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train to busan (2016) feel free to change pronouns / descriptors.
they’re so full of shit.
what are kids into these days?
how are you raising her? do you even talk to her?
a child can’t go alone. 
stop this bullshit!
you call yourself a father?
sweetie, i have so much work lately. i’ll have more time next week.
you always say next time, and lie to me.
a marriage shouldn’t be abandoned so easily.
baby, it’s okay. 
whatever you do, you must finish what you start.
go sit somewhere else.
i’ll be back before lunch.
all dead...everyone...
hey, kiddo.
if you don’t study, you’ll end up like him.
people nowadays will riot over anything.
get the door! the door! shut the door!
hey, buddy. think you might owe me an apology?
look at this chump.
you shut the door in our faces, asshole!
you’re older. you sit down.
what a great kid.
sweetie, stay put.
so he’s a bloodsucker. he leeches off others.
don’t say that in front of his child.
her dad’s too lazy to come up with a name, yet.
touch her belly.
get your ass over here!
you’re clearly an expert at leaving people behind. 
yo, jerk. 
why’s your ringtone so tacky?
am i funny, you little rat?
when she gets older, she’ll understand why you worked so hard.
dads get all the shit, and no praise.
you sure they’re not infected?
no one knows what’s happened to their families. 
i said go, jerk!
stay back, baby.
i’m getting tired. please go.
take care of her, okay?
will you stay with me?
you bastard! you could’ve saved them!
his eyes! look at his eyes! he’s become one of them!
i don’t think you can stay with us. 
good riddance.
always helping others before you help yourself. 
aren’t you scared?
i was so scared. i thought i’d never see you again. 
i practiced that song just for you. 
will there be rescue?
stay with her no matter what, okay?
i’m scared! take me home!
look at me, [name]. it’s okay. look at me, sweetie.
don’t go! it’s my fault!
stay with me, please! don’t go! no!
unable to get a visual. 
kill them.
[singing] we’ll meet again when the flowers bloom. aloha’oe, aloha’oe, ‘til we meet again.
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aliens (1986) feel free to change pronouns / descriptors. 
do you feel up for a visitor?
glad to see you’re feeling better.
bad dreams again? do you want something to help you sleep?
i promised her i’d be home for her birthday. 
the important thing is to remain cool and unemotional. 
that’s because i blew it out the goddamn airlock!
you had them eating out of your hand, kiddo. 
they had their minds made up before i even went in there.
have a doughnut. 
i catch either of you there again, i’ll tan your hides.
holy shiiiiit!
we’re trained to deal with this type of situation. 
it’s a second chance, kiddo. 
and you, my dear, are staying right here. 
i’m getting too old for this shit. 
they ain’t paying us enough for this. 
what’s this crap supposed to be?
it’s good for you, boy. eat it. 
do the thing with the knife. 
c’mon, quit messing around. 
alright, knock it off, knock it off. 
that wasn’t funny, man. 
what do you want me to do, fetch your slippers for you?
got a corncob up his ass, definitely. 
fuck you. 
i’ll put it on your tab. 
well, somebody’s gonna have to go out there.
how do i get out of this chickenshit outfit?
dead on all channels. 
i am the ultimate badass! state of the badass art! you do not want to fuck with me!
the structure seems intact. they have power. 
looks like my room in college. 
you heard the man and you know the drill.
pendejo jerkoff. 
poor bastard. 
you fuck!
it’s okay, it’s okay. it’s over... you’re going to be all right now... it’s okay... you're safe...
poor thing. you don’t talk much do you?
most people do a lot of talking but end up saying nothing. 
hard to believe there’s a little girl underneath all this dirt.
you’re one brave kid. 
you’ll be gone soon, just like all the others. you’ll be dead and you’ll leave me alone.
i don’t want to be your friend. 
i won’t leave you. i promise.
cross your heart?
stop your grinnin’ and drop your linen!
hey. behave. 
these people are here to protect you.
i could hide better than anybody. 
you’re really something, ace. 
is he fucking crazy?
let’s get the fuck outta here!
shut up! just shut up!
i’m gonna kill you, you useless fuck!
you son of a bitch.
we’re on an express elevator to hell, going down!
hey, maybe you haven’t been keeping up on current events, but we just got our asses kicked, pal!
don’t make me pull rank.
we’re going home, honey.
we’re all gonna die, man. 
we’re in some real pretty shit, now!
maybe we could build a fire and sing songs.
now, you just lie here and have a nap. you’re exhausted. 
my mom always says there were no monsters. no real ones. but there are.
why do they tell little kids that?
some kids can’t handle it like you can. 
i’ll just be right in the other room. 
that is the question of the hour. 
you sent them out there and you didn’t even warn them.
you know, i… i expected more from you. i thought you’d be smarter than this.
bad call? those people are fucking dead!
sorry to disappoint you. 
i like to keep this handy… for close encounters.
how long since you slept? twenty-four hours?
i can handle myself. 
you still want to kill me?
there, there. shhh. it’s alright. 
i’m scared. 
i say we grease this rat-fuck son of a bitch right now!
you’re dogmeat, pal. 
now, if you’re smart, we can both come out of it as heroes and we’ll be set up for life.
well, i’m gonna make sure they nail you right to the wall for this! you’re not gonna sleaze your way out of this one! right to the wall!
fuckin’ a!
thanks a lot! now i can’t hear shit!
you always were an asshole, [name].
i knew you’d come. 
close your eyes, baby. 
it’s okay, baby. we made it. it’s over. 
i gave him a shot for the pain. 
get away from her, you bitch!
not bad for a human. 
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FOR OCS AND CROSSOVER MUSES : send me an episode / scene / chapter / etc for a drabble / headcanon on what my muse was doing during that particular event in canon!
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logan (2017) change pronouns / descriptors as you see fit.
that’s history, pal. 
back to work, old man.
shouldn’t we lock the doors?
i’m in trouble. you’re the only one who can help.
i need a hero.
what the hell happening to you? what are you hiding from?
who the fuck are you?
this is not enough, you know. it won’t last through the week. 
what are you fucking doing to me?!
fuck off, [name].
what a disappointment you are.
i’m not in the mood for bedtime stories. 
no one should have to live this way!
i don’t want to fight but we need to talk about these things. 
i couldn’t breathe. 
you aren’t sleeping.
that was my favorite mug. 
i like those. they make you look younger.
please tell me you didn’t rob a bank. 
you need to turn around, asshole. 
i asked you first.
i don’t like guns. 
don’t be afraid, child.
thatta girl. 
stay where you are. you want to see your friends again, right?
they thought we were too poor and stupid to understand. 
i have to pee. 
yo, girlie. you gotta pay for that.
where’s your mommy and daddy?
a soldier who cannot be controlled is not a good soldier. 
if you are watching this, that means i am dead. 
this film is a classic. 
there’s no living with a killing. there’s no going back. right or wrong, it’s a brand. a brand that sticks.
you want a refill? 
knock it off. i said knock it off!
be like the rest of the world and blame someone else for your boring shit.
what’s your name, honey?
can we at least give you a decent meal, show our appreciation?
slow down, child. 
the lord will provide. 
i could drop out of school.
let’s not go that far. 
this is easily the best meatloaf i’ve ever had. 
we have a perfectly fine guest bedroom upstairs. 
you have homework. 
this is what life looks like. a house, people who love each other. a safe place. take a moment and feel it.
i’m not too good at math.
hard thing, fatherhood. never ends. 
you can’t just take shit, you know. 
shut the fuck up!
connect the fucking dots, dear.
you’re mighty brave, boy. 
you are dying. 
it’s helping you heal, man. 
do you have nightmares?
i’ve hurt people, too. they were bad people. 
you’re gonna have to learn how to deal with that. 
kid, i don’t know what i’m doing. 
we’re leaving tomorrow at dawn. 
hey. i asked you a question. what are you pissed about?
such a nice man. 
i never asked for this. 
bad shit happens to people i care about. 
go to your friends. 
it’s showtime, boy!
get up, boy!
don’t be what they made you.
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ginga nagareboshi gin (1986) change pronouns and descriptors as you see fit.
your bullet damaged his internal systems.
no... there’s no way that can be true!
they’re not your friends.
stubborn kid.
boy, those who aren’t our kind can’t run with us.
don’t throw away the happiness you’ve got. 
shh. don’t make a sound. follow me. 
run home if you’re scared, boy. 
brat, if you’re going to attack, do it properly.
stop tickling me.
watch out, son. or you won’t go home alive. 
don’t interfere. go back to your post.
i’ll see if you’re enough of a fighter. 
we’ll get his revenge one day. but not now. 
what an energetic kid!
you’re a real fighter.
bitches like you should shut up more!
have you forgotten the rules? get over here!
i won’t listen to any of your pathetic apologies! 
what are you doing bringing a kid into the group?
what did you say, you impolite little shit?
he may be small, but he’s fully capable of fighting.
i accept your loyalty to me.
it seems like the little kid from before may not have been lying after all.
wake up. i need to talk to you.
the next time you say something like that, i won’t forgive you for it!
ooh, scary! i understand.
you watch your mouth, boy. or i’ll lead you out of here by your ear.
all her friends had been killed, and she was the only survivor. 
only weaklings put their trust in a group. 
that gaze of yours. you’re still just a boy, but your eyes have a fire that inspires others. 
you look just like your father did.
be careful, boy. 
why are you fooling around!
good lad!
go and hunt some food for us. 
are you so tired you can’t stand?
for them, to live means the same as to fight. 
three against one is unfair!
not bad for a kid.
my life is in your hands. 
don’t stray too far.
we all have the same goal. show no prejudice. 
i thought you were dead. 
you’re young. a kid like you might not understand why that choice was made. 
it’s time for you to go to hell.
having only courage isn’t enough to win a battle.
you’re hurt, boy. real bad. 
you stupid kid!
if your opponent shows teeth, you attack.
where the hell is my son?
who did it? who the hell did this to [name/pronoun]?
keep your paws off the kid!
you sure got guts, lad.
kid, how is that bastard worth throwing away your young life for?
i was called back from hell, thanks to you making such a ruckus. 
it isn’t safe for you here. you’re just a boy. 
i’m not! i’m a soldier. 
kid, everyone here cares for you more than you know. and i mean everyone. even those you don’t get along with.
hey, drop the “old” when you call me man.
i’m just joking with you, pops.
if this is some kind of joke, stop it!
where’s your sense of dignity?
back off, runt. 
i have six children who are yet to turn sixteen. 
he’s grown, hasn’t he?
you’re a good boy. you care about others. 
he’s small, but don’t underestimate him.
eating me would bloat you up with diarrhea. 
your blood will be the first to be spilled. 
this is more than you can handle.
the grief you once caused me, now i will make you feel the same pain!
damn you, kid! i’ll fucking kill you!
you’re the bravest kid i’ve ever met. you’ll make a great leader, someday. 
use your heads a little more! dumb asses!
don’t be so sulky all the time.
a real leader isn’t measured by how he treats his superiors, they’re measured by how they treat those lesser than them. 
take care of my boy.
you are now the leader.
great men don’t want an audience when they die.
you’re always welcome to come visit us. we’ll always be true friends. 
my son, don’t be sad. 
friends! we have won!
you’re a small colossus. self-confidence and fearless bravery shines from you. 
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deep space nine (1993-1999) feel free to change pronouns and descriptors as you see fit.
the man is a gambler and a thief.
you’re being a fool!
when governments fall, people like me are lined up and shot.
the boy should be with his family, not in some cold jail cell.
if you don't take your hand off my hip, you’ll never be able to raise a glass with it again.
that may be the most important thing to understand about humans. it is the unknown that defines our existence.
i have the bad habit of telling the truth, even when people don’t want to hear it.
all my life, i’ve been forced to pass myself as one of you, always wondering who I really am.
in war, both sides commit atrocities.
you could definitely use a new suit.
how can it be so cold with the sun shining?
he couldn’t fix a straw if it was bent.
i’m your host, the proprietor, a sympathetic ear to the wretched souls that pass through these portals.
my son’s happiness is more important to me than anything!
he taught me about art and science and diplomacy.
i have my eye on you, [name].
you’re a good boy. 
what are you doing up? you’re supposed to be in bed. 
every sixteen hours, i turn into a liquid.
yes, i know where it hurts the most, you little troll.
i’m half frozen. i haven’t eaten for days..... MY MUSCLES CAN’T WORK ANYMORE!
that’s not fair!
i don’t want to talk about this now. 
you know babies -- everything you say goes straight to their ears.
you are either very brave or very stupid. 
you’re still a miserable, self-hating misanthrope. that’s who you are, and that’s who you’ll always be.
hear all, trust nothing. 
i’m sorry if i made you feel.... unwelcome. it’s just my way.
you make a lousy stock boy. 
they’re all true.
even the lies?
i didn’t realize things were getting so bad. 
everything that goes wrong here is your fault. 
i don’t want to end up like my father!
i saw a lot of people get hurt. i saw a lot of people die. 
he’s a one-legged crazy man!
you remember back there, when i told you i hated you, and you told me you hated me? i just wanted you to know.... i meant every word of it. 
it’s not just a guidebook. it’s a completely interactive program detailing earth’s customs, culture, history, geography...
he’s dying, isn’t he. 
we’re nothing like you: we’re better.
see, there’s this older woman and i think we’re perfect for each other.
causing people to suffer because you hate them is terrible, but causing people to suffer because you have forgotten how to care— that’s really hard to understand.
you get on my nerves, and i don’t like your hat.
i know i’ve got something to offer. i just need the chance to prove it.
to think—after all this time, all our lunches together—you still don’t trust me.
if you try to combine talking and eating, you’ll end up doing neither very well.
i find this hand-to-hand combat really quite distasteful.
what do you know about atom bombs?
my father used to say that the road to hell is paved with good intentions.
this era had a distinct lack of taste. 
i’m not sleeping. i was checking my eyelids for holes. 
you probably wouldn’t understand this, but when you care about a place and it’s in trouble and you want to do something about it, and you can’t, it’s very frustrating.
there comes a time in every man’s life when he must stop thinking and start doing.
you’ve either got to tell her how you feel, or forget about her and get on with your life.
i have no family. 
you are the dreamer and the dream. 
we’re going to form a union.
workers of the world: unite! you have nothing to lose but your chains. 
i can’t feel my legs.
i learned that the line between courage and cowardice is a lot thinner than most people believe.
well, he's a fine boy— dedicated, eager.
it’s a pity it doesn’t have any bubbles.
i see i’m going to have to add the word ‘pickpocket’ to your resume.
you have always been a weakness i can’t afford.
a compound fracture of the right radius, two fractured ribs, torn ligaments, strained tendons, numerous contusions, bruises, and scratches. what have you been doing?
everyone on the station knows your name. 
i... rather like the way you smell. 
do not hug me. 
you’re not safe here.
if you die, i’m going to eat you.
when i have a problem i can’t figure out, i ask my dad
please. no clichés before breakfast. 
i do not smirk. but if i did, this would be a good opportunity.
you’re not a fraud. 
is it true you can kill someone just by looking at them?
i tore my pants!
you can walk in front of me, or beside me, but i won’t turn my back on you again.
in case you’ve forgotten, we’re in a war. 
whatever it is you’re quoting, i’d wish you’d stop!
and that’s why i love you. 
why don’t i just kiss you now and get it over with?!
you gonna write a story about this?
death to the opposition! 
you are trying my patience. 
that’s what gods do. 
of course i’m paranoid—everyone’s trying to kill me. 
look, kid, i don’t know what’s going to happen to you out there. all i can tell you is that you’ve got to play the cards life deals you. sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. but at least you’re in the game.
the more things change, the more they stay the same.
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downton abbey (2010-2015) change as you see fit.
sometimes i feel as if i were living in an h.g wells novel.
i said you could go get a drink of water, not a trip up the nile. 
you are quite wonderful the way you see room for improvement wherever you look.
i know it’s not ladylike to say so, but i’m not a lady and i don’t pretend to be.
at least i’m not fishing with no bait. 
i’m not a romantic, but even i concede that the heart does not exist solely for the purpose to pump blood.
i’ve never been special to anyone. 
well, now you’re special to me. 
you are being tested. and you know what they say, my darling: being tested only makes you stronger. 
seems a pity to miss such a good pudding. 
i am not a complete stranger to romance, if that’s what your implying. 
how you hate to be wrong. 
your strength has made me strong. 
you can always hold my hand if you need to feel steady. 
sympathy butters no parsnips. 
there is nothing more ill-bred than trying to steal the affections of one’s dog.
we must always travel in hope.
my dear boy. my very dear boy. 
you know me... never complain, never explain. 
love is like riding or speaking french: if you don’t learn it young, it’s hard to get the trick of it later.
real love means giving someone the power to hurt you. 
meaning well is not enough. 
nothing makes you hungrier or more tired than grief.
you’re nervous because you’re intelligent; only stupid people are foolhardy.
i’ve decided to live in the present and not spend my life regretting the past or dreading the future.
you are stronger than you think. 
aren’t we the lucky ones to be loved. 
stop whining and find something to do. 
if you can’t say anything helpful, please stay quiet. 
[name] is lovely in every way. he’s funny and handsome and he’s got such lovely teeth. 
now listen, you filthy little rat. 
if you don’t lay off, i’ll punch your shining teeth through the back of your skull. 
you never disappoint. 
all my life i’ve been pushed around just because i’m different. 
what’s the matter with everyone this merry morn?
it’s not against the law to hope, is it?
next time, ask your uncle [name].
don’t do anything i wouldn’t do. 
and you’re wrong about me. i mind what people say. 
you are my darling daughter and i love you. 
hello, my dearest little chap. 
there’s more true goodness in him than i give him credit for.
i was cheering him up. 
remember i will always be your friend wherever i am.
do you ever wonder why people dislike you so much? it’s because you are sly and oily and smug.
i am not the same as you, but i am not foul.
in my life, i can tell you, not many have been kind to me. 
there are times i’d like to belong. does that sound funny?
you won’t let me be fond of you, will you? no matter what i do. 
i think it shows you to be a very brave person. 
it feels good. just to be two blokes, having a chat, not trying to fit in for once. 
we all need a special friend from time to time. 
i’m afraid i’ve been a silly boy. 
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short term 12 (2013) change as you see fit.   /   mentions of abuse & suicide.
you’re up early.
i was going to make us some breakfast before i go. you want an omelet?
you give the best hugs.
i didn’t smoke before i started working here.
hey now, my stories aren’t meant for truth, they’re meant for entertainment. 
i’m going to rip your fucking balls off and feed ‘em to you.
chill out, buddy.
we’re just going to sit down here in the grass until you de-escalate.
de-escalate, my asshole, you fucking duck fuckers!
you wanna go take a nap?
what do you mean less privileged than you?
go to your room.
anyone else wanna say something stupid?
you can turn it on and off by just touching the metal part.
i want you to make sure she’s taken good care of.
you like to draw?
no cussing. 
shit, forgot about that one.
i know it sucks to be in a place like this. 
the only way you’ll get that privilege is if you’re on good behavior. 
can you please just try a little?
come in, dearie. 
is your father still in prison?
i didn’t come here for this shit.
hold on now, baby.
okay. that’s fair, honey.
hey, stinker.
well, i knew you weren’t having the best day, so i made some veggie spaghetti, extra garlic.
stop talking. i’m trying to think.
i like it when you get all competitive. 
well, i’m happy to be here to make you feel smart.
you’re the weirdest, most beautiful person i’ve ever met in my life.
can i shave my head?
big fucking whoop.
i don’t do that anymore.
if i ever did wanna cut myself, keeping the door fucking cracked isn’t going to stop me.
i warned you about cussing.
your attitude isn’t helping either one of us. 
i don’t like sweat.
assault and possession of a deadly weapon. there’s two perfectly valid reasons for me to send you straight to juvie.
you really think i give a fuck about juvie?
i’m too exhausted to care about pretty things.
why is everything in my life always so fucked up?
no kid should ever feel unsafe in their own home.
i can fucking hear you, dick!
get the fuck out of my room, you fucking bitches!
don’t fucking touch me! 
fuck youuuuuuuuuuuuu!
let me go!
stop saying my fucking name!
i fucking hate you.
that’s fine. you don’t have to like me right now. just let it pass.
you’re doing good. really good.
sorry for kicking you.
can you slow down? i feel like i’m going to barf.
i just want to spend some time alone with my dead fish.
okay, hon, you need to tell me what’s going on, and why you have blood on your shirt.
did your dad ever hurt you?
you are not your dad.
i can’t believe you were going to hit him in the face with a bat.
you’re going to be a really good mom.
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rpmemesstash · a year ago
undertale (2015) change as you see fit.
i can’t go to hell. i’m all out of vacation days.
kids like you... should be burning in hell.
lie to yourself all the time. it makes you feel better.
i don’t need friends. i have knives.
it’s a beautiful day outside.
someone oughta teach you how things work around here!
do you think we could at least be friends again?
you have to try to be happy, okay?
let’s get those bones shaking!
i’m piling on the smooches!
ohhhh, yeeeess!
quick! behind that conveniently-shaped lamp!
together, we eradicated the enemy. 
i really should’ve killed you when i had the chance.
we are officially screwed every which way from sunday with whipped cream.
geeettttttt dunked on!!!
don’t kill and don’t get killed, alright?
i’m only nineteen years old and i’ve already wasted my entire life.
i’m gonna stay inside and watch anime like a total loser!
it doesn’t matter what it is, you care about it.
you really are an idiot.
welcome to my special hell.
prove to me that you are strong enough to survive.
knock ‘em dead, darling!
you’re gonna have a bad time.
now stand still while i murder you!
would you two just smooch already!
first of all, you’re a freakin’ weirdo!
it’ll suck and then you’ll die a lot.
it’s time for everyone to go home.
who needs arms with legs like these?
put a little more backbone into it!
where are the knives?
stay determined.
being friends with everyone is easy!
what, you think i’m just gonna stand there and take it?
is this really the right time for a snack?
despite everything, it’s still you.
take care of yourself, kid. ‘cause someone really cares about you.
i have to make everyone give up giving up!
it’s so cold.
now be a good child and go upstairs. 
did you just call me “mom”?
die already, you little brat!
time to break out the big guns!
lights! camera! bombs!
sup, bro?
come on, you’re smiling.
pick up your sock!
but nobody came.
c’mere, pal.
w-well...that’s not what i expected.
you can do a little better, even if you don’t think so. i promise.
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rpmemesstash · a year ago
a tree grows in brooklyn (1943) change as you see fit.
forgiveness is a gift of high value. yet its cost is nothing.
i need someone to understand how i feel at a time like now.
there are very few bad people. there are just a lot of people that are unlucky.
get the lead out!
all week you said we could have dessert on saturday.
tell him what your mother said.
he must have been sweet and clean and his mother kissed his little pink toes.
i want bread!
can i come along?
it’s a free country.
don’t show your puss on this street.
don’t you even step over that line.
could you recommend a good book?
i’ll put you over my knee and bust your little bottom if you don’t get yourself right back into bed.
you eat it and get some meat on your bones.
oh, no, you don’t, young man.
you got a heart of gold.
where do you buy your fish of a friday?
it’s just that i couldn’t kill anything.
i talk like.... like.... like god talks.
slob! dirty slob!
why do you want to be stingy for, lady?
worms are in there. live ones.
i never heard you sing before.
what are you thinking about, little girl?
sometimes i see you sitting on the curb for hours.
somebody’s up past their bedtime.
you know how it is, children will play in the dirt.
you’re too little to stay up that late.
it’s a goddamn, rotten, lousy world. 
i want my leg cut off.
i want to go home.
i don’t believe in god no more.
do as you’re told.
i remember you used to be a skinny long-legged kid.
do you think i’m good-looking?
gee, you make me sick. always so mushy.
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rpmemesstash · 2 years ago
ON MY BLOCK SEASON TWO (2019) feel free to change pronouns and descriptors to your liking.
ew, no.
i hate that you’re alone.
bad news: i burned the cookies.
don’t “but dad” me!
i’m just thinking how crazy it is that someone's whole life can fit inside a box.
mi hijo?
to throw off a scent, you’ve got to create one.
you’re not dead, but you might as well be.
did you all know there’s a pregnant white girl on your porch?
can you close your ears, honey?
i’m not a victim. i’m a survivor. 
i got nothing but love for you.
i’m tired of being an afterthought. for once, i’d like to be a "before-thought”. or just a thought.
you all suck and i hate you.
it’s not safe for you to be walking home alone.
why is it safe for you but not me?
bingo, bitches.
draw your feelings.
it takes a big boy to work through his trauma -- but he can’t do it alone.
you know you’re the first person i know who’s been shot?
i’ve had adequate time to calm down, done some reflecting, meditated my bp down to 110/77.
let me hold you?
no matter how much we argue or disagree, i will love you until the day i die.
you got that special sauce running through your veins.
why screw yourself if the universe is just gonna screw you, anyway?
does batman really need robin?
it’s fate, baby.
i just wanna go back to before all this happened.
i want to be myself again.
sex. we call it sex.
hugs before thugs.
baby, it’s okay.
wakey, wakey, biatch!
i’ve lost people, too.
i just wanted to be like you.
curses are just justifications for people’s bad choices.
why you gotta harsh my buzz?
you better be in bed in five, four, three--
i don’t have a family. i don’t have a home. 
no one wants me.
why am i on house arrest?
i need personal space and food.
you’re the kid, i’m the dad. end of discussion!
listen to your father.
you’re too young to feel numb.
we know you’re trying, sweetie.
bitches be bonkers.
no more sprinkles for you!
he just wants you safe.
this feels like a legit grey area.
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rpmemesstash · 2 years ago
AFTER ANATEVKA BY ALEXANDRA SILBER feel free to change pronouns and sentences as needed.
“ you will follow me? “
“ forever. “
“ come find me when you are done. “
“ a stranger from the city! “
“ it is time for a bath. “
“ i have a joke. “
“ bees don’t have hair. “
“ you may try but i always come back stronger! “
“ i hate you; i really do. “
“ can’t we not stay in this bed like this forever? “
“ what on earth is the matter, hon? “
“ do you--do you think of me as a fool?”
“ little bitch! “
“ i’ll choke you with the hair they cut from your rotten head! “
“ the bread fell right out of the sky? “
“ shh, shh. sweetheart, sweetheart, it’s me, it’s daddy. it’s daddy. you’re safe. shh. sh. i’m here, daddy’s here. “
“ for now, i look to god, for i know he will respond to my questions. “
“ women are created to be in every way partners, not mindless slaves or brainless doormats, but helpers, collaborators, equals. “
“ i wish to open the world for him. “
“ disgraceful, really, the carelessness...”
“ what is he even teaching you? “
“ bruises will heal. the world might not. “
“ nettlesome is right, boy. “
“ the adults are talking. “
“ do you not have anything better to do than stick your nose in the business of adults? “
“ i know you for what you are. “
“ yes, sir. “
“ we must fight. “
“ you are a halfwit. “
“ and you are capable of anything, my boy. “
“ wine! beautiful wine! “
“ where the hell do you get all your liquor? “
“ i have forgotten their voices. their touch. their smiles. “
“ oh, is that what they’re calling it nowadays? “
“ please save us from the presence of the lovesick -- my teeth are rotting in their sockets! “
“ a flush of diamonds! “
“ it’s russian. “
“ lifted it right from his pocket. “
“ there, there, it’s okay. don’t cry. i’m alright. “
“ i will not be taken advantage of. “
“ what appalling vanity. “
“ it is lonely out there without your excuses. “
“ what an imbecile you are. “
“ may i go? “
“ you are not to leave the house. “
“ piss off. “
“ ah ‘piss off’-- the retort of the inarticulate! “
“ oh, sit on your cello bow. “
“ it’s a dog! “
“ tomorrow, darling. it can wait. “
“ there will be such an emptiness where you once were. “
“ the world will not take note, my dear. “
“ i do not mean for the world. the emptiness will be beside me. “
“ i shall live within you. “
“ my dearest love. do not withdraw from the world; take part in it. do away with misery, with fear, and, above all, with regret. demand more. of yourself. of man. of this finite, beautiful time. it is too brief and too special to be squandered on despair. “
“ i cannot say goodbye. “
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rpmemesstash · 2 years ago
THE INTERESTINGS BY MEG WOLITZER  feel free to change pronouns and sentences as needed. brief mention of suicide. 
“ you don’t always need to be the dazzler. “
“ that is how friendships begin: one person reveals a moment of strangeness, and the other person decides just to listen and not exploit it. “
“ there is power in once having known someone. “
“ this is 92% stupid. “
“ good boy. you’re so brave. “
“ with love, apparently you didn’t necessarily feel the need to explain anything at all. “
“ most people aren't talented. so what are they supposed to do -- kill themselves? “
“ after a certain age, you feel a need not to be alone. it’ll grew stronger, like a radio frequency, until finally it is so powerful that you were forced to do something about it. “
“ i've always sort of felt that you prepare yourself over the course of your whole life for the big moments, you know? but when they happen, you sometimes feel totally unready for them, or even that they're not what you thought. “
“ the reality is really different than the fantasy. “
“ we are so, so fucked. “
“ we are all here, on this earth, for only one go around. “ 
“ twitter. you know what that is? termites with microphones. “
“ you’re very talented. “
“ what does a woman have to do to be taken seriously? “
“ isn’t the whole point of being an artist, or at least part of it, being not having to wear a tie? “
“ you judged people not on their success, but their appeal. “
“ everyone simply has to wait patiently in order to lose the people they love one by one, all the while acting as if they aren’t waiting for that at all. “
“ the past is so tenacious. “
“ art is just as important as science. “
“ is there anything sadder than the scrawniest little piece of uneaten chicken at a dinner party? “
“ i feel content. “
“ that’s an old person’s word. “
“ let everyone who meets us fall down dead in our path from just how fucking interesting we are. “
“ go to your room. i’ll be there in a few minutes to talk to you. “
“ you’ve always been a very smart boy. “
“ nobody tells you how long you should keep doing something before you give up forever. “
“ sometimes a mindfuck is a satisfying and productive fuck, after all. “
“ we had a good marriage. i just always thought it’d last longer. “
“ it’s hard to understand at your age. “
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