If you want to heal you have to decide to leave the path to destruction behind you. You can do this.

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In an interview with inc.com, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

rosegoldsunrise2 days agoText


Me, walking alone in the woods: gee I hope I don鈥檛 run into a MAGICAL ARCHWAY leading me to a NEW LAND full of fairies and mushrooms and magic where I can ACTUALLY BE HAPPY!! I sure hope no MAGICAL CREATURE welcomes me into their NICE LITTLE COTTAGE and gives me tea and TAKES ME IN AS THEIR OWN

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rosegoldsunrise2 days agoText


i want !! forests !! n hidden pathways !! n moss thats so thick u cant see the rocks !! n the smell of rain at 5am !!

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Grownups don鈥檛 swear near kids, but kids also don鈥檛 swear near grownups. So there are two groups of people keeping the same secret from each other.

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but you don鈥檛 speak for ALL black people, SYABM. They do that already!


For some reason, I doubt most of the people who are taken to task over appropriation were the ones who were against dreamcatchers.

Unless you鈥檙e treating all non-Native people as a gigantic lump. Which seems racist to me.聽

memefix> , but if white people normalize the hairstyle that is important to black people and has a special utility for them, they can wear it in peace without being attacked for it,聽

For plenty of black people, myself included, the hairstyle is just a hairstyle.聽


Plus you don鈥檛 get to decide when you think something is acceptable because NOW you think it looks cool


It literally says in OP鈥檚 bio that they鈥檙e Mikmaq (also spelled Mi鈥檏maq), which is a First Nations (aka indigenous) group that originates from the places currently called the Atlantic provinces in Canada and northeastern Maine in the US.

But of course y鈥檃ll racists have to call an indigenous person white to try to discredit them because you can鈥檛 make a valid argument to save your lives.

And to respond to the ridiculous argument above it, no it鈥檚 not indigenous practices being deemed as acceptable because indigenous people are still being discriminated against for being who they are or for practicing their traditional culture.

See all the examples of Native American kids being forbidden from walking at graduation because they want to wear an eagle feather or the countless murdered and missing indigenous women across North America who are treated as less than dirt by the justice system.

And no, non black people are not 鈥渘ormalizing鈥 dreadlocks when they continue to associate them with a lack of hygiene (because non Afrotextured hair requires extreme unsanitary methods to imitate actual dreadlocks), drug use and criminality, which reinforces the discrimination African diaspora people face for having dreadlocks (which also applies to other traditional & protective African hairstyles). And no, black people are not allowed to wear them in peace when the discrimination is so bad against them for having dreadlocks that several states have had to pass specific laws against discrimination based on it.

But the complete lack of knowledge isn鈥檛 a surprise in the slightest.


It was retarded white women like OP that tried to erase native culture anyway


besides this, its literally the opposite it means your culture has won and prevailed, if people arent hunted down for it and outsiders take part, it means it is recognised as worthy (which by far arent all cultural practices or when was the last time hipster girls appropriated female genital mutilation????) its the retarded dreadlocks talk again, yes it has a special utility in African hair which is harder to maintain compared to European or Asian hair, but if white people normalize the hairstyle that is important to black people and has a special utility for them, they can wear it in peace without being attacked for it, its literally psychology one o one. Its just bitter people who want to hate


“I’m not an authority but I’m gonna tell you what you need to do”

It’s a dreamcatcher, Karen chill.


The issue most people have with cultural appropriation is when you do or take something that a culture was or is punished for, in the instance or Dreamcatchers, indigenous people were and are still murdered for being indigenous. There was a time when it was not legal to practise indigenous traditions such as having a Dreamcatcher, so when you don鈥檛 acknowledge this you can be doing more harm to the community. I am not an authority of all native individuals but I believe If you want a Dreamcatcher you MUST support an authentic native artist, they are choosing to share their culture and traditions with you, that is their right as an individual to choose to share it or not, however if you buy from box stores or non indigenous sources you are harming the community by taking the culture from a community that is not consenting to share it with you. They cannot consent unless you purchase from them. Also take a moment and read or ask the teachings of the Dreamcatcher That way you can fully appreciate the traditions and culture and respect it the way it deserves to be. Again just one opinion and I am not an authority on the subject.

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rosegoldsunrise2 days agoText




The failure of Birds of Prey, Terminator: Dark Fate, and Charlie鈥檚 Angels at the box office can be traced to all three movies having a specific target audience of political lesbians, not realizing that this聽鈥榓udience鈥 is really a vocal minority that

A. Largely doesn鈥檛 exist.

B. Isn鈥檛 half as enthusiastic about watching butch lesbians beating people up as they pretend to be.

In point of fact, the average woman would much rather see Ryan Gosling鈥檚 abs on his belly than Justin Bieber鈥檚 haircut on a lady, if she wants to see a violent action movie at all.

Also actual lesbians and wlw can see through this nonsense for what it is, realise they鈥檙e blatantly being pandered to, and find it too offensive to enjoy it.

Lesbians can be sheep same as anyone else. Especially the ones who base their identity on who they want to bang.

We all know they exist.

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