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The name Tumblr is derived from "Tumblelogs", which were hand coded multimedia blogs.

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Me brushes my hair: *too much hair falls off*

Me washes my hair: *too much hair falls off*

Me puts conditioner on: *too much hair falls off*

Me puts hair oil: *too much hair falls off*

Me sits down and brushes my hand through my hair: *too much hair falls off*

Me: Okay, what the fuck? How the fuck am I not bald?! There’s more hair on the floor than on my head.

I swear I shed more than my dog at this point

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Enough of that boy drama! He’s some pictures of my dog laying on me during my zoom calls

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I feel really dumb. When my boyfriend left for Oregon I was sad of course, but I guess it didn’t hit me that he’s going into a whole new world. I kinda thought to myself that there wasn’t going to be that much of a change on our relationship since because of Covid we couldn’t see each other any way. But boy was I wrong! We couldn’t really call because he doesn’t like to call people while his roommate is there which I totally understand, but his roommate doesn’t really leave because once again Covid so he doesn’t want to be out unless he has to, once again I totally understand! Then there’s the 2 hour time difference which speaks for itself. We went to doing weekly FaceTimes to tonight being the first I’ve heard him talk since he’s been there. So about a month. We finally got to talk tonight and I was so excited but once I picked up that phone and heard him start talking I felt overwhelmed and so very very stupid. I didn’t realize how much I missed him until he started talking about things that were his new world and I felt like ours was so old. Which I get because he’s going through new experiences and I support him of course but I guess there was this small part of me that didn’t think anything would change which was pretty stupid because none of this was unexpected when we got together we both knew he would be leaving but I guess I didn’t expect it to hit me this hard. I know this is all really random but this all just happened and I needed to rant a bit

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Just a heads up

I’m probably going to post a lot of kinda “reminiscing” stuff here tonight instead of memes because it just hit me hard that my boyfriend leaving tomorrow so probably not a lot of memes for a bit on here

Sincerely ya boi,


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A lesson that we can’t afford not to be taught.

let’s spread this again and again and again

No means no. Listen to what comes out of someone’s mouth first.

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Reblog to have something good happen at 1:42 tomorrow

I’ll be out in the woods shooting photos with a friend so now I’m intrigued

So I was scrolling through and thought I’d give an update because this actually did work! That day we went hiking we came across a waterfall and we had checked the time and conveniently enough the time was 1:40 and he went and sat next to me and soon enough we started to cuddle we confessed our feelings for each other and that was the day we started to date and now we’ve been together for a little over 8 months!

Pretty spooky coincidence but I’m glad it happened 💛

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8.16.20. USA

In major cities across the country, mailboxes are being removed or locked.

👆🏼At the same time, FedEx is halting deliveries to Black neighborhoods in Chicago.

The new changes come from Trump’s appointed Postmaster General, Louis DeJoy, justifying the cuts as cost-saving.

Ask yourself why any public service should operate as a business.

Ask yourself why this country centralizes power to allow for 1 person to destroy an entire public service. Why does the presidency exist and why should they have this power?

Welp there goes my plan to send my boyfriend letters when he moves to Portland

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Love that in a lot of classic literature people just “randomly” fall ill but bro their homes were stacked to the roof with arsenic and asbestos and lead and radium of course they were sick all the time.

And then they’re like “we took my ill wife to the seaside and her condition improved remarkably” and it’s like Edward your house has seven time bombs in it please just leave your wife at the seaside and she’ll do very well not getting mesothelioma.

Edward your wife may be entitled to financial compensation

Like Victorian homes had so much arsenic in them. SO MUCH ARSENIC.

Gotta have that green (arsenic) wallpaper and furniture! And the pewter (lead) cups! Nothing like those gas (phosgene) lamps!

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normal brain: I’m a ‘90s kid

big brain: I was born in the late nineteen hundreds

giant brain: I arose from the final years of the 20th century



I was born in the late nineteen hundreds

only nineteen hundreds kids will remember these

galaxy brain: I was brought into this world amongst the dying breaths of the second millennium AD, and grew amidst the warmth of its ashes

born some decades before the Calamity

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Due to Reasons (“reasons” being a catastrophic lack of executive function and also just kick-you-in-the-pants depression and ALSO a pretty much ignored case of delayed sleep phase disorder) I have a lot of difficulty maintaining a routine so if I may (as someone who has experienced psychosis exacerbated by lack of sleep before) share a tip:

I’ve got a sideblog where I post pictures of the sky that I take every day just to make sure that at some point I’m up and around and experiencing daylight and it’s much more simple and low-impact and low-stress than trying to do a daily drawing or to write or contact people or even brush my teeth or take my meds each day.

“take a photo between x and y time each day” or “take a photo of X changeable location at Y time each day (view from your window at 3pm? 3am? so long as it’s the same time it works)” is a decent, achievable first step to building a routine if you don’t know where else to start.



fyi to yall in quarantine whos grasp on reality is getting a little slippery: isolation, intense boredom, stress and lack of positive routine are absolutely contributing factors to exacerbating psychosis and psychosis-adjacent disorders, even latent ones. im not saying this to fearmonger im saying it so u can recognise it and take steps to handle it especially if it induces your first ever episode.

some warning signs can include

  • starting to believe unusual things that you previously did not believe (e.g. living in a simulation / you or others around you not being real / secretly being in hell or dead / otherworldly beings communicating with you somehow / government conspiracies / everyone around you is out to get you and harboring ill intent)
  • seeing things youre pretty sure arent there (e.g. shadow people, floating lights, stationary objects moving on their own, animals in a house that doesnt have pets)
  • hearing things (e.g. murmured voices, occasional clear and loud voices, faint music, scratching sounds, any without a source)
  • feeling a sense of dread or generalised paranoia, a sense that you are being watched or that something terrible is looming on the horizon but you dont know what
  • having extra trouble putting your thoughts in order and speaking coherently, cannot concentrate, space out to the point of feeling slightly catatonic

those most at risk are anyone with a family history of this vein of mental illness as well as those using certain drugs to get through the tedium of quarantine - if this is you, its best to research whether the substances youre using have documented links to triggering episodes of psychosis in users. weed is included in this, not just psychoactive drugs.

here are some steps you can take to get a handle on the situation if your grasp on reality is slipping like this and you cant access irl mental health resources.

  • have a routine. this is vitally important - you need structure. set an alarm for a specific time every day, even though you have nowhere to be. give yourself a bedtime. eat 2 meals a day, at least, at regular times.
  • leave the house. no, i dont mean Go Out, just be outside for a while every day or two. go for a walk if you can. stand outside your house for 15 minutes paying attention to the cars and the birds and the breeze and the clouds if you cant. really observe your surroundings. get sunlight.
  • on that note - let as much natural light into your house as possible during waking hours. your circadian rhythm needs it.
  • take up some form of hobby that requires physical engagement - whether thats journaling, drawing, making origami, gardening, cooking. the point of this is to ground yourself in your body and the world around you, have an affect on your surroundings, and stimulate your brain.
  • dont dwell on your delusions, hallucinations or distressing trains of thought if you can help it. that isnt to say “snap out of it and just dont have symptoms”, but rather accept them without either judging them or overindulging in them. observe them as they happen, accept that they happen, and let it go, if you can. you may not be able to control the experiences, but you can control how you react to them, and the best case scenario is not allowing them to overwhelm your thoughts and your days. this is much easier said than done, especially if the experiences are distressing in nature, but the aim is to sever the feedback loop that causes further stress and thus further bad extrasensory experiences.

this is honestly just a basic surface scratch of advice though bc im by no means an expert, just someone w latent psychosis who used to work in the field for a while. there are tons of resources online by others who have experienced psychosis that can be a huge help if u think you might be at risk due to the stress, boredom and uncertainty of quarantine

@mumblingsage added:  #this is probably the first time I’ve ever seen actionable advice for handling psychosis#I don’t see if OP mentioned getting yourself a sleep schedule but please try to do so if you can#lack of sleep will make everything worse 

(also scrolling back through the sky photos is very soothing and a good way to internalize the passage of time and the reality of the world I’m living in and keeping it going even when I miss a day is a good lesson in telling my depression and perfectionism to shut completely the fuck up)

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AU where everything is the same except Remus Lupin is played by John Mulaney

Third Years: Snape is making us do an essay on werewolves


Thinking back on his Marauder days:

When he’s all moody before the full moon

when james and sirius come up with an idiotic prank but remus is too done to stop them

Teaching the kids about Defence Against Dark Arts

When Snape asks if he knows anything about the Marauders Map:

when they’re all trying to make the marauder’s map

*Marauders set off dungbombs in Slytherin Commonroom*

McGonagall: Mr. Lupin? You and your friends wouldn’t have anything to do with what happened in the dungeons, would you?


*at the DADA job interview*

Dumbledore: why do you want this job?


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Day 22+23

My talented friend Mercy wrote this poem detailing her experiences as a Samoan American. She can be found on IG and Twitter, and here’s a bonus link to one of her many spoken word pieces.

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Every time I see a post about updog I’m torn between not wanting to fall for it and wanting to help the poster complete their joke.

okay but what’s updog ?

Updog is a long sausage in a bun often served with ketchup, mustard, onion e, and/or relish.

No, that’s a hotdog. An updog is when a new version or patch of an application is released

You’re thinking of update. Updog is when you end a sentence with a rising intonation.

No, that’s uptalk.  You’re thinking of the fourth-largest city in Sweden.

surely that’s Uppsala, whereas Updog is the giant spider in Harry Potter.

That’s Aragog. Updog is a symbol conventionally used for an arbitrarily small number in analysis proofs

You’re thinking of epsilon. Updog is an upward-moving air current.

no that’s an updraft

updog isn’t a noun at all, it’s a verb; it basically means to chew someone out, or harshly lecture them

No, that’s upbraid. An updog is a small dog that likes cuddling on people’s laps.

No that’s a puppydog. An updog is when the Mets win.

No that’s an upset. An updog is the modern version of a henway.

What’s a henway?

Oh, about 5 pounds.


this post pushed me down the stairs and stole my firstborn child

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It’s Time Traveler Tony! You can only reblog him once a year!

This has been in my queue since last year!

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