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hewwo it's me again owo can I get some Dabi with a side of "We're just friends, right?" make everything EXTRA LARGE please and thank you

Of course pls take another punch on your loyalty card–


Dabi couldn’t stand it anymore.

He couldn’t stand when you gave him friendly little side hugs, the same ones you gave to everyone else. He couldn’t stand the adorable outfits you wore when you went out with him, knowing it was to catch the attention of other guys. He couldn’t stand the way you dismissed him as “just a friend” when your potential suitors asked you about your “date”.

He especially couldn’t stand the way his heart skipped a beat when you laid across him to stretch out on the couch, your head resting in his lap in what you surely thought was just an innocent gesture, not one that made him want to hold you and kiss you and fuck you

“Hey, (Y/N).” He tried to keep his voice steady, hoping he didn’t sound like he was trying to keep his erection down.

“Hmm?” You answered, eyelashes fluttering open to give him the sweetest doe-eyed expression he’d ever seen. God damnit he couldn’t take this.

“We’re just friends, right?” He kept his fists clenched to keep them from quivering.

“No, I think we’re something more…” His heart sped up when he saw your grin– “Best friends!” –And it stopped.

“Oh…” Dabi tried to conceal his disappointment, and he finally broke his eye contact with you. “Well… what if I don’t want to be?”

“What do you mean?” You asked, your brows knitting together as you sat up. “Why wouldn’t you want to be friends…?”

Because I wanna fuck you, okay?!” Dabi scrunched his eyes shut, beating himself mentally. God, this whole exchange sounded so immature, he felt like a middle schooler finally confessing his hormone addled crush. That was, until he felt you crawl into his lap, and you sat with your clit rubbing oh-so-deliciously against the tent in his pants, your hands coming to cup his cheeks while he eased his eyes open.

He was surprised to see your devilish grin, and your bright red blush that matched his own. “Well, why didn’t you say so sooner?~”

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sadistiks·2 hours agoText


A/N: Inspo by @/i-1800-callmekatsuki dentist talk in the discord server and me realising how hot Bakugou would be in scrubs. I am not a vet nor doI know much about being a vet I’m sorry if there are any mistakes. Hope you enjoy!


Bakugou Katsuki ヾ☆*。

- Literally no one ever expected him to become a vet (mostly due to his personality, yes no???)

- Everyone at first is so freaking concerned for the welfare of the animals

- Is he gonna blow them up?? Chuck them at the wall when they bite him??

- When anything tries to bite him he’s fine, literally not even reacting so that he doesn’t freak the animal out even further or accidentally hit it as he’s flailing about

- He’s so soft and gentle with the nervous animals, he doesn’t really say much but he’s always giving them space when they are terrified or a small treat, petting them to comfort them


- Can anyone else look this good in scrubs??? Literally his biceps are popping and you can see a bit of his pecs over his neckline

- WHEW mama

- Still has a potty mouth, especially when he’s dealing with something gross (sticking an arm up a horse butt? Yes sir, he’s rambling away until the ranch owner faints with shock)

- His excuse is that animals don’t understand what he’s saying so it doesn’t matter

- Strongly advocates against animal abuse (duh) and will literally beat the shit out of anyone that mistreats their animals if it isn’t for his nurses and staff holding him back

- Loves the small kitties, loves big doggos even for all their slobbering kisses, finds turtles pretty rad for some reason

- Would definitely have a pet snek if he could

- Tries to quietly cover fees for people who are unable to afford surgery etc for their animals, is super flustered when anyone brings it up he just has a heart of gold ok


Todoroki Shoutoヾ☆*。

- Is the doctor every neighbourhood aunty wants their children to marry

- Always has someone not so discreetly trying to matchmake him so he just acts dumb as shit

- Always talking to the animals, whispering and smiling to himself and making sure they’re okay

- May occasionally talk in a baby voice. Maybe.

- “Aren’t you such a sweet baby? Yes that’s right, you’re so nice and kind, that’s it, just let me give you this shot, good girl!”

- Everyone in the room is melting

- Takes difficult jobs on with a straight face and is mostly super professional, will make sure his staff are always treated well 

- Pretty quiet still, most of his staff think he’s just angry and quiet all the time until he does his baby voice again

- Doesn’t particularly like surgery because he gets kind of icky at the sight of things (despite all his training), but always pulls through 

- Somehow really good with kids. Will reassure them that he’ll do his best to rescue their pet, give them a lolly etc

- Not as bulky as Bakugou but definitely looks like Prince Charming in his scrubs, even with those scrub shoes that always squeak on the floor

- Kinda likes birds, thinks they’re really cute. Also adores ferrets because soba haha noodle bois

- Wouldn’t have a pet at home because of the hours he works and can’t give it all the love and attention he wishes to give :(

- The smile on his face when he sees an animal that he has rescued is all healthy and well again>>

- PURE BABY there are sparkles and flowers around him without him even trying

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the farthest ends (todoroki shoto×reader) pt.1

word count: 1.4k
warnings: one (1) mention of sex
a/n: it’s actually crazy to me i wrote this much in a day, i’m usually stuck writing one thousand words for like a month lmao. i’d like to thank not only god but also the @bnhabookclub for helping with my productivity hehehe. this is my contribution to the club’s mermay event! it’ll be multi-chaptered so stay tuned 👀 this was heavily inspired by one of my favorite manga, which was inspired by the little mermaid.
taglist: @prettygirlswatchanime​ (my lovely beta reader!!), @pixxiesdust​ and @simplybakugou​, @wesparklebitch​, @bakugotrashpanda​ (thanks for sprinting with me and helping get this done asap uwu)

“You’ll finally be able to go into the ocean alone, right? You must be really excited!”

Your sisters surround you. You feel a bit overwhelmed, but they’re right. You’re really, genuinely excited to venture by yourself into this water blue new world.

There’s an unspoken rule in the kingdom, young maidens can’t go out on their own until they reach a certain age. Being the youngest of 12 daughters, you’ve always been overprotected and treated like a porcelain doll. Still, you’ve always hoped that turning 18 would change your circumstances for good.

“You already know this by now but, contact with humans is strictly forbidden” Your eldest sister is ever harsh with her words, but you know her concern comes from a good place.

That doesn’t really stop you from fantasizing about meeting a human. You’ve seen a few from afar, they’re usually up in things you’ve heard being called boats. Some others venture deep into the sea, swimming to the best of their ability with those two extra limbs they possess, but they always go back to land.

They look harmless, and over the years, you’ve come to think they can’t be as bad as your father and sisters make them up to be, right?

And still, you choose to lie. “I understand.”

“I’m glad you do” Approaching you, Momo pats your head, her hand lovingly caressing your cheek.

“We’ll get up early tomorrow to see you off!” Your other sisters chant enthusiastically, and the smile you haven’t been able to wipe off you face ever since this morning only gets bigger. “Thank you.”

“You lot better go to bed early if you plan on waking up by sunrise. Come on, father will be here to say goodnight any minute now” Momo claps her hands, and your sisters practically teleport to their bedsides. You sit on your bed and comb your hair with your fingers.  The moon looks as beautiful as always, the light that it radiates through your window is as breathtaking as ever.

You’re distracted by flow change in the nearby water. Your first thought is to assume it is your father, but the fluctuation is a bit too drastic and forceful for it to just be him. Then, the moon shines no more. Everything around shakes violently. You rush outside the window and stare at the surface. Curiosity gets the best of you, and you swim upwards, completely ignoring the cries of your sisters.

When you surface, you’re met with a storm. Lightning and thunder dance in the sky as waves crash into the remains of what must have been a great ship. There are boxes, bottles, and large chunks of wood floating around. You are faced with something rather big, laying on top of a nearby crate. When you draw near and peer into it, it doesn’t take long before you recognize what it is.

A human?

You’re by his side in no time, but there’s no reaction from it. Maybe it is unconscious?

You don’t think twice before grabbing hold of it and pushing it to shore. You’re attacked by several waves, and you panic, your mind keeps machinating scenarios in which a powerful current ends up separating both of you. Yet, you try your best to prioritize the safety of the one who can’t actually breathe underwater, unlike you.

The swim to shore never ends, but you keep powering through. The last thing you remember is recklessly putting yourself as a shield for the defenseless human against the unleashing wrath of mother nature.

When you come back to your senses, the first thing you move is your hand. Your fingers dig into whatever you’re lying on top of…


Yes, your face is covered in sand, there’s no doubt.

You lift yourself up, feebly supporting your weight on your forearms. You have trouble breathing, but your first instinct is to look for the human. Your head turns left then right, and that’s when you find it. Thank goodness. Everything is a bit blurry; however, you still try your best to crawl near the human.

It’s facing up, but its face is covered. Reaching out your hand, you move the strands of hair that obscure it. Its features are strong, maybe it’s safe to say it’s a male human. You hadn’t had the chance to pay proper attention to his overall attributes, but his hair stands out quite a lot. It’s half white, half red. The left part of his face has a dark stain over it. Your fingers trace over it tenderly, your touch is soft, but it makes the human flutter his eyes open regardless.

His eyes are also odd, one is grey, and the other one is a stunning shade of turquoise that resembles much of the scenery back home.

“I don’t want to have sex in a place like this. Can’t we go back to your chambers?”

There’s a voice coming from behind you.

“Nobody’s here, come on, we won’t get caught.”

“I’d rather use a bed.”

More humans! They could get help for this unconscious man, you should call out for them. You try to raise your voice, but as you inhale, your throat closes. It’s hard to breathe, too hard. In fact, you can’t breathe. You keep gasping for air, but you feel like you’re choking. Who knows for how long you have been lying unconscious on the shore. As a last-ditch effort, you try to crawl your way back to the sea.

You can barely lift your own weight, but as soon as your whole body is submerged, you forcefully inhale as much as you can. It takes a few seconds for your breathing to stabilize. Everything from your head to the tips of your fingers is stiff, you can barely move an inch, no wonder it was hell dragging your body. But even so, you swim slowly to another side of the shore, letting only the upper part of your face surface.

You witness another male human leaning against a wall, his forearms pressed to this grand castle-like structure, and he speaks up. “Stop playing hard to get, Lisa, come on..” Oh, it looks like there’s another human in front of him. It has long hair, might be a female human? You did hear a female voice before, so it could be.

Your eyes follow the humans intently until you hear a whimper.

It looks like the other human is regaining consciousness! Your body moves on its own, wanting to check for yourself if he’s actually okay, but the stiffness that invades your body keeps you in place. You decide to keep watching instead.

“Wait, Touya…” The female human slightly pushes the man in front of her away and turns her attention to the male human you rescued. “Isn’t that Shoto?!” She’s running to him. She lifts her dress up slightly so she can comfortably kneel before the now coughing young man.

“It can’t be, he’s supposed to be on a ship right now” The man referred to as Touya seems unamused at best.

“It is him!” Lisa puts her ear to Shoto’s chest, and you can’t keep yourself from watching. What is she doing? Is that how humans check if the other one is okay? Fascinating… You hold on to a nearby rock to keep yourself from washing away deeper into the water and stare at the strange interaction from behind it.

“Shoto! Shoto, are you okay?!” The woman’s voice gets louder by the second, she’s distraught.

You’re too distracted with those two that you don’t notice Touya walking up to you and blatantly staring. Your tail is in full view, since it’s close to the surface. It doesn’t take him too much to realize that you’re… “A mermaid?”

“Shoto! Thank God! What happened?” Lisa holds Shoto as he sits up and looks around.

“Lisa… There was a huge storm, our ship was…” He trails off as his eyes meet yours.

Your heart sinks into your chest, and your face flushes furiously. Oh lord, it’s hard to breathe again. You let the ocean swallow you yet again. What’s wrong with you? Your whole body feels extremely hot all of a sudden.

That young man was very handsome.
They called him Shoto, right? I’ll remember his name.
I wonder what kind of person he is…

“Is something wrong, prince Shoto?”

“I thought I saw something over there. I apologize, I feel out of sorts right now.”

“Please don’t push yourself, I’ll stay with you until you feel better. Touya! Go call someone from the palace so we can get the prince back to his chambers safely!”


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Bakugou, Kaminafi and Sero headcanons for having a crush that is bending over to get something or climbing up unknowingly giving them a chance to check them out. Whether or not they get caught is up to you

oh anon,,, what’s the fun in it if they don’t get caught >:3c


Katsuki Bakugou

  • alright so we know that confessing his attraction to someone is the last thing on bakugou’s bucket list
  • this gremlin never wants to admit to anything that concerns his feelings 
  • so you know what he does instead ?? 
  • he just stares,,, really intensely 
  • it’s like he expects you to read his mind and make the first move djfjfgh
  • the only reason he manages to stay unnoticed is bc he waits until you’re completely facing away from him
  • and the second you turn back he immediately aims his gaze somewhere else
    • don’t mind kirishima giving him the “boi don’t think i didn’t see that” look
    • “is2g say a damn word and i’ll kill you”
    • “i didn’t say anything tho 😏”
  • there’s one time in particular when you’re turned away from him again, and he’s doing his usual routine of briefly checking you out until you turn around
  • but then jirou asks you to grab something from the top shelf for her
    • whether it’s for a project or something else, bakugou doesn’t really care tbh
  • so you climb onto a chair to reach the thing, and bakugou is suddenly greeted with a really nice view 
  • like damn he already figured you’re attractive but man,,,, those thighs though 👀
  • he’d be lying if he said that didn’t make his mind go some places lmfao
  • unfortunately, bakugou gets so caught up in staring that he doesn’t realize when you’ve climbed down and made direct eye-contact with him
  • oh fuck. abort mission.
    • “hah ?? what the fuck do you want ??”
    • “????? you were staring at me for five minutes and you’re asking me ???”
    • “fuck off i wasn’t staring”
  • buddy,,,,,,,, there’s a fine line between denial and just outright lying to yourself
  • on the bright side, you do seem a little flattered that he deems you worth looking at, given away by a small smile you try to hide with your shirt
  • that. that right there. that’s what i call a massive ego boost
  • now he won’t even give two shits if you’re facing him or not
  • if you meet his gaze while he’s doing another once-over, he’ll just narrow his eyes and give you a smirk so powerful you’ll combust if you don’t look away skdfjdfgh
  • for that reason you start trying not to notice when he’s checking you out again, but it’s so hard when you can literally feel his intense gaze on you
  • and bakugou always has that damn shit-eating grin because he knows that you know
  • god knows how long this can continue before one of you decides to take it further


Denki Kaminari

  • denki kaminari,,,, isn’t smooth,,,
  • like,,, at all
  • you gotta give him credit for trying his best but holy shit man
  • the instant his eyes stay on you longer than two seconds the entire class figures it out
  • but the thing is,, when other classmates call him out for staring at his crush he doesn’t even bother to deny it
  • like he may make a weak attempt from time to time but easily gives in
    • “dude,,, you’re staring at their hips again”
    • “what ?? no !! i was just,,,,,”
    • “just ??”
    • “,,,,,,, okay yeah i was but i really can’t help it !!”
  • somehow though, you’re the only person who still hasn’t realized that he’s got a thing for you, so he barely slips under that radar
  • but on one occasion, a group of you are just messing around before class starts
  • things get a little bit chaotic and long story short someone accidentally knocks something delicate off one of the tables
  • luckily, you manage to launch yourself onto the desk and catch it before it hits the ground
  • now, when i say “luckily”, do i mean lucky for the object or lucky for the lovesick fool who now has the perfect view of your hips ?? 
  • the world may never know
  • and boy,,,, if that doesn’t make his mind spiral right down the gutter then i don’t know what will
  • he probably would have gotten away with it if mina hadn’t called him out
    • “someone’s staring again ;))”
  • oop. little too loud there pal
  • it’s only after he raises his voice that you quickly turn around to see what he’s talking about, only to realize that the person in question is you
  • honestly kaminari doesn’t even wanna bother trying to debate whether or not he was staring bc that’s an uphill battle he’ll rapidly lose
  • so instead he starts profusely apologizing
    • “(y/n) pls i’m so sorry i swear i didn’t mean to i wasn’t thinking and-”
    • “ksjdfjgh it’s okay !! i also wasn’t complaining but 😳”
    • “wait what 😳”
  • so,,,, it appears that the attraction is mutual,,,, inch resting
  • unlike bakugou, denki will just cut right to the chase if he’s given the opportunity
  • and uh,, let’s just say our favorite chargebolt might have just scored himself a date this weekend 👀


Hanta Sero

  • honestly, out of the three, sero does the best at keeping things subtle
  • whenever he decides to check out his crush, he usually does it in quick glances
  • he just skims over your figure once or twice before immediately averting his gaze so he doesn’t draw too much attention to himself
  • as good as he is at staying under the radar, his friends still manage to catch him
  • even though his thoughts of your appearance are mostly harmless, he easily gets flustered if one of his friends calls him out
    • “oh ?? what’s this ?? is someone catching feelings ?? ;))”
    • “i- what ?? idk what you’re talking about man”
    • “come on, sero, we saw you looking at them >;0”
    • “i just spaced out !! jeez give me a break !!”
  • ah yes, the classic i-wasn’t-staring-i-just-zoned-out excuse
  • works like a charm only until it doesn’t
  • somehow he manages to keep this up until one day when the two of you are working on a paired assignment
  • you notice that your pencil eraser’s worn all the way down, so you go to look for another one
  • and when you bend over to check in your bag sero nearly chokes bc holy shit,,,, why do your legs have to look like that
  • like sero’s had his moments to steal glances at you but it’s never been enough time to fully absorb everything
  • and now that he’s really getting an eyeful, he absolutely loves what he sees
  • almost a little too much,,,, boy literally has to use all of his willpower not to physically slap himself for letting his mind go in that direction lmao
    • “uh,,, sero ?? you’ve been staring for a while now,,,”
  • uh oh, he’s in deep shit now
  • poor boy desperately tries to insist that his mind was somewhere else, but the growing smirk on your face makes it clear that you aren’t buying it
    • “this isn’t the first time you know, that excuse only works so many times 😏”
  • well, good news: the fact that you’ve noticed but never displayed a negative reaction is a pretty good sign of a mutual attraction
  • bad news ?? you’re totally gonna tease the shit out of him for it
  • any time you catch him looking you’ll either wink or exaggerate your movement
  • and the way sero nearly turns red is so entertaining to watch 
  • careful though, don’t wanna give him a heart attack before he gets the chance to make things official lmao
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could you please do headcanons of hawks who is pining after a reader who is also endeavor’s daughter? (like she was born a year after touya) thank you so much!

Heck yeah I can! Thanks for the request <3!!✨🤍 I’m sorry if it’s short skebsksn

  • You and Keigo grew up together
  • so it’s weird, now, to be friends in your adult lives
  • considering you were always just “Touya’s little sister” to him
  • Neither Touya nor Keigo seemed to care that your ‘older brother’ only has 10 months on you
  • and they always treated you like a small delicate little kid
  • “We’re literally in the same grade, Touya!”
  • Keigo had the biggest crush on you back then
  • although you never quite seemed to take the hint that his taunts and shoves were a sign of affection 
  • You’re not at all oblivious to Keigo’s feelings for you now though,
  • not by a long shot,
  • but there’s something about knowing that the ‘super suave’ pro-hero is going out of his way to snag a date with you that gets your gears rolling
  • “Come on, dove. One date with me won’t hurt you, now will it?”
  • You’d genuinely considered caving and going on a date with him once
  • but the last time you had even mentioned Keigo’s name around your father, Pro-hero Endeavor, he lost his damn mind
  • Not that he would ever admit to the fact that he hates Hawks or anything
  • “I don’t like him. No I don’t hate him, I just… don’t like him.”
  • Although it’s not like you ever gave much thought to how your father feels  about your relationships
  • Keigo has a tendency to show up at your doorstep uninvited at odd hours of the night, some form of a gift always in hand
  • “I saw these flowers on my way home and thought of you. Figured you might like ‘em.”
  • There’ll probably even be a time that he shows up with your favorite food because he knows you just can’t deny a good meal
  • You’ll notice that he goes out of his way to be around you more often
  • even if he can’t be with you in person, not a day goes by where he hasn’t seen, called, or texted you just to check in
  • He’d never say it out loud, but he’s needy for you
  • You’re the one thing on his mind 24/7
  • whether he’s in the middle of a fight 
  • or about to head off to bed
  • You’re permanently one of his top priorities
  • but even though you’d love to give you and Keigo a shot more than anything,
  • you know it’s too risky
  • especially with your dad breathing down Hawks’ neck due to their recent partnership
  • that doesn’t really matter to Keigo though
  • because no matter what ‘Old Man Endeavor’ has to say about it
  • one day, some day
  • he’ll be yours and you’ll be his
  • “Dove, i’m not giving up on us. I can’t, i’m just way too stubborn for that. And this birdman isn’t giving up until he gets your old mans blessing. I promise.”
  • He gives you a pinky promise to seal the deal
  • and the thought of your long lasting childhood tradition still being used between you now brings a smile to your face <3
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Do you have any favorite blogs?

omg yes 💕 these are like my favorite “friend” blogs because if we were to talk about writing blogs then you just need to head over to the @bnhabookclub members page

@freckledoriya because she’s my other half and you guys should go check out her writings! she’s working on a mermaid fic for our event and it’s going to be great!

@k-atsukidayo i can’t leave out my literary inspiration, fey 🥺 she has such pretty verbiage in her fics, you guys won’t be wasting your time when you go through her masterlist! fey, ilysm x 

@shoutogepi oi listen here rosie is another good one. good writing. good person. great friend. i lub her so much. and she does write some good todoroki 👀

@lady-bakuhoe need i say more? jo is an absolute legend, such a peach. i’m so so so thankful that i meekly stumbled into her dms because if not i wouldn’t have one of my very best friends. 

@1-800-callmekatsuki cece cece cece cece cece!!!!!! seriously thanks for thirsting about one specific blonde blasty boy with me. i’m so stoked to be your friend and i love your fics, please i wanna be you when i grow up 

@kamehamethot for introducing me to bnha in the first place and letting me leech off her funimation subscription so i could watch!! she’s got good writing and her commissions have started up, although i believe june’s are filled! but, you won’t regret checking her out! 

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can i get a uhhh some Endeavor with a side of Office AU and a bit of "Behave"? to go, please

Yes ma’am would you like a drink with that? You sound thirsty 👀


When you applied to work at the Endeavor hero agency, you had been expecting the most interaction with your boss to be dropping his coffee off in the morning, not to be his personal secretary.

And when you heard you would be his personal secretary, you certainly hadn’t expected “secretary” to translate to “plaything”. 

Whenever you weren’t busy with filing his paperwork or fussing over his appointments, and whenever Enji wasn’t off on patrol or in a meeting, he would call you into his office. Normally this was for a quick reach-around between appointments, but today was different. He was on a call, leaning back in his chair. When you came in, he beckoned you over with a finger, and motioned for you to kneel once you were in front of him. Without missing a beat, he used his free hand to unzip his trousers, allowing his thick cock to bounce free from its confinement. The implication was obvious, and you right away started licking and sucking at it, stroking off whatever you couldn’t fit in your mouth. 

You wanted to get a rise out of him, it would be so fun, wouldn’t it? He wouldn’t mind a playful nip on the thin skin that covered his length, right? Of course when you did scrape your teeth against the sensitive vein on the underside, you immediately felt Enji’s hand grip your hair. “Could you excuse me for a moment?” He spoke calmly into the receiver, before putting the call on hold. His other hand gripped you by he chin, yanking you up to make eye contact with him. “You want to keep your job, right?” He growled, anger dancing in his ice-blue eyes. You responded with an eager nod. “Y-yes, sir.” “Then behave.” He pumctuated this command by forcing his cock into your mouth, using his hair as leverage to fuck your throat. After the first few thrusts, he picked his call back up, and kept using you until the call was over.

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bakugou katsuki x reader 
occasionally, he would get nightmares

The quiet of night was what woke her. 

Her eyes blinked open, blearily staring around her blurred-out surroundings. It took a moment, but she was able to vaguely register the fact that she was standing. Her head shook itself slightly, and she looked down before turning her head wearily around. Sleep still tugged at her eyelids, a yawn coming from her mouth. She straightened up her spine, rubbing one of her eyes as she woke herself up completely, irritation spreading across her facial features. 

She’d been sleepwalking again. Damn it. A side effect from her quirk, sleep walking often caused her to wander around the 1-A dormitory at night - if she ever managed to get her room door open. She sucked at her teeth, stretching out her arms. A few small ‘pops’ sounded from her back, and she let out a sigh of satisfaction, rubbing a spot on her stomach as she turned her head around. She was wandering around one of the hallways that led to her classmate’s rooms. Though, she wasn’t completely sure which one - or what floor. 

Walking forward, she went to the nearest door, recognizing the little sign that was propped against it. It was the empty corner room on the fourth floor that she had helped Kirishima decorate for fun. She had wandered over to the boy’s side of the dormitory. Luckily, her room was on the same floor. She wasn’t entirely surprised; it wasn’t like it hadn’t happened before. No big deal. 

Keep reading

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Alriiiiight! Below the cut I have a list of 30 dialogue prompts, and some optional situation/AU ideas to get you started. Send in a character, a dialogue prompt, and optionally a situation/AU, and/or any kinks you might want me to include, and I’ll write drabbles for as many as I can. Request rules apply! 

Each dialogue can be requested ONCE, so I’ll be coming back and crossing them out as I write them. If they all run out, I’ll come back and add more! Situations/AUs can be requested more than once.

Event ends Thursday, May 28th at 12pm Pacific time!

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send Milk some requests or else 🔪

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So, if you told me when I started to write back in February that I would end up with 1,000 followers…I would have said you were lying. But here we are. I have never been so involved in a fandom until now and have made tons of friends throughout this. It has really kept me sane and I am extremely grateful to have such a response to my writing. All of the positive feedback and support I have received has been incredible and I wanted to let everyone know that I appreciate every bit of it. 

And this is why I’m having my first blog event and first follower event! You can enter into the event by reblogging and/or commenting a favorite story on this post. At the end of the deadline, I will randomly draw three winners and write a story of their choosing!


  • Needs to be following me (I mean, it IS a follower celebration event.)
  • Must reblog the post, (up to 3 times, just don’t bug your own followers). Each reblog counts as an entry.
  • You can comment on this post with your favorite story of mine for an extra entry. Not required, only if you want another chance.
  • All entries must be “submitted” before June 6th 2020 (two weeks from now).
  • On June 6th, the winners will be chosen through random generator.
  • I will contact the winners and they can request a story from me!


  1. First place: ~3k word fic on prompt/idea of your choosing
  2. Second place: ~2k word short fic on prompt/idea of your choosing
  3. Third place: ~1k word drabble on prompt/idea of your choosing

Things I won’t write for prizes:

  • OCs
  • Character x Character (outside of reader)
  • Male readers
  • The usual kinks on my will not write rule list.
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→ [ midoriya izuku x y/n ] [ bakugou katsuki x y/n ] [ todoroki shouto x y/n ]

anon: “hi there!! can i request a head canon w bakugou, todoroki, and midoriya? how would they be when they get jealous, and bonus if you include how they react when you comfort them with like kisses and cuddles after 🥰 i’m a sucker for jealous imagines/hc’s”



  • even with his smart brain and cute face, izuku’s always been an insecure bby
  • he’d always try to not make it obvious
  • key word: try
  • he’d fidget around and would have a crestfallen face while looking down
  • sometimes he’d go near you just to nudge your shoulder or intertwine your pinkies together for some reassurance
  • he wouldn’t be too pressed by it tho,, he trust you too much to even think of it
  • but this boy will doubt himself
  • he’d overthink everything and be so sad for the next few hours
  • but worry not, bby zuku!! y/n would never let your dad phase last longer than a few minutes!!
  • the moment you figure out he’s feeling down, you won’t be able to resist and pull him away from public’s eye before hugging him close to you and whisper sweet nothings
  • “don’t worry, you’re amazing and don’t ever doubt yourself or think that you’re not good enough for me”
  • “bby, let’s go out for a while, ok? just the two of us and you can have me all day”
  • soft bby would be so red after that uwuwuwuwuwu
  • he enjoys being in your arms and feels so loved it’d instantly make him more giddier than normal
  • give him a tender and sweet reassuring kiss and he’d stutter so much with a very goofy and bashful smile uwu


  • why would he be jealous lmao he’s The Bakugou Katsuki™
  • just kidding he’d be so pissed as fuck
  • like mad pissed
  • pissed fuck
  • mad fuck
  • catch those eyes glaring at whoever he’s jealous of and he’d have this angry but cute pout on his lips
  • he’d have a permanent scowl on his face
  • and be so rude to whoever you’re talking to
  • when he’s feeling confident he’d wrap his arms around you possessively
  • sometimes kiss your neck to annoy whoever’s in front of you and give them a smug smirk
  • because
  • you see dis???
  • im the only one who can do dis
  • you can’t bitch ur just an extra
  • but on the other hand when he’s sour and feeling irritated
  • bitter boi would pull you away from whoever he’s jealous with w/out an explanation
  • “why are you giving that extra the attention you should be giving me?”
  • “are you jealous?”
  • “no, dumbass”
  • give him kisses to shut him up or hug him and he’d shout at you for making him flustered
  • “dont just do that out of nowhere!! shitty woman!!”
  • “would you rather I give kisses to someone else then?”
  • “FUCK NO”


  • shouto is big confused
  • he’s never felt so sad before he’s scared
  • consults izuku of whatever he’s feeling because he’s convinced that whenever he sees that person with you he gets sick
  • he doesn’t like jealousy
  • not his favorite emotion
  • feels bad for feeling jealous because he trust you and shouldn’t doubt your relationship with him
  • so instead of making it obvious
  • he’d just watch you interact and observe the person in front of you because if ever they do something stupid he’s ready to throw hands
  • and ice
  • and fire
  • but he’s not slick either lmao you’d notice from the way he stares at you with a lil frown
  • sometimes he’d hold onto your fingers for support
  • when it’s just the two of you he’d tell you how he’s feeling
  • he’s the lil spoon
  • fite me
  • will want to be in your arms for the rest of the day because yes your his and he’s yours
  • kiss him all over his face and all of his thoughts will disappear
  • he just needs to feel love uwu

todo and izuku going UWUWUWU make me go uwu💓💕💖💗 and gotta love bakugou being a jealous king 👑

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last night I had a dream where I was kidnapped by Hawks but idk if it was actually him bc at times I as being held and riding on Endeavor’s back, it’s kinda fuzzy. but uh Hawks stabbed both of my thighs with his feathers and then broke my left shin right in the middle, but i didn’t feel a thing.

then i was taken by endeavor to an old ass mini van, he asked me if i wanted to ride on the passager’s seat and i said yes for some reason. he talked about how our age gap wasn’t that big of a deal (idk how old he is but i’m 22), we rode around for a while and i woke up.

idk what to make of all of this, i’ve never had a dream like this before.

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imagine you’re a mermaid and Kaminari is a YouTuber going mermaid hunting at the beach and he’s like WHAT’S UP GAMERS TODAY WE’RE GOING TO CATCH A REAL. LIFE. MERMAID.

he was memeing but then he walks into you lounging by the shore and he’s like “I am looking RESPECTFULLY”

then your dad Poseidon pops out of the ocean and kicks his ASS for getting to close to you

he catches everything on video and he gets YouTube famous

the end

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im not sure if you do stories that are song related, but could you possibly do a villain! bakugou fic to toxic by britney spears? i feel that the whole song just screams villain bakugou!! thank you so much!!!💗💞💕

A/N: Yes, I just started doing song related scenarios. And thank you for sparking another idea for villain!bakugou. Link to the song is here if you don’t know which how wouldn’t you Britney is so iconic. Sorry if this is a little short. The song is a little repetitive so I didn’t want to reuse the chorus a bunch of times. Thanks for requesting and hope you enjoy :)
Pairing: villain!bakugou x female!reader
Warnings: swearing
Word Count: 953

✐posted 03.18.2019✐


Baby, can’t you see, I’m calling.

A guy like you should wear a warning.

It’s dangerous, I’m falling.

There’s no escape, I can’t wait.

I need a hit.

Baby, give me it.

You’re dangerous, I’m loving it.

You didn’t mean for it to happen, it just did. You had heard about him so many times, everyone at the agency always cursed him out whenever his face showed up on the television screen as the news reported another crime he had committed. You knew you had to hate him, you knew it was your duty as a hero to hate him.

But you couldn’t.

That fateful day in the center of the city where he had just gotten away with another attack on the city, you knew you had to stop him and turn him into the police. You had cornered him and he was in your grasp.

But his beautifully handsome face just flashed you a smirk and you couldn’t help but feel like putty in his hands.

“You’re not gonna stop me?” He called out to you with his cockiness apparent in every way.

You opened your mouth to utter a reply, being cut off as he blasted his way into the air, laughing all the way.

You hated him, but you didn’t. You liked him, but you didn’t. 

Oh, The taste of your lips, I’m on a ride.

You’re toxic I’m slippin’ under with a taste of a poison paradise

I’m addicted to you, don’t you know that you’re toxic?

And I love what you do, don’t you know that you’re toxic?

“This isn’t right,” you whispered under your breath, looking around to make sure no one was watching the two of you in the rather noisy villain bar.

“So? That’s never stopped you before?” Bakugou responded with a smirk. He used his finger to avert your attention back to him, tilting your chin to face him as he stared at you with those crimson eyes that felt like they were burning holes into you. 

“Katsuki, I’m a hero and you’re a villain. It just isn’t right, I could get into so much trouble and–”

“You talk too fucking much.” He made sure to shut you up by smashing his lips with yours, literally taking your breath away. 

You took in a gasp from the vigor of his actions, holding onto him as he moved you onto his lap. You melted in his touch as his hands gripped your waist to hold you down from squirming around in his grasp.

It was so wrong, so wrong. But you couldn’t help it. He was Bakugou Katsuki, the hottest villain in the game right now.

You pulled away, gasping for air as you felt the heat go to your cheeks. Bakugou felt satisfied with how flustered he was able to make you feel, even if he didn’t even do that much to you.

“People are going to find out one day, and there’ll be a huge bounty for my head, Katsuki, we have to end this when we can.”

“You act as if you can just walk away from this that easily.”And he was right. You were in too deep to walk away now.

Intoxicate me now with your lovin’ now.

I think I’m ready now (I think I’m ready now).

Intoxicate me now with your lovin’ now…

There were so many explosions and burning buildings. You had successfully evacuated and rescued as many people as you could from the apartment complex. 

“_____, make sure you check that you didn’t leave anyone behind!” Your boss reported through the walkie.

“Got it.”

The smoke had gotten thick and with every second that passed by, it got a little harder to breathe. You scanned through each room as fast as you could, mentally ruling out every room that you got through.

A warm and calloused hand wrapped around your wrist, pulling you into one of the rooms that weren’t as damaged. You were pushed against the wall, the hand now covering your mouth and holding your arms down with the other.

Bakugou’s eyes came in contact with yours and you let out a sigh in relief. You pushed his hand away. “What the hell are you doing here?”

“What, you thought the fire happened for no reason?”

“Katsuki, I really can’t do this anymore. You can’t come when I’m working.”

“Then join me.”

“What?” Your eyes widened at his offer.

“You heard me. I can’t become a hero and think everyone’s gonna fucking accept me into your little scout of happy-go-lucky friends without all of them trying to kill me. It’d be easier for you to join me.” He studied your expression carefully.

“I’m-I’m not sure, Katsuki. I don’t think I can just become a villain.”

“Then let me help you change your mind.” He lifted you up, wrapping your legs around his waist and propped you up against the wall. The pad of his thumb rubbed your plump lips as he leaned forward.

“You’re _____, right?” A shrill little voice called out from the hallway. You and Bakugou whipped your heads to the source of the voice. A little boy stared at the two of you in confusion. This wasn’t good, at all. “Why’re you with a villain, aren’t you a hero?”

Rushing footsteps came from the staircase echoed throughout the floor of the building. Sero and Kaminari went to the boy’s side.

“The hell are you still doing here, kid. Your mom’s worried!” Sero said, grabbing the boy and not noticing you or Bakugou at all.

However, unfortunately for you, Kaminari couldn’t miss the sight of you quite literally in Bakugou’s arms. His eyes nearly bulged out of its sockets. “_____? What the hell are you doing with him?!”

Bakugou raised his hand, blasting an explosion in his direction. He carried you in his arms and jumped out the window. The two of you were a sight for sore eyes as Bakugou blasted his way through the air with you in his hold. 

“Now are you gonna join me?”

You looked down at the shocked expressions of everyone below you, mentally wanting to shrivel up into a ball. However, you knew it was only a matter of time before this would happen, before everyone would find out about what you had been doing.

“Fine, I’ll join you.”

…I think I’m ready now.

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Per popular request from within the discord server, we’ve decided to put together a quick Mermay-centric event! Our recruits will be creating works surrounding mermaids - whether that be reader or character as a mermaid, mermaids included in the lore of the fic, or anything else related to mermaids! 

This event is an all ship, all character inclusive event that will run from MAY 24TH  - 31ST. The event will close May 31st at midnight Eastern Standard Time.

There will be fifteen dialogue prompts and three alternate universe ideas to choose from so you can find inspiration easily! You may double up (or more!) on prompts in your content. Don’t forget to tag #bnhabookclub in your first 5 tags, or @ our username. This is the method we use to track the fic for the masterlist and for reblogging.

PLEASE REMEMBER : all events are not mandatory, they are just something extra for us to have fun! Please don’t feel pressured to put out content! 

Also, don’t forget to apply for the server! We are always accepting new recruits!

Rules, FAQ’s, and prompts below the cut! ✧*:・゚✧ *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

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