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sapphiresterreart·a month agoText

I’m trying to kick writer’s block and actually write after so long. It’s hard. Haven’t been able to focus lately what with the wildfires on the west coast and the pandemic making me stir-crazy. Good news, the air quality is clearing slowly but surely. Now if the pandemic could end, that’d be great.

This is a continuation of the old thing that I’d written long ago but posted recently. Not edited. Might tweak it later before possibly posting to Archive of Our Own. Dunno.

Phantom Faces Part 1

Phantom Faces Part 2

“Fetch me a coffee.”

“Yes, sir.”

Shinichi gritted his teeth as he stood and strode out of the office. Talking to the Ekoda inspector was like navigating a minefield: one wrong step and his job would go up in flames. Staying on the man’s good side was a nightmare and even then it wasn’t that worthwhile. But he needed the resources and confidential databases offered by being on the force. And yet…?

There was something off about Inspector Inoue.

Whether it was due to the constant dismissal or something more, Shinichi’s gut said the man had something to hide. His gut had rarely been wrong. But this one time he wasn’t fully ready to believe his instincts. Ekoda precinct was the only one to accept him on their team. Ekoda was the only place where he had the chance to rebuild his tattered reputation. He had to start somewhere. And dismantling the police station with his low-status would be more counter-productive than helpful and could even risk his job.

But some risks were necessary. Starting with quietly investigating the Kimura case on his own. Depending on how key players of the case reacted to his face, he could play the “student researching a project” card. Should they recognize him as the “washed out detective” then he’d have to improvise. Maybe claim the higher ups had sent him as a test on his abilities? See if he can follow and understand Inoue’s “esteemed detective’s” deductions? Or maybe–

His face crashed into someone’s chest. “Watch it, brat.” The person snapped.

Stepping back, he sighed. “Apologies, Hayashi-keiji.”

“Better be. You’re lucky Inoue-keibu was kind enough to let you play pretend. Keep your head down and you might actually learn something. Maybe even fit in.”

His skin crawled. Outwardly there was nothing unsettling about the statement other than the aggressive nature. Inwardly, however…

“Of course.” He dipped his head. “I’ll be sure to watch closely.”

…there was an unspoken promise in those words, he was certain. He side-stepped the older officer. But what did they mean? If his instincts were right then the Ekoda murder division had something to hide. Knowing his luck then that meant they were covering a murder. Possibly more. But why? What did they have to gain?

Continuing his way through the police department, deep in thought and only half aware, he almost missed the faint whispers of men working on a case. The muffled words “gem” and “heist” briefly filtered through his ears. He paused a beat, gaze sliding to the nearest, slightly ajar door.

The muffled words became clear as the door swung open. Shinichi blinked, startled, and greeted. “Hakuba-san?”

The blonde blinked in return. “Kudo-kun. What brings you to Ekoda? Interested in the KID heist, perhaps?”

“Ah, no.” They fell into step beside each other, both heading towards the lobby. “I actually transferred here recently. I’m the new officer in Division One.”

“Oh.” Hakuba’s voice lifted with an odd, unreadable tone. “Interesting.”

They arrived at the lobby. Shinichi dismissed his hackles instinctively rising as paranoia because, really, when had Hakuba ever been a threat? They didn’t know each other well as his older self. Hakuba didn’t know he was secretly Edogawa Conan.

So he tipped his head in farewell. “Enjoy the heist.”

“You’re not curious?”

He straightened. Oddly enough, Shinichi thought he could hear disappointment in the other’s tone. He couldn’t waste time running around an, admittedly fun, heist. Though KID was a welcome break with his “no one gets hurt” policy, murderers and conspiracies wouldn’t wait. It would be fun to attend, but…

“I’ve got bigger fish to fry.”

Hakuba flinched. Shinichi frowned. “Hakuba-san? Are you alright?”

The expression smoothed. “Yes, I just remembered I have approximately one second and twenty five milliseconds before I’m late to the next meeting. Farewell, Kudo-kun.”

“Ah…” The other pivoted on his heel and strode away. “…bye.”

Weird. But he didn’t have time to sit and wonder Hakuba’s behavior.

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sapphiresterreart·a month agoText

Stumbled back into the Detective Conan/Magic Kaito fandom. Went rifling through my old fic snippets and realized I never shared this specific one, oops! Well, here it is. As per usual I lost steam.

Summary: Kudo Shinichi returns after five long years. With his credibility in tatters due to his unexplained disappearance, he’s sent to Ekoda precinct to start over as a rookie officer. Forced to hand-hold his deductions once more stinks. But not as much as discovering the Ekoda police department is riddled with shady and suspicious characters. That and KID’s latest heist notice might just be the biggest one yet…

Phantom Faces

He used to be famous.

Every newspaper in Japan had written about his promising career. Right up until he ‘vanished’. His story was swept aside for more current news. News like how one Edogawa Conan was rising as a talented detective all on his own.

Which would’ve been fine. Shinichi didn’t care much for the spotlight anymore. Not when paranoia had sank its way into his mind. It was fine. Except when he returned to himself years later. After five years and he had turned 21 years old, the world had moved on. Ultimately, he and Ran had moved on as well. There was only so long someone could wait for him. And, well, he viewed her more as a sister after so long under her care.

So it was fine.

Except for the fact that he had to start over. Again. Officers he had worked with as Conan did not indulge him as much as Shinichi. After all, where was his work ethic as a detective if he vanished without a trace and without a word? The Crows hadn’t even been completely ripped apart yet. Though he could’ve chalked it up to a long case, the world wasn’t inclined to believe him. One news had asked for sources and, when he couldn’t conjure anything in defense, the rest of the world hailed fire.

Kudo Shinichi was a deadbeat, they had said.

Shinichi had his suspicions about the journalists who had started the gossip. It was likely someone somewhere held a grudge against him. Possibly someone still in the Black Organization. So he didn’t take the offense to heart. But their words did damage his reputation. When they sang his praises, strangers and policemen alike granted him free rein to investigate a crime scene. Now, though? Now it was back to verbal hand-holding, careful questions to guide others to the right deductions because he couldn’t be trusted to voice the truth. He was 21 years old with a job as a rookie detective over in Ekoda precinct because other areas didn’t want to take in the ‘risky upstart’. It was ridiculous.

It was exhausting.

Which led him to his current problem.

“Inoue-keibu.” He dipped his head and folded hands atop his lap. “While I understand the Kimura case has been closed, I’d like to–”

“Always ‘bout what you want, brat.” The Ekoda inspector smacked his lips as he chewed gum. The sweet scent of apple and mint drifted Shinichi’s way. “The case has been closed for years. Or are you telling me my excellent officers have somehow failed to do their jobs, rookie?”

He forced himself to inhale steadily through his nose. “No, sir. I just thought–”

“Doesn’t matter what you think.” His boss studied him with a baleful glare. “You got this job as a favor from Meguire-keibu. That favor got you in, but it doesn’t mean you’ll stay. Get it?”

Shinichi clenched a fist. Damnit. “Got it.”

“Dismissed. Oh and, rookie.”

“Yes, sir?”

“Fetch me a coffee.”

“Yes, sir.”

Shinichi gritted his teeth as he stood and strode out of the office.

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sapphiresterreart·2 months agoAnswer

Hi Sapph, I'm sorry if I'm bothering you, but I would like to know if I can send an print (of my discord username) and a photo of my identity document (and I'm sorry if something is wrong, English is not my native language ...) (and I don't know what term you use, but 'print' here is to capture the image of what's appearing on the phone's screen)

It is okay! You are not bothering me. Yes, you can send a screenshot of your Discord username and photo ID with only the birthdate visible!

Though, it might be easier for you to send the stuff to me as a Direct Message on Discord itself! Since that’s where the Stevencest Screening server is.

Your English is great!

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sapphiresterreart·2 months agoAnswer

I just wanted to say that I love your fanfic His Corrupted Self ♡♡ I love the way you write (and I'm really looking forward to the wedding night)

AHHHHHHH! Haha, I’m glad you’ve enjoyed the fanfic so far! I keep meaning to update but haven’t had the chance. Been a busy bee In Real Life hunting for jobs and all that jazz.

But! I’m happy you found the fic! I love learning what people think. And the wedding night is gonna be DARK. That’s when the tags come in, after all! Hue hue hue. 

For anyone curious, this is the steven-cest fic. Mind the warnings!

Thanks again for reading and commenting!

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sapphiresterreart·3 months agoAnswer

about the girl that was with Steven, if she’s Steven and red’s biological daughter, does she have any power? and she knows that her father is an evil dictator who kills everyone just to get what he wants and she also knows that he is the result of rape? (sorry for my bad english ,'-',)

I haven’t figured out if she’ll have any powers. And if she does what exactly those powers would be! Right now I figure she’d prolly grow faster than a human because gem genes.

As for if she knows her father is a dictator… heh heh! I figure she DOESN’T know just how evil he is because Steven would want to shield her the truth. Maybe Red would also have cooled off his explosive temper by then. Or at least around his daughter, maybe? Hmm…

To start she wouldn’t know she’s the result of rape since Steven prolly would have fallen for Red by then. Stockholm Syndrome and all that jazz. But! I have a vague idea that Red does something to their daughter or around their daughter that Steven considers unforgivable. Or at least cause enough for him to use his escape plan! 

Cue his daughter realizing not everything is happy in paradise…

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sapphiresterreart·5 months agoPhoto

Practicing backgrounds. Used this image found on Google as my reference for Red Diamond’s ballroom in his palace… or something. Haha.

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sapphiresterreart·5 months agoAnswer

who was that kid that steven was holding his hand (i love his red diamond fanfic❤)

Wellllll. That’s, heh heh. That’s Steven and Red’s daughter. Cause gem magic and future plot lets Mpreg happen. Hue hue hue. But yeah! As of right now the daughter (debating on girl names but might go with ‘Nora’ cause… references to the show and all that jazz) prolly won’t be born or appear in His Corrupted Self

The daughter’s presence is just a vague idea of mine for an equally vague sequel. I haven’t even gotten to the wedding night for the story and already I’m daydreaming of sequels. Sobs.

But yeah! Haven’t decided on a name for their daughter just yet. Got any ideas?

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sapphiresterreart·5 months agoPhoto

Steven mad a wrong tern Steven made a wrong turn when trying to escape the diamond Palace when the diamonds did not have the answer that he needed was hit with a experimental corruptor beam gun that was slowly being taken apart because it was too unstable to destroy it and but instead of losing his powers his own gem half ripped itself away from Steven forming into Red Diamond.

Red Diamond:…i refuse to be your problem anymore.

join Red Diamond on hes journey of Solitude. away from Steven, away from the crystal gem, away from Earth, he just wants to find a place to be alone but that may be harder then expected for the newly-formed Rogue diamond.

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sapphiresterreart·6 months agoAnswer

Just wanted to say that I love your “his corrupted self” fic and I always keep re-reading it I just love it so much. The way you write red diamond is just ❤️❤️❤️ he’s so casual yet terrifyingly creepy. I look forward to your updates.

Ahhh! Thank you! I’m still working on it – just been busy with IRL moving from one place to another! Been busy busy and juggling In Real Life problems and all that stuff.

Thank you for reaching out, though! Gives me warm and fuzzies.

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sapphiresterreart·7 months agoPhoto


Palette challenge!! Request a character and a palette and I’ll draw it for you! You’re also allowed to ask for an au (like, characters with wings and stuff like that. Fandoms I’m willing to draw for in the tags)

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sapphiresterreart·7 months agoText








Someday I wanna like… start a zine.

Like A story Oriented Zine.

That brings in 5 Comic Artists, 5 Writers, and 5 just… general artists, but the general artists have to be willing to team up with one writer to do a cover art for their written story.

And stuff.

But I dunno how tf to manage or mod something like that or pay contributors and shit so oh well I guess.

Most zine artists and writers don’t get paid to contribute. It’s just for love of it. And for what it’s worth, I’ve wanted to do something like this for ages, but the theme would be “monsters under the bed.” My dad actually gave me the idea. Having a theme would give more direction to contributors. Sooo if you’re serious about this, I’d be overjoyed to help get it off the ground.

The first step would be deciding on a max word count for each story; if you’re going for flash fiction, it shouldn’t exceed 1,000 words. A few hundred at most. And deciding how many contributors you want. Five is kinda low– I’d look at 6-8, *maybe* 10, depending on the interest level the concept generates. Once you’ve decided on story length and max number of contributors, you advertize. There are writing blogs on here that would be more than willing to promote it. Possibly @writing-prompts.

Once you have as many contributors as you want, you set deadlines for the artist/writer teams. Due to the nature of a project like this, a few months should be more than enough. Make a date for each team to give progress reports, extending deadlines as necessary, because life can and will get in the way.

Lastly, you compile everything. Most zine editors– if they don’t want to fuck around with physical print copies–make a .PSD copy. There are places that will print on demand. @samuraitroopersfanzine used a site called Blurb for print on demand physical copies and it was reasonably priced with beautiful results. And that’s a general outline of the process. The main things to keep in mind are regular contact with contributors and adhereance to deadlines. So, if you really wanna do this, I’m in for helping mod.

Ah… and there is the missing scale on Smaugs Bellupy-luppy…. regular contact with other people…

I can handle the contact end if you wanna do the compiling and putting everything together for distribution end.

I Ave also never done that before 0.0

I mean, there’s a first time for everything.

What if I fail? I need 2 years job exp to get the job but need the job to get the exp but need the exp to get the jobs but need the–

So I was snooping and just wanna say be brave, Kasey! It’d be a good experience! Something new to try! Especially as practice for your own original work.

Like, the hub for the contributors (artists, writers, and maybe editors) could be a Discord Server. Most people have Discord so it should be nice go-to place for communication. I’d be happy to help organize your Discord, you know this.

As for keeping files all in one place – maybe Google Drive? Like a folder that’s shareable with the Discord group. Writer’s could either write their work in a Google Doc or copy and paste from a Word/Pages doc into Google Doc. Or, heck, just simply upload their Word/Pages doc to Google Drive folder. Prolly not upload in PDF since their writing might need to be edited or re-formated for Lulu or Blurb website.

My question to @raeseddon is: why compile as a .PSD file instead of PDF? Wouldn’t Blurb/Lulu better handle a PDF that has been formatted (page margins and page size) for uploading?

So curious!

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Can…. can I just…. just this one… I’d like to… to make this one a little bigger….

Fandom is an adult space. Adults create and own and host fandom spaces. If minors want to participate, then the onus is on them and their parents/guardians/trusted adults to ensure they participate appropriately, not on strange adults to stop being adults



So I have read several people complaining that they can’t be expected to know the “unwritten rules” of fandom. So here’s what I wish people knew:

Fanfiction is fiction.

Fictional people are not real.

Fictional people do not have rights.

Fictional people cannot be abused.

Reading or writing about something does not mean the desire to do or support it in the real world.

If I find art upsetting/triggering/disgusting/outraging/unpleasant/squicky/distressing/offensive, it is on me not to read it, not the creators and hosts to remove it.

Curate your own experience. The back buttons exist for a reason.

If you don’t trust yourself to do that, get someone you trust to do it for you.

Fandom is an adult space. Adults create and own and host fandom spaces. If minors want to participate, then the onus is on them and their parents/guardians/trusted adults to ensure they participate appropriately, not on strange adults to stop being adults.

You often don’t know the assault status or mental health status or neurotype or race or nationality or religion or gender or sexuality or age of a creator or consumer, and they do not have to disclose to you to justify their fantasy.

AO3 is not a safe space. It is not intended to be a safe space. Proceed accordingly.

Just because you don’t like something or find it offensive doesn’t mean it is a “problem” that “has to be dealt with”.

Most characters in anime are not white.

There is no onus on you to reblog or share anything.

Everyone makes mistakes in fandom and is less than their best self sometimes.

Persistent pseudonyms encourage long term relationships.

Ship wars are stupid.

Someone else enjoying things does not impact on your own enjoyment of other things.

Tagging and warning is a courtesy, not a requirement. Assume any fic might contain untagged content.

Rating is an imprecise art, not a science.

Don’t hassle IP creators.

Most people who are in fandom are hoping to make connections based on a shared passion.

Trying to profit from transformative fanworks puts us all at risk.

No one is obligated to share your head canon or fanon.

Being kind rarely fails to pay off.

It is okay to block and remove people who make your experience unpleasant. You don’t have to placate them. (Learn from my mistakes).

Britpicking is a good thing.

You don’t have to justify why you like a canon/pairing/trope/kink. Sometimes navel gazing is fun, but you don’t have an obligation to explain yourself, especially to strangers. I share the overwhelming desire to refute an unfair accusation, but the people accusing you are rarely doing so in good faith, so you’re batting a losing wicket.

I’m not your Mum. (Well, okay, a very few of you can call me Mum or Mom, but if you are one of them you already know who you are ❤️)

If you aren’t mature enough to take responsibility for your online experiences, you aren’t mature enough to be in fandom spaces.

louder for the people in the back 👏 👏 👏

Just because you come from a household that dictated to you what you are and aren’t allowed to consume does not mean you hold that right outside of your own home.

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sapphiresterreart·7 months agoAnswer

His corruptied self one I like dark stevencest things.

Oh! Well in that case, yes! I’m still working on chappie 4. Thank you for clarifying. Heh heh

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sapphiresterreart·7 months agoAnswer

How the pic going I hope you update it :3 it amazing

Hey there! Which fanfiction did ya mean? The only one I’m actively working on is His Corrupted Self. MIND THE TAGS!!!! It’s a DARK story, after all!

Otherwise, which fic? I’m curious!

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sapphiresterreart·7 months agoAnswer

Hi there, are you going to continue Positively Malicious on FF? I would LOVE to read the rest of the story 😊

Oops! Actually I wasn’t planning on it since I’ve shifted focus away from Stevinel and onto Steven-cest. Although I DO have chappie 9 roughly scribbled, I wasn’t sure about posting since that would get everyone’s hopes up only for the Author’s Note at the end to be like “Haha sorry I’ve gone and gotten distracted by the shiny Steven-cest, hahah, no more Stevinel” Sooooo

There was so many directions that story could go! But as of now I’m not planning on continuing Positively Malicious. Thank you for reaching out though! Maybe check out my Steven-cest fic His Corrupted Self on Archive of Our Own or on FFNet while you’re here…

WARNING THOUGH! His Corrupted Self is a dark, non-consensual story like Positively Malicious. It’s also got self-cest, as you can tell. So.

But yeah! Thanks for asking!!!

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sapphiresterreart·9 months agoAnswer

Oh ha sorry the link isn’t on the fic that’s on ff BUT I found it on the other so it’s all good!

Ohhh, oops! Yeah, FFNet won’t let me link anything there. But yay! I’m glad you found the link on AO3 

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sapphiresterreart·9 months agoAnswer

Could you tell me the link for the Stevencest discord you mention in your fic? Love the new chapter btw!!

You’re so silly! The Discord link I mention is IN the fic! Check the bottom author notes. 

Although I’d like to link the Discord here, we had some trolls enter in the past so better to play it safe! You can also Direct Message me so I can share the link that way, if you’d prefer.

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