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romaisamaria · 2 days ago


Nesta/Az Friendship Theory

I come to you with another head cannon/crack theory for ACOSF.

The SJM lives have given us a few clues about the upcoming Nesta/Az bromance. We know that both characters will “recognise something within each other” and Nesta will “see through most of Azriel’s secrets

Now I started pondering over Azriel’s secrets, and how they could connect to Nesta, and I came up with my most “out there” theory yet.

Will Nesta interact with Azriel’s mother in ACOSF?

It’s been hinted that she is still alive. Many readers had speculated that the mysterious female on Rosehall is actually the mother. A quick refresher for those who haven’t read/blocked out ASOFAS.

Rhysand & Az are discussing solstice plans. Rhys asks the Spymaster when he plans to “visit her in Rosehall” and wants Az to give this currently-unknown character a gift on his behalf.


Now the lovely and talented @romaisamaria pointed out that both Rhysand’s and Azriel’s mother knew each other, possibly before their children were born. If the mysterious female is indeed Azriel’s mother, it seems likely that Rhys is would want to send her a gift out of respect of their mother’s friendship.


Now you’re probably thinking to yourself: Starky, what does this have to do with Nesta?

SJM stated that Nesta is going to see through Az’s secrets. Right now the biggest  secret us readers are aware of is Rosehall’s mysterious resident. I highly doubt SJM would drop breadcrumbs about Rosehall if she didn’t intend for them to pay off in ACOSF.

So will the mother make a guest appearance in ACOSF? Will she the figure that unites Az and Nesta in friendship? After all, both characters were abused growing up (Az physically & Nesta through neglect), so it’s not the biggest stretch to picture Mama Az’s maternal instinct kicking in to include Nesta.  Do I just want to see some parental character show Nesta a hint of kindness (spoiler alert: yes).

It’s a bit of a stretch and purely speculation, but there isn’t much else to do until the February release. 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️

Do you have any other theories on the Rosehall’s mystery woman, or Az’s next big plot?  Sound off in the comments. 

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romaisamaria · 24 days ago

I know SJM said that Mr Brightside reminds her somehow to Azriel but the lyrics has nothing to do with him… just the melody and the mood.

But all I can see and hear is Azriel singing while watching Mor and Cass flirt…. so…..

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romaisamaria · 46 days ago

In Acomaf, when the golden Queen leaves the other book under her chair for Rhys and the rest to find it, when the book started to speak… it said:

Hello, lady of the night, princess of Decay. Hello, fanged beast and trembling fawn.

So am I correct to assume that the book was saying hello to the Archeron sisters and Rhysand?

Lady of the Night: Feyre

Princess of Decay: Nesta

Fanged Beast: Rhysand

Trembling fawn: Elain

We have seen multiple times how they sometimes get described in that sort.

Feyre as High Lady (or consort) of the Night Court.
Nesta as her powers might be Death.
Rhysand as he always commented how he hated the beast side of him.
Elain as the Suriel once described her in Acowar when Feyre asked Elain to look for him. “You sent the trembling fawn to find me”.
Or when Azriel gave Elain truth-teller, Feyre say the painting in her mind as “The lovely fawn, blooming spring vibrant behind her. Standing before Death”.
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romaisamaria · 74 days ago


Cassian’s solstice gift theory

There has been a lot of speculation on the contents of Cassian’s solstice gift to Nesta in ACOFAS, and I wanted to toss my own theory into the ring.

First I wanted to talk about popular theories, and why I think they they got it wrong.

One of the more popular theories has Cassian gifting Illyrian Siphons to Nesta to help control her magic. While I like the intent behind it, I don’t think that’s likely, considering chapter 16 of ACOMAF tells us Siphons are created specially for Illyrian magic. Nesta is both High Fae and made, so I don’t believe they would be effective for controlling her power.

Another theory tossed around a lot is jewelry. Now, it while it is common for jewelry to be gifted in ACOTAR, I don’t think this is the case as Nesta doesn’t habitually wear jewelry. She’s often described as being unadorned. Even Feyre noted that Nesta wearing jewelry was akin to putting jewelry on a lion (ACOMAF chapter 41)

So, what do we actually know about the gift? It took Cassian months to track it down, he wanted to give it to her privately, and it was small enough to fit into a box. So after considering the details for a while, I think I’ve cracked the code.

I believe Cassian was planning on gifting Nesta one of her father’s small carvings. We know that some are still out in the mortal world. Papa Archeron used to widdle as a hobby and managed to sell a few for a meagre amount, basically dear-old dad’s only contribution to the family.

So, a few of them are out there in the Mortal Lands, but it would have probably taken Cassian months to track one one.

Now you might be thinking: Starky, we know Nesta had a turbulent relationship with her dad. Would she even want even more Aecheron homemade folk art?

It’s safe to say Nesta probably has conflicting emotions about her father, but she took to carrying around one of his carvings after he was killed by Hybern.

Cassian has been shown to be extremely intune with Nesta, it wouldn’t be a stretch to assume he also noticed Nesta’s post-war talisman.

He knew how complicated her relationship was, and also knew about the father’s sacrifice.

It makes sense that he would want to ensure Nesta has total privacy when receiving more of her late father’s artwork.

So, it would haven taken Cass months to track one down. Nesta wouldn’t want to open it with an audience, and it’s small enough to fit into a little box. I may be wrong, but as of right now it seems to fit the bill.

Anyway, that’s it. That’s the post. Please don’t mind the insane ramblings if this sleep deprived Canadian. Do you agree? Do you have other ideas? Either way, I guess we will have the answe to our question in a little over a month.

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romaisamaria · 77 days ago

ACOTAR characters and their zodiac sign:

Feyre: Sagittarius ♐️

Rhysand: Scorpio ♏️

Nesta: Virgo ♍️

Cassian: Leo ♌️

Elain: Cancer ♋️

Azriel: Aquarius ♒️

Morrigan: Libra ♎️

Tamlin: Taurus ♉️

Lucien: Piscis ♓️

Amren: Capricorn ♑️

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romaisamaria · 99 days ago

Funny how I have never realised this:

How Feyre was so scared of darkness because it reminded her of her time Under the Mountain, how she couldnt breath, couldn’t stand to even shut the curtains. But then she ended up being mated to the High Lord of the Night Court who’s powers are literally darkness.

And then Nesta…. how she’s so afraid of fire, how she can’t stand to have it lit or to hear the logs snapping because it reminds her to her own traumas. How she literally sleeps under multiple layers of blankets rather than lit a fire. And somehow, she ends up being mated to a man who literally remind her of fire made flesh.

What sorcery is this?

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romaisamaria · 119 days ago


Eris and Nesta.

Eris and Nesta.

Eris and Nesta.

Eris and Nesta.

Eris and Nesta.

Eris and Nesta.

Brain: but Cassian is there too… watching them.


Cassian is watching Eris dance with Nesta.

Cassian is watching Eris dance with Nesta.

Cassian is watching Eris dance with Nesta.

Cassian is watching Eris dance with Nesta.

Brain: Nesta is actually having fun dancing, she’s not in a corner sulking and hating every second that she has to stand there. She’s actually having fun. And she’s glowing.


Nesta is glowing while dancing. Nesta is having fun.

Nesta is glowing while dancing. Nesta is having fun.

Nesta is glowing while dancing. Nesta is having fun.

Please give me this book already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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romaisamaria · 120 days ago

A little sneak peak from A Court of Silver Flames narrated by Stina Nielsen posted on RecoredBooks in IG:

Cassian knew the waltz, had watched and danced it for centuries. Knew it’s last half minute was a swift frenzy of notes and rising grand sound. Knew most dancers would keep waltzing through it but the brave ones, the skilled ones would do the twelve spins. The female blindly turning with one arm above her head rotated again and again by her partner as they moved across the dance floor. To spin was to risk looking the fool at best, to eat marble at worst. Nesta went for it. And Eris went with her. Eyes blazing with feral delight. The music stopped into its crashing finale. Drums striking, violins worrying and the entire room straightened. Eyes upon Nesta, this once human female who had conquered death, who now glowed as she devoured the moon.

Never in a million years would have thought SJM would actually include Eris in ACOSF and give him a scene with Nesta. This is all I’ve been praying for. Cassian watching Nesta dance with Eris. This is all I ever wanted.

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romaisamaria · 201 days ago

Repeat after me:






So stop saying that Nesta’s traumas shouldn’t justify her behaviour because SHE HAS NEVER USED HER TRAUMAS TO DO IT.

She has never sat down and retold her story again and again to gain any favours or empathy.

In fact, in Wings and Embers when Cassian asked her who hurt her, her first reaction is to ask:

“Would it change anything if someone had? Would it make you see me differently, treat me differently?”

She never say anything about herself, she never tell people about her misfortunes.

So stop fucking saying that she cant use her traumas to justify her behaviour because SHE ALWAYS PRETEND TO BE FINE. She always pretend that nothing affects her, even though she’s feel things x1000 more than anyone else but she suffer it in silence, away from people.

That’s the reason she left Feyre’s house after the war. Because she could be alone, away from her sisters, away from anyone that would judge her every move and force her to keep pretending that she’s okay.

Some of you have never experienced shit and it shows.

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romaisamaria · 290 days ago


Summary: Nesta Archeron has earned herself banishment from Velaris and a one-way ticket to Illyria, courtesy of her little sister. Tired of having her agency stripped away, Nesta decides the time has come to strike out on her own and runs from the Night Court without a backwards glance.

Cassian has bided his time with Nesta on his High Lady’s behalf. When he realizes that Nesta had set off without him, Cassian decides to take matters into his own hands. He is going to bring Nesta home. He’ll just have to find her first.

For readers 18+


Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 | Chapter 5 | Chapter 6 | Chapter 7

Chapter 8 - The City of Starlight



They had been riding since before sunrise. 

That, in and of itself, wasn’t wholly unusual.  He’d often accompany the sentries when they went out on patrol.  In fact, Eris had made a point to ride out with his men whenever he was available, which was becoming something of a rarity these days.  His father Beron, The High Lord of Autumn, had been tasking Eris with more frivolous assignments as of late, and long weeks had passed since he last patrolled the Autumn Court.  

A suspicious part of his mind couldn’t help but wonder if the superfluous scutwork was a new method of control; a way to keep Eris occupied and, therefore, away from border patrol.  His father saw guard duty as below his station, something Eris vehemently disagreed with.  What better way to learn the lay of the land and the needs of its people, then to be out amongst them?  His brothers certainly didn’t agree.  They’d prefer to while away the days locked away in their golden tower of Forest House, happily ignorant of the trials and tribulations of the lesser fae who broke their backs working the land.   

No, Eris preferred a different path.  He wanted to know the current challenges that their people faced.  Wanted to stay apprised of any threats to the Autumn Court, be it internal or external.  Joining the sentries on patrol was the most effective way to reach his goals.  Villagers were more willing to open up to watchful sentinels.  A bedecked High Lord’s son?  Not so much.  

Keep reading

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romaisamaria · a year ago

Azriel doesn’t need to resort to poetry or to threats to prove a point or to get what he wants.

You know what this means?

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romaisamaria · a year ago

Little details from the seak peek:

  • The three of them casually drinking tea.
  • Nesta calling Azriel “shadowsinger”.
  • Azriel calling Cassian his “brother”.
  • Nesta gave Azriel a smile. A SMILE. (When was the last time you have seen Nesta smiling!!!???)
  • Azriel being over protective of Cassian. (My dude, that will come back to bite your ass when Nesta finds out you like Elain because she wont be nice about it, specially when she finally has control of her powers).
  • Nesta’s personality being hella different from ACOFAS. She’s ready for a fight here, she’s ready to throw hands.
  • Nesta really said “bitch ain’t nobody scared of those shadows. You wanna fight? Come on, let’s do it”.
  • Meanwhile Cassian is just observing the two of them like “I’m not getting in the middle of this.”
  • Nesta and Azriel exchanging more than a few words between them. (I’ve never seen them talk except when Az saved Elain back in the war camps).

For one, Az will definitely know he’s in love with Nesta, which will make his teasing to Cassian 10000% worse. And for another, Nesta will rip his head off if he so much fight her battles for her.

I need to read this book. Like fucking now. Please and thank you.

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romaisamaria · a year ago

They’re going to be friends!!!!!!!!!!

Excuse me while I fucking lose my shit over these two!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And she callled him Shadowsinger!!!!

Meanwhile Cassian looking at both from the corner like:


ONLY 6 WEEEEEEEEEKS TO GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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romaisamaria · a year ago

The people who keep saying that Nesta doesnt deserve Cassian because he’s kind and softie, and he has such a light heart while Nesta is a cold bitch and can’t appreciate the good things in life.

Ahm, honey…have you forgotten the part where Cassian has literally killed people? Killed and tortured an entire village out of rage?

Dont get me wrong, I fucking love Cassian but some of you really need to stop ideolizing men just because they’re hot while brushing away all their crimes.

Or when people say Elain doesnt deserve Azriel because he’s such a soft boi and he has suffered a lot and Elain is useless.

Baby….have you forgotten the part where Azriel tortures people for a living?

Dafuq is wrong with all of you!!!!???

Is the reason some of you pick and brush away things in this serie that fucking pisses me off.

First of all, I love evil people in books. I love a good villain, and I love a good moral grey character. I love when characters have that balance of having kind moments while also being capable of murdering people so easily.

However, all of you “GOOD-WASH” every bad thing a character has done just because he’s hot or your favourite.

Every person/fae has killed people in this serie, whether was because of their job, their instant rage, self defense or vengeance. BUT ALL OF THEM HAVE KILLED PEOPLE.

All of them are moral grey characters. There’s no bad and definitely not good people in this serie because everyone has a damn good reason to justify their actions.

Feyre has killed people.

Nesta has killed people.

Elain has helped to kill people.

Rhys has torured and killed people.

Azriel has tortured and killed people.

Cassian has tortured and killed people.

Amren has tortured and killed people.

Mor has tortured and killed people.

Lucien has tortured and killed people.

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romaisamaria · a year ago


A lot of these Elain ships outside of Azriel not only deny the blatant canon, but also want to erase Elain from the story.

1) I adore Lucien, but it is canon that his HEART is somewhere else with the Band of Exiles. He is happy there, and connecting with Vassa so much that he’s working additonally to ensure her freedom. Vassa’s curse has also connected Lucien to his biological father.

We know this by ACOFAS. Things could “change”, but that’s not the current set up of these past 2 books.

2) Emerie? While I can’t wait to see what role she plays in Nesta’s story, she will not take Elain’s place in the next book after ACOSF. Not only does it not make sense narratively, but SJM has already spoken about getting into Elain’s head FOR HER NOVEL way before she ever spoke about Azriel. Please see below. This is a post-ACOFAS interview from 2018.

She is a walking spoiler and as such, SJM is going to avoid talking about Elain. She’ll give us the Azriel treat, because he’s probably going to be the secondary character of ACOTAR 5, not the MAIN one. There’s no way she’s giving us that information yet.

3) Elain has DEEP trauma just like Nesta. Why on earth would she not get a chance tell her story? What’s the value of keeping a SEER in the background? What’s the value of keeping Elain in a state of trauma for several books? She is probably about to burst, just like Nesta.

Would you like to see Feyre or Nesta in despair for several more books? Does that make sense narratively? How about all the set up with Azriel? Is his personality now only reduced to kink god, and Nesta’s bestie? Because I’m pretty sure there is a deeper story there that goes beyond Nessian.

4) Nesta (just like Feyre) is NOT a reliable narrator to Elain’s feelings. Elain has a line where she specifically discusses how NO ONE sees her. That includes her sisters.

5) We KNOW as an audience that Elain is not fine, and covering things up just like Nesta. We haven’t seen the extent of it, but I’m sure it’s coming. SJM is probably going to set up Elain’s arc in ACOSF, and give us a more solid foundation for what’s to come. We just haven’t gotten there because all the set up was going to Nesta this time around. Just as it should. This NESTA’S story. She deserves to tell it, but so does Elain.

SJM has yet to let me down on solid foreshadowing. Anyone that didn’t see certain break ups, or certain plot lines were simply not paying attention in past books. She’s great at foreshadowing.

In summary, stop with the Elain erasure. She’s here to stay. She’s going to have an epic story in ACOTAR 5. If you really can’t deal, then feel free to not bombard Elain tags with trash, and support Nesta and Nessian bloggers instead.

Because I see the lack of reblogs they’re getting on that end. ACOSF is right around the corner.

Most of you should be ELATED. But instead you’re complaining, and not supporting people creating content, WHILE spreading hate across all ACOTAR tags.

A lot of you have pushed people into hiding, because they’re tired of your shit and simply want to ENJOY.

(Sorry to tag Nessian and Nesta for this, but some of your buddies need to read this last part)


In case anyone is intrigued:

**I tag my discussion posts with (whatever the topic is) discussion**

I base my discussions on wanting to enjoy things, and current canon.

I love Nesta, and I love Cassian and I love Nessian. But dont for one godamn second think I dont fucking love Elain, Azriel and Lucien and one of the reasons I’m so damn excited for ACOSF, is because I know we will get more of them and it wont be through Feyre’s small interaction with them but the actually set up of their own story. I have no idea how people can hate Elain so much when she has done so much. Is because she’s more quiet? I really dont fucking get it. I feel like she’s such a strong woman, and she has shown that so many times.

I personally think it would be fucking awesome if she ends up with Azriel because SHE CHOOSES HIM. Not because she’s attached to him so she has to deal with him, but because for once in his life, Azriel is actually the first option. Someone chose him, it wasnt thrown at him. It would be great to see how Elain has the strength to break the bond, to break the rules, to actually find her own inner fight. (Dont get me wrong, I’d love if Elain and Lucien become best friends but I dont see them romantically involved at all).

I personally think a lot of Acotar characters need their own story to be told. I’d love to read the first and second book from Tamlin’s POV.

I’d definitely love a novella about Eris. Even about Thesan and his husband. And Kallias and Vivianne. Or Helion and the Lady of Autumn.

I’d definitely read a novella with the events that happened UNDER THE MOUNTAIN during those 50yrs they were all trapped.

There’s so many good fucking plots to thread in the serie.

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romaisamaria · a year ago


Acotar series be like :-

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romaisamaria · 2 years ago


Hi, I think…i have something to say….

This is the scene where Helion talks with Feyre about his affair with the Lady of the autumn court…..

How long did the affair last?” I asked. That withdrawn female … I couldn’t imagine it.

Helion snorted. “Is that a polite question for a High Lady to be asking?”

But the way he spoke, that smile …

I only waited, using silence to push him instead.

Helion shrugged. “On and off for decades. Until Beron found out. They say the lady was all brightness and smiles before that. And after Beron was through with her … You saw what she is.”

“What did he do to her?”

“The same things he does now.” Helion waved a hand. “Belittle her, leave bruises where no one but him will see them.”

I clenched my teeth. “If you were her lover, why didn’t you stop it?”

The wrong thing to say. Utterly wrong, by the dark fury that rippled across Helion’s face. “Beron is a High Lord, and she is his wife, mother of his brood. She chose to stay. Chose. And with the protocols and rules, Lady, you will find that most situations like the one you were in do not end well for those who interfere.”

He didn’t pause at that, he was using feyre’s situation to explain his situation.

….Rhys wouldn’t get inside the Spring Court bc he didn’t want to use the fact that he was Feyre’s mate to be able to…like the protocols say.


are they fucking mates?



I’m pretty pretty sure they’re mates!!!! Helion would have rescued her and taken her to the Day Court but she decided to stay for her children cause she knew Beron would either kill them or never allow her to see them again.

I’m pretty sure she was also pregnant by Lucien when it happened.

Also can we all agree on the fact that Fehre was quite pushy demanding Helion to tell his story when she literally met him for like a second?

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romaisamaria · 2 years ago

Just a quick announcement.

In this house, we stan:

✨ Eris Vanserra ✨

And no, I will not accept any criticism.

We also stan:










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romaisamaria · 2 years ago


Summary: Nesta Archeron has earned herself banishment from Velaris and a one-way ticket to Illyria, courtesy of her little sister. Tired of having her agency stripped away, Nesta decides the time has come to strike out on her own and runs from the Night Court without a backwards glance.

Cassian has bided his time with Nesta on his High Lady’s behalf. When he realizes that Nesta had set off without him, Cassian decides to take matters into his own hands. He is going to bring Nesta home. He’ll just have to find her first.

For readers 18+



The Adriata Palace

The Summer Court

“Help Nesta.  She’s about to die!” Elain begged Eris as she clutched his hand, voice thick with fear. “Please, Eris.  You need to stop it!”

Nesta’s going to die? Feyre felt her world spin out from under her at Elain’s sudden proclamation.  Rhysand was at her side in an instant, placing a supporting hand on her shoulders as Feyre reeled backwards.   Feyre leaned into her mate as she covered her mouth in shock.  Elain’s admission may have stunned Feyre, but it had the opposite effect on the Illyrians.  Both males immediately took a protective step forward, flanking Elain.  To his credit, the High Lord of Autumn did not even glance at the imposing Illyrians; rather, Eris dismissed them outright.  He was focused solely on Elain.  

“Stop what? What happened to Nesta?” Eris questioned urgently.  He didn’t even blink at the unusual situation.  It was as if the Inner Circle’s chaotic appearance was a common occurrence on his doorstop.  

Maybe it is, Feyre realized bewilderedly, what is happening right now? 

Seguir leyendo

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