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samdraws7153 months agoAnswer

Your robstar arts always put a smile on my face

And you just put a smile on my face! 馃槶 Thank you so much for the kind words, I really appreciate it! 鉂わ笍

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samdraws7154 months agoAnswer

So for Robstar week 2020, i want to make a fanvid, can I just cut the song for a specific part of it or must i make the whole song?

Hello and yes, that鈥檚 totally fine! I鈥檓 pretty sure any kind of fan contribution goes, but to be sure I鈥檇 ask @robxstar. Regardless, I don鈥檛 think it鈥檚 a big deal and I think any kind of media you鈥檇 like to use for Robstar week is 100% okay!

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samdraws7155 months agoPhoto


I am pleased to announce this year鈥檚 RobStar Week, to take place from July 5鈥揓uly 11.

All content is welcome!聽 Fics, fanart, graphics, moodboards, fanvids, gifsets, whatever you want to create to appreciate these two adorable dorks.

And because I know I will be asked, the preference is for the toon versions but the blog is NOT picky and will reblog anything under the tag done for the week.聽 All versions of Robin and Starfire are allowed.

The prompts are:聽

  • Day 1, July 5th: Star-Aligned/Destiny
  • Day 2, July 6th: Warmth
  • Day 3, July 7th: Tamaran
  • Day 4, July 8th: Fantasy AU
  • Day 5, July 9th: Rescue
  • Day 6, July 10th: Wedding Bells
  • Day 7, July 11th: Constellations

We invite you to participate!

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samdraws7156 months agoAnswer

Do you know of Starfire's comic appearance/s? I'd like to ask, is her look in the cartoon your favourite design? If not, which one is it? Personally, I love the cartoon version a lot, but I have always been sad that she didn't get the big/curly hair here - I'm sure that would have looked great! Probably a nightmare to animate, though, so I can understand it.

Yes, I do! Her cartoon look is my favorite design, but I love her original 80s look so much too…they鈥檙e both beautiful in their own ways! I totally agree with you anon about her hair, it鈥檚 just such a signature characteristic of hers! I appreciate all of Starfire鈥檚 designs, but for sure her cartoon design.

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samdraws7156 months agoAnswer

Hi! Oh my god I love your art! It's so amazing how you manage to capture the TT(cartoon)-style so so so well! Wow! - I've got a question, do you know of Starfire's family? Like, I bet you know Blackfire and Galfore since they were in the cartoon, but how about her brother? Maybe her parents (though they probably are dead in the cartoon too)? Any thoughts about them? Or just take the compliment and ignore the questions if you want, I just wanted to do more than say how much I adore your art!

Hey omg hello thank you so much I鈥檓 so glad you do it means a lot to me!!! To answer your question, yes I do! I know Wildfire, Myand鈥檙, and Luand鈥檙. No thoughts really? Except for the fact I like their designs in the Teen Titans Go! Comic series 馃槀 thank you so much anon I really appreciate it you鈥檙e the best! 鉂わ笍

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samdraws7157 months agoAnswer

girl your robstar dickkory arts are so good

omg thank you so much I鈥檓 glad you like them!!!聽

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