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hi! i hope you’re doing well, missing you!
Helloo! ♥️ Yes I'm doing great!!! I'm currently trying to finish up some drafts 😔 hopefully I can post them by the end of July 🤩 ngl I did have to delete some requests because I don't think I can do some of them any justice atm 😔 so sorry to those who sent in the requests that got deleted 🙏
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hey i hope everything’s alright!!!
hello!!!! yes i’m so sorry for not updating recently but i’ve been in a rough writer’s block :( i’m planning to take a break to hopefully recover and get some drafts finished 😤 so until further notice I will be going on hiatus !!!!
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pairing : n/a(?)
requested by : anonymous
Can I request some headcanons of Kid falling for Killers s/o by accident? Didnt think much of them until Killer asked for them to try and get along and Kid caught feelings by accident? Hope that makes sense sorry!
MMmmm interesting 👀 I really enjoyed writing this but I feel like Kidd is kinda ooc 🤔 WELL I STILL HOPE YOU ENJOY IT THO ♥️
ALSO for anyone who's wondering I usually update twice a month 🤡 I'll try to update more often tho! ♥️
Tumblr media
🤖 Kidd actually hated you at first
🤖 You "took" his best friend away from him
🤖 Killer noticed the tension and decided it was time he step in to ease all that tension
🤖 "Can you please try to get along with Y/n? Just for a day?"
🤖 "No."
🤖 "Kidd."
🤖 "Fine."
🤖 You were pretty hesitant about spending a day with Kidd since you weren't sure when he would kill you, but you pushed through for Killer's sake.
🤖 It was pretty awkward at first
🤖 Both of you didn't really wanna start any small talk or put in any effort to get to know each other
🤖 Basically that plan ended up with the two of you sitting in awkward silence for thirty minutes
🤖 What made you two get along was the fact that both of you forgot to buy Killer a birthday gift
🤖 You felt like a shitty s/o and Kidd felt like a shitty friend
🤖 Both of you were in the same boat so you guys called for a temporary truce to go look for gifts together
🤖 Killer did find it suspicious that the two of you were hanging out on the island the Victoria Punk recently docked on, but he did want you guys to get along so he let it go
🤖 Despite Kidd's every comment about the gifts you were suggesting, you had to admit he wasn't really that bad
🤖 And despite your stupid suggestions, Kidd couldn't help but warm up to you
🤖 At the end of the day, the two of you were able to find a decent enough gift and decided to split the pay
🤖 After that nightmare, you and Kidd got closer and hung out pretty often
🤖 Killer was really happy about it and was also really proud of Kidd
🤖 But Kidd would never admit that he did start falling for you by accident when the two of you went gift hunting
🤖 A part of him wanted to confess and try to steal you away but the other part of him told him to push his feelings aside and be happy for you and Killer instead
🤖 It hurt a lot and he was confused too—which didn't help
🤖 He wasn't getting much sleep and was starting to get grumpier
🤖 You noticed and—being the good friend you were—asked him about it
🤖 At that point Kidd wanted to scream his feelings or push you away but all he could muster was a shrug and a half-hearted "Just tired."
🤖 Even if being with you hurts him a lot, he would rather that pain than the pain of not being able to talk to you
🤖 Kidd's an ass but he loves his crew and would never do anything to betray their trust, especially Killer's
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Tumblr media
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hi there!! I’m a new blog called @thousandsunnywrites and I was hoping to get a shoutout for more exposure 🥺👉👈 I hope we can be friends, thank you so much!!
Yes ofc!!! ♥♥♥ @thousandsunnywrites Feel free to send me a dm anytime! 🥰
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pairing : crocodile x reader
requested by : anonymous
Can I request for a Sir Crocodile hc where his s/o was badly injured in a battle or sth?
fInaLyy I'M SO SORRY THIS TOOK SO LONG :( I've been getting homework every week from my teachers because classes are suspended 😤 stay safe guys! ♥
Tumblr media
🐊 Uh oh.
🐊 First of all, he'd be really really mad, not at his s/o but whoever injured them
🐊 Cause damn they have some nerve injuring you like this
🐊 He'd ask Daz Bonez to finish the job because he's busy brining you to a doctor
🐊 When you get the medical attention you need he'd start scolding you
🐊 "How did you lose to them? Didn't I tell you to be careful?"
🐊 "You're lucky Daz Bonez and I got there on time."
🐊 You feel bad and it shows so Crocodile can't help but feel a little bit guilty over scolding you so harshly, but it's just because he really cares about you
🐊 Despite him not really visiting you often since he was busy, you do receive a shit ton of gifts from him
🐊 You find it a bit excessive since all you really want is his company while you're recovering
🐊 But then again he does visit you late into the night when you're sound asleep
🐊 He would never admit it but he does miss your company
🐊 Even if you caught him and asked him about it he would never tell you the truth
🐊 "Ha? Are you sure you weren't dreaming?"
🐊 He doesn't really show how much he cares through words but rather through his actions
🐊 Take note of the smallest details because that's him showing that he was really worried and really cares
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pairing : ace x reader
requested by : @akutagawahakuryuunosuke
Hello, it's me again heheh, hope you don't mind me requesting a scenarios again hehehe. This time can i request a high school au scenario for Ace please? The plot is what if he having a crush towards a girl thats in love with with Luffy but Luffy already have a girlfriend (the girl that sketch him before), so Ace trying to get his attention after that is up to you hehehe thank you very much hope my plot doesnt confuse
Ace didn’t really know when he started to have a crush on you, it just sorta happened. One day he started to feel all warm and fidgety when you were around him and he started to notice all the small things about you. If he was being honest, he was whipped.
What’s worse, you didn’t even see him that way. You already had eyes for someone else. Ace had no choice but to suck it up and lock those feelings away. He pretended to be okay with trying to get Luffy to notice you more and pretended to be supportive whenever you gushed about Luffy.
But things were different now.
Unexpectedly, Luffy found his happiness in the girl he accidentally hit in the face with a soccer ball and Ace saw this as a chance to bounce back and maybe make you his.
The news of Luffy getting a girlfriend spread like wildfire in the school, news travels fast but it travels even faster when popular kids are involved. You didn’t hear about it until lunch time when Nami literally ran from across the school to tell you.
“Y/n! Luffy got a girlfriend!”
Your heart sank and you could feel nausea settling in the pits of your stomach. Suddenly everything seemed to make you sick and your legs started to feel weak.
“Y/n? Are you okay?” despite your rather unstable state, Nami’s concerned tone and expression didn’t go unnoticed, “sorry, maybe I shouldn’t have told you...”
You mustered up what little energy you had to smile and shake your head, “no...no... it’s better that I know now... I’m feeling a bit light-headed... I might head to the clinic... I’ll see you later...”
Nami was hesitant to let you go, but it wasn’t like she knew how to comfort you right now, “... okay.”
Nami gave your hand a tight reassuring squeeze and an apologetic look. You tried your best to look okay and smile back but it probably failed spectacularly.
You hastily made your way down the halls and into the clinic. When you arrived you noticed the sign on the door that said ‘on break’. You ignored it and entered anyways, nurse or no nurse, you were determined to go and silently bawl your eyes out.
You found your spot on an empty bed and you instinctively curled up into a ball while quietly sobbing.
The curtain that separated you from the next bed suddenly opened and you saw Ace sitting on the other bed through your tear-stained eyes.
Well shit.
You tried to collect yourself by sitting up and wiping away any tears and trying to sound normal, “A-Ace? What are you doing here?”
“I think that’s my line,” he said trying to sound playful.
You sniffed and let out a sarcastic laugh, “sorry, I’m just... not feeling great.”
An awkward silence befell the both of you, only the sound of the air condition and your occasionally sniffing filled the air.
“You found out about Luffy’s girlfriend huh?” he mumbled, breaking the silence. You couldn’t look him in the eyes but nodded in reply.
“I feel so... I don’t know dumb?” you chuckled bitterly, “all those months of me making an effort lost to some girl who could draw really good.”
You sounded harsh, yes, but you gave yourself a pass since you were pretty broken-hearted.
Ace couldn’t respond. He didn’t know what to say, instead he made his way towards you and trapped you in a comforting hug.
“I think you need a hug....”
You chuckled, “is this your way of comforting me?”
“Mhm... you deserve better. Don’t go crying over someone who never saw you that way.”
It was ironic coming from Ace considering how he felt about you.
You eased into his hold and started to feel slightly better, “thank you Ace, I’m really lucky to have met someone like you.”
“Damn right you are,” he laughed.
You jokingly let out a disapproving ‘tsk’ before laughing along with him. Maybe this time he actually can make you his.
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pairing : sabo x reader, sanji x reader
requested by : @looseautumnleaftea​
Hi there! You blog is awesome!! I adore all your Headcanons and X reader one shots. I was looking to ask how Sabo and Sanji would discover that they have fallen in love with their s/o? And how would they confess? Thank you so much for your time! Your blog rocks! :3
aHHh tysm! I’m so sorry it took this long for me to finish your request ;;; nonetheless I really hope that you enjoy it! ♥
Tumblr media
🐲 The two of you were very close and would always be found together or would always go on missions together
🐲 Nobody really knew how you two became so close, but it just happened
🐲 When Sabo realized he was in love with you, it was a really mundane day
🐲 You were taking a nap in Sabo’s room and he was busy with some paperwork
🐲 Sabo eventually started to get bored and decided bothering you would be more fun
🐲 When he saw your sleeping form, it was like he had an epiphany
🐲 He realized that once the Revolutionary Army disbanded, he’d want to spend the rest of his life with you
🐲 Sabo would be really awkward about your interactions after that
🐲 “Hey Sabo you want to—”
🐲 “—sorry I need to uH bye?”
🐲 Koala, Hak, and Dragon would be the ones to constantly call him out on his idiocy
🐲 “If you like her so much, just confess.”
🐲 “jUsT cOnfEsS”
🐲 Sabo did have to admit that they were right, he should probably confess
🐲 His confession wasn’t anything grand since he didn’t want to bother others with helping him out and he didn’t really want to pressure you into saying you reciprocated his feelings
🐲 Sabo would have asked you to meet him somewhere private as soon as he saw you, saying that it was “urgent”
🐲 “Can you come to my room later after dinner? I need to tell you something, it’s urgent.”
🐲 “Sure? But shouldn’t Dragon know about it if it’s really urgent?”
🐲 “Yes, but it doesn’t really involve the Army and—it’s just important, okay”
🐲 He his a nervous wreck when you knock on his door that night
🐲 You notice how fidgety he was and how red his face was becoming
🐲 “Sabo, you’re not sick are you?”
🐲 “What?! NO!—I’m just really nervous”
🐲 “About what?”
🐲 “I really really like you and I kinda sorta wanna take you out on a date sometime?”
🐲 You suddenly start to laugh
🐲 “D-Don’t laugh! You don’t have to laugh if—”
🐲 “—Thank god! I’ve been waiting since forever for you to ask me!”
🐲 “So... is that a yes?”
🐲 “Definitely.”
Tumblr media
🍳 Sanji doesn’t realize he’s fallen in love with you until Nami and Robin point out how much of a mess he is when you’re around
🍳 He’s stuttering, he can’t concentrate, his face is always red, and his hands are always sweaty
🍳 Thank god cooking distracts him though, otherwise the crew would be eating some nasty stuff
🍳 Eventually he decides to confess, cause he can’t keep being a mess in front of you
🍳 He decides that asking you to stay after dinner to “try” a “new” dessert he made was a good idea
🍳 So there you are seated comfortably with your arms resting on the dining table, waiting expectantly for Sanji’s “new” dessert
🍳 Meanwhile, Sanji is trying his best not to mess anything up
🍳 “Sorry for the wait, here.”
🍳 You’re ready to dig in when you notice the chocolate sign that decorated the side of the parfait
🍳 On the sign it said ‘date?’
🍳 You giggle and show his blushing face the sign
🍳 “Are you asking me out?”
🍳 “Yes if you say yes?”
🍳 “Yes then.”
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pairing : n/a
requested by : anonymous
Hello! Could I please get a scenario for a purely platonic friendship between a young teen and Brook? One member of the kid's family was part of the rumbar pirates, and the kid grew up in a music-based family. They later are part of the straw hats, and cheerfully seek out the musician. They want to learn to play Bink's sake in memory of their family.
"Hey old man!" you called out on the Sunny, "It's lunch time!"
"Yohohohohoho," Brook laughed, "So it seems, my watch must be broken—oh wait I don't have one yohohoho."
You giggled a bit at his silliness and shook your head, "C'mon!"
You pulled the skeleton to his feet and started to drag him up to the kitchen, "you know, your brother used to call me when it was lunch time. They always left him the task of looking for me, yohoho."
"What were you doing?" you asked.
"Hmmm... From what I can remember I was always practicing Bink's Sake on the piano, I wanted to learn how to play at least one song on the piano."
An idea popped into your head at the mention of 'Bink's Sake' you stopped in your tracks and eagerly turned towards the skeleton, "Hey old man, teach me how to play Bink's Sake!"
Brook was taken aback by your request, but hearing you say that made him happy, "Why the sudden interest?"
"Y'know, to honor my brother... I can kinda remember him playing that when we were kids. I wanna learn it too!"
"Yohohoho, I see. Well we could start after eating," Brook gestured towards the door leading to the kitchen, "I am feeling quite hungry—ah but I'm a skeleton how can I be hungry?! Yohohohohoho!"
You sighed and rolled your eyes, "enough with the bad jokes already, let's go before Luffy eats it all!"
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pairing : nami x reader
requested by : @nihilinterituniverse
May I request this time ideal's s/o for Nami please ? 😊
I actually alrdy finished this but for some reason it got deleted in the middle of posting :') anyways I hope you enjoy it! ♥
Tumblr media
💵 Caring. Nami is the type of person who cares too much for others, especially children. She'd want an s/o who could sympathize with those feelings so that they could help her in some of her unplanned rescue missions.
💵 Witty. Nami would want someone who could amuse her and keep up with her sometimes unreasonable remarks.
💵 Laid-back. She wouldn't want a super laid-back s/o, but someone who knew when to relax.
💵 Supportive. There have been many times Nami wanted to quit, a supportive s/o could help her get past her burn out and help her find inspiration again.
💵 Rational. Nami is sometimes the voice of reason on the ship, she wouldn't want an s/o who was reckless like Luffy because she does constantly worry despite knowing how strong her crewmates are.
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santouryuuu · 2 years ago
pairing : killer x reader
requested by : @thenotsofantasticlifestory
Can i request 24. “You’re so fucking hot when you’re mad” with Killer and fem s/o?
i am slowly trying to catch up on requests aHh 🙏 i hope that you enjoy this since it’s my first time writing for Killer :’) ♥   Also late happy valentine's day yall! 💞
Everyone on the ship knew better than to approach you when you were pissed, even Kid refused to go near you when you were throwing a tantrum (although he’s usually the reason you’re pissed). If anybody on the ship wanted some bits of happiness to shine, they’d send Killer to calm you down.
It wasn't that you had a soft spot for him, but it was more like Killer knowing what words to say because of his experiences with Kid's own tantrums; which were apparently somewhat similar to your own.
"You take one step into this room and I swear to god Killer I'll—"
"—Easy there babe, look I'm still outside," Killer said while defensively putting his hands up, "the others are just kinda tense about you being mad."
You narrowed your eyes at him, "tell those pussies to say it to my face instead of sending you every fucking time."
"You're so fucking hot when you're mad," he said rather suggestively.
Suddenly your rage was replaced with embarrassment and you started to blush, "What—what the fuck are you saying?! Get out!"
You slammed the door on his face and started to take deep breaths to calm your heart. You could hear Killer chuckle in amusement outside, "I'll come back when you're cooled off."
Killer knows better than anyone else that despite you having wild tantrums, you were also easily embarrassed by the slightest hint of anything suggestive.
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house-ad · a month ago
Tumblr media
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santouryuuu · 2 years ago
Omg all the one's that have Law are just the best!!!!
TYSM!!! I’m glad that I you enjoy them sjdkhsksh ❤
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Choose Me
pairing : ace x reader
requested by : @ohportgas
Hi! May I request some prompts for AcexReader? Prompts 8 and 22 Because since in Ace's novel he meets this Marine girl he seems to like, maybe there could be some angsty scenario related to this Marine girl and the reader? Well, you do you, I really like your writing! Thanks☺️❤️
prompt no. 8 - "Why are you so jealous?"
prompt no. 22 - "Choose me"
lmao I didnt know there was a novel 😬 It was a pretty interesting read ngl anyways I really wasn't sure if the ending was appropriate so I hope this is good 😅
It was late at night and you couldn't seem to sleep with how lonely the bed felt. You turned to the find it empty and sighed. 'He must be outside again...'
If you were being honest with yourself, you despised having to get up and invite him to go back to sleep. On any other day, you'd be fine with it, but after the Marine attack on Sabaody, things were different.
Begrudgingly, you left the comfort of the bed and made your way out onto the deck. Sure enough, Ace was there, leaning on the railings and admiring the stillness of the night.
"It's cold out, you should go back to sleep..." you said as you made your way closer to him.
He chuckled but didn't bother to look in your direction, "I'm fine..."
You situated yourself beside him, "You're thinking about her aren't you?... The Marine girl... Iruka."
Ace seemed to tense a bit at the mention of her name but you didn't call him out on it, just pretended to not notice. He laughed dryly and shook his head, "what makes you think that?"
"Ace..." your patience was running a bit thin, "I hear you call her in your sleep, every time a naval fleet comes to attack you look desperate, and every time we land, you always look like you're looking for someone in the crowd... Even when I'm just beside you."
"Why are you so jealous?" he mumbled a bit bitterly.
Your heart hurt at his comment and you could feel the tears threatening to spill, "A-Ace..." you coughed a bit when your voice started to crack, "you need to forget about her..."
Your hands cupped his face and you made him face your slightly trembling form, "choose me..."
Ace didn't respond, he simply had a far-off look in his eyes. Even if he was looking at you, it didn't feel like he really was. You felt that was enough of an answer for you. Your hands fell and you smiled a bit sadly while a few tears were spilling out, "drop me off at the next island... It's been fun... captain."
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santouryuuu · 2 years ago
Oh, tysm for the shy reader request! Lol I probably should've worded it differently, but it's np since it was interpreted right. I loved it, it turned out rlly cute!
You’re welcome! 💖 your wording was fine! My comprehension is just out of practice HAHAHA 😢 I’m glad you enjoyed it~! 
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pairing : n/a
requested by : anonymous
This may be a little late but since yesterday was our fireboy's bday.... How would he react if his s/o and the WB crew threw him a surprise bday party? Thanks!
Oops this is late :( SORRY 🙏 I think Ace is the most wholesome thing ever and we should just protect him :( kinda short, cause I don't think he'd be reacting a lot from the shock of even having a party 😂
Tumblr media
🔥 He actually never expected it.
🔥 Ace would probably cry as soon as they all greeted him happy birthday
🔥 "Shut up Thatch!"
🔥 It's these moments that make Ace feel loved and reassures him that him being born is actually a good thing
🔥 He just feels extremely grateful that he was able to join and find such an amazing crew and family
🔥Ace doesn't need any words to convey how he's feeling, since all the members already know what's on his mind.
🔥 "Hey, you should thank Y/n too-yoi, you think we would be able to pull off something this organized by ourselves?"
🔥 Marco pushed you into Ace and Ace gladly caught you.
🔥 You smiled at him, "happy birthday Ace, we love you. Don't forget that."
🔥 You wipe off a stray tear on his cheek and give him a quick kiss
🔥 He traps you in a tight hug and murmurs, "I know, I love you guys too."
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santouryuuu · 2 years ago
pairings : ace x reader, sanji x reader, law x reader
requested by : anonymous
Some headcanons of Ace, Sanji and Law with a S/O who's quiet and shy? Their S/O found someone who also shares their rare interests but is upset and gloomy because they asked too many questions/became too passionate and excited about discussing said topic.
I actually didn't really understand the latter part much??? Sorry if it wasn't what you wanted 🙏😔 I just went with my gut on that one tbh
Tumblr media
🔥 He doesn't really mind the fact that you're quiet and shy since, as polar opposites, both complement each other pretty well.
🔥 Most of the time he does all the talking, but he doesn't care. Ace knows that you're more comfortable with listening and if ever you do wanna share he's always there to listen.
🔥 When Ace overheard you excitedly chatting with Marco about birds or something, he was shocked.
🔥 You? His usually quiet and reserved lover, talking loudly and passionately with Marco?!
🔥 If he were honest, he was actually a little bit jealous. He wants you to talk to him with that same excited and confident tone too!
🔥 Suddenly Ace noticed you voice growing quieter and quieter.
🔥 "I-I talked too much didn't I?"
🔥 Your outburst made him chuckle a bit, but he stayed behind the scenes to see what would happen
🔥 "That was already too much? You should hear Ace talk-yoi!"
🔥You giggled a bit but still seemed a little bit gloomy.
🔥 Marco seemed to notice and really tried to reassure you that it was fine to talk a lot. His persuasion didn't seem to work, so Ace decided to step out from his hiding spot.
🔥He wrapped his arms around your shoulders and rested his chin on your head.
🔥 "You know, you should talk more often. I really like hearing your voice."
🔥 You blushed a bit at his comment.
🔥 "Don't worry about talking too much or asking a lot of questions! If it's something you're really passionate about, you'll always talk about it all the time and you'll always have some questions about it, right?"
Tumblr media
🍽 Sanji does find your quiet disposition to be endearing and he really really loves that about you.
🍽️ Although he is fine with you being shy and all, he does want to hear your voice once in awhile, especially when you're trying out a new recipe he made.
🍽️ Sanji was on his way to find you since he had recently baked a few pastries and wanted you to have the first taste.
🍽️ As he exited the kitchen, he heard your laugh resonating throughout the ship. Your laugh? Resonating?!
🍽️ Eventually, he found you talking and laughing with Robin, although Sanji isn't really fond of eavesdropping, he let himself be just this once cause you were involved.
🍽️ "What?! Isn't it supposed to be like this? I read that it was like that! And and and there are a few books that support that too! Are you sure you're not—ah... Sorry I said too much..."
🍽️ You immidiately pinched your lips together and started to silently apologize to Robin.
🍽️ Sanji couldn't help but rush over to you and shower you in praise.
🍽️ "Y/n-chan! You're too cute! You should talk more often! I love your voice! I could take down Akainu right now with just the power of your voice! But you're also very cute when you're quiet! Ahhh! What do I do?!"
Tumblr media
💉 Law is actually a big fan of you being shy and quiet (wow who would've thought 🙄)
💉 You don't bother him a lot and he can tease you all he wants and either way you're still very adorable, it's a total win for him.
💉 So imagine his surprise when he hears you talking loudly with Bepo about animals.
💉 At first he's hella shocked, like he's seen and experienced a lot of things since allying with Luffy, but this definitely takes the cake.
💉 He loves listening to how passionate you are about animals and whatnot, your voice is actually very pleasant to hear;which is a shame since Law would like to hear it more often now
💉 When you stop talking Law is immidiately back to being grumpy, but not for long when he realizes that you've simply reverted back to your old self because you felt like a bother by talking about what makes you happy
💉 He silently stands behind your small frame and smirks a bit.
💉 You still haven't noticed him and he takes this chance to whisper into your ear, "you know Y/n-ya, I'll get jealous if you let Bepo hear your voice more often than I do."
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santouryuuu · 2 years ago
pairing : n/a
requested by : anonymous
Heya! Could I please get some headcanons of what Brook, Robin and Zoro/Sanji are like, hosting a ghost-hunting show? Like they're each provided with a location, there's a small narration of the history, all they have to do is fidget around with the ghost gadgets and explore the area for ghosts? The Zoro/Sanji is Zoro and Sanji on the same video as hosts, because I think it'd be funny if they tried to compete/argued with each other. Buzzfeed unsolved could serve as inspiration!
This was actually kinda hard to put together but I really enjoyed writing it! 🥰 I hope that you enjoy it! ♥
Tumblr media
💀 Doesn't know how to work any of the gadgets provided for him.
💀 Usually gets scared by his own reflection.
💀 "If we turn here there should be a— SHFOEJDOSHDOSJSAHDIWHA—oh wait that's my reflection, yohohohohoho"
💀 Although it seems like he wouldn't get a lot of viewers, he's got a lot of viewers (not as much as Robin though)
💀 People mostly watch him because he's a talking skeleton, but also because he will randomly burst into song and hey, he's actually not bad
💀 The host who always cracks bone jokes and dad jokes
💀 None of them are funny, but his laugh is really entertaining so 🤷‍♀️
💀 Eventually does find a few ghosts and plays a little bit of music for them
💀 Overall, not a bad host and is the only one who ends up actually finding a single ghost
Tumblr media
🌸 has the most viewers
🌸 Everyone loves her because her voice is so soothing and because she does say a lot of interesting fact and trivia
🌸 "Did you guys know the year this house was built was around the same year that..."
🌸 "Ghosts are actually..."
🌸 "If you do x then y should be the result"
🌸 Her show is most probably educational af despite it being about ghost hunting
🌸 She's always disappointed she never finds a single ghost, but that's just because they're all hiding from her
🌸 Like, she scares the ghosts
🌸 Enjoys hosting the show, but will probably quit eventually to pursue more exciting adventures
Tumblr media
💥 They are the worst ghost hunters ever
💥 Most of the time it's just them arguing over anything unrelated to the ghosts
💥 "Your cooking is shit."
💥 "You would know."
💥 "I bet you're gonna cry when we get in."
💥 "I bet you're gonna shit your pants."
💥 The ghosts hide from them, cause damn who wants to get in the middle of their fights?
💥 More like a prank show than a ghost hunting show
💥 Each of them just try their best to make sure the other gets embarrassed af on TV
💥 The viewers are mostly entertained by the arguments.
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santouryuuu · 2 years ago
Oof my heart ❤️ ahh the new law shot was good and so is the rest of your writing! Hope you have a good day! And a happy new year 🎉
AHHH TYSM ♥ even tho I think my writing is trash sometimes oop 😢 HAHAHAH
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house-ad · 3 days ago
Why lava? Cuz we know a lot about podcasts but in Pocket Casts we have no clue about backgrounds.
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