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Landlocked states, provinces and territories of North America

In Nebraska it’s illegal to talk about the ocean

i showed this to my dad and he said “nebraskans should stay in nebraska because the culture shock of talking to people who know what the ocean is would kill them instantly” and im not over it

Tony takes stephen to the beach for the first time and Stephen completely loses his shit at a seagull

Also, beach sex

Stephen: where does it all come from?

Tony: ???

Stephen: the water


Stephen: there’s so much…does it even…end? how do we know?

Tony, unwilling to deal with this brand of existential crisis today cos this is his vacation DAMN IT:

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stephen, at dinner: this is to die for

stephen: wait

stephen: *whips around to face the cloak* am i still allowed to use that phrase since ive experienced death on multiple occasions and that makes the hyperbole redundant?

stephen: or does that give my statement more validity since for me weighing what is worth dying for is actually quantifiable?


tony: wait you died-

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I rewatched DS movie last night and realised something.

Stephen radiates this magical energy that attracts both troubles and gentlemen to save him to his way.

Case in point:

Doctor Strange movie

Stephen: *saving and bandaging a limping dog, getting mugged in an alley*

Mordo: imma save this damsel in distress *spending the whole movie mooning over the chaotic sorcerer*

Infinity War

Stephen: *basically breathing his charm out everytime Tony Stark is near, then getting abducted*

Tony: imma save this damsel in distress *getting onboard the donut ship, holding Stephen when he’s on the verge of panic attack*

Seriously he’s the Disney princess of the MCU. With flashy red cloak and all? I think the fact that some fans around make edit of him in cartoon look with a bird perched on his finger rings true.

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Happy Birthday, @elisaphoenix13​! I managed to finish your request on time so I hope you take this meagre offering as my gift to you. Your fics always make sure my day’s off to a great start so I hope this achieves the same for you. 💕

Stephen sighed as the book hit the floor with a loud thud. He knew exactly where his head was, but that didn’t make it okay to get distracted - especially when it came to matters such as summoning demons.

He reached down to pick it up from the floor, placing the tomb back on its table.

Demons can be defined as many things. In this case, the definition went along the lines of “a heartless creature from a barren dimension that feeds on misery and fear”. As these demons have often already destroyed their home dimension - having no regard for the fact that it limits their food supply - they have to traverse to other dimensions to get their kick.

Coincidentally, this makes them well-versed in the multiverse and familiar with a massive array of dimensions.
Now, summoning demons is very straight-forward and pretty much harmless if you know what you’re doing.

Of course, that is granted he pays attention to what he’s doing instead of daydreaming about still being in bed with his husband.

He’d woken up late that morning, with the sun streaming in through the windows, and Tony’s arm still wound tightly around him.

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What are some of your favorite ironstrange petnames? 

Funny enough, I hardy ever have Stephen give tony a pet name. He’s just tony with a varying amount of inflection.

Like Tony.

Or Tony 💕💕💕

You can hear the hearts.

But Tony calls Stephen Doc, wizard, honey, baby, beautiful.

I tag @amethyst-noir

Thank you for the tag! 🤍

Tony is the one with the pet names, I totally agree with Snow in that..

Baby. Sweetheart. Honey (although that’s one that’s more or less reserved for Pepper and it really means something special when he uses it for Stephen). Various situation specific ones that make everyone - including Stephen - roll their eyes but they’re always spoken with love and affection. Stephen loves all of them but he has a favorite he’ll never tell anyone about. Not even Tony. The one that makes him weak in the knees and catch his breath in surprised pleasure. It’s not one that he hears often and it’s even more special because of that. (Tony, of course, knows and makes sure to only use it sparingly.)

Stephen, as we know, can occasionally become a little bit stilted and old-fashioned with his choice of words and so he sometimes calls Tony “my love.” It always makes Tony melt and feel truly special. Something about the way Stephen speaks those two simple words, how they sound in that deep, seductive voice… No matter how bad his mood might be that endearment always makes him light up and smile that bright, sunny smile Stephen adores so much.

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Landlocked states, provinces and territories of North America

In Nebraska it’s illegal to talk about the ocean

i showed this to my dad and he said “nebraskans should stay in nebraska because the culture shock of talking to people who know what the ocean is would kill them instantly” and im not over it

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what's the best way to tag for a collection of small oneshots? i want to avoid having a wall of tags, but there's a lot of different things in there, so i don't know what to prioritize

It depends on what you mean by “a collection of small oneshots”

If you mean a single fic with a new story in each chapter, I’d strongly advise you not to do that. It makes for a frustrating reader experience for several reasons:

  • liking some of the things in the tags, but not knowing which tags go with which chapter and therefore not finding the one story I want to read from the group
  • wanting to avoid something that’s tagged but not knowing which chapter or chapters have that content
  • wanting to reread one particular story but not remember which chapter it is and needing to go through the whole fic to find it
  • only being able to kudos once even though there are multiple stories

That list is probably incomplete, but it’s just based on my own experience. 

Oneshots and drabbles are stories in their own right and deserve to be posted as individual works. It’s not cheating. It’s not inflating your story numbers. It’s not flooding the tag. It’s posting standalone stories as standalone stories and making sure that they each find the right audience. 

The reason why people hate those fics full of oneshots with a wall of tags isn’t the wall of tags itself, it’s that you can’t tell from the tags what each separate fic is about. Sure, it’s annoying to scroll past a fic with 100 different tags on it, but it’s even worse to find a fic with 5 tags that you really love to read and then have no idea how to find them in the rest of the stories.

What I suggest doing instead is collecting them together in another way. You could create a series or a collection to group them together for organizational purposes, if that’s what you’re looking for. 

If you just think it will somehow clutter your author works page to have a dozen short fics on there, just think about the reader whose eyes light up when they read a great short fic, go to your profile, and find ten more

If you decide to put all of your oneshots into a single fic anyway, keep that single fic focused. One add one ship to it. If you have a second and third ship, those ones belong in separate fics so that people can search for and avoid the ships that they’re looking for. If you’re writing about particular eras of canon or particular seasons or books, that might be a good way to focus it up too. 

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