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booklr @reading-magpie writeblr @clarence-writes fandom @magpiegoblin 20/England/any pronouns. I am just an autistic aspiring polyglot who studies Linguistics/Hispanistics German (native) , English (C2) , Spanish (B2) and learning or interested in Portuguese, Galician, Hebrew, Yiddish, Hindi, Bengali, Low German, Malay, Turkish, Vietnamese, Welsh, Zulu, Danish, Catalan, Punjabi and many others. Seriously someone stop me.

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The Torah is an elusive book – for all of the meticulous details it gives about the proper dimensions of the curtains in the desert sanctuary or the precise way that the blood an offered he-goat needs to be sprinkled on the altar, it does not answer some of our most burning narrative questions. In these “white spaces between the black letters,” we find the fertile soil for reflection and creative interpretation.

Rabbi Adam Greenwald

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“…Yo pronuncio tu nombre, en esta noche oscura, y tu nombre me suena más lejano que nunca…”

Federico García Lorca. -Si mis manos pudieran deshojar, Fragmento,

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every single day i think about how horribly rumi’s poems have been translated from persian into english & how they’ve been turned from gorgeous poems abt islamic spirituality into these… pithy vapid little quotes that white people post as instagram captions. white scholars & translators straight-up falsified and misrepresented the essential themes of and islamic mysticism inherent to his work in favor of turning it into easy-to-consume love poetry & it never fails to make me angry

here’s a good thread to read through abt this exact topic as a start !!

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En la mañana verde,
quería ser corazón.

Y en la tarde madura
quería ser ruiseñor.

ponte color de naranja.
ponte color de amor.

En la mañana viva,
yo quería ser yo.

Y en la tarde caída
quería ser mi voz.

ponte color naranja!
ponte color de amor!

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Gracias de antemano. - Thanks in advance.
¿Qué haría yo sin ti? - What would I do without you?
Estoy muy agradecido/a. - I am very thankful.
No sé cómo darte las gracias. - I don’t know how to thank you.
Te lo agradezco de todo corazón. - I thank you wholeheartedly.
Muy amable de tu parte. - Very kind of you.
No hacía falta que lo hicieras. - You didn’t have to.
No tenías que haber hecho todo esto. - You didn’t have to do all this.
Lo aprecio mucho. - I really appreciate it. 
Mil gracias. - A thousand thanks.
Muchísimas gracias. - Thank you so much.
Gracias por todo. - Thanks for everything.

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The best part of any class that deals with phonetics/phonology/morphology is watching everybody carefully, silently, repeatedly mouthing every sound the instructor brings up, like:

Instructor: [is talking about schwa]

The entire class, every time:

alt txt: the surprised pikachu meme. pikachu has his mouth open, as if pronouncing a schwa
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day 33

did my first mini-test today, 저는 결과이 만족스러워요! but i don’t really understand how question 2 works though… 😖

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me, in-class lectures: *takes note 3 hours straight without falling asleep*

me, recorded online lectures: *studies 5 min and pauses for 25, calls it reverse Pomodoro technique*

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  • Vacation - عطلة Otlah
  • Trip-رحلة Rehlah
  • Ocean - محيط Muheet
  • Sea- بحر Bahr
  • Sand - رمل Raml
  • Beach - شاطئ Shata’
  • swimming - سباحة Sibaha
  • Sun - شمس Shamas
  • Heat - حرارة Hararah
  • Ice-cream - مثلجات/بوظة Muthaljat
  • Air conditioner - مكيف هواء Mukaif Hawa’
  • Hot -  حار Har
  • Sunny - مشمس Mushmes
  • sunscreen -  واقي شمس Waqi-shams
  • vacation - إجازة Ijazah

a short paragraph about Summer 
                 فصل الصيف

.بعْدَ فَصْلِ الِرَّبيعِ يَأتِي فَصْلُ الحصادِ …..إنهُ فَصْلُ الصَّيْفِ

.في الصَّيْفِ : تَرتَفعُ دَرَجةُ الحَرَارَةِ وتكونُ الشَّمسُ ساطعةً والجوُّ حارّاً والسَّماءُ صافيةً 

.يطوُلُ النَّهارُ ويَقَصُرُ اللَّيْلُ . تَنْضُجُ كثيرٌ من الفَواكِهِ والخُضارِ ويجنيِ الفَلاَّحُ ثِمارَ الفاكهةِ 

.تَصْفَرُ سنابُل القَمْحِ ويَحْصُدُ الفَلاَّحون حُقولَ القَمْحِ والشَّعيرِ 

persian version bc i’m bored! minus the paragraph ofc

  • Vacation - تعطیلات ta’tilât 
  • Trip - سَفَر safar (or مُسافِرَت mosâferat, i think the first is more common?)
  • Ocean - اُقیانوس oqiânus
  • Sea - دَریا daryâ
  • Sand - شَن shan
  • Beach - ساحِل sâhel (pl: سَواحِل savâhel)
  • To swim - شِنا کردن shenâ kardan (stem: shenâ kon)
  • Sun - آفتاب âftâb 
  • Heat - گَرما garmâ
  • Ice cream - بَستَنی bastani
  • Air conditioner - کولِر kuler
  • Hot - گَرم garm
  • Sunny - آفتابی âftâbi
  • Sunscreen - ضِدّ آفتاب zedd âftâb (had to look this one up lmao, i hope this is the right reading)

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