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The name Tumblr is derived from "Tumblelogs", which were hand coded multimedia blogs.

sauceracha·a day agoText

I never meant to hurt anyone. 

I’m sorry

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sauceracha·2 days agoAnswer

Saucy you are– you're so sweet 🥺 I don't think you're awkward, you're a sweetheart that I'd like to hug for 24 hours straight. 🥰

You are a lovely person

Intentaré recordártelo diariamente 💖 nos vemos luego, bye bye bonitaaaa ♡

Hola bella! Perdón que recién conteste 🙈

Well I would like that hug pretty much! You are adorable Lily 💛 thank you for this

Sos un verdadero ángel 🤍🥺 i love you

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sauceracha·3 days agoAnswer

Hihihi dear, solamente pasó a decirte que si ocupas hablar con alguien o desahogarte, memes o lo que sea aquí estoy para lo que ocupes!! ♡ (... Lo que sea menos dinero por que ya no trabajo ajsbsja, una disculpa ㅠ.ㅠ)

Also pasaba a recordarte que aunque no interactuemos mucho, u r a friend and ily, please take care of yourself sweetie!!! ♡

Hola preciosura 💛 muchas gracias, la verdad que significa un montón para mi que digas eso (no te preocupes, nunca te pediría dinero jaajaja aunque espero que consigas trabajo pronto si es que estás buscando)

Te pido perdón si soy medio awkward, ofc you are my friend too! And if you ever need or just want to talk, también estoy disponible para ti! 💛

De nuevo, mil gracias! I love you too, cariño! Hope your re taking good care of yourself too

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sauceracha·3 days agoText


“Human beings are so made that the ones who do the crushing feel nothing; it is the person crushed who feels what is happening. Unless one has placed oneself on the side of the oppressed, to feel with them, one cannot understand.”

— Simone Weil, Lectures on Philosophy

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sauceracha·4 days agoText


…. M-Minsung hit just different…

Hahaha i love them, they didn’t even care 😂

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sauceracha·4 days agoText








Last idol in your camera roll is who you’d eat ice cream and cry with during this shit pandemic uwu!

Tagging my loves: @excindrela @despair-lightbreaker @yunsantopia @kpop-dungeon @hanniiesuckle17 @jaeyounqz @jaejoongs-nipple-piercing @obiwon-shenobi @cactushyogi @ithinkilikeit-reactions @avatarfantxsy @thirdxporsche @choisansexual @juicylivy @seoulmates98 @moonchildrenandflowercrowns @gods-dont-negotiate @joong-littlelove @notnessasarilybad @starstruckforyou @wheezing-pterodactyl

We are eating ice cream together🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

@crscendoforsung @jisungsjheekies @jisungs-tummy @hoes4hoseok @yangomangos

bRUH they’re all from tumblr (and I don’t wanna repost yk) but the last one I saved was of jeongin so here’s a different jeongin one from google that saved a few days back to make a reaction meme:

ty for tagging, hunter! I’ll tag @missskzbiased @bloomingjun @strykiss @unlocktxt 💓

Thanks for taggin me! <3

Here we have a savage Minho mocking Stay as I complain I’m hungry and he’s a bitch (But I love him)


@yunhoesss​​ @uwuyeosang​ ​ @nyctophilin​​  @mrbangchannie​ ​

And whoever wants to do this!

UwU, thank you for the tag sweetie!💖

Look at those arms! He’ll hug the shit out of you while crying and I have absolutely no complaints about that! :D

Tagging: @yangomangos, @hyunjinsdoll, @dom–minnie, @magnetic-minho and whoever wants to do it! :D

Thank you for the tag @nyctophilin !!!!

Both of them 👀👀👀 eh?

Tagging: @chogiwow (hi it’s me alice 😭😭) @dreamescapeswriting @heartinghyunjin @spearb1108 @chanonymous @single-ray-of-sunshine + anyone else !

Wouldn’t mind that 👀

Thank you for tagging! @magnetic-minho 💕

I’m tagging @princewonwoo @yanderechangbin @sauceracha @babie-yuki @hyunjinssub @serendipityfelix @johnnys-candygirl @snowy-meowl @iconicspearb

Sorry but if this two are together, I don’t think we will be crying 😂

Thanks for the tag babies! @spearb1108 💛 @yourlocal-babybear2

Tagging: @binnie-loves-dark @yanderechangbin @channiewoo @chans-chair @tea-tenebris-yandere @babie-yuki @cherryeol04 @hyunjinssub @princewonwoo @snowy-meowl @hyunjinsdoll (sorry if you were already tagged I’m too lazy to check ahaha)

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