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hi I'm jesse, i sing songs and draw stuff

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rosarrie·a day agoAnswer

do you make stickers or any type of merch id love these as prints or stickers!


I do have a redbubble that I’ve got a couple bits and bobs on:

but I am working on creating an etsy shop,, hopefully soon!!
(if you’ve got any suggestions on what you’d like to see in there that’d be very handy btw)

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rosarrie·2 days agoText

hope everyone has a good day today

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rosarrie·2 days agoPhoto


NEW SONG!! this ones been in the works for quite some time… but im rlly happy w how it turned out

go listen if you’d like:
spotify | soundcloud

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rosarrie·3 days agoAnswer

hey!!! i really like your art and i wanted to know if its okay to use one of your drawings as the cover of my playlists on spotify? (idk if that made sense, my english sucks lol) hope you have a nice day!! <3

hello! yes of course, as long as you please credit me in the description :)

thank you, and im so glad u like my art enough to put it in ur playlists omg…

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rosarrie·6 days agoText


aaa, okay time to do another celebratory thingo… what should we do?? dtyis? a giveaway?? give me some suggestions if you have any!!

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rosarrie·23 days agoAnswer

Hi :) can I use your drawings as icon or background? If not, no problem!

of course! please remember to use credit if you decide to use it <3 and thank u for asking

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rosarrie·23 days agoAnswer

hiii 💗 just a quick question : have you ever considered making a picrew? (I love your art style to biiiiits but I'm also a broke student so I can't commission your art lol (hopefully in the future!! when I become a rich doctor that'll be the first thing I do :D!!))

YESS yes!! picrew is most definitely something I wanna do, it’ll happen eventually i promise (+THANK U hahaha im so glad u like my art)

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rosarrie·23 days agoAnswer

Hi ok so I hope I’m not coming off as some creepy stranger but I saw your buttercup video on my dash and I just had to come by and say: you’re literally the most beautiful person I’ve ever seen, like wow I would kill a man for your hair and your eyes are just so soft and pretty and I’m not even getting into how stunning your voice is and how talented you are artistically ahhh ty for existing 🥺🥰

AHH OH YM GOD IM (this is probably the latest response in the world) BUT THANK YOU???? what the fuck!!!! this is the most kindest message ive ever received…… thank you….. im just gonna keep this mssg in my pocket forever and look at it when im feeling sad

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rosarrie·23 days agoAnswer

your art is so sexy in the way it's aesthetically pleasing and beautiful and not in a sexual way or anything and you should know that

LMAO thank u anon, i understand what you’re saying, and i appreciate the compliment

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