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Side blog for my FFXIV character, S'davi & occasional ft. alt Freja 馃挄 main blog is sdavirose

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Furby, that creepy 1990's doll, has a tumblr page.

sdavi-kitanni13 days agoText


饾悈饾悜饾悢饾悎饾悡饾悩 饾悋饾悇饾悁饾悆饾悅饾悁饾悕饾悗饾悕 饾悘饾悜饾悗饾悓饾悘饾悡饾悞 聽 鈾 聽 饾悞饾悩饾悓饾悂饾悗饾悑 饾悓饾悇饾悓饾悇

 聽 聽 send the corresponding symbol(s) for headcanons surrounding 
     the given topic(s)!

馃崓聽 :聽 聽 how comfortable is my muse in their body?how do they feel about their height,weight,strength,and body type?how important is being attractive to them?聽聽
馃崊聽 :聽 聽 how does my muse feel about plastic/cosmetic surgeries聽 聽&聽 聽procedures?is it something they have done or would do?do they mind if others do it?聽聽
馃崗聽聽:聽 聽 how stable is my muses physical health?do they go for regular or semi-regular checkups by a physician?do they have any diagnosed illnesses and/聽or take any medication?how often do they get sick?
馃崕聽聽:聽 聽 how stable is my muses mental health?have they been diagnosed with any mental illnesses and/or conditions?do they have any undiagnosed mental illnesses and/or conditions?do they or should they attend therapy?聽聽
馃崙聽 :聽 聽 how meticulously does my muse look after their physical appearance?do they spend a lot of time on their hair,makeup,grooming,and clothing?is there a particular reason why they do or dont?聽聽
馃崚聽 :聽 聽 how much does my muse value companionship?do they constantly keep people around them,or do they prefer to be alone often?do they have or desire to have many friends?do they see every meeting as an opportunity to make a new friend?聽聽
馃崌聽 :聽 聽 how would my muse describe their childhood?how much has it impacted the person they are now,or will become as an adult?around what age did they or will they start to mature,聽 and why?do they wish to go back to their days as a child,or have聽they embraced adulthood?聽聽
馃崘聽 :聽 聽 how intelligent is my muse overall?are they smarter than the average person,or less than?are they primarily self-taught,or did they acquire most of their knowledge in school?are they more street smart or book smart?聽聽
馃崏聽 :聽 聽 which of the four seasons suits my muse best,and why?聽聽
馃崒聽 :聽 聽 is my muse inclined to help others,or will they only do it when it benefits them,if at all?what makes them this way?has it ever gotten them into trouble,or inconvenienced them?
馃崐聽 :聽 聽 does my muse desire romance?is it something they would actively seek out,or prefer to happen morenaturally?聽 鈥what is their love life like?do they have any exes or past flings,聽 or crushes?聽聽
馃崜聽 :聽 聽 how is my muse typically seen by others?does it ring true to who they really are?does their reputation matter to them?
馃聽 :聽 聽 does my muse have anyunusualhabits,interests,聽 and聽 /聽 or talents?do they hide it,or are they proud of it?聽聽
馃崑聽 :聽 聽 what kind of diet does my muse have?do they eat regularly,or the standard 2-3 meals a day?do they have to be reminded to eat,or are they likely to remind others?do they cook,or have others cook for them?do they eat healthily,or not so much?聽聽
馃キ聽 :聽 聽 how important to my muse is their hometown,or where theyre from?are they proud of it,or considered a hometown hero?did they move away,or do they wish to?

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sdavi-kitannia month agoText


hey everyone! this is a sideblog for ffxiv gifs and screenshots from a group of adventurers on aether. please feel free to like/reblog this post so we can find other similar blogs!聽鉂

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Hey! Close to brand-new in this community, but I鈥檓 a big fan thus far and am searching for other FFXIV blogs to inspire me and interact!聽

My main goals are to create engaging lore posts about my character, to improve artistic skills through edits and collaborations, and meet other characters that people have poured soul into!聽

I鈥檓 sometimes inclined to role-play, but strictly safe-for-work and non-romantic content, thank you!

Thrilled to get started!

“Well met! Always good to meet a new drinking bud- ah, friendly face!”

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