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shining-m00nlight · 9 hours ago
When Theon comes to Winterfell Cat has to share her Aquarium.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
-Kinslayer or no, I am a lion still.  
 That seemed to amuse the lord of cheese no end. He slapped a meaty thigh and said, “You Westerosi are all the same. You sew some beast upon a scrap of silk, and suddenly you are all lions or dragons or eagles. I can take you to a real lion, my little friend. The prince keeps a pride in his menagerie. Would you like to share a cage with them?”   
The lords of the Seven Kingdoms did make rather much of their sigils, Tyrion had to admit
But what if sigils actually were not only pretty pictures? Made this for fun :D
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shining-m00nlight · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
my country burning down and absolutely no one bats an eye. i honestly don't know what else to do than share these trying to spread awareness and reach people who are in need. we desperately need help, it's been two days and the fires get more uncontrollable every minute. so if you see this, please don't ignore it.
Tumblr media
here are ways to donate if you can. don't think your help won't change anything because it will. we are trying so hard to be heard but it all falls to deaf ears.
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shining-m00nlight · a day ago
Tumblr media
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shining-m00nlight · a day ago
we need #HELP
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
PLEASE take the time to learn about what is happening in Turkey at the moment
this is not a joke.
TURKEY IS BEING BURNT DOWN! and It’s not a natural disaster, it’s arson. literal terror. a crime. there are 58 fires going on in 17 different cities. this has been going on for 2 days. people are dying, losing their homes.
helicopters, drones, planes and thousands of firemen are currently trying to control fires in 10 different locations in southern Turkey. so far, three people have died, hundreds of animals have perished and several settlements are being evacuated.
A WHOLE country is on fire please that is not something you can underestimate.
please use your voice for us.
please dont stay in silence.
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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shining-m00nlight · a day ago
I love this outfit 😍
Tumblr media
“I was born a Tully and wed to a Stark. I do not frighten easily.”
[COMMISSION of young Catelyn Stark for Reina on ig 🖤]
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shining-m00nlight · 2 days ago
Soft canon🥰
For NedCat kisses: 20 and 27!
20. Kissing in a stairwell, giving them an artificial height difference + 27. Kisses exchanged while one person sits on the other’s lap
Catelyn put her hands on her husband’s shoulders and leaned down to kiss his cheek.
“I shall retire for the night now, my lord” she said in a low voice.
The feast had not been going on for terribly long, but Arya and Sansa had been keeping her up all through the previous night. The girls had caught a fever and Catelyn had sat in their room to bring them comfort and help them sleep. It was nothing deadly, Maester Luwin had quickly established that, but her girls had still been sick and sick children needed their mother. Fortunately they had been much better that day and the fever was gone.
Ned turned from his conversation to look at her.
“May I join you?” he asked, reaching up to place one hand on top of hers.
“You may, but you should know that there is no need to leave out of politeness towards me. Stay here if you would rather do so.”
She liked going to bed with her husband, but he didn’t have to leave because she was tired despite that the hour had not yet grown late.
“I have been here for long enough to be forgiven for quietly slipping away. You can only listen to drunk men’s ramblings for so long before starting to grow tired.”
She chuckled.
“I seem to recall you have had your share of the ale as well, Lord Stark.”
“And it is good ale, but not enjoyable in a too large amount.”
He was quicker to laugh and smile and jest than usually. Not in an obnoxious way, he was still clear minded, his tongue just wasn’t as tied up as it was normally.
“That is well, because I do not share my bed with slurring men.”
“My lady is a firm woman.”
“Your lady wishes to go to bed.”
Ned stood up and offered her his arm. She gladly accepted it and he began to lead her down the rows of benches. She enjoyed feasts, she enjoyed when the hall was crowded and the air was filled with the northerners’ laughter. Winterfell was filled with life, but even more so when the northmen gathered in the Great Hall of Winterfell to eat and drink and dance.
The yard was filled men as well. They had made up small fires and were huddled around them, drinking and singing. Loudly. But despite that it was hard to hear exactly what they were singing. At last she managed to make out what she believed to be ‘The Dornishman’s wife’, except they sang ‘northerner’ instead.
“Do they always change it from ‘Dornishman’ to ‘northerner’?” she asked.
She had never heard that before. She didn’t think she had ever heard that song in the north at all.
“You are beautiful” was the response she got. “As fair as the moon.”
“Thank you, but the song goes ‘as fair as the sun’.”
“I like the moon better.”
“With all due respect, my lord, you appear drunk.”
“I’m not drunk, I am telling you a simple truth.”
At times she didn’t understand her husband. She loved him, but he could be a strange man. She found all northerners strange in one way or another.
A guard opened the door to the Great Keep and they walked inside.
“Are my kisses warmer than spring too?” she asked.
They started to walk up the stairs, but suddenly he stopped. She didn’t noticed until she took a step up and he didn’t. She turned around to see why he had stopped, and found that he was simply standing there, looking at her.
“You have a very cold nose” he said, raising a hand to brush aside a strand of hair that had fallen out of her hairdo. “It makes your kisses cold. I like them, but they are cold.”
He ran a thumb down her nose, drawing a laugh from her. She placed her hands on his shoulders and leaned down to kiss him, making sure to touch him as much as possible with her nose. She was not used to be taller than him while standing up, but it wasn’t something she was opposed to.
“Have you considered that perhaps you have a very warm nose?” she mumbled.
“A person who’s alive is supposed to be warm, my love.”
“If that is so you might have wed a dead woman.”
Catelyn was always cold except for when she had Ned very close to her. His heat seemed to be the only thing that could fight off the persistent chill whenever it got to her.
After having undressed Ned sat at the edge of the bed, waiting for her maid to take out all her braids and brush out her hair. She looked at him through the mirror, and when he noticed that he first looked at her maid and then nodded towards the door.
“Thank you, you may leave” Catelyn said.
She knew exactly what her husband was after.
“Good evening, my lady and my lord.”
After the door had closed behind her Catelyn took up the brush and held it out towards Ned, who eagerly came over and took it. He brushed her hair in silence, there was nothing that needed to be said. She closed her eyes and felt him gently work through her hair, making sure there was not a single tangle in it.
“Are you asleep, Cat?”
She opened her eyes and gave him a tired smile. She much looked forward to getting to rest her head on his shoulder and sleep through the night.
“Then let us go to bed.”
She pushed herself up from the chair and let Ned lead her over to the bed. He sat and pulled her down on his lap. She wrapped her arms around him and nuzzled her nose against his neck. His warmth was very pleasant.
“Oh that is a cold nose” he chuckled.
She turned her face up to meet his eyes and he placed a kiss on the tip of her nose. Smiling, she softly kissed him on the lips.
“If my nose is cold it is because it’s cold here.”
He laid her back against the pillows and reached for the covers pulling them over the two of them. Then he pulled her close to him. She settled with her head on his shoulder, throwing one leg over his in order to get as close as she could and get as much of his heat as possible.
“Are you still cold?” he asked.
“No, this is perfect” she whispered, already feeling sleep creep up on her. “Sleep well, my love.”
“Sleep well.”
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shining-m00nlight · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Catelyn of House Tully
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shining-m00nlight · 3 days ago
It's getting bad when it effects real people. My friends name is Brienna and since a year now I've been accidently calling her Brienne.
I'm not sure how long she is going to stay my friend if this keeps happening.
My love and obsession for Theon Greyjoy have got to the point where if see the name “Theo” anywhere I’m just “it’s missing the N”.
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shining-m00nlight · 3 days ago
Northerner music in GoT/Asoiaf modern AU:
In Germany there is basically a whole music genre dedicated to songs (the typ of songs you know by heart and you can sing while drunk) about how kids from the country are tougher, can handle alcohol better, have better parties, don't cry about little hurts and are in general cooler than big city kids because they are vain and soft and care to much about appearance.
Today I listened to one of those songs and was like: Exchange: City with South and Country with North and these would be songs the Starklings and their Northern friends would play at parties.
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shining-m00nlight · 3 days ago
Cat: I would like to tell you about the person I'm dating now! He is pretty great and I think you will be happy!
Arya: No I won't! ! I bet he is a total dumbass! No one can better than dad!
Ned: Well now I'm confused am I a dumbass or the best?
For the new prompt list - #20?
20. Kissing in a stairwell, giving them an artificial height difference.
Robb sighed when he ended the call with his sister. Of course Sansa had forgotten her notebook at Dad’s house when they switched the day before. Almost in tears she had begged him, the only one except for Mom who could drive, to get it for her as she couldn’t live without it. How had she even managed to forget it if it was that important?
Despite that Robb didn’t understand it at all, he felt like being a good older brother that day and so he decided that he would get it on his way home from soccer practice. If nothing else that would score him points with Mom, who he wasn’t on good terms with at the moment after she had caught him trying to go to Jon’s house the night before.
But just when he was about to turn into the driveway he noticed something strange. There was a car parked on the side of the road that wasn’t supposed to be there. Mom’s car. Why was she there? Sansa must have got tired of waiting and made Mom take her there.
He still parked his car and went to the door. Might as well drop in and say hello even though he didn’t have a purpose there anymore. Just the intention of helping Sansa plus being nice had to make his mother soften up a bit. He was already tired of being grounded, the only thing he was allowed to do was go to school and soccer practice.
Without knocking he opened the door and went inside, expecting to be met by Sansa and his parents’ stiff smiles. They had never really got over the awkwardness of seeing each other after the divorce. But he wasn’t met by that. The hall was empty, he only heard voices coming from further into the house. He clearly heard his mother and father, but no one else. Not Sansa or any of his other siblings.
He carefully poked his head into the next room and saw them. Dad stood at the bottom of the stairs, his arms around Mom’s waist. She stood a step higher, making her taller than him, and her hands were cupping his face. Why the hell were his divorced parents so close to each other?
“A little more time, that’s all I ask” Mom said softly. “We need to figure out how to tell them.”
“They’ll find it weird no matter how we do it, Cat. Maybe it’s better to just rip off the bandaid.”
“I don’t know. I will agree with them though, this is a little weird.”
“So what you’re saying is that most divorced people don’t do this? Because that’s news to me.”
“You’re unbearable” Mom chuckled before leaning down to kiss him.
They kissed like it was the most natural thing in the world. If he didn’t think too much about it Robb could almost believe that they never had separated. It really looked that way.
He ducked back behind the wall, internally screaming. What were they talking about and why were they kissing? They weren’t married, they had been divorced for three years. What happened to the awkward smiles and stiffly exchanged pleasantries? For how long had the been seeing each other again? Robb had many questions. He also had a feeling of that he really wasn’t supposed to have seen that.
He carefully opened the door so that they wouldn’t hear it, and then slammed it shut to make his presence known.
“Hello?” he called.
“Hello” both of them called back in chorus.
That time he walked into the living room. What he would see then was what they wanted him to see. He had given them a warning that time.
Mom still stood in the stairs, but Dad had backed away and was standing at a very respectable distance from her. It was like they were two entirely different people than the ones he had seen seconds earlier. Nothing were left of the relaxed body language and soft faces, but it still wasn’t nearly as bad as it usually was.
“What are you doing here, Mom?” Robb asked, trying to sound surprised.
“Some of Rickon’s clothes were in the washing machine when I picked up him and Bran yesterday so I had to come here and get them” she responded.
She held up a bag that had been standing at her feet. He was sure of that she wasn’t lying in that part, the bag probably contained Rickon’s clothes, but normally she would have sent Robb to get them.
Their conversation was an act from both sides, but she didn’t know that. She didn’t know he had seen them.
“Don’t you have soccer practice?” she then asked, her eyes narrowed with suspicion.
“It ended twenty minutes ago, and Sansa asked me to pick up her notebook on the way home.”
She checked the watch on her wrist.
“I’ll take it, you can go home. Edmure and Roslin are there, I think they have dinner ready.”
She clearly wanted him to leave. Well, not clearly, but he knew that she wanted him to leave.
If Robb had been a little braver he would have asked them about it. He was itching with the need to know what was actually going on there. Maybe he should have just done it. But he didn’t.
“Alright, see you at home. And bye, Dad.”
Dad hadn’t said a word until then. And Robb was probably imagining it, but wasn’t he looking at him a bit strangely?
“Goodbye, son.”
When he sat in his car once more he remembered a conversation he had had with Arya several weeks, maybe even months, earlier. She had told him that she believed Mom was seeing someone because she was happier than usual. Arya had appeared mad about that Mom thought that she could replace Dad, but Robb knew she was just sad. She had taken it all very hard, and was still upset about it three years later. He wondered what she would say if he told her that the person was Dad.
He really wanted to tell his siblings, but he didn’t know if it was a good idea. They wouldn’t be able to keep quiet, they would ask Mom about it. And she probably didn’t need more pressure. He had to remind himself of that it hadn’t been easy for her either. It had probably been the hardest for her and Dad.
Maybe it was better to just let it go for the moment. Based on what his parents had said he had a feeling of that they would get to know soon enough anyway.
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shining-m00nlight · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
Anon requested Tully siblings + 6
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shining-m00nlight · 5 days ago
Raindrops, snowflakes, sunshine, part 3
Summary: Catelyn meets a northern boy in her algebra class during one of London’s many rainy days. Initially she doesn’t expect much, but this boy brings her a surprising amount of sunlight.
@leialannister and I discussed Scandinavian Starks and I realized I really wanted to write a fic so that’s what I did. Swedes depicted in media makes this Swede happy, and NedCat also makes me happy so so why not combine it and publish him for everyone to see?
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shining-m00nlight · 6 days ago
I can't wait!!!
Longest chapter yet of Swedish!Ned fic coming up tomorrow, get hyped
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shining-m00nlight · 7 days ago
I think crucially the difference between drawing jon and drawing ned when he was younger is that ned is like <:– ) and jon is like >:– |
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shining-m00nlight · 7 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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shining-m00nlight · 12 days ago
Seeing so beautiful art always reminds me to be mad about the fact that most of the Starks had the wrong hair color in the show.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I gotta be up in 4 hrs it’s 4 am anyways heres some bran & arya. They are judging u. Shit talking. Gossiping. One might even say spilling the tea.
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shining-m00nlight · 12 days ago
Congratulations on your 200 followers! Could I ask for Brynden Tully in palette 8?
Tumblr media
Dude. I’m completely and genuinely sorry for how bad this is. the palette was giving me so much trouble and I even gave myself some leeway with it 💀 I’m begging u not to exile me for this atrocity but I’m a woman of my word and didn’t want to leave ur ask abandoned 🥺
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shining-m00nlight · 12 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
very quick doodles from requests i got like……. a month ago (sjfjd) (sorry)
rickon and osha for @defender-of-wilderness, emrick and arron (debating about where to swear their vows) for @the-perfunctorily and catelyn for @thiscouldbeparadiseorpurgatory !!
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shining-m00nlight · 14 days ago
Tumblr media
I'm on a asoiaf hight right now here's a pre canon Cat ig
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shining-m00nlight · 14 days ago
Tumblr media
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