!! 

We’re familiar with both of those wonderful works! I (Ride) actually just finished rereading Fall of the White Lotus again. As for Mending Wounds, the author @fictionissocialinquiry is a good friend of ours! I can assure you that both of those stories are on our list; and who knows, maybe we’ll get her beautiful Aussie accent on our podcast…. ;)

Thank you so much for the ask!! We love hearing from you all!

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rideboldlyride·12 hours agoAnswer

(I've gushed over the podcast already but I'll do it again) The podcast was so cute and amazing!!!! I can't wait for the next episode! It was great to listen to before bed especially to destress and stuff, but the Zutara feels were there and y'all are absolutely adorable! Lots of love 💓 The baby of the Discord Chat aka Liya

Thank you x10 for your message! We are over the moon with the positive feedback we have gotten. It’s so fun to record and let out all our love for Zutara.

Stay tuned for more content we’ve got coming!

- Doodle

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rideboldlyride·2 days agoAnswer

title: bright oceans

(z/k, of course)

(Of course!)

Summary: It’s been five years, and yet no heir is to be found for the Fire Nation Throne. Zuko may have blown off the prying questions over his wife’s health and fertility, but Katara felt their keen gazes on her back– and some of the more bold ones, to her face– as she walked the halls, her golden flame alight in her hair. Tired and frustrated, with only a letter left behind, she sets off to search the known Spirit Oasis’ of the world looking for an answer: will she be able to offer the Fire Nation their heir? and more importantly, will she be able to bear the child that both she and Zuko wanted so badly?

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rideboldlyride·2 days agoAnswer

Fic I Won’t Write Game ask!

“if you told me I could break you (would you stay to let me mend you)”


“whatever may come (your heart I will choose)” - bc we gotta get a song lyric in there somewhere


“The Problem With Hasty Appraisals” bc I feel like this could either have regency vibes or be an Antiques Roadshow/auction house au, and I find both of those ideas singularly delightful.

How about I change all those “OR”s to “AND”s and really hate myself!!

“if you told me I could break you (would you stay to let me mend you)” 

Summary: Katara had been fighting the feeling for years; the innate connection she felt to Zuko and his distinctive heartbeat, after necessity had forced her to use bloodbending to keep him alive after the fateful Agni Kai. She knows every beat of his pulse the moment she draws near to him- every drum of blood in his veins, every hiccup in it’s pattern. 

So when, three years to the day after Sozin’s Comet, she rounds a corner in the Caldera City Palace and straight into Zuko, she can feel as his heart skips a beat and speeds up in his chest. She raises her head to apologize and see what is causing the reaction within him, when she finds his golden eyes drilling into hers.



  “whatever may come (your heart I will choose)” -  

Summary: Modern!AU, Bodyguard!AU: His father is the CEO of the world’s largest oil distributor. Such a position did not come without risks, and as such, Ozai was not one to leave himself open to attack. Even when it meant hiring a bodyguard for his useless son.

Zuko had no illusions as to his position in his father’s favor. At 25, there was no doubt that Ozai had groomed his younger sister to take over the company, and Zuko was just his liability. So when his father hired a bodyguard that stood no higher than his shoulder to watch over him, he knew the slight when he saw it.

Spending most of his hours drinking or partying (or both) away his life, he reveled in the freedom. Until one day, after heavily indulging in all the vices, he gazed up from the random couch he was trying to pass out on, and met the young woman’s deep seablue eyes. 

“You like me.”

“You’re an idiot.”


“I like the paycheck.”

“Yeah, but you like me too.”

A scoff escaped her lips, but she offered no countermand. 

“Knew it. You’re nice.”

Her sea-eyes rolled in their socket before turning away, and he smirked. But the roll of her eyes had reminded him of the party yacht they had just escaped, and he quickly turned, expelling all of the toxins he had brought into his body. Vaguely, he heard her huff out a sigh.



“The Problem With Hasty Appraisals”

(ooh, anon I like your ideas about Regency AU)

Summary: She’s taken to writing Sokka. It’s been a challenge for her, her brother who she loved so dearly living so far away. London was so far away, and his life so caught up in the military that she rarely heard back from him. Her joy was exponential when she received the letter of his return, until on her second read, she noticed that he would not be returning alone. 

Mr. Sozin was returning too. 

Zuko Sozin, the heir to the Sozin fortune. Zuko, the quiet reserved friend of Sokka’s from shared time in boarding school.

Zuko, who had broken her heart in Bath not four years prior.

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rideboldlyride·2 days agoAnswer

Fic title ask: “freeze me, thaw me” for some ~dramatic~ zk vibes ✌🏻


Zuko has tried– really tried– to push her from his mind, but as the years progress, he finds that she’s really all he wanted. And the thought is paralyzing, immobilizing. 

How much worse, then, is it when she shows up on his private beach on Ember Island, dancing in the waves like the spirits-blessed force of tides and ice that she is?

aka- Katara’s angry at the spirits for their meddling, Zuko is awe-struck, and where fire and ice meet, steam happens.

(this sounds about as generic as they come, I’m sorry! I wrote the first thing that came to mind, and my brain is using this for warming up. My dear anon, I’m sorry I suck. ❤)

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rideboldlyride·2 days agoText



The Fic I won’t write game

Send me a ship and a fic title, and I’ll post a summary of the fic with that title I won’t write.

(Original game started by the puckurt comm mods here)

I need a warm up tonight– give me asks with your fic titles!!

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rideboldlyride·2 days agoText


Don’t forget to send me dialogue prompts- and please feel free to reblog and share this wherever!! I’ll be more than happy to have too many prompts. XD


UPDATE: I figured out what I want to do!!

SEND ME CONVERSATION/DIALOGUE STARTERS. I mean, tragedy, comedy, fluff, angst- I need a straight line or two of dialogue.

Out of what you guys send, I’ll pick 4 and write a quick drabble/one shot off of them. 1 prompt for every 100. I’ll try to do at least one from every fandom I’ve majored in. XD



Well, that’s a first! 👀

Okay, I have no idea what to do with this milestone, but I’m open for ideas, you lovely people!! I had not planned for this, and just happened to see it pop up on my screen, sooo comment/reblog with ideas for how we can celebrate this insane milestone…

I’m just blown away that there are 400 people that want to sit through my crazy reblogs or read my half-awake writings!!

In a day or two, I’ll announce what I’m going to do!! ❤️

Thank you, all you beautiful people!!

So please, go fill my inbox, and who knows? Maybe I’ll get inspired and write more…. 🤔

I’m going to keep taking prompts until tomorrow, so you’ve got some time!

Okay guys!! I’ve chosen my four (you angsty buggers are the worst best) and I promise to get these done as soon as I finish my Big Bang piece completed (hopefully tonight). Sorry for the delay- between the podcast and the big bang, let alone the life stuff, this got away from me for a short bit. You’ll see these soon!!

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rideboldlyride·2 days agoPhoto


”The Fire Lord and the Southern Water Tribe Ambassador sure are chummy lately…”

I have this headcanon (and I’m sure others do too) that Zuko and Katara have a lot of inside jokes/similar sense of humor from being friends for so long, and the Fire Nation nobles and officials are like… gee, they sure get along. I don’t know what they’re laughing about, but I just love the lead up to Zuko and Katara getting together being rife with Ambassador/Fire Lord flirtation, so I thought I’d do a quick grayscale sketch for that idea. Sorry it’s not like, super polished looking, but just had to get the idea of them laughing together as they leave a meeting out of my head. n.n 

Please do not repost or use without permission, thanks.

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rideboldlyride·5 days agoText


Every time I receive a comment saying “I don’t usually comment, but I really love your story”, I think:

“I really, truly appreciate you went out of your way for me this time; but I would really, truly appreciate it, too, if you left seemingly small comments more often.
It’s not that I need my ego stroked, it’s just that I am human. I can’t read people’s mind to tell if their engagement with my story was just for leaving kudos the one time permitted and go. I can’t tell whenever someone comes back to read the most recent chapter, or if they even want to keep reading my story up till the end. I need them — (you) — to tell me that.
Truth is, I don’t see this story the way you see it. For me, this is exposing how unskilled I am in an art that I truly love, it’s the most incoherent thoughts that form themselves inside my head, just my most quirky, strangest self in general. I live with the knowledge that there are millions of people doing their own stories with these same characters and within this same universe, and I’m constant doubt about whether they are better than me at it, if my stories are even necessary if theirs are already out there. Commenting alone is telling me my story made you feel something. For me, it is very comparable to say you would miss me if I was gone, that what I have to say matters. It doesn’t only inspires me to write this one fanfiction, but to push my writing career further. If my words matter to you, then yours matter to me.”
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rideboldlyride·5 days agoPhoto


A wee peak of what I’m working on for chapter 18. This isn’t going to be an easy ride, just a heads up.

You give us this beautiful lead in and then… Add a dash and tell us that it’s not going to be an easy ride. I knew you were evil, Meg, but this….

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rideboldlyride·6 days agoPhoto












me @ AO3

You wanna know a secret tho? You can.

You can leave as many as you want and it’ll show up. I’ll see your name four times in the kudos list when you clicked it four times. That little note is just there to remind you that you’ve already done it.

wait whAT



oh my god???

If nothing else, it shows up in the kudos email. For example:


Wait, WHAT?!





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