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shadowaod·4 months agoVideo


This is my addition to pixelday 2020 on Newgrounds. It was fun trying to mimick certain styles for this.
I did start running out of time at a point and coundnt do all i wanted to do, but oh well.

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shadowaod·7 months agoAnswer
How long would you say your deltarune uprgrades take you? I love your work by the way you are so talented!

I donno it usually depends if there’s different scenery, the amount of times that a characters movements need to be updated, the number characters to be done etc.

i’d say the one with the cutscene to get to school was the longest to do since I had to have a lot of things moving especially the background.

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shadowaod·7 months agoPhoto


Do we control the technology? Or we are the one that get controlled? (Hope you like cyborg Sira)

I’m into synthwave music for awhile, plus always love the theme of dystopian cyberpunk world, I can’t help myself but making drawing like this x)

The second drawing is a little random meme I did, it’s quite fun to make! If cats are liquid, you can turn them into dough, and then make them to bread, right? XD

#synthwave #vaporwave #cyberpunk #decopunk #dystopian #virtualreality #furry #fursona #OC #digitalart #catmemes

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shadowaod·8 months agoAnswer

Out of curiousity, are you one of the team memebers of deltarune develop team? I really hope you are because I wish deltarune has a decent, smooth animation like your works.

Not really ^_^’

just doing these for fun I guess

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shadowaod·8 months agoAnswer

Have you ever tried remaking sprites from Deltarune in your style?

I have thought about that but unfortunately alot of things are in my backlog

and that is one of them :(

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shadowaod·8 months agoAnswer
Hi, I hope you’re doing well. What are some tips for pixel art and animation?

A good shortcut you could use is reusing or rediting some frames in older animations you’ve made towards making new animations to save time :)

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shadowaod·8 months agoAnswer

What references would you give someone who knows exactly nothing about pixel art, but would like to start learning?

This is a good place :)

I know you have to pay for this but it’s worth it for the tips and tricks

also check this out:

graphicsgale is free but I usually aim towards aseprite for ease and efficiency.

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shadowaod·8 months agoAnswer

Have you ever done sans with your own spin on it like you did on the last animation?

Never thought about that

I’ll keep that in mind :)

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