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Frodo: hullo sam! Its been so long!

Sam: why hullo mr frodo, i missed you dearly!

Frodo: oh my dear sam.. dont you leave my side again❤️

Sam: of course mr frodo. Im with you through life and until death❤️

Frodo: the only death that can harm me is when i am apart from you❤️

Sam: then no harm may ever befall you for i will always be at your side❤️

Gandalf: sam you went out for five minutes to find kindling for the fire

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  • He first visits the hobbit homeland shortly after Sauron’s defeat to physically and emotionally recover from his ordeal as an arrow pincushion.
  • Merry and Pippin are ecstatic, but end up in a squabble over who gets to host him in their home (as if their family’s houses aren’t right across from each other).
  • The shirefolk would be much warier of the coming of a big man with a sword if they hadn’t already heard all about him from the Fellowship’s hobbits. Several times. Every time Pippin gets tipsy at the inn, in fact, which is quite often.
  • Boromir is in awe of the Shire, so much greener than the native plains of his home, and is positively charmed by the little round doors that lead into the cosy hillside homes.
  • Many things may be smaller in the Shire, but the pantries certainly aren’t! Boromir might have gotten an inkling about a hobbit’s love for food on their quest, but the full extent of it dawns on him while he struggles to keep up with all the breakfasts and traditional snack-times.
  • There is no force more formidable than hobbit grandmothers who deem you to be too thin for your own good. They will fatten you up with rich, seasoned beef stew and bread still hot from the oven, fresh vegetables from the garden made into soup and scones with homemade jam. 
  • Within just the first week as a guest in the Shire, Boromir is convinced he has tasted at least 30 pie varieties. They were all delicious so he’s not complaining, even if his muscle definition is going to hell.
  • He bashes his head on more rafters than he can count.
  • Despite only ever owning clothes that befitted his high nobility status (I mean would Denethor even allow anything else lol), he embraces the Countryside Chic™ with enthusiasm: wide-brimmed straw hats, suspenders, pants rolled up to the knee, Middle-earth’s flip flop alternatives, tartan throws. It’s the complete opposite of the uptight attire the royal hall demands and he’s amused by the tiny rebellious thought that if his father could see him now, he’d be rolling over in his grave.
  • He always found the hobbits’ colourful vests to be rather neat, especially since vests aren’t even a thing in Gondor, so Merry’s mother sews him one that fits perfectly and he is very touched. He’s never worn anything so simple, yet so comfortable and homey.
  • Even if he’s technically there to recuperate, he doesn’t shy away from work and wants the full agrotourism experience. He tries his hand at tilling farmer Maggot’s field alongside Merry and Pippin, who have to do it as penance for all the crops they stole right before their big adventure. He also tries out gardening and fishing.
  • If pressed for information about Boromir’s horticultural endeavours, Sam would diplomatically say he’s doing just fine, but wouldn’t let him touch his garden in a million years.
  • Pippin shows him how to hypnotise a chicken.
  • They revive their ritual from the early Fellowship days and bring back sword-fighting lessons as a fun little afternoon activity.
  • The hobbit children, who have only ever met Gandalf, are a bit disappointed to find out that not all big people possess pyrotechnic skills, but they are mesmerized by how fluidly the man can dance around with a sword, fending off attacks from both Merry and Pippin simultaneously.
  • The sword-practising trio soon realizes that they have a persistent audience, so their training ritual soon turns into giving backyard fencing lessons to tiny, eager students. Mind you, all of them use sticks on those occasions, for the children’s parents would surely forbid it if they found out a real blade was involved in any capacity. 
  • No one can throw a party like the hobbits and Boromir falls in love with their songs and dances, even if he’s too embarrassed to participate in any of it. Well, his singing voice is pretty decent after a few cups of ale.
  •  He learns that people who know nothing about military tactics can’t be regaled with epic battle stories, but recounts of his and Faramir’s youthful mischief are a huge success.
  • He returns to Gondor the epitome of health: tanned with sun-bleached hair, cheeks nicely rounded once more, lively eyes and a rejuvenated spirit.
  • Faramir is so happy that his brother finally got a break from chronic stress and unrealistic expectations. He is curious to know what he had seen and learned, perhaps they could visit the Shire again one day, together.
  • Boromir shows him how to hypnotise a chicken.
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