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i’ve been having a rough day for about 5 years now
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My favourite fact about chess ever is how Garry Kasparov, a Russian grandmaster and former world chess champion, once said during an interview:
“Well, in the past, I have said that there is real chess and women’s chess. Some people don’t like to hear this, but chess does not fit women properly. It’s a fight, you know? A big fight. It’s not for women.”
Only for Kasparov to get absolutely obliterated by Judit Polgar, a Hungarian woman, a few years later.
Tumblr media
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sometimes i need to remind myself that i'm writing fanfiction for free and i'm allowed to have a shitty sentence or two
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Going to rec some brilliant fics (in no particular order) rating G and T.
What's Inside Your Heart by @findingniamho
Summary: Baz Pitch is feeling blue. That is until he meets the cute boy behind the counter in the sandwich shop…
✨ It's a soulmate AU that's probably the sweetest one I've ever read. Niamh has a way with words and makes my heart melt in a puddle.
A Knight's Tale by black_tea_blue_pens
Summary: Simon has been a squire his whole life. Suddenly his knight, Sir David, dies. Simon seizes his chance.
✨ I always say that Sora writes magic. And this fic is no exception. Such a lovely and as always very unique story. I don't want to spoil anything. But there are surprises along the way.
long is the road that leads me home by @wellbelesbian
Summary: Baz has a rather unremarkable life, and he's fine with that. Running his late mother's beloved inn with his temperamental aunt, estranged from his father and step-siblings, he's successfully convinced himself that he's better off without attachments.
Then Simon barrels into his life, guns blazing and rapier drawn, and Baz is swept up in dramatic plot he never bargained for.
Worse still, he finds he quite likes the thrill.
✨ To call this fic brilliant is simply not enough. The plot and prose are both beautiful. I want to keep re-reading it for eternity.
One Night to Fall in Love by @angelsfalling16
Summary: All it takes is one night. Simon and Baz meet, and within a few hours they’ve fallen in love.
✨ It has all the feels! I'm not going to lie, Ollie made me cry.
i just wanna see the stars (with you) by @tbasilpitch
Summary: He remembered being seven, six, five, staring up at the same sky with a painful, hopeless knot in his chest, never feeling so unsure of what was going to strike his life next. And he looked up at the same, glittering stars now, and then focused on the hand rubbing small circles on the side of his neck. And wasn’t he ever so lucky, the stars seemed to say, winking at him with their tell-tale eyes, that he wasn’t that miserable little boy anymore?
or, Simon and Baz stargazing
✨ Kit wrote such a heartwarming fic with lots of feels. Love and insecurity? Count me in.
The English Project by Kyuss
Summary: Simon Snow is a stereotype. He's an English nerd, a perfect student. Quiet. Gay. He's also crushing hard on the state's best soccer player, to the point of even being in love. But he knows he doesn't stand a chance.
However, thanks to a week-long project, Simon is able to work with his Baz, his aforementioned crush, who acts suspiciously nice to Simon. Over the course of a week, they get stuck in a mansion, cuddle, talk, and form nothing more than a friendship—or so Simon thinks.
✨ There so much pining and also Shakespear. I feel like no more explanation is needed. This is it! This is what all of us gay nerds have been waiting for.
please reblog this with a link to your favorite underrated snowbaz fic(s). i need some recs bc my read later list has gotten too long and i don’t know where to start
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Tumblr media
i saw this in the papers yesterday and was like “lmao she’s 95, what if she died right after saying this?”
and then today
Tumblr media
i’m cackling
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The smoothness of the “walk"🎵♬ ♩ ♪ 
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Lmao my cat does the same thing
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Tumblr media
Guys I laughed waaaaaaaaaay harder than I should have.
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I love pre/no HRT trans girls, pre/no op trans girls, closeted trans girls, masculine trans girls, non dysphoric trans girls, straight trans girls, trans lesbians, non passing trans girls, and nonbinary trans girls with my entire heart
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Characters that have never experienced affection before, or haven't experienced it in a long time, finally getting to experience it? Top tier.
Said character freezing up for a second, not really knowing how to respond, but not wanting it to stop? T o p t i e r.
Said character trying to clumsily return the affection in their own way, because this is Good and they don't want it to stop? T O P T I E R.
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Di’s WIP Wednesday
Thank you for the tag @you-remind-me-of-the-babe and @angelsfalling16 💙💙💙
My goal is to write a total of three fics that are in the same timeline as I Choose You (my last year's COBB) and By the Sea (two first parts of I Choose You series), plus one that is happening after the events of Talk to Me (final part for now.)
Not to spoil anything but in I Choose You fic (my second snowbaz wedding fic 🥺🥺🥺), Simon and Fiona become best bros. That's sort of my go-to thing while writing. I live for them getting close and care for each other. 😭💙
That's why I really wanted to write more of the bonding between Simon and Fiona (who is my soulmate and deserves the best things, in this case an extra nephew to antagonise 🥰)
Today’s snippet is set in the first chapters of I Choose You. Which was one of the hardest fics for me to write, but I had the most supportive artist ever Roz @knittininja who is just amazing and got me through every crisis. 💙🥰💙🥰💙
Sorry this was super long, I'm just so excited. 🤩🤩🤩 Here's the snippet:
Simon’s pov
“You proposed to Basil because he was crying?” asks Fiona and I spill tea all over me. (Good thing it's just tea and not whatever she offered me at first, or I’d smell like a drunken sailor on the way home.)
“Not because,” I correct her, wondering where she's got the idea in the first place, or if Baz’s aunt is just messing with me. Would not put it past her, “while Baz was crying. There's a difference.”
A big one too. A huge difference is what I want to say but Fiona is a tiny woman and I'm terrified to say “huge” to her face in case she takes offence and kills me.
She's tiny yet strong. I'm pretty sure she's stronger than me. Maybe even Baz and he’s got vampire strengths.
“Oh relax, Chosen One,” she waves her hand in front of my face, (not in a threatening way, I don't think). “This isn't criticism.”
“It isn’t?” I almost drop the whole cup in shock.
That'd be the first. I feel like Fiona Pitch is the definition of someone who always criticises people. Me especially.
“Of course not. You proposing to my nephew is probably one of the few things that could make him stop crying.”
“Again, not why I proposed,” I snap despite my better judgment because I'm getting a bit worked up now.
I don't want Fiona to walk around telling people I proposed to Baz, the person I love the most, because he was crying.
“I disagree,” mutters Baz’s aunt, taking another sip of something that is in a teacup but most definitely isn't tea.
Tagging (no pressure 💙): @satsukii @dreamingkc @shemakesmeforget @wellbelesbian @otherpeoplesheartachept-2 @simonsnowsfreckles @simon--spooks @sleepdeprivedphilosopher @ineffable-grimm-pitch @itookthesenseofhumorinthedivorce @lilylemon12 @simonsknows @urban-sith @asocialpessimist @gampyre @themagic-est @spacepuff39 @nonbaznary @jasonfunderberkerthefrogexists @captain-aralias @tbasilpitch @maybebrilliant @sillyunicorn @aroace-genderfluid-sheep @ifsnowbazwerereal @anotherdisasterpan @confused-bi-queer @martsonmars @blu-riie @findingniamho @the-pandora-jar @palimpsessed @wolfywordweaver @xivz and anyone else who wants to do this. 💙💙💙
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