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rodimusprime2017·a month agoText

My Tumblr has turned 3 years old. Thanks to everyone who has followed me since day one.

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rodimusprime2017·6 months agoText


Real Name: Holden Price Goldstein

Alias(es): Holden Goldstein, Uni-X, The Bat, King Of The Monsters, The Equalizer, Mike Lowry, The Shapeshifter, Detective Goldstein, The Living Nightmare, True Alpha, Earth’s Greatest Defender, Bravo 0-6.

Species: Human

Citizenship: American

Gender: Male

Date of Birth: 3rd July 2002

Affiliation: S.H.I.E.L.D, Avengers, S.W.O.R.D.

Status: Alive.


Portrayed by: Mitchell Hope.

Appearances: Captain America: The Winter Soldier(Mentioned), Captain America: Civil War, Spider-Man Homecoming, Black Panther(Cameo), Avengers: Infinity War, Captain Marvel, Spider-Man Far From Home(Cameo) Black Widow(Mentioned).

“Those circus freaks brought the war to us four years ago. Jesus dad, count the dead, tens. What’s next? Thousands? How many good guys are left? I’m gonna stay that way.”

- Holden Goldstein to Dean Goldstein

Holden Price Goldstein, also known as Uni-X is a Palisades Charter High School student, an Avenger, and the leader of Goldstein pack in Los Angeles. He was raised alongside his sister, Tessa by his father, Dean and his mother, Samantha who unfortunately died during the battle of New York. Causing Holden to have a hatred towards the Avengers.

In 2013, while Holden was on a school trip to Cairo, Egypt with his best friend; Blake Williams, a magnitude eight earthquake struck, levelling the city as the two teenagers were among some of the survivors. The earthquake also caused a massive sinkhole to open, causing Holden to stumble across Ahmanet’s tomb and the Universatrix. Using his new found powers, Holden went against the Forever Knights and Albedo as he tried to terroform Earth.

Over the next two years, Holden used the Universatrix’s aliens, dinosaurs, monsters and Transformers to fight evil while gaining new forms, new enemies and new allies. In 2015, during the Ultron Offensive on Sokovia, Holden was on-site as he was helping civilians before witnessing the Avengers’ destruction first hand. Due to that, Holden begins his one-man war against the Avengers and created the bat legend of Chicago.

When the Sokovia Accords was announced, Holden travelled to London to help stop a terrorist attack on Piccadilly Circus and attended Peggy Carter’s funeral to enlist help tracking down stolen chemical gases. He finally got his revenge by defeating nearly all of the Avengers before travelling with Sharon Carter to Russia, and with the help of Nikolai, captured Helmut Zemo who was responsible for the Avengers Civil War, the stolen chemical gases and the attack on Piccadilly Circus.

Holden then travels to New York where h encounters illegal activities of the Vulture, who was attempting to sell his Chitauri  based weapons onto the black market. He then proceeds to help Spiderman on two occasions, at the Washington Monument and the Ferry. After Tony Stark takes his suit, Holden makes Peter Parker a new one before helping him with Liz Toomes. Eventually, Holden discovers the Vulture is Liz’s father as he has a brawl with Frenzy, an alien assassin sent to kill him. Peter turns down Holden’s offer to become a SHIELD agent as Holden leaves for home.

Holden then encounters Professor Timeline who recruits him for an important mission. After explaining that the dreams were in fact visions of the near future, Timeline sends him back in time to 1995.

Not long after Holden arrives, Carol Danvers arrives on Earth and began recalling her past, with help from him, Nick Fury and Maria Rambeau. Danvers had then also discovered that Yon-Rogg and the Kree Empire had been manipulating her for years, learning from Tslos that the Skrulls were merely seeking to find a new home. With this information, Danvers unlocked her true powers and defeated the Kree invasion on Earth that was being led by Ronan The Accuser, before setting off out to the far reaches of the galaxy to finish what her late mentor Mar-Vell had previously started while Holden returned back to his timeline.

Holden gets pulled into the Avengers conflict when Thanos and his forces mobilize to collect the six Infinity Stones. Finally, putting past aside, he helps Earth’s Mightiest Heroes by spearheading the battle codenamed Operation Warlock. Despite Iron Man and his team failing on Titan, it was Holden who was the real as he outsmarted and defeated the mad titan, the Black Order, and his armies. This proved Holden worthy as he became the bearer of the Ultimate Biomnitrix.

Holden is now a member of the Avengers and operates out of Los Angeles to protect his city and world from threats the Avengers can’t deal with.



“Your powers and your suit doesn’t make you an Avenger. It’s how you use them with creativity that matters.”

- Holden to Peter Parker.

Expert in Hand-To-Hand Combat - Holden is highly experienced in every form of hand-to-hand combat known to mankind. It comes in handy when he has to get his hands dirty as Holden is able to switch hand-to-hand combat styles quicker then his opponent can adapt.

Ace Pilot - Holden’s experience with his flying forms and military aircraft has made him one of the best pilots in the world. He can fly aircraft including Quinjets, Helicopters, Cargo Planes and Fighter Jets.

Tactician - Holden is an excellent strategist thanks to Optimus Prime and Megatron. He is able to formulate battle strategies and his brilliant tactical sense allows him to alter near any strategy to fit the changing needs of the situation.

Expert Engineer - Holden is extremely talented and prolific engineer who is able to fix stuff without the use of an instruction manual. He’s also known to create stuff for his forms including nanotechnology for Ultimate Optimus Prime and a vibranium shield for Killmonger.

Expert Marksman - Holden can throw and shoot with deadly accuracy and is well-versed in the use of weapons including guns, missiles and projectiles. Holden also has knowledge of a vast array of US Military weaponry.

Master Spy - Aside from being one of the strongest heroes in the universe, Holden is skilled in espionage, intelligence gathering, stealth, infiltration and sabotage.

Master Acrobat - Holden’s training and experience has made him a very skilled acrobat, and has shown expertise in utilizing parkour and air attacks.

Detective - Thanks to his experience as Killmonger(Yautja) and his time at the Los Angeles Police Department, Holden has become one of the best detectives in the world who specialises in all kinds of crime including murder and attacks.


“What did I tell you? Never come empty handed.”

- Holden to Sharon Carter.

Universatrix - Holden gained the Universatrix after opening Ahmanet’s sarcophagus and bonded with his DNA. Over four year, it evolved from a gauntlet to a metallic watch. It helps Holden fight evil and crime in Los Angeles. After the Battle of Earth, the Universatrix would later then be taken by Azmuth after passing the test.

Ultimate Biomnitrix - The Ultimate Biomnitrix is a more powerful version of the Universatrix with the Ultimatrix included. Holden gains it after defeating Thanos in which he gains more forms but also has the ability to fuse two forms together. Holden now uses it to defend Earth.

Grappling Gun - With his genius in engineering and inspiration from Batman, Holden creates a gas-powered grappling gun to help him disappear quickly and reach very high places. After getting the Ultimate Biomnitrix, Holden integrates the same grappling technology into the Ultimatrix.


Cybertronian Gun - A sword and gun weapon held in Lockdown’s armoury. When Holden and Blake to go rescue Carol Danvers from the bounty hunter, Holden steals one of his guns as it bullets can hurt Lockdown, Kree, even Thanos got a taste of cybertronian bullets. Holden has since made modifications including laser sight and scope.

ACR - After completing his SHIELD training, Holden uses the ACR when he can’t transform or for stealth missions. Holden upgrades it with a scope, laser sight, grenade launcher, long barrel, and extended magazine for all kinds of stealth missions.



“Los Angeles. California. Home of celebrities, beaches and Arkham Asylum. Not the one from DC Comics. But think of Los Angeles as our very own Gotham. Something like that.”

- Holden to Gamora.

Goldstein Residence - The Goldstein Residence is the home to Dean, Tessa and Holden. When Dean moved from London, he chose this house in Burbank. Holden gets visits from cousins, friends and some members of the the Avengers even turn up at his door. Holden uses his room as his base of operations.

Palisades Charter High School - Holden, Blake Williams and Sophia Petrova go to Palisades Charter near Santa Monica in Los Angeles as students. It also had a Lacrosse team which is led by Holden as captain and coached by Coach Shiba.

Los Angeles Police Department - Dean Goldstein’s workplace. Holden comes by every so often to during investigations to bring lunch on weekends.

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rodimusprime2017·6 months agoText

I’ve just realized something…

Since Mitchell Hope plays both Ben from Descendants and my oc; Holden Goldstein from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I figured there’s a crossover looking at me in the face. So here’s the idea…

Ben mysterious disappears after the fight with Audrey. Mal is nervous and scared, hoping that her boyfriend is okay as Ben’s disappearance takes a toll on everyone at Auradon. When is Ben is discovered to be in Los Angeles, the Vks race to rescue him and bring him home. But Ben is different. He’s better, stronger, smarter, more powerful and more terrifying. He’s not Ben. He’s something else…..

What do you think of the idea?

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rodimusprime2017·8 months agoAnswer

Awesome! Anymore OCs you got?

Nope. Just him.

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rodimusprime2017·8 months agoAnswer

Okay, now I want to know more about Holden. I love me some OCs!

I’m doing an MCU wiki on him.

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rodimusprime2017·8 months agoAnswer

That's a cool concept! And I was kind of picturing Holden in different story scenarios with his story remaining the same, basically.

That’s why he’s literally ran to 2020, two years before whatever caused the apocalypse to happen. Fix the past to fix the future. I can’t tell you who because it keeps the reader guessing who was responsible.

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rodimusprime2017·8 months agoAnswer

What if Holden teamed up with the future son/daughter of Supergirl?

I don’t know because in the first chapter of the New Avenger, basically nearly all the heroes in future are dead.

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rodimusprime2017·8 months agoText

Being the host of a symbiote and dating Holden Goldstein would include….

My OC; Holden Goldstein is played by Mitchell Hope.

  • You and Riot, a symbiote finally had enough of San Francisco and decide to have a change of scenery.
  • Getting transferred to Palisades Charter High School in Los Angeles, home of Arkham Asylum and the infamous bat.
  • Your first encounter with Holden Goldstein was an awkward one. You accidentally ran into him between classes. Riot called him a pussy.
  • When lunchtime came around, Sophia Petrova properly introduced you to Holden.
  • Though he was nicknamed to King of the Monsters, he was actually very nice and caring too.
  • That’s when everything took off.
  • Holden helping you with your studies.
  • Dealing with his everyday hero stuff.
  • Holden tells you some his adventures and his battles.
  • And showing him some of his forms.
  • Helping Holden with some of his investigations after finding out what each coloured string represent.
  • Some of Holden’s dates included trips to the Cinema, The Hub, and literally anything to do with fun.
  • Awkward first kiss.
  • Forehead kisses.
  • All kinds of kisses really.
  • Holden eventually finds out about your symbiote, but you explain everything to him before he goes full batman.
  • Being part of his group of friends.
  • Getting along with Holden’s dad, and him accepting and loving you.
  • Having a great relationship with Blake Williams, Sophia Petrova and the Runaways.
  • Joining him on several patrols and adventures.
  • Both having each other’s backs.
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rodimusprime2017·10 months agoAnswer

Ya should. You did pretty good my friend.

Who would you date and why. Mine would be Nina Dobrev aka Zatanna because she does magic and she’s hot too.

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rodimusprime2017·10 months agoAnswer

I saw your love of monsters and figured it was something you'd enioy. Also, crossing with another set of headcanons, sometimes a young girl with a symbiote joins the Young Justice crew.

I’m working on something to do with symbiote involved.

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rodimusprime2017·10 months agoAnswer

I especially loved the recent set of headcanons for the Titans and Young Avengers. Mostly because it brings to mind a personal Multiverse Earth concept: An Earth where Marvel & DC heroes operate.

I love the titans and young avengers cast that I’ve done.

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rodimusprime2017·10 months agoAnswer

Have you seen Venom at all, yet?

No. I have seen Captain Marvel(Brilliant Film) and Avengers Endgame twice(Epic and emotional) this year at the cinema.

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rodimusprime2017·10 months agoAnswer

Hey! I love your work! Requests still open?


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rodimusprime2017·10 months agoAnswer

And, BTW, could you show my what monsters the reader has as their alternate forms? For either the Young Justice/Young Avengers imagine or Reader having the DC/Marvel equivalent of the Omnitrix.

Will do.

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rodimusprime2017·a year agoText

Imagine being a Shapeshifter and joining the Young Justice team.

A/N: I love the fancast I did for the Titans and the rest of the Young Avengers.

  • You were taken from your parents by HYDRA at a very young age, and was experimented on.
  • Your blood was messed up and now had the DNA of different titans, and monsters.
  • Then at the age of fifteen, the Avengers raided the facility you were in, and you seized your opportunity to escape. Your first transformation was Future Predator(Don’t know how they got it’s DNA.), and you massacred any HYDRA soldier in sight.
  • Luckily, Iron Man found you feasting on a dead person and managed to calm you down. He then brought you to the other Avengers.
  • After returning with you to the Avengers Compound, Professor Hulk analysed your DNA, your transformations can happen by thought and anger.
  • With SHIELD and CADMUS bearing down on you, Tony Stark had a proposition for you. You would join the Young Justice team in a couple of weeks, he said and I quote ‘They could be your new family.’
  • In the days before meeting the YJ team, you were nervous. Who are they? What are they like?
  • The YJ team were completely shocked when Iron Man flies in, with Rodan behind him, it wasn’t just a rumor. Being more shocked when it’s a girl who’s been causing all the monster sightings.
  • “Team, this is Y/N L/N. She’ll be joining you from today onwards.”
  • Miss Martian and Teddy Altman greeting you straight away.
  • Barbara Gordon and Harley Keener studying each monster you have in your DNA, and you tell them a story about each creature.
  • Movie, basketball or American football night twice a week, you’re more of a voice of reason when it came to choosing one of the three.
  • Exchanging stories about missions, travels and adventures as well as some life lessons you’ve all learnt on each of them.
  • Kamala Khan thinking up many fanfictions about you on Wattpad.
  • Jaime Reyes and Tim Drake flirting with you on friendly terms.
  • Kara Danvers, and Zatanna being your best friends as well as Morgan Stark, who turns out to be Tony’s daughter.
  • Thea Queen and Cassie Lang loving the fact that they now have an actual monster on the team.
  • Bonding with Aqualad over the knowledge of the titans which have been around millions of years, and the hollow earth theory.
  • Group outings to random places, mostly city landmarks or theme parks.
  • If you get a mission that involves giant monsters, everyone while fight to be your partner. Even William.
  • Having each other’s backs both on the field and off it. Actually the team are your new family who’d you trust with your own life.


Steven R. McQueen - Dick Grayson/Nightwing|Jesse Usher - Kaldur/Aqualad|Dylan O'Brien - Tim Drake/Robin|Willa Holland - Thea Queen/Speedy|Zoey Deutch - Barbara Gordon/Batgirl|Robbie Amell - Connor Kent/Superboy|Dylan Sprayberry - Wally West/Kid Flash|Anna-Sophia Robb - Cassandra Sandsmark/Wonder Girl|Tyler Posey - Jaime Reyes/Blue Beetle|Ryan Potter - Garfield Logan/Beast Boy|Katherine McNamara - Megan/M'gann ’M'orzz/Miss Martian|Nina Dobrev - Zantana Zatara/Zatanna|Candice Accola King - Kara Zor-el/Kara Danvers/Supergirl.

Katherine Langford - Morgan Stark/Rescue|Ty Simpson - Harley Keener/Iron Lad|Nick Robinson - William Kaplan/Wiccan|Emma Fuhrmann - Cassandra Lang/Stature|Cody Christan - Teddy Altman/Hulkling|Arden Cho - Kate Bishop/Hawkeye|Camila Mendes - Kamala Khan/Ms Marvel|Jaeden Lieberher - Kid Loki.

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