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Guardian Demon
synopsis: after having a really bad day you’re begging for someone, anyone, to help you and a man with horns and wings shows up beside your bed.
pairing: demon!sukuna x gender neutral reader
word count: 946
warnings: none
authors note: it’s shit, i apologize. it’s a repost and was one of the first things i wrote.
Tumblr media
It was most certainly not your day today at all. For starters, your phone died in the middle of the night so you ended up being late for work. On your way to work, that you were already late for, your car broke down.
You unfortunately knew nothing about cars so you forced yourself to tread the rest of the 5 miles there- only for a car to speed through a puddle getting you and your suit tremendously soaked. When you finally managed to arrive, your boss fired you and you had to walk all the way back home.
You almost began to think someone put a curse on you- because when you stepped into your apartment, the power went out. Your body was slouching and your feet were aching, you didn’t have the energy to get mad. To get mad at whatever decided to take the time to ruin your day, week, even.
The fabric of your clothing was dried so you instantly plopped down onto the mattress the minute it was within your reach. Your apartment was quiet, the only sound being the soft huffs and puffs coming from you.
“Why me?” You spoke to no one in particular. You huff and kick your shoes off, listening to the plop they made when hitting the hardwood floor. “Someone help me please.”
Your head was cradled by the pillows on your bed and your eyelids started to feel heavy as they started to droop. The heaviness of your body was much more apparent and you didn’t have any desire to move or get up.
Before you could slip away you noticed a figure illuminated by the candle lights that sat in cages. You were almost too far gone to register that you’d seen a figured standing beside your bed. It was only until your eyes had been closed for a minute that your body jerked up and quickly moved into the corner of your bed.
The man had horns that twisted up, paired with big black wings and tattoos on his face and arms. His hair was pink and deliberately messy and he was really tall. He had to be around 7- maybe even 8 feet tall. “What.. the fuck- who the hell are you?”
“Oh right I see your hostility,” his teeth were shiny white and they were all sharpened. Almost like shark teeth, just without the number of teeth sharks actually have. “Woo! Do you know how many angels I had to fight to get here first? They’re pretty fast!”
He bounced on the mattress and you cornered yourself into the wall, eyes still trained on him- still cowering away from the man you did not know. “Oh don’t worry pretty, I won’t hurt you. You asked for someone to help you so here I am, though I had to beat the angels to get here first.”
“Your life is about to get a whole lot better because I’m your guardian demon.” Your eyes were fixated on the wings that sprouted from his back and the horns that were rooted into his head. His hair framed the base of them perfectly, almost too perfectly. “I’m Sukuna…” His sentence trailed off when he followed your gaze,
“Do you wanna touch them?” He had to have his wings slightly wrapped around the frame of his body so he wouldn’t hit you with them. Had he spread them out, the right wing would surely be in front of you covering your body with the size of even just one.
You slowly scooted further up the bed whilst he uncurled them from around his body. They made slight wind even with the pace he was moving them at. “They’re soft I swear.” He didn’t have to point it out for you to notice. Even though you had yet to feel them, you could very clearly tell they were extremely soft.
The man- Sukuna’s- voice never raised above a slight whisper. Enough to not scare you but enough so you could hear him clearly. Your left arm moved before you could control it and your fingers carded through the individual feathers.
They felt as soft as the clouds in the sky looked, the feathers fluttered underneath the pads of your fingertips. You traced along the bone at the top until you could no longer reach it. His eyes darted from item to item in your room- not noticing that he wasn’t looking at you, you rubbed at the base of one of his horns.
His head- clearly startled- quickly snapped to look back at you. Though the ridges in them made them look rough and scratchy to touch, they were quite surprisingly smooth as you glided your fingers up to the top. The tips of them were piercing sharp and could hurt someone if he tried.
“You like them?” Before you could think you gradually nodded your head as you continued to feel along the medium-length horns. The separation between each one wasn’t too large nor was it too small. You figured you could most likely fit your hand between them.
You retracted your arm after realizing you’d been touching them for longer than you would care to admit. The both of you were barely acquainted with each other, going on for far too long would be embarrassing on your part- considering you assumed he’d be around for a while.
“I’m here to help you believe it or not. Some demons and the angels heard you so we all had to fight to be the first one here, and I made it.”
“And you’re…” “A demon, yes.”
“Your life is gonna get a lot better from here on out.”
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
The real unanswered question in BNHA is if Dabi has any hair dye leftover 
Bonus AM:
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Tumblr media
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premise: “nanami comes home after battling mahito with a bunch of injuries. i’d imagine his husband waiting for him to get home with dinner in the oven, playing some music in the background… then the reader patches up his wounds and nanami offers to dance with him when his favorite song comes on.”
pairings: kento nanami x house!spouse!reader
warnings: mentions of fighting, blood
wc: 689
authors note: if the writing is shitty… don’t make fun of me pls this is a repost from an old acc from like a year or so ago but i did decide to rewrite some of it
Tumblr media
The counter lightly shook with a hum with every beat and every bass drop that emitted from the speaker perched on the island top. Dinner was cooking in the oven as the clock struck 5:00 pm; right on schedule.
With Kento being so tight about his schedules, it made everything flow smoothly for you at home. You were definitely not a stupid person, even though you had zero experience with being a sorcerer, it didn’t take a genius to know it was an extremely difficult and taxing job.
So with him and his schedules, you could be absolutely sure everything was spotless and food would be waiting for him (or by the very least cooking) when he arrived.
While it could be mundane day to day, glancing at him coming home and seeing everything kept in order would always be worth it to you.
It flew over your head at how much he really valued coming home after a predictably long day to a clean home. He may not always outwardly show it, but he notices everything.
On cue, at exactly 5:18 pm, Nanami sludges through the door and beelines it through the kitchen to rest his body against yours— still supporting his own weight enough that you didn’t have to.
“The house looks great. Thank you my love,” he sleepily mumbles, resting his arms around your middle.
It was a schedule that greatly benefited the both of you with keeping everything organized and doing things in a timely manner.
“It was nothing Ken’.” You couldn’t contain the smile that broke onto your face, it spread from ear to ear- almost like a cartoon smile would. He always longed to see that big smile every time he was in the room like hell he would actually tell you that.
“It’s nice to come home to-” “You’re hurt..” You felt something damp on your own clothing from being pressed against him only to see blood on his light colored suit. Without letting him squeeze a word in, you were already hauling him to the bathroom to force him on the counter. 
He was moving too slow for your liking so you unbuttoned his shirt and hurriedly pulled it down passed the frame of his shoulders.
“S’not a big deal darling-” “It is a big deal Ken’. You’re hurt.” He hated having to show you that he got hurt from a curse he was fighting- to him it was a sign that he was too weak.
“Getting hurt doesn’t make you weak Ken’. You’re one of the strongest sorcerers out there, you are far from weak. Everybody gets injured- and I’m sure Mr. Gojo has as well. You’re still one of the stronger sorcerers I know.”
You knew Nanami all too well to even anticipate what he was already thinking during the moment, but you meant it. Nanami was by no means weak- he was an extremely strong and powerful sorcerer. And just because he sustained a few injuries does not change the fact.
“You have to tell me the next time this happens, okay?” He couldn’t ignore the way his stomach turned with the way your eyes looked up at his face.
He slowly nodded and your face was covered with that smile that he never got tired of seeing, “thank you.”
It wasn’t easy for Kento to adjust when he needed help, let alone when he needed help with his wounds. But you always seemed to make things a whole lot easier.
When the song you both loved the most softly played through the speaker, without blinking he took you into the kitchen where the music progressively got louder and more clear. He bowed down and stuck his hand out to you, “Care to dance my love?”
“You’re hurt, Ken’. You should be laying down and relaxing or trying to rest.”
For the first time in a long time, he pouted at you and continued to string your body close to his, “You’re not going to deny an injured man of his pleasures now, are you?”
You shook your head and dramatically rolled your eyes, “Of course not.”
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can i get uhhh leviathan x gn reader, with a side of angst / hurt with a happy ending? maybe like- levi snaps at and hurts them (emotionally or minor physically whichever you’re comfy with) bc they messed up a videogame he’d been playing and hyper-fixating on?? thank you sm!! <3
characters: lucifer/gn MC, levi/gn MC, lord diavolo/gn MC
tw: yelling at reader, swearing, past mentions/hints at ab*se(past), reader flinches/braces themselves, our boys gets sad ):, lil’ angst w/ happy ending, dia calls reader clingy )’:, he doesn’t mean it, our boys dia and luci need a break
wc: 2.9k (lucifer: 820 levi: 1,029 lord diavolo: 1,434)
authors note: there wasn’t much room for me to add a lot of angst because i didn’t want to make it too long, just know i would’ve made it angstier if i didn’t make these into little blurbs.
Tumblr media
lucifer is always swamped with work because of his brothers 
lord diavolo isn’t helping much either with how much work he’s been having to give luci 
his desk, whenever you saw it, was always surprisingly cluttered with papers, pens, and folders all around the surface 
you wondered if he could ever actually find anything with all this mess 
you decided you wanted help him by trying to organize everything on his desk so he could actually have a clean work space since there was always so much to do 
though that seemed to be the final straw that broke the camel’s back 
and unfortunately for you, you were on the receiving end of an angry lucifer 
You knew Lucifer was going on a much needed lunch break (suggested by you) for the next 30 minutes. Albeit it took a lot of pushing and pulling, but he finally relented and went out with Lord Diavolo. You knew he’d only agree to go if it were you or him, and you had things to do. So Lord Diavolo it was. 
When you walked into his office, it somehow seemed to be in more disarray than it was the night before. It was only a matter of time before it piled up into a little mini mountain and eventually fell over. 
It took you a total of 23 minutes to get everything sorted and put away neatly into manila folders in the confines of his desk drawers. Of course all the work he was currently doing was put in one folder in the top most drawer for his convenience. Unfortunately, when Lucifer walked into his office to see you sitting behind his desk and all the papers and packets suddenly gone, he lost it. 
“Y/N what are you doing!? You know no one is allowed in here unless I am!” At his distress, you promptly got up from behind the desk to watch him frantically take your place. 
“I wanted to help. Everything looked so messy-” “That doesn't mean you should touch shit that isn’t yours! It was messy but at least I knew where everything was!” 
You shrunk back and started to fidget with your hands, “I’m sorry I just wanted to help-” “Well you’re not fucking helping!” He stood up and slammed his gloved fists on the mahogany wood. You let out a small gasp braced your body- but nothing came. 
Of course you knew Lucifer would never do such a thing. But it didn’t help that that’s what you grew up on and he was a 6 foot tall demon while you were merely a human. After receiving nothing, you opened your eyes to see the extremely panicked and sad look on his face. 
“I’m sorry, I’ll just...” You didn’t even finish your sentence before swiftly leaving his office and heading to the safety of your bedroom-- ignoring the questions and concerns from the brothers. 
Truly, it was no secret Lucifer didn't know how to comfort anyone, especially a human. He had always been bad at it, and that was always okay with you because you knew he meant well. But this time seemed to be different. 
As you heard his heels click against the floor, slowly and carefully approaching your door, you knew it was different. The atmosphere was different when you opened the door to, not surprisingly, reveal Lucifer with his head hung low and fists at his sides. 
The atmosphere was different. Whether it be the fact that Lucifer was probably going to apologize for the first time in his demon life or because he just witnessed you flinch away from him, it was different nonetheless. 
“I’m sorry, Y/N. i’ve had so much shit to do in the last few days and I haven’t been sleeping or eating like I should, even though you always yell at me for it.” His voice was quiet, like he was scared or nervous. 
This was a look you nor the brothers had ever seen on him before. 
“i know it’s no excuse but I’m sorry. I was just so upset- and then I saw you flinch from me- and I just don’t want you to have to be scared of me because you never have to, I would never in my life-” Your fingers clutched the sides of his button up to pull him into your room. His back stiffened when you wrapped your arms around his torso and pushed your face into his chest. 
“I’m not scared of you I promise. Things have happened in the past, a while before I met you guys, back when I was in the human world. I’m not scared of you, I swear, Luci.” 
Eventually he rested his arms around your shoulders and pulled you further into him, “I’m sorry. Thank you for doing that, I appreciate it. I just saw that everything was gone and I freaked.” 
“I forgive you, Luci.” 
Tumblr media
levi finally got the new TSL game he pre-ordered weeks and weeks ago
the minute he got the money to pre-order it, he had been raving about it almost every day until it was set to arrive
even if you didn’t know as much about TSL as he did, you were almost excited as he was
when it finally showed up at your doorstep in a box, all the brothers were being dragged out by lucifer for some meeting with lord diavolo
it was apparently nothing that concerned you, so you got to stay home
deciding you wanted to wrap it up nicely and surprise him, you take it out of the cardboard box and venture into levi’s room to find wrapping paper
if only you knew beforehand how unlucky you were with the series of events that were about to happen
Seeing Levi happy or excited about things he loved, especially TSL, always made you unreasonably happy. So it was so surprise you were jittery with excitement whilst finding something to wrap the new game in.
You knew that you didn’t have a lot of time before the boys would be back considering the fact you received a messages from Lucifer 6 minutes ago. Your calm and smooth searching shifted to quick and frantic, trying to find anything to be able to surprise him.
He wasn’t expecting the game today, it wasn’t suspected to come for another 2 days; so he was going to be shocked no matter what. It flew over your head that you probably didn’t need to do all that you were doing, but you were far too committed to back out now.
Assuming you’d be able to find it faster with 2 hands, you set the game next to your feet so you wouldn’t somehow misplace it. If you lost it already because you couldn’t find it within the mess in the room, you’d probably start crying.
Seeing as you couldn’t find anything within the mess of tangled cords that were miles long, you unplugged his PC and consoles to finally be able to move it. No one in this house seemed to have wrapping paper, so the folded up cardboard box from a different game would have to suffice.
Levi was never the most organized demon. This proved to be a hassle and you couldn’t reach anything behind his monitors and clutter. The tower had to have been moved only an inch before you heard a noise of chaos behind you.
Stomaching the pit in your throat, you turn around to see his PC tower unplugged, on the floor, and right smack dab on his TSL game. The tower couldn’t have been that heavy right? His precious game that he’d been waiting upwards of 3 months for was fine- everything was going to be in tip top shape.
Wanting to get the misery over with already, you delicately opened the game (as if you hadn’t just accidentally smashed it with a PC), only to find a broken disc in its place. Split in half, right down the middle.
You didn’t have any time at all to react or to think of a solution before Levi opened his door- his laughter suddenly stopping at the sight of the game in your hands.
“Y/N?” His tone shook and his expression dropped. It made the pit in your stomach fall deeper.
“Levi..” You we’re positively shaking by now. If there was one thing you hated the most, it was seeing your boys sad- let alone being the sole cause of it.
“What did you do!? Is that the new game I’ve been waiting 3 months for!?”
“Levi, I- I just wanted to surprise you with it by wrapping it up because it came earlier than you expected but I couldn’t find wrapping paper and there was this flat box behind the PC but I couldn’t see because of all the cords so I unplugged it and moved it, it fell on the game and cracked it, I’m sorry I’ll replace it as soon as I can-“
“You can’t! It’s probably gone everywhere now! Why couldn’t you just leave it alone like a normal person! You’ve ruined everything!”
He was right. As much as you wanted to promise you would replace it, no matter how much you meant it, they were probably already sold out and wouldn’t be up for sale for another several months, if that.
Levi rushed to take the game from your fingers and place it on his desk- not paying any mind to the fallen tower. After affirming it was really beyond use or repair, he threw the disc and case against the wall behind him.
You yelped and crossed your hands in front of your face and started to drown out the slew of yelling that came from him, though it stopped as soon as it started. The muscles in your arms relaxed and dropped to rest at your sides.
A mix of looks and emotions was seen running through him, almost like you could read him. What was it? Confusion? Bewilderment? Sadness?
“You just…”
Levi didn’t seem like he wanted to finish that sentence. But he does anyways, “You just flinched away from me..” And his voice only made your chest cave in further.
“No Levi, I’m sorry. I’ve experienced things in the human world before I met you guys, it’s just a habit. I know I’m okay with you.”
He didn’t say anything so you took that as a sign to continue.
“I will do whatever I can to replace the game because you’re right, I should’ve left it alone and should’ve just given it to you when you got here. You’ve been waiting for it for months and it was wrong of me to take it out-“
With a face flushed red, he took two long strides towards you and shakily wrapped his arms around you and pulled you against him. “You- you don’t have to apologize.. You w-were just trying to surprise me.. I get it. I’m sorry for how I acted.”
“It’s okay, I understand Levi. Let’s just work on finding another way to get the game.”
Tumblr media
lord diavolo 
diavolo had always been busy- it was just a matter of when he could find the time to be able to take off. 
but lately he hasn’t been able to do that 
you couldn’t remember the reason barbatos explained to you days ago 
something about demons getting in the human world and him obviously having to deal with it 
it, regrettably, was a long process since the demons that got out were extremely reckless and caused a lot of problems 
but you figured by visiting his castle and suggesting he take a little while to go out and eat would be a good idea 
he probably hadn’t eaten in a while-- too focused on the piles of paperwork he had to do-- so why not 
While you were also dating Diavolo, you didn’t want to dress down in his presence, even if he’s mentioned a thousand time that you don’t have to. You dressed in a button up and black jeans, nothing too casual or too out there. And even the gods were smiling down on you because, somehow, you managed to convince Lucifer to let you borrow his coat. 
It was always really nice and you enjoyed how it looked on you- because yes while you have worn it before, it was only when he offered it or when he was with you. The coat was slightly too long but you were sure he wouldn’t mind. 
With four soft knocks to the front door, Barbatos swung the door open with a smile and motioned you across the threshold. “He’s in his office upstairs.” 
Already knowing you way in and out of his castle blindfolded, it took you no time to reach the neat space of his study. “Hey Dia. What’re you doing?” You spoke softly as to try not to alert him from the work he was doing. 
“I was thinking that you needed a break.. So why don’t you take a little while off and we can go eat some lunch?” Your hands smoothed the part of his shirt that covered his shoulders. He squared his shoulders up and let them back down to get you off. 
“Can’t. I’m busy.” Short and clipped, just like all of your conversations in the past week had been. 
“You need to eat, Dia. Please. It’ll only take a little while I promise and then you can get back to work with no issues.” You didn’t want to give up so easily. He tended to forget to take care of himself when he had a lot of work to do. 
He didn’t even spare you a glance, “Too much work to do.” 
“Dia, you have to eat. You can’t keep forgetting to-” 
“Y/N, I can’t go out. Can’t you see the stockpile of work I have to do because of these demons?” His tone was loud and stern, he only used it when he was irritated or annoyed. Even though he was annoyed, you had to keep pushing. If he wasn’t going to take care of himself, you were going to do it for him. 
“You have to take care of yourself. Just please-” “Will you stop being so fucking clingy, Y/N! I can’t even get a moment to myself to do all the work that’s accumulating without you constantly on me!” His closed fists slammed against the folders and papers and your body jumped back against the wall behind them. 
Clingy? Did he really think it was that bad? He mentioned it once or twice, but he always said he liked it. He never got too much affection growing up, so getting it so often from you was nice. That’s what he told you once before and you never forgot it. 
You tried to push the tremble in your voice back as you kept your hands close to your chest. “I- uh- sorry. I just- didn’t want you to forget..” Even though you’re voice was barely above a whisper, the shakiness seemed to be the loudest thing you’ve ever heard. 
Trying (and failing to keep the tears back), you quickly wiped them from your cheeks and hope he didn’t hear you sniffling to stifle it down. “I’ll uh- I’m gonna go..” 
Your feet speedily took you out of his office and down the descending staircase. You were out the door before you could spare anyone or anything a second glance; just wanting to get back to The House of Lamentation as soon as possible to crawl into your bed and hide under the blankets for the duration of the night. 
Though that proved to be increasingly difficult as the minute you walked through the doors, several of the brothers were around you trying to ask what happened. You assume Lucifer didn’t tell anyone you went to go see Lord Diavolo. On your way to your room, you stopped by Lucifer’s room to toss his coat on his bed and slam your room door closed. 
It had been a few hours since then, and thankfully no one stopped by your room to try and shake you for what happened. The boys probably told Lucifer what happened and he most likely would’ve told them to just stay out for a while. 
Several gentle knocks resonated throughout the room. You responded with a hum- and it was several seconds before the door inched open to reveal Lucifer. “Lord Diavolo is here.”
“I don’t wanna see him.” It was nothing but a mumble but you knew he heard you. He nodded and shut the door on his way before he ended right back at the front door.
“They said they didn’t want to see you, Lord Diavolo.”
“Please, I need to apologize.” Diavolo was quick to refute him. He refused to leave and let you go to sleep before he was able to apologize. Not wanting to say no again, he invited him in and watched him rush up the staircase and make a sharp left.
Diavolo didn’t bother knocking before he opened the door and closed it behind him.
“Get out, please.”
“Please just listen.”
When you finally slipped the blanket away from your face to sit upright, you saw he was holding a bouquet of roses and you couldn’t deny the desperate look on his face. After you finally motioned for him to continue, he, quite literally, fell to his knees on the floor next to the side of your bed,
“Y/N, I am so sorry. I didn’t mean a word of what I said, I swear to you. I love you so much and you truly aren’t clingy. If, by definition, you are, then I don’t care. I enjoy being around you and I wish we were together even more. None of what I said was true, I promise I didn’t mean it. I was upset and annoyed because there’s just so much work to do and I shouldn’t have taken it out on you, it was wrong and I’m sorry.”
“What you said really hurt Diavolo.”
You could see his face scrunch up at the use of his full name. You only ever called him Lord Diavolo or Diavolo in formal situations, almost never anything else.
His puppy eyes stared at you, golden irises seemingly looking through, almost past you. The fire from your candle danced around his eyes while his right hand laid out the wrinkles from the blanket that still covered your legs.
He was sorry, it was evident in his body language and his tone, and it’s not like you could stay mad at him forever right?
“I know..” The softness was a surprise to you, catching you off guard like a random big gust of wind catching your clothes. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean a single word of it. Not any of it.”
You watched his eyes flicker down to your sheets, and then the bundle of flowers in his left hand, and then to the hand that was still smoothening over your thighs— truly everywhere but your eyes.
“Okay. I believe you.” When your voice finally broke the stilling silence in the room, he looked up with a curious expression.
You frowned at that, “Of course. I’m still a little hurt by it, but I believe you.”
His eyes finally looked up at you, a small smile stretched across his face. “I.. got this for you.. if you didn’t notice.” You carded your fingers through his hair before taking the flowers and gently laying them next you near the wall.
“Thank you, Dia.” He smiled and leaned into your hand.
“Can we get lunch now?”
“Of course, D.”
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im crying. i saw mirio smut but it was bottom!mirio and now all my excitement is gone *bangs fist*
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Tumblr media
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
"Everything I've witnessed, this whole system you've built has always rejected me. Now I'm ready to reject it. That's why I destroy. That's why I took this power for myself. Simple enough? I don't care if you understand. That's what makes us heroes and villains."
happy birthday, tomura shigaraki [4.4]
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i made a discord server for genshin players so i could finally have some more friends who play! here’s the link to the server if you’d like to join!
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reblog this if your blog is a safe space on april fools and won’t have any jumpers, screamers, or anything scary or anxiety inducing
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*twirls strand of hair around my finger* hes just soooo (starts describing the absolute worst man in the history of the world)
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Tumblr media
okay listen would you still beta read this fic for me if you can it’s def not about touya
*squints* oh yeah? who's it about then
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Tumblr media
okay listen would you still beta read this fic for me if you can it’s def not about touya
*squints* oh yeah? who's it about then
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if one my my mutuals see this- will any of you beta read what i currently have for this dabi fic
like make comments on the doc when you see fit. comment when i should delete, change, add something, etc.
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