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The name Tumblr is derived from "Tumblelogs", which were hand coded multimedia blogs.

scenemidorima·2 hours agoAnswer

wouldn’t it be funny if i published ‘the reo fic’?? you know then one i mean lmfao 😐 the one that’s on a different level of long 🕳🚗


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scenemidorima·5 hours agoText


fuck it i’m finally making this post because goddamn i wish i saw it when i was younger

to the minors who follow me:

if anyone significantly older than you approaches you on the internet or in real life in a romantic or sexual way, do. not. communicate with them. the second it becomes anything other than respectful or friendly in any way or if they make you even slightly uncomfortable, block. them. cut them out of your life. they are not worth it and they will hurt you. run. protect yourself. and be safe.

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scenemidorima·a day agoText

izuki but he’s in the ‘letter to my ex’ music video 😳😳

you don’t have to read the bit under the cut, it’s a little personal but idc lol

right, so.

izuki is a massive comfort character for me because of my ex, and listening to GIRLI’s music also feels a fuck you to my ex. we’ve been broken up for nearly a year but that creep followed me on instagram the other day then unfollowed a few hours later??? but as much as they confused me by doing that, it also lets me know that they know they’ve fucked up, and they’re embarassed by all the horrible things they did to me. i don’t really want to go into details - not publicly, anyways, but i’ve just felt good after all that. they’ve had a hold over me for months but i feel like i’m finally free from them. i’ve finally overcome my fear of them and that’s amazing for me. sorry i wrote a whole essay but i felt like it so i did <3 i hope i didn’t overshare too much lol

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scenemidorima·a day agoText


anyways i literally have the physical + emotional need to draw or write something izuki related rn,,, i’ll explain later lmao, the last day or so were so weird aha

yas i got some izuki art coming soon 😌💅

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scenemidorima·a day agoText

changing my pronouns in my personal instagram bio was such a power move. like i know nobody is even gonna look but i feel comfortable knowing they’re there. all my cishet classmates will be like ‘wtf is a she/they’ but i don’t care now, i just wanna be me <3

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scenemidorima·7 days agoText


I love reading fics about OTPs having mental bonds and things like that, but they’re always so profound. It’d be so much more entertaining if they still thought like normal people. Imagine this stuff:

  • “You’ve had that song stuck in your head for days. It’s driving me nuts, too.”
  • “Why are you making a grocery list in your head while we’re having sex?”
  • “Is that really what you think about my ass?”
  • “Stop projecting so much belligerent boredom. I love this TV show.”
  • “No, you didn’t forget to lock the door. You can quit fixating on it now.”
  • “Yes, that sounds much better in your head.”
  • “Is that really who you’re daydreaming about naked?”
  • “Less homicidal thoughts about your annoying coworker right now, please. I’m in a meeting over here.”
  • “It’s coffee you’re craving. Go get some. And bring me some. You made me want it, too.”
  • “Thanks for the road rage thoughts. I’ll take the back roads home. See you in an hour.”
  • “If you think ‘knit, knit, purl,’ one more time, I’ll stab you with those needles.”
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