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When #BoycottSupergirl trended after the compulsory heterosexuality of 5x11, episode 5x18 was being filmed. The show had the opportunity to rewrite this episode, and episode 20. To think that this is the best parts of two episodes combined after rewrites is tiresome. The show will never get better with the current show runners. I joined in 4B because of the momentum with Supercorp as screen chemistry that strong is rare. I binged all four seasons before watching season five in real time. The patterns I’ve noticed are:
The first few episodes are good, and the last few episodes are good, and there is this huge chasm of stagnation inbetween
Priority of development is given to new characters over existing ones
Priority is given to men over women
Tokenism (the Trans episode was timed for the GLAAD awards rather than International Women’s Day)
Surface treatment and hand waving of important plot and character moments
Seasonal themes and episode plots are met by writing out of character

Add to that the choice to spend money on Kara’s wardrobe rather than the CGI this season, focusing on plot rather than character, lying about the season’s focus, and we have the mess that is season five. I thought season two was the worst, but this surpasses it. It’s no wonder the audience has left in droves and the demo dropped. They tried to kill Supercorp and it killed the show in the process.


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They may have had it planned to make kara x willy a slowburn relationship but the way the whole “romance” played out clearly indicates, that they don’t want to go down this path. At least not now, that they got so much backlash.

And even if they wanted to, they would shoot themself in the foot - no - in both feet.

They have approximately 8 months to rethink their plans for season 6 - if they even have plans that is. And I don’t think that article is any indication for what lies ahead of the plot, since not even SDCC19 did.

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I’m sure I’ve said it enough times by now but since there are still some ramblings about representation:

Of course it would be awesome, to have a lesbian play a lesbian character. That was one of the things I liked most about Batwoman.

But it’s really not that important. (I know this argument is useless now, it’s confirmed that they’ll cast another lgbt+ actress)

The thing about a lesbian playing the role of a lesbian is, that she gets what it’s like to hear homophobic slurs, to get sexualized by men, to struggle with sexuality etcetera.

And not only that but it’s not hard for them to play a believable wlw relationship. There are of course hetero women out there who can convincingly play them too but it’s really uncomfortable to watch two woman kiss, like they’re sisters or never kissed anyone in their life before. (Again: there are lots of hets who are awesome)

That’s actually to only point I would make, concerning the advantages of casting a lesbian. (And yes wlw in general but it’s not the same)

So i dont get people getting offended, that the cast isn’t part of whatever group you belong to. Hell, they are actors for fucks sake.

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Sometimes I wonder if they even realize that by deciding to be somewhat inconsistent and fully blame Kara not telling Lena on her wanting to protect her (rather than being terrified to lose her as stated in 5x01 since they probably worried about how romantic that sounded) – 

All it did was have the opposite effect and sound just as romantic.

Her waiting THAT long to tell Lena, and only Lena, supposedly just to protect her? All that says then, with 100% authority, is that she cares more about Lena than anybody (along with Alex whose memory they swiped to protect her). 

Kara told Winn, James already knew but she didn’t push him away to protect him, she told Lucy, she knew Cat knew but didn’t quit and get far away from her, she told Nia, etc. Hell, they even toyed with the idea of Kara telling William and they probably would’ve had her do it if not for the backlash. She tells people who are far less resourceful and less able to protect themselves than Lena (given her wealth, security and tech galore). Yet she didn’t tell Lena. For years and years. 

Come on. The implications of that, and of what that means Lena means to Kara, beyond any other friend is… huge. 

So if they thought that removing the “I was selfishly terrified to lose you” angle removed some of the romantic implications, the choice they went with was just as romantic and if anything just moved Lena to the top of who the most important person in Kara’s life is, right alongside Alex. Which we already knew after the 100th, but still. 

And they even cemented it by having the Alex and Lena jinx moment in the finale. 


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if you are going to do historical inaccuracy, then go big. Just take it to a whole ‘nother level.

I mean like Knight’s Tale “chanting Queen at the jousting tournament ‘foxy lady’” levels of anachronism. Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters with Hansel injecting himself with insulin and Gretel wielding a multiple-shot crossbow levels of anachronism. Go for Blazing Saddles, Blackadder, Jack of All Trades, Connecticut Yankee levels of anachronism

you either have to play by the rules or throw out the book.

Go full on Xena. All of history happened at the same time. Get your legs broken by Caesar and find out Lao Tzu didn’t write that book, his wife did, and she hitting on you…all 10 years before you go meet up with Helen at Troy. Fight with Beowulf and commission Sappho within a few months of each other. Abraham and Issac? Only like 2 years before Jesus. Invent CPR and the kite during the bronze age. Watch your gal pal teach Homer how to be a better bard. Have a fucking battle of the bands in Ancient Greece. TIME IS MEANINGLESS.

Go Full On Xena

Look, I think that’s just good life advice: When in doubt, just Go Full On Xena.

Go. Full. On. Xena.

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I was scrolling through Instagram and saw this 😭😭 I’M NOT CRYING YOU ARE.

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Favourite thing about ‘if anyone can do it, it’s you’ scene is not only the confirmation that the two most important people in Kara life are Alex and Lena but its when Alex’s gaydar finally FINALLY went off. 



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updated the chart of supergirl’s imdb ratings now that the season is over and like i know we been knew but how is nobody else taking note of the fact that the two highest rated episodes (excluding the crossover) from s5 are the ones that push kara and lena back toward each other

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So I guess there isn’t a formal statement from either the batwoman writers, the producers or the CW out right now.

We still don’t know why Ruby Rose left (or as some rumours say - got fired) but just a few “quotes” seem unworthy of the situation.

First of all, these are most likely staged quotes. When you look at them, it’s really not hard to figure out, that they just say “thanks and bye” - from the producers side of view - and “thanks and bye” from Rose’s too.

There is no actual information in them, except that she didn’t leave because of an injury. - and that’s from an unknown source, that is close to Ruby Rose. Could easily be made up to ensure, that there wouldn’t be any rumours about her health and personal life.

It’s fine, that they don’t want to drag out the whole situation. Maybe it’s uncomfortable for them or Ruby Rose and I get that. I just wish they would at least address, that they will cast another batwoman. Because right until now, no social media - be it Twitter or Instagram - have had at least a note in their posts. And as far as we know, they start filming in January 2021 (or so I’ve heard).

Between the casting and filming itself are right now approximately 8 months. I don’t know what the situation in America is and when they’re gonna open the borders or are able to work again properly, but I’ve heard some time in August.

They probably will work on the script and concept first and then worry about the casting. So I guess, if they’re gonna address the situation, it’s when they have a new Batwoman on their hands. Maybe in October?

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