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shanastoryteller · a day ago
Wow prompts fill so fast these days XD So this is sliding in a little late, please feel free to ignore, esp cause it's teen wolf prompt 😅 I've somehow fallen back into it and got really into the idea of Scott learning magic. After all, he worked with Deaton, I'm sure he picked up Something. Also, happy halloween! 🎃🔮👻
Stiles isn’t getting paid enough for this.
“Technically, you’re not being paid at all,” Scott says cheerfully.
Stiles shoots him a look. “Did you finally get the mind reading spell to work?”
“No,” he pouts. “Your face is just really expressive.”
Stiles scowls.
“No need to swear,” Scott says.
“You really don’t need to do this, you know,” Stiles sighs, rubbing a hand over his face. “You have me and Lydia, and we can’t mostly sort of do most things between us. Besides, you’re an alpha. Wolves don’t do magic.”
“Peter does,” Scott says quietly and Stiles can feel his expression harden. “Peter has done several impossible things, from surviving the fire to coming back from the dead, and it’s probably because he’s both, because he’s a wolf and a witch.”
“None of us are witches,” Stiles says, but he does pull the spell book closer, trying to figure out what it is that they’re missing. “Lydia’s a banshee. I’m just – uh, handy.”
“Handy,” Scott repeats and Stiles punches him in the shoulder before he can make the obvious joke. He makes a show of rubbing his arm even though they both know that it hadn’t hurt. “Come on. Weird, freaky things keep trying to kill us, and the only way we’re going to keep winning is if we’re weirder and freakier than they are.”
“Wow,” Stiles says. “That depressingly sounds like something I would say.”
Scott rolls his eyes.
“Come on, again,” he says. “You’re a werewolf doing magic, but you have to stop thinking about this like you do your wolf abilities. Those are tied to emotions, right? What you feel?”
“Sort of,” he agrees.
“Well, magic isn’t,” he continues. “Not the kind I know how to do, anyway. It’s not based on anger or fear or anything you can quantify. You just have to have faith.”
This has to be a joke. “Have faith?”
Stiles shrugs. “It’s the only way I’ve done it that’s even sort of worked. Magic is about belief. It doesn’t exist until you think it does.”
“That’s nonsense,” he says mulishly even as he’s turning it over in his mind.
Stiles snaps his fingers and a flame appears above his open fingers. “If a tree fall in the forest and no one’s there to hear it, does it make a sound? To create magic is to be the ears hearing the falling tree. Magic only exists if you believe it does. A falling tree only makes a sound if you’re there to hear it. Now try it again.”
Scott sighs but closes his eyes. He remembers putting out matches with his bare fingers when he was a kid and he focuses on that sensation now, the quick, sharp pain and the lingering warmth in his burned skin. He holds the image of the candle flame in his mind, one barely bigger than his thumb, the soft yellow light of it.
He’s going to snap his fingers and the fire will be at his fingertips.
It’s so close he can almost taste the thin plume of smoke at the back of his throat.
Scott snaps his fingers and flames dance across his knuckles.
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shanastoryteller · 2 days ago
Happy Halloween! Can I ask for some more SIAT Percy/Tonks or just some more Percy being awesome?
Ps: Love everything you write
Percy gets his first job out of Hogwarts and realized three things very, very quickly.
Firstly, the Department of International Magical Co-operation deals with incredibly boring, minute details such as ensuring foreign officials that are set to meet share a common language that isn't Latin or that there's a translator present, that internationally traded goods comply with standards of both the country exporting it and the one importing it, and making sure someone doesn't connect the British floo somewhere that will piss off someone off.
Secondly, that these little, boring details are of supreme importance. Their department is the first line of defense against international economic and political disaster. If people can't understand one another, someone will leave offended or confused, and that grudge will be nursed and exploited later. Imported goods that can't be sold are a loss the business selling and buying, and commissioning goods that cant' be sold in their home country will only encourage that country to apply heavy fees to the export, since they're effectively taking those goods out of circulation in their home market. Not honoring other countries borders in small ways like transportation, even in countries they're allowed to pop in and out of, means that those countries won't enforce compliance with their own transportation laws, which is how portkey and floo bans happen which will cause economic and relationship strife for at least a decade.
Thirdly, the department is being run into the ground through neglect and incompetence.
Barty Crouch Senior was an extremely effective head of Magical Law Enforcement and is an utterly abysmal Head of International Magical Co-operation. What works on criminals does not work on foreign dignitaries and bureaucrats.
Percy can either do things as he's told or he can do them correctly.
He got twelve perfect Os on both his Owls and his Newts.
He is not someone who does things incorrectly.
Crouch doesn't pay attention to the small, vital aspects of his position. So he doesn't notice when Percy takes them over.
Other people, however, absolutely do.
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shanastoryteller · 2 days ago
How about some Lily and Snape interactions — maybe something in potions class…
Lily's friends don't like that she always partners with Sev.
She doesn't like that they don't like it.
She's been friends with Sev for longer than she's known them, he's her soulmate, her very best friend, and besides all that, she's the only one in class that's just as smart as she is.
They say she should partner with them to help them, that Sev doesn't need her help, but that's not the point. They both love potions, and each other. Why wouldn't they want to do potions together?
Sev tells her to partner with her friends, that it's all right and he doesn't mind.
He doesn't listen when she says that she minds.
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shanastoryteller · 2 days ago
🎃 happy halloween shana! could i request a continuation of either ed is pretty drabbles or havoc knows the elric's drabbles? thank you! 🎃
a continuation of 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13
Edward is missing.
He left to go to the bathroom and now he's gone.
Roy's stomach is constantly turning over and the skin around Winry's eyes is a pinched. He's expecting Alphonse to be furious with him for letting this happen to his brother, but instead he just goes quiet, then he says, "No explosion? No noise? Nothing? Ed doesn't go down quietly. He barely goes down at all."
"What are you saying?" he asks.
Winry's face smooths. "If he was taken, he let it happen. Possibly he just found a trail to follow. Either way, we just have to be ready."
Ready for what, Roy almost asks, but having read Ed's reports for the past five years, he knows the answer. Besides, Alphonse already said it.
Whatever Ed's going to do, it will probably be explosive.
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shanastoryteller · 2 days ago
Happy Halloween 🎃🕷👻
Magical Dudley or more Leverage! Have a great Halloween 🍭
a continuation of 1 2 3 4 5
Eliot has no problem with Hardison using his wand. He can keep it for all he cares.
But Hardison's magic is used to be a wild thing, helpful in the way it fills a need rather with obedience.
Not unlike Hardison, actually.
"Why are we going all the way to London?” Hardison complains even as he buys the tickets. 
“Ollivander is the best,” Eliot says. 
Plus, he’s less likely to get recognized in London. 
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shanastoryteller · 7 days ago
*pokes* Are you alive? Is everything okay?
hahaha im alive!! everything is okay!! real life is just being rude as hell lately 😤
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shanastoryteller · 12 days ago
happy halloween, i hope you have a very spooky time! I would love something for the yue/sokka/zuko au, please c:
a continuation of 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
The first time a Fire Nation soldier moves against her, Yue doesn't realize what's happening until it's already over.
She's walking outside and there's the warmth of fire along her side that she barely has the time to register before she slips and falls flat on her face.
By the time she pushes herself upright, she sees several Fire Nation people restraining one of their own, a man who's shouting with wild eyes. She can't see very well because there are four Fire Nation people surrounding her, their back to her and flames outstretched.
"Apologies," Captain Jee says, helping her to her feet. "I couldn't think of what else to do."
She doesn't understand until she looks down and behind her. The snow beneath her feet is water and behind her is a crater where a fire ball had aimed at her and missed. Because Captain Jee had melted the snow beneath her feet so she would slip.
"Oh," she says quietly.
"I've sent someone for the prince," he tells her and she nods and swallows down her fear. People are looking at her, Water Tribe and Fire Nation, and she doesn't want to give either of them the satisfaction.
Zuko and her father come rushing over moments later. Yue makes a split second decision and turns towards Zuko, letting him grab her hands and pull her close. Steam is rising off his body, the water in the air evaporating around him.
"I'm fine," she says, because she is.
He raises her hand to kiss his bracelet on her wrist then says, "Captain. Watch her."
"Yes, sir," Captain Jee says promptly and the Water Tribe people are yelling and cursing but the Fire Nation people look more like they are Earth Kingdom just then, as if they are carved from stone.
Zuko walks over to the man who had tried to hurt her and he starts screaming, starts begging. "It's a misunderstanding, I didn't mean - have mercy, everyone is always talking of your mercy-"
"I, Crown Prince Zuko of the Fire Nation, find you guilty of treason," he says, his voice cutting across and through everyone. She expects him to sound cold, but he sounds furious, like the air itself should be sparking with his rage. "Your sentence is death."
"Please," he starts again, blubbering.
Those who had been holding onto him let go and take quick, measured steps backwards. Surely he won't - so quickly, and in front of everyone -
He tries to run. Zuko is the son of the Fire Lord. He bends his knees into a stance that her people talk about in their nightmares and lets loose a fireball brighter and hotter and larger than the one that had been heading for her.
The man who had tried to harm her dies screaming.
"Princess," Zuko says, hand outstretched, a flame in his palm.
Zuko is kind, and loyal, and awkward.
Zuko is a Fire Nation prince and as capable of all the violence she'd been warned about.
But if she wants his warmth, then she must accept that the same fire that warms also burns.
"Zuko," she returns, and she's trembling as she crosses the distance between them and places her hand in his.
But the flame vanishes before she can touch it, so it's only his warm, calloused fingers gripping onto hers.
She is to be Fire Lady Yue.
She cannot flinch at fire.
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shanastoryteller · 14 days ago
Happy Halloween! Please would you do something with Wen Wuxian and Wen Qing?
Madame Yu buys the Jiang's safety not with Wei Wuxian's hand, but his marriage. Jiang Cheng sobs as he's led away in chains. He doesn't even get to see Uncle Jiang or Shijie before he leaves.
Wei Wuxian is brought back to Wen territory and he and Wen Qing give each other identical pinched expressions as they bow three times. Wen Ning can't seem to be decided between being happy that Wei Wuxian is his brother and fretting at circumstances surrounding it.
On their wedding night, Wei Wuxian says, "You can stop looking at me like that. I'm not going to do anything you don't want me to do. I'm the war bride in this situation, you know."
"I'm sorry," Wen Qing says stiffly. He hasn't seen her relax once since he'd arrived.
He shrugs, pulling off his complicated, stuffy wedding robes, then getting to work on his hair. There are so many pins ins his hair. They really were trying to make him look like a bride, because in contrast, Wen Qing has barely any. "I'd always figured my marriage would be arranged. At least it's to someone I like."
Wen Qing hesitates, then steps forward, pushing his hands aside so she can gently pull the ornaments and ribbons from his hair. "You shouldn't like me."
"Why not?" he asks. "You're here to protect your family. I'm here for the same reason. Who am I to judge?"
"This war isn't right," she says quietly, so softly he wouldn't be able to hear her if her mouth wasn't right next to his ear.
"No," he agrees, tilting his head back so it's resting on her chest. "What are we going to do about that?"
Wen Qing is brilliant and brave and just as clever as he is, just differently. The worst thing Wen Ruohan could have done was put them together.
Her eyes light up before narrowing and she shoots a calculating look at the door, where they know people are outside and listening. She shoves him onto the bed, settling herself on his hips and leaning down to pin his wrists next to his head and for a moment Wei Wuxian nearly forgets there's a war at all because he's hit with the probably obvious realization that his wife is very, very hot. "I'm listening."
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shanastoryteller · 15 days ago
happy halloween!!! 🎃 🎃🎃🎃 FMA, or ATLA?
a continuation of 1 2
Lu Ten is not a powerful fire bender.
He's more deadly with a blade then he's ever managed to be with a flame and watching Zuko in the palace he'd assumed that his cousin was the same.
He'd assumed wrong.
Zuko is fourteen, they're caught in in a storm they hadn't been able to outrun, and Lu Ten is terrified. A huge wave crests over them, ready to drag them all under even if the boat manages to stay afloat.
Zuko snaps into a firebending form he hasn't had reason to use for years as easy as breathing, but flames do not leave his hands.
Heat does.
Lu Ten's skin feels too hot and tender and irritated from the exposure and he can't even focus on that because as the wave hits wall of heat that Zuko has erected, it sizzles, then dissipates into steam.
"Fucking hell," someone mutters.
Water douses fire.
That is the natural way of the world. In a fair fight, firebenders fall to waterbenders and a single bender is no match for the ocean.
But Zuko does brute forces his way through, and they still have a storm to weather, but no more waves crest over the ship and threaten to pull them overboard.
He'd worried that he'd stunted Zuko's firebending ability by forcing him into a life onto the sea. He'd forgotten the nature of fire.
No matter the circumstances, it finds a way to burn.
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shanastoryteller · 15 days ago
Happy Halloween!!! Maybe some SIAT drarry? Or whatever you want to write about!
"Do you want to get married?" Harry asks.
Draco looks up from their potions homework. "Now?"
He doesn't roll his eyes and he thinks that counts as progress. "No. Just in general."
"Oh." He frowns. "Yes. At some point, we'll sort of have to if we don't want the papers gossiping."
Harry's pretty sure the papers are going to be gossiping about them forever no matter what they do, but since he does want to marry Draco, at some point, he doesn't point it out. "The seating chart is going to be nightmare."
"The seating chart is going to be a nightmare," Draco agrees. "Mum and Dad can handle that part. How involved do you want to be in planning the wedding? We can absolutely just leave all the annoying parts to my parents."
"At least the seating chart," he says.
"Great," Draco answers, already more focused back on their essay then their potential wedding.
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shanastoryteller · 16 days ago
happy Halloween 🎃 if you're feeling it I'd love to see more of one of the cql time travel stories (wangxian or nhs) tysm!
a continuation of 1 2 3
Nie Huaisang is not a warrior and never has been. He knows he can't be there, knows that he doesn't have either Wen Qing's knowledge or Wei Wuxian's skill and this isn't something he can help with.
He worries.
The night is long and he doesn't know if they've been successful until sun rises and he hears shouts from the cultivators and hurries outside to see everyone panicked and horrified by the river's edge.
It's not the first time the river of the Unclean Realms has run red with blood, but it's not usually this much, for this long. The river runs from Wen lands, after all.
Meng Yao's face is carefully blank as he stands pressed against Mingjue's side and they should be taking their own counsel at this new development, as they had so many times before, but instead Meng Yao murmurs something he can't hear and then both their eyes are on him.
Oh no.
"Huaisang," Mingjue thunders, "what's the meaning of this?"
"Why would I know?" he squawks, fluttering his fan around his face.
"Master Nie," Nie Zonghui says reproachfully.
Oh, bother. He'd forgotten that his family knew him, once. Then they'd died or gone mad and there'd been no one left to call him on his bullshit.
it's heartwarming and irritating at the same time.
"We should go investigate, maybe?" he suggests, peaking out from behind his fan.
Mingjue's frown deepens but Meng Yao starts giving out orders to do just that. No one ever disobeys Meng Yao in front of the main family, after all.
That's a problem for later.
Nie Huaisang tags along because he wants to know, he needs to know.
He finds exactly what he was hoping for.
Wen Ruohan and his sons and his council and a significent amount of their cultivators are dead, almost unrecognizable with their flesh pulled from their bones.
Wen Qing sits on the Phoenix Throne.
"Hi Nie Huaisang!" Wei Wuxian says cheerfully, not a speck of blood on him. Somehow that makes it worse, that he's perfectly clean in the center of carnage that he's obviously if inexplicably caused.
The power that Nie Huaisang had felt last night is spread everywhere, touching everything. He thinks Wei Wuxian is doing it on purpose, in case any of the Wens who had surrendered get any bright ideas.
Mingjue is glaring at him, as if this is his fault! Which, it is, but there's no way for him to know that.
But something shifts in Meng Yao's face and he bows, everyone else mirroring him a moment later. "Congratulations on your ascension, Sect Leader Wen."
"Thank you," Wen Qing says, her eyes pinched at the corners.
"Should I also be congratulation you on your nuptials?" Mingjue asks dryly once he's standing upright.
Wei Wuxian and Wen Qing make identical faces of distaste, then Wei Wuxian frowns. "Wait, do we have to get married or something? Things are still too unstable for me to leave, but I'm going to need a really good excuse for Uncle Jiang."
Nie Huaisang stares and only feels a little mollified to see his expression mirrored on Mingjue's face. "Is arranging for the coup of a major clan not a good enough excuse?"
"Well," he says, "maybe for leaving in the first place, but I don't think he'll be pleased that I didn't write. Shijie is going to pissed too, which is the worst. She cries when she's angry and if Shijie cries because of me, I'll have to kill myself."
Grief stabs through him. Wei Wuxian doesn't know true that statement is.
"I think we can arrange something," Meng Yao says, a considering look on his face. "You have done us a favor after all. We were getting quite concerned about the Wen influence."
Wen Qing looks at him and says, "Let's discuss."
Several hours later, Wei Wuxian is heading back to Cloud Recesses to escort Wen Ning home and Nie Huaisang is engaged to Wen Qing.
It's possible he's lost control of the situation.
He blames Meng Yao.
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shanastoryteller · 17 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
you ever think about how long hair is technically zuko’s default
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shanastoryteller · 17 days ago
We don’t appreciate the fact that Bruce Wayne is a Kardasian level celebrity enough. Everyone knows him. I want more one shots and crack fic moments where the League (Pre identity reveals) just openly talk about Bruce Wayne in front of Batman.
Just imagine them playing fuck, marry, kill with famous actors and such and throwing Bruce into the mix. And Batman just sits there, silently suffering as he listens to the reasons why Flash and Lantern would marry, fuck, or kill him. He prays they choose kill. They don’t.
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shanastoryteller · 17 days ago
good omens season two crowley confesses his love for aziraphale and is immediately sent to super mega turbohell which is just like, the office under his normal office
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shanastoryteller · 17 days ago
Tumblr media
i care so much about the found family in word of honor
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shanastoryteller · 18 days ago
Happy Halloween 🎃! Could you continue with the Ed/ling where they’re engaged?
a continuation of 1 2
"You're engaged to the prince of Xing?" Breda demands.
"Don't be ridiculous," Ed scoffs and the office relaxes before he continues, "I'm engaged to a prince of Xing. It's not that special, there are twenty three more of them."
"Twenty one," Ling says, that stupid fake smile back on his face.
Ed hums, raising an eyebrow. This is what he gets for not staying up to date on the court gossip. "Nice. Your work or Lan Fan's?"
"I have no idea what you're talking about," he says, "they were of course tragic accidents."
"Mei then," he answers and knows he's right by the way Ling's left eye twitches. "Good job Al, at least your fiance isn't useless."
"If anyone has a useless fiance, it is of course me," Ling continues, still smiling. "You don't seem to be doing much to uphold our bargain."
"My father made that bargain, not me, and I'm busy," he snaps. "It's going to be a bit hard for us to fulfill the terms of our parents' bargain, or whatever, if Al doesn't have a body."
The tension in the office goes up a couple notches. Al's lack of body is a secret, of course, but they didn't really have a choice when it came to telling the Changs.
"A body is preferable," Mei says, "but that doesn't really stop you from fulfilling your end of things, Ed."
"You need alchemy?" he asks. "Otherwise, fuck off. Because I'm not coming up with a ring unless Ling is wearing a crown. I'm not interested in being made a widower."
Ling is an asshole and he's not really interested in marrying him to begin with, but especially not before he's emperor.
Al shuffles his feet, then says, "Or Mei," because either of them getting the throne is acceptable by the terms of their treaty, even though Ed has always personally thought it was of course going to be Ling if it was either of them, and not just because he was technically engaged to the bastard.
"You're supposed to be helping me get the crown," Ling says mildly in a way that doesn't feel mild at all.
Ed is not having this conversation again, except obviously he is. "Right now, I need alchemy. Xing doesn't have alchemy. If you can find a way to get Al's body back with alkahestry, then fine, I'll go and blow up the council building or whatever."
"I'm working on it," Mei says seriously, which is why he likes her more than his own stupid fiance.
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shanastoryteller · 19 days ago
he absolutely is :)
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