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satan-the-avatar-of-wrath·10 days agoText


Birthday Present: 🎂Satan🎂 Obey Me

Satan huffed, propped up on his bed as he stared out the window.

He was well aware of his birth…. the wrath of Lucifer that had been forced out of the older demon.

He hated Lucifer, yet at the same time, it was his favorite barista, Natasha, who could see them as they were.

What was that quote again? Two sides of the same coin or something?

He shrugged, the wandered off to have a quick shower and head to classes.


Stopping by his favorite Cafe, he noticed his brothers all seated in a corner booth. Immediately he sensed a migraine coming on until a familiar voice greeted him.

“Hey Satan! The usual again or something else today?” Natasha smiled, despite looking like she’d woken up st some atrocious hour of the morning.

“Eh, I’ll try the Devil’s Blend,” he nodded. “Though, what’s the new drink on the menu?”

“Well, there’s the Witches Pumpkin brew, Hell’s Blend, and the Dark Magic hot drinks line….” she pointed at the menu board behind her.


Meanwhile, Mammon, Asmo’s and Leviathan were bickering about the interaction between their brother and the barista.

“Mammon, in what world do they look like they’re flirting?” Asmodeus deadpanned.

“Oh shut up! Just look at how they’re looking at each other!” He flailed.

“Mammon. You dumbass, he’s looking at the menu board,” Levi groaned.

Lucifer was getting annoyed with their antics, and smacked the trio upside their heads with a rolled up paper. “Leave them. And stop making bets.”

Belphegor, though sleepy, snickered while Beelzebub just munched on his fourth breakfast sandwich.


After placing his order, he came to the booth where his siblings were.

“Hey. What were you three saying?” Emerald eyes flashed at Mammon, Levi and Asmo. “I could hear you three….”

Honestly, at this point, even Mammon was kinda scared of Satan and Lucifer because they had the same angry glare ™️.

(If anything they both resembled each other more than anything, sort of like mismatched twins)


Natasha brought out their orders to their booth, smiling at all of them.

“One more thing before I forget,” she bustled over to the backroom and brought out a beautiful cake.

A few others joined her, singing “Happy Birthday”.

Satan’s jaw dropped. “This….”

Natasha giggled, “ is from all of your brothers. I didn’t do anything and I had no idea it was your birthday today. Mr. Morningstar, honors please?”

Satan hated him the most, but had long since realized that Lucifer had tried his best to look after him while looking after everyone else at the same time.

Lucifer had no idea what to say…. his brother, one whom he’d created from his complete wrath, was here. Millennia of having his feelings buried deep down somewhere in his heart due to other responsibilities taking precedence had stopped him from becoming emotional.

They both looked at the barista, a tiny human girl, who was buying herself with the coffee machines.

Shaking their heads, they shook hands. “Brother. Have a good day.”


@satan-avatar-of-wrath @satan-the-avatar-of-wrath @satanlovescats

@ibelongtowrath Enjoy 😉

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satan-the-avatar-of-wrath·21 days agoAnswer

*A tiger snuggles against Satan*

*subconsciously strokes the animal, still nose deep in his studies. Notices just how much more fur is between his fingers, compared to his little felines.*

*Glances over, double takes*

Oh my… Uh-hello there, and where did you come from..

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satan-the-avatar-of-wrath·22 days agoAnswer

-peeps in- Hey Satan do you want some tea? I just brewed some of my favorite green tea so I thought to ask if maybe you’d enjoy a cup as well?

*peers up from book, head tilts slightly, smiling*

Hello kitten, do come in. I would never say no to a cuppa.

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satan-the-avatar-of-wrath·23 days agoText

So, I gave Olive a flea bath. Gave her and the dog one to be safe since my dog was around another one that them


I felt bad ruining her comfort…


Well… the good thing is she did pretty well and wasn’t getting mad. However, she was a little freaked out when her tail got wet


Hello Marionette, as uncomfortable for some cats as it may be, having a thorough bath is needed, and a flea bath at that. Glad she isn’t to upset, plenty of treats and I’m sure she’ll be fine.

Welcome to the cat army

😺 Satan

P.s I must meet your little companion 💚

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satan-the-avatar-of-wrath·a month agoAnswer

SATAN !! *runs up and gives him a huge hug* welcome back!! How’s my favorite cat loving demon boy been ?

*slightly blushes as he stumbles back from impact*

Well hello to you too, kitten. I’ve been well, and you?

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satan-the-avatar-of-wrath·a month agoAnswer

Hey, Satan close your eyes for a second because right now I don't particularly care for you. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Now that that's out of the way, I have a message for mun: How dare you leave me alone for so long? I missed you!! Hope you're doing alright, Mister. It's been months since we talked and I still haven't finished FFVII Remake so you can officially yell at me for it now. If you're lucky I'll finish it this week and next time you're around we can finally talk about it. Love you. 🌻

Hello Jazzie.. Or as Tyler seems to call you. This is Asmo’s little friend, no?

I’ll allow him to converse with you through my hashtags… Seeing as you’re soooo polite.

😺 Satan

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satan-the-avatar-of-wrath·a month agoAnswer

Look at what the cat dragged in...kidding. It's been a while since I've seen you on my dash, spitfire. I've missed you both.

Yes well between Beel eating the internet router to my nose burried in books, I had completely forgotten about my blog.

*side eyes mun*

And muns been doing “Haikyuu” marathons as “self care”….

Mun: … In my defence, it’s a good show okay!!? The manga itself was amazing and season four part 2 is out so have to rewatch everything before watching it!!!!

But we’ve missed you too friend. 💚💙

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satan-the-avatar-of-wrath·a month agoAnswer

have you ever sent in letters to authors who have gotten facts in their books wrong? you've lived through a lot so id imagine you would be able to spot misinformation easily!

Good afternoon Anon,

I have indeed, but as you can imagine, signing off my letters with-

“Kind Regards, Satan”

Has, well… Caused quite the stir, and a few cardiac-arrests.

😺 Satan

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satan-the-avatar-of-wrath·a month agoText

Hello, Satan. Long time no see. I don’t really know what to say or offer to you, but here’s my chonk-a-lonk of a cat with his “mlehmer” out… Or whatever the internet people call tongues these days.


How I’ve missed our cat army. Thank you for your submission.

😺 Satan

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