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‪VERY STOKED about this cover of lwymmd on Killing Eve by Jack leopards & the dolphin club!!‬

I’m no longer a swiftie I am a Jack Leopards and The Dolphins Club stan.

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Snakes and stones never broke our bones…. 🐍🐍🐍 and reputation merch is back for the long weekend!! 🥳✨ Shop at TSmerch.com now through Memorial Day!!

Big Merchutation , Big Merchutation , oohhh you and me we got Big Merchutation

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Heather’s Uncle Is Now Positive with COVID-19 | Heather’s Continuous Battle with Life

Good day, Tumblr!

Yes, it’s been a while since I made a real time update with you, guys. As you may know, I’m in a no work no pay scheme so I need to hustle harder for my own family. But don’t worry, I kept in touch with Heather almost everyday. And talking about updates, it’s his uncle Philip’s condition.

Uncle Philip is the only brother of Heather’s father. He lives just 2 blocks away from Heather’s rented house. He’s a contractual construction worker and his family is not living with him. His wife and his 3 toddlers are living in his wife’s hometown.

By the 2nd week of March, Uncle Philip already lost his job because construction jobs were on hold because of the quarantine. He did sidelines to be able to send money to his family but just last May 18, he tested positive with COVID-19 after being exposed to another positive patient. He was asymptomatic though but still needs to undergo self-quarantine.

Uncle Philip asked Heather if she can send money to his family while he’s on quarantine but unfortunately, since we were not able to raise any amount last May 15, Heather was not able to send any.

As you may know, I’m living 2 towns and 1 sea away from Heather. Yes, they live in a coastal area. I used to live in that area but decided to move out for more opportunities. That’s how close I am to Heather. A sister from another mother, I may say.

About Heather’s family, as mentioned, she doesn’t have any cash on hand and on her savings account. Zero. What I know is, Heather was able to receive US$70 from their local government as subsidy and a sack of rice. She also mentioned that whenever she has time, she sneaks out and try fishing so they have good food to eat. Her bills are still stacking up and her parents’ medicines are running low.

If you’re thinking that Heather is the breadwinner of the family and the closest family to Uncle Philip, you are definitely right. Whenever Uncle Philip lacks money for his own family, Heather is always there to send some. That’s how selfless Heather is especially to her family. But now, they both empty-handed. And they badly need financial aid.

So for our US$5800 fundraising ‘til May 30, please know that US$4740 would still go to Heather’s family while the remaining US$1060 will now be sent to Uncle Philip’s family.

If we would be able to raise more, then we can send more to these two families in need.

This pandemic really hit us hard, not just physically, mentally, and emotionally, but also financially, just like Heather and Uncle Philip.

Please also join us in our prayer brigade for Uncle Philip’s recovery. He’s already 56 years old but his children are only 2, 4, and 7 years old. They rarely she each other and I know it’s more heartbreaking to know that their father is sick.

Please help us raise US$5800 on or before May 30 to support two families in need. Please help us. Please.

For your donations and contributions, you may send it via Paypal or Gcash.

Paypal: https://www.paypal.me/camillefadriquelan

Gcash: 0935-754-5472

If you can also reblog this post, share it to other social platforms, tag influencers, charity organizations, or artists who are willing to share, please please do.

No indecent proposals please.

In advance, please know that I’m already thankful to whatever help you can give. Please don’t give up on us just as I don’t give up on helping Heather and her family. Please. Please. Help us.

@swiftiesinneed and @taylorswift we need your help. Please help us spread this blog to reach more people.

Thank you so much!

May the universe bless you more.

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My favorite parts from the City Of Lover Concert:

  • The fans shouting Taylor’s name
  • Taylor speaking in French
  • When Taylor pointed to the fans during The Archer, “You Could Stay”
  • Death By A Thousand Cuts(like the entire performance)
  • Taylor’s vocals during Cornelia Street
  • The unseen pictures
  • The Lover Visuals

@taylorswift @taylornation thank you for putting out this amazing concert for us!


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‪Stoked to relive our Paris show tonight when the City of Lover concert airs at 10pm ET/9pm CT on ABC - then tomorrow on Hulu and Disney+ 💕 It was the best album release party I could’ve wished for 😆✨💐🎆🕶 love you guys 💋‬



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devils 😈 roll the dice 🎲

angels 👼🏼 roll their eyes 🙄

thank you to everyone who entered, i got so many entries it’s CRAZY!! this was my first project and i was so scared no one was going to enter but everyone was SO NICE!! i absolutely love® this lyric so much anddd CRUEL SUMMER DESERVES TO BE A SINGLE PERIODT. BYE. 🤍🦋✨

@taylorswift @taylornation ✨❤✨

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We are ✨this close✨ to #TaylorSwiftCityOfLover. Only 2 days away!! Watch Sunday at 10p ET on ABC and streaming the next day on Hulu and Disney+! 💕


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On 15th December 2019, I put out my first poetry book called “repeat.” on Wattpad. After that I took a break from writing and during this break I got to deeply observe my writing style and I got to read poetry by some of the most amazing poets out there. I saw that the world of poetry is a violent and exquisite storm of words. This was the moment where I got inspired to look beyond my writing style and reach for something new and since the 13th May countdown finally ends, I officially declare that I have a new book called “Chaotic Calmness” which will be out on the 13th of June, 2020 on Wattpad. Chaotic Calmness is a book about self love, self acceptance, dealing with toxic masculinity, fitting in, claiming a true and a real narrative for yourself, hopeless romanticism, accepting failures and going through all of that chaos to reach to a level of calmness. The book will have 14 poems + a preface.

Chaotic Calmness out on Wattpad on 13th June, 2020

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Hey Taylor, @taylorswift

So I don’t know if you even remember me as I know you meet a lot of people! I’m Ryan! We spoke about Sparks Fly and you said I have an amazing smile! Which just makes me melt with joy! You are so freaking kind! It was such an honour and honestly a dream to meet you at the Wembley Reputation show on June 22nd you have no idea!

I have been a huge fan of you and your music for over 8 years and I never thought I would get the chance to meet you, let alone you know who I am, I never was able to give you or your team my letter which I wrote to you and it breaks me that I couldn’t cause I wrote from my heart everything that I knew I wouldn’t be able to say in that short time I had to meet you, I hope one day I will be able to give you that letter and you can read it. I am so thankful that you chose to have my face and video appear on the big screen at your preshow, that to this day fills my heart with so much joy, thank you Taylor 💕 I had the most amazing time seeing you at tour and dancing and singing so loud with my friends and I will never forget it.

I hope you know how much you and your music means to me, you have helped me get through so much in my life including my mother recently passing after loosing her battle with cancer, my mum knew how much your music and you just being yourself helped me get through so many tough situations and I feel like it was almost a sign and something she wanted to happen was for me to meet you 💕When my mum passed away a quote of yours came to mind and stuck with me this whole time

“You are loved even when you feel alone, hang on, it gets easier, and then it gets okay, and then it feels like freedom”

This means so much to me, and just reading this quote has helped me get through each day no matter how hard it has been.

I just want to say that I love you Taylor and I will always stick by your side no mater what happens

Thank you for being you

Love Ryan 💕 xxxxxxxxxxx

@taylorswift @taylornation



@taylorswift @taylornation

@taylorswift @taylornation

@taylorswift @taylornation 💓

@taylorswift @taylornation

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