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Heeeyyyyy! We're posting all actor AU stuff here! this shall include interviews, skits, shenanigans and asks! Please feel free to ask the actors anything! 4 characters at the most per ask. Just keep in mind that this is NOT an RP blog. Just a fun shitpost and ask blog. Also, just to put off any possible confusion, Jimmy is Ironwood.

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rwby-actor-au·4 days agoAnswer

How many takes of the "nut-smash" (and near nut-smash) scenes in the V4 fight with the Geist did Jaune have to go through? Also, that whole thing was comedy gold for Jaune.

Jaune: Why thank you kind Nonnie! I like to be funny where I can be! And as for the nut shots? Well it was all near nut shots, and I had on protection! Safety is pretty important on set, so all precautions are taken to prevent actual injury.

Jaune: I mean yeah, sometimes something will happen and someone will get hurt. But we have medics on set just in case! And pretty great health insurance! Soooo, yeah! Hope that answered you question!

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rwby-actor-au·4 days agoAnswer

How many mints did Renora and Arkos take for their respective kiss scenes?

Ren: *rolls eyes* Oh please, we both have great oral hygiene. And we’re professionals, we can handle a little stage kiss. 

Nora: Yeah! It was just a stage kiss! Though I did brush my teeth before the shot juuuust in case!

Jaune: I ate a LOT. Only because I had never had to do a stage kiss and I was really nervous.

Pyrrha: I thought it was actually really sweet. But I usually have gum on me anyway, so I was all set before hand!

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rwby-actor-au·4 days agoAnswer

To any avatar fans out there, The Last Airbender or Legend of Korra?

Tai: Oh god no! What have you done?!

Yang: Legend of Korra obviously!

Ruby: Uhh, I think you mean The Last Airbender. Cause that one is the shit.

Yang: Korra. Was. Better. Or do you wanna go?

Ruby: Bring it bitch.

Yang and Ruby: *very loud debate about ATLA and LoK*

Tai: Uuuuuuggggghhhhh! They’re gonna be like this for hours now! Thanks a lot.

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rwby-actor-au·7 days agoAnswer

(OOC Question but... with the whole... Ryan Haywood scandal that's going on... are we still allowed to ask Port questions? Since Ryan voiced him?)

Note from Mod Fox

The answer is no. This is because I personally am not comfortable with talking about anything involving Ryan. So no Port, please. We’re gonna say that he retired and went away to the Bahamas to enjoy his retirement.

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rwby-actor-au·7 days agoAnswer

Who has the most rabid fans? Like the crazy stalker types, or the one that sends creepy messages

Qrow: That would be me. I don’t understand why. But literally the craziest people seem to like me.

Qrow: Like, I’m flattered. But do you know how often I get mailed pairs of fans’ underwe- HMPH!

Tai: Quiet! There are children present!

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rwby-actor-au·7 days agoAnswer

So where did the Boop thing came from

Nora: Answered in an earlier ask. But us youngsters got into a boop war. And during filming I booped Ren. Monty liked it so much that he decided to keep it as part of the show.

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rwby-actor-au·11 days agoAnswer

In honor of Sinday, I have a question for Blake, Salem, and Qrow. Blake, marry, f*ck, kill: Sun, Yang, Adam? Salem, marry, f*ck, kill: Watts, Tyrian, Hazel? Qrow, marry, f*ck, kill: Clover, Robyn, Winter?

Ozpin: Blake is not to participate in sinday as she is to young, please do not ask the younger cast Sinday questions.

Salem: Marry Hazel if he wasn’t already married, kill Watts cause he stole my damn cheese puffs, and fuck Tyrian he looks like he’s a freak in bed. I dig that.

Qrow: Kill Clover.

Ozpin: …And the other ones?

Qrow: I ain’t touchin those. I’d just kill Clover.

Clover: Well fuck you too.

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rwby-actor-au·a month agoAnswer

How has Oscar been dealing with Jimmy/Salem thing.. just kinda nervous for the little dude. that's all

Oscar: Dont worry, so long as he treats her with all the respect and kindness she deserves than I’m cool with it.

Oscar: *terrifying grin* And if he hurts her. I will tear his dick off, and shove it so far up his own ass that he’ll be tasting his nut sack.

Ozpin: Language.

Oscar: Sorry.

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rwby-actor-au·a month agoAnswer

Hey, Oz? How do you feel about the whole Salem/Jimmy situation? I imagine it's kinda awkward.

Ozpin: I’ve said it once and I’ll say it a million times more. Salem is my best friend. Just because she isn’t my wife anymore doesn’t mean that I don’t want what’s best for her and that I don’t wish her happiness. If being with Jimmy will make her happy, then I will support her no matter what.

Ozpin: That being said, it is only slightly awkward. But that is something I think will change over time. I trust Jimmy to be good to Salem. But if he ever does hurt her, I will not hesitate to end his life.

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