Shattered Dad and Coren Crossover AU!

Crossover AU between the Shattered AU and the Corrupted Baby AU! | Coren (the Corrupted Baby) has somehow ended up in Shattered (Grown-Teen Corrupted Steven)'s AU! With no other way to go back home, Coren stays in this new world with a new family, and especially a new Dad!

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Grape and Dahlia’s Reference Sheets

In case those don’t know, Grape and Dahlia are from the Yandere!Shattered Dad AU in the 666 follower special.

Art of Grape’s reference sheet by Axolotluv and Art of Dahlia’s reference sheet by Mun

TW of Implied Child Ab*se regarding the AU’s story. Reader discretion is advised

Yandere!Shattered Dad AU General Story: Grape and Dahlia’s AU started the same as Shattered and Coren’s. Corrupted baby appeared in AU, corrupted baby gets adopted. Where the AU starts to stray is when the CG (mainly Pearl and Amethyst) attempt to separate (young teen) Grape and (baby) Dahlia, which fails as they become closer. Despite this, Dahlia gets returned home after 2 months of living with Grape and the CG. Grape is devastated and begins to miss Dahlia greatly. Grape even talks with Dahlia in Rose’s room. 

Eventually, Grape had enough and used the same device the CG used to send Dahlia back home to kidnap him. Grape returns to his AU with baby Dahlia and runs away with him and the device. Grape and Dahlia live in an abandoned house in the forest, away from those in Beach City.

The two live there happily for the next 12 years. Dahlia finds out how he was kidnapped/adopted and runs away in rage and hurt. Grape, not wanting to lose Dahlia, runs after him and catches him. When they return home, Grape locks Dahlia in the closet as a punishment, which starts the new loop between them of running away and punishments.

Grape’s Bio: Grape is more clingy and possessive of Dahlia ever since the first day he runs away. Grape is also easy to anger which adds to the punishments he gives to Dahlia. Grape also has diamond powers (hexagons, walls, glowing pink, etc.). He holds a grudge to the CG for when they “took Dahlia away from him” (he also doesn’t like/holds a grudge against Pink). Grape is also manipulative in order to keep Dahlia by his side.

-Grape doesn’t have a tattoo like Shattered as he ran away and didn’t get one

-Grape also isn’t healed since he ran away

-Grape can become feral as well since he isn’t healed

Dahlia’s Bio: Dahlia starts out having a similar personality to Coren, but after finding out the truth and the first punishment, his personality shifts. He is more prone to getting upset and he doesn’t sleep much from nightmares. Which also results him in drinking coffee and energy drinks in order to stay awake at night. Dahlia’s powers also activate later than Coren. Dahlia isn’t familiar with anyone in Beach City or the CG since he grew up in the forest, not leaving the house/forest. Dahlia also begins to corrupt from stress and trauma. 

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666 Followers Special!

Thank you to everyone who followed this blog and AU! We greatly appreciate it! And as a special, we want to show this lovely AU of this AU! Yandere!Shattered Dad AU! If you want to refer to these characters, their names are Grape (the Yandere!Shattered Dad) and Dahlia (Yandere! Shattered Dad!Coren).

Thank you again to everyone who followed! ^^

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shattered-dad-au·5 months agoVideo



Shattered Dad AU- Dear Theodosia [OPEN Multi-Animator Project] PARTS (2/24) AND BACK-UPS OPEN!

Hello fellow humans! Ax and I have decided to create a MAP for all of us to participate in! Just head over onto the video and read the rules in the description before commenting ^^

We hope you all enjoy participating in the MAP!

//We are still accepting people for the MAP! There is currently 5 parts that have been taken! If you wish to join please read the description of the video! Thanks! ^^

//If you can join please do so! There are 6 out of 24 parts taken right now! The rules and such are still in the description.

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shattered-dad-au·5 months agoAnswer

Does the camp Camp version of Coren fear Steven since he is scary when angry?

//As far as I know, Max hasn’t seen David when he was angry (except Parent’s Day?), so Coren wouldn’t either. Coren is still an angy little munchkin.

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