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roytheys4 months agoText

i know i鈥檝e been gone for months but if any of y鈥檃ll still wanna keep up with me, follow my new tumblr @55faces or my twitter @diakazek聽or my instagram @55faces

k bye

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from alma (heyalma.com, @hey_alma on insta)

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they said what they said

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There’s something particularly funny about the fact that Queen Elizabeth allegedly favours the Ninth Doctor tho

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women just get it. and men don鈥檛. won鈥檛 elaborate

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is this supposed to sound *bad*?

It was hard to read in the screenshot so I found it and blew it up:

I legit don鈥檛 see a problem with any of this. Am I supposed to be mad about鈥hat, weed? Healthcare? Unions? Trains???

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Oscar鈥檚 First Black Winner Accepted Her Honor in a Segregated 鈥楴o Blacks鈥 Hotel in L.A.

鈥淥n a February afternoon in 1940, Hattie McDaniel 鈥 then one of the biggest African-American movie stars in the world 鈥 marched into the Culver City offices of producer David O. Selznick and placed a stack of Gone With the Wind reviews on his desk. The Civil War epic, released two months earlier, had become an instant cultural sensation, and McDaniel鈥檚 portrayal of Mammy 鈥 the head slave at Tara, the film鈥檚 fictional Southern plantation 鈥 was being singled out by both white and African-American critics as extraordinary. The Los Angeles Times even praised her work as 鈥渨orthy of Academy supporting awards.鈥 Selznick took the hint and submitted the 44-year-old for a nomination in the best supporting actress category, along with her co-star, Olivia de Havilland, contributing to the film鈥檚 record-setting 13 noms.鈥 聽

鈥淢cDaniel then was escorted, not to the Gone With the Wind table - where Selznick sat with de Havilland and his two Oscar-nominated leads, Vivien Leigh and Clark Gable - but to a small table set against a far wall, where she took a seat with her escort, F.P. Yober, and her white agent, William Meiklejohn. With the hotel鈥檚 strict no-blacks policy, Selznick had to call in a special favor just to have McDaniel allowed into the building (it was officially integrated by 1959, when the Unruh Civil Rights Act outlawed racial discrimination in California).鈥

Hollywood鈥檚 highest honor couldn鈥檛 stave off the indignities that greeted McDaniel at every turn. White Hollywood pigeonholed her as the sassy Mammy archetype, with 74 confirmable domestic roles out of the IMDb list of 94 (鈥淚鈥檇 rather play a maid than be a maid,鈥 was her go-to response). The NAACP disowned her for perpetuating negative stereotypes. Even after death, her Oscar, which she left to Howard University, was deemed valueless by appraisers and later went missing from the school 鈥 and has remained so for more than 40 years. Her final wish - to be buried in Hollywood Cemetery - was denied because of the color of her skin.

Even after World War II, she continued to play underwritten maid parts in such films as 1946鈥檚 Song of the South, Walt Disney鈥檚 adaptation of the Uncle Remus stories, now considered a rare racist blot on the studio鈥檚 legacy. In her final years, McDaniel found success on the radio, taking over in 1947 from Bob Corley 鈥 a white voice actor who mimicked an African-American woman 鈥 as the title character in Beulah, a hit comedy series about a live-in maid. It was the first time an African-American woman starred in a radio show, earning McDaniel $1,000 a week. She was cast in the TV version of Beulah in 1951 but shot only six episodes before falling ill.鈥

Read the full piece here

A reminder that racial segregation was legal in California until 1959.

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鈥淵oung activists have always driven protests. @repjohnlewis was only 20 when he led his first sit-in in Nashville. Civil rights movement was 鈥渢ouched by the spirit of history鈥 he said鈥

- Source

鈥53 years ago today there were solidarity marches across the country after Bloody Sunday in Selma, Alabama. Young people led the protests, then and now鈥

- Source聽 聽


鈥淪ometimes you have to get in trouble鈥揼ood trouble, necessary trouble鈥搕o make a way out of no way.鈥

Rep. John Lewis

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roytheys9 months agoText


gay history according to tumblr is like:

long time ago men had sex with men in rome




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It’s the Whoring 20s and I’m ready to live my life like Winnie the Pooh… crop top… pussy out… fat as all shit… loves his friends, zero thoughts in his head… delectable lifestyle

FALSE he absolutely DOES have thoughts in his head, but ONLY when he is in his Thinking Spot.

You’re so fucking right

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i saw this post earlier about therapists and it reminded me of my old therapist paul, who in my opinion is one of the greatest men alive and who did not put up with my bullshit for even one second

anyway i go in to see paul one week in the summer of 2016, and i鈥檓 doing my usual bullshit which consists of me talking shit about myself, and paul is staring at me, and then he cuts me off and says that he鈥檚 got a new tool for helping people recognize when they鈥檙e using negative language, and gets up and goes over to his desk

and i鈥檓 like alright hit me with that sweet sweet self-help article my man, because i鈥檓 a linguistic learner and whenever paul鈥檚 like here i have a tool for you to use it鈥檚 pretty much always an article or a book or something

paul opens a drawer, takes something out, and turns back around.聽i stare.

i say, paul.

is that a nerf gun.


yeah, says paul.

i say, are you gonna shoot me with a nerf gun in this professional setting.

he happily informs me that that鈥檚 really up to me, isn鈥檛 it. and sits back down. and gestures, like, go ahead, what were you saying?

and i squint suspiciously and start back up about how i鈥檓 having too much anxiety to leave the house to run errands, like it was a miracle to even get here, like i鈥檝e forgone getting groceries for the past week and that鈥檚 so stupid, what a stupid issue, i鈥檓 an idiot, how could i鈥

a foam dart hits me in the leg.

i go, hey! because my therapist just shot me in the leg. paul blinks at me placidly and raises an eyebrow. i squint again.

i say, slowly, it鈥檚鈥 not a stupid issue, i鈥檓 not stupid, but it鈥檚 frustrating me and i don鈥檛 want it to be a problem i鈥檓 having.

no dart this time. okay. sweet.

so the rest of the hour passes with me intermittently getting nailed with tiny foam darts and then swearing and then fixing my language and, wouldn鈥檛 you know it, i start liking myself a little more by the end of the session, which is mildly infuriating because paul can tell and he鈥檚 very smug about it聽

anyway i leave his office and the lady having the next appointment walks in and i hear what鈥檚 all over the floor? and paul very seriously says cognitive behavioral therapy tools.

The 鈥淚 won鈥檛 hesitate, bitch鈥 vine but @ friends who don鈥檛 love themselves


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make it clear that you will help keep Jews safe.聽 jews are feeling helpless because non-jews are making them feel unsafe.聽 make it clear that you will listen to your jewish siblings to learn how to make them feel safe

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are you gonna choke me for valentine鈥檚 day or like what鈥檚 going on

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