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shmitty · 2 days ago
9th life
Even when's they want to use you up till nothings left
Even if you drop
The blessing
Is to produce the flowers for even them to enjoy
-love addict-
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shmitty · 6 days ago
A change of pace this is a random funny comic I done of myself
Tumblr media
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shmitty · 6 days ago
Tumblr media
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shmitty · 8 days ago
I didn't want to be here again
Vacant stares into off white walls
Mindless steps wondering hospital halls
Seeing a message painted out in the most beautiful color of midnight blue nail polish
Against one fact the cold hard concrete of the top of the parking deck Where I Stood considering my last leap of faith
In a statement that's so many times I wish would have not cling to my lips
But only now would slip from my tongue so many times only to disappear like Vapors with no recipient sorry dad
They sing
Are you sleeping
Are you sleeping
Brother John
......I could only wish
Your words of life and love you wisdom of compassion and acceptance we're truly food and nourishment for the soul
That only now I've began and understand
And ironically I can no longer hear them and thus my soul cries out in hunger and starvation
If I was the apple of your eye
Then you were the tree of life i hung from plucked and drop from your branches left to rot
I know they need me
I know they want me
And I love you so I will tend to your flock
But if I truly am your Troublesome Prodigal Son
When do I get the run back to your loving arms
I'd like to think you would be so proud of me now
But I guess to little to late.....
I hate this
Because when we open the Pandora's Box which was my life and all this chaos and destruction had escaped and Crush down on us
With trembling hands I'm still searching the edges for that little wisp of Hope clinging to it
But it hurts
and I can't see it
You Used to tell all of us
That the kingdom was at hand
And the kingdom of God and heaven Was Among Us
But I would trade
my entire Kingdom
For just one second with you
I love you
And I'm so sorry
-love addict -
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shmitty · 9 days ago
I've heard that the light we see from stars isn't really there because through space and time light travels differently the most the Stars we've seen have burn out ages ago
And that way that's something a hold in common with them
I refused to stop shining my light for the world to see
Though I know on the inside I've died a long time ago
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shmitty · 13 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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shmitty · 15 days ago
What the fuck can I say ?
It's just another bad day
My feelings get in the way
It's just another bad day
My demons come out to play
It's just another bad day
I just wanna be ok
It's just another bad day
Why won't it just go away?
It's just another bad day
All the hearts I can't sway
It's just another bad day
All this pain and dismay
It's Just another bad day
It's just another bad day
It's just another bad day
-love addict -
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shmitty · 15 days ago
Pick up your cross
I found my savior
And I talked with him there
Talk to him about life
About my despair
About all the world
The cruel and unfair
He came with hard love and cold care
And I took on the wisdom to share
I told I couldn't do it the pain was to great
I sat with him at Golgotha
Discussing my fate
He said " pick up that grief pick up that weight"
So heaved up that cross
And I drug it on down
Through the temptations of the wilderness
Through the judgemental faces in town
I drug it down the road and out to the shore
But I thought it hurting to heavy I'm sick and I'm sore
I don't wanna do this I can't walk anymore
Then with a weary head I'll look towards the sky
I thought of there hearts
And I drug it on by
And into the sea
I may have been drowning but I didn't die
But though I may have faltered
I continue to try
Drug it to the serpent
Saw the hate in his eyes
His hate for me
And humans he despise
But I drug it for him
And drug it on by
Drug it back up and on to the beach
Along with the pain and the lessons
They teach
Drug it by the goat and his treachery
But I pass on dragging it on for him Dragging it for me
And up to the mountains by the bound up bird and I drag it for him despite what I've heard
And down the other side that's what I do I drag it for me and I drag it for you
I'll drag till I drop
And I'll be through
To drag it for love
For what is true
-love addict-
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shmitty · 15 days ago
E. G.
C. N. T.
N. I. C.
E. N. Y. E.
I. R. T. P.
T. A. I. S.
A. E. N. E.
P. L. U. R.
E. O. N. E.
A. V. D. S.
C. E. E. O.
E. R. L.
S. U.
T. T.
A. I.
N. O.
D. N.
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shmitty · 16 days ago
She said: "oh my god your eyes sparkle like diamonds"
I responded: " tears will do that"
-love addict-
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shmitty · 16 days ago
To whom it may concern
I want to hug you, embrace you, and hold you
To a point unlike you have ever known
Hold you to my chest so you can hear my heart With Every Beat so you will know that sounds signifies that at least in life I will never let you go
Use my lips to clear your tears with each kiss upon your cheeks
And seal off your pain with the final kiss to your forehead
Let Your Hair run through my fingers like the sands of time that have abused us both
Standing beneath the moon and stars so the heavens can even see us together
In this moment of love and unity
I'd lean in
With a gentle whisper the grace your ear your ear telling you
" it's okay I'm here I love you and I'm not going anywhere"
The many of you out there reading this
You may think but I found a soulmate
Or someone special
And in a way
You would be right
But not in the way that you think
Like you
My love is beautiful and free
So if you were reading this
This was meant for you
-love addict -
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shmitty · 17 days ago
Fire and ice
Baby are you still
Hungry ?
Baby are you still
Baby are you still
Speaking mantras
With forked tongues
Well bleed them all dry
Just for this suicidal Pact
But none shall be wanted or missed
Because we will drag them all down with us
The almighty dollar being our own ticket to satisfaction to bliss
To be our on judge jury and executioner
But who fears the sentencing anymore
Walking life through these death Rows
We had administered lethal injection ourselves more times than I can count yet we still walk
In one sting to get the point
one infernal burn passing glaciers through our veins
And then Heavenly Bliss
But in like being in love there is a rise in there is a fall my darling I've hit the bottom
Who knew that inside of these many many hours these days these weeks of being awake that we both were asleep for the world around us
But in trying to open and heal my mind with poison my heart was truly the one casualty
But I'm finally awake and I'm finally aware and my heart is screaming and grieving within the madness
So I'll ask you again
Baby I can see your ribs
Are you still hungry?
Baby I can see the bags underneath your eyes
Are you still tired
Baby I saw your smile slip away
Are you still happy?
Trapped in a world of opposing forces that are killing us
Within the fire and ice
........I'm so sorry
-love addict-
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shmitty · 21 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
New art I just got done with
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shmitty · 22 days ago
Of blood and keepers
From Cain to Abel
From our own back alley Street
The sands of Jerusalem
From the loud chaotic Agony that this has brought upon me
To the Stillness and Silence of the Hiroshima Shadows
If you cannot be your brother's keeper
Can you not at least be
The keepers
Love, kindness, care, sympathy, empathy, and concern for your fellow man
Or at least a tiny little shred of human decency to agree to disagree Let Go and Let Live
Your fight for freedom has put me within slavery and chains within my own mind
Is this what we pray for on our knees?
Are these the songs that we sing from our hymnals?
Is this what you set aside Sunday for just to misconstrued and cause malformations
In his teachings in his own words gracing those white pages in red much like your own kinds blood stains the soil of the Earth?
And much like Abel
I can hear their screams and cries
From that blood deep within that soil
Can you not
It's a sound that shatters the heart
A sound that crushes the soul
A sound that shakes the mind
Christ came to be that last in hopes that that would be enough
For him to be the last
But if it's not take me to
and let it be done
Let it not be hate
Let it be love
-love addict -
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shmitty · 23 days ago
The willing
To the next one to come by
To pick up this treasured trash broken and discarded by all who held it
What once was thought a blessing manifesting into a curse
Think that you can repair me fix the Damage Done
Good luck
Many have tried from the hands of mortal man to the touch of the Divine
It is a task that even time itself could not accomplish
But if you are willing to try I'm willing to let you
If you are going to say things
So tenderly to me please say them with purpose and meaning
Because for way to long empty words and broken promises are wasted on just myself
Words hold such power and meaning
So be true
Or in silence say nothing at all
But if you are willing to speak I am willing to listen
And if you are going to love me
Do so gently and do so slow
Because there's a deep seated fear caged within my chest fueled by pain and dismay and because in the red hot fires of passion
Love burns up like vapors
Never to be seen again
And in my pure addiction to those urges those feelings those chemicals we produce between to lovers entangled within one another heart mind and soul
Within this infinite Cosmos and existence between us
Truly I cannot be trusted
Not to take more than my fill
But if you willing to love me I'm willing to try
-love addict -
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shmitty · 23 days ago
Kindness for coal
For those of you who don't really like yourselves and suffer from the pressures of life and others around you crushing down on you
Just remember
That that black misshapen coal seeming ugly to some
That with enough time and pressure has the potential to be the most beautiful diamond that everyone wants
Yet the ones who deserve it
Already cherish and know its value
-love addict-
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shmitty · 28 days ago
Blood sweat and tears
What will it take
To let them all act out of love
And stop with the hate
It's seeps in like a poison
From hell
To heaven and anywhere in between
Will it take blood have we not shed enough
In your name,in his name,in the name of our own selfish intentions,and the unseen wars with our own personal demons
Is there not blood on all our names and hands
So much to were even pilot could never scrub this clean
No matter how hard he tried
I've bled for so much for so many years but for this for change you can take it all to the last drop bleed me dry
Use me I'll be your sacrifice to exsanguinate
Will it take sweat
Has there not been enough have we all not worked our hands and feet to the bone
Have we all not crawled ,walked ,and ran
All of our existences
Enough to even satisfy Adam's punishment
I've sweat so much in life never completely taking a single solitary moment to rest I'm either working physically or mentally
But for this for change I'd work until the end of days till I drop of exhaustion
Use me I'll be your diaphoreic river
Will it take tears
Have we not cried enough over loss,love,pain,and fear
Is there not enough to flood the earth again and drowned us all
To bring the Giants within us low
I've given so much but for change from this I'd cry for forty days and forty nights into forty months, years, decades, centuries and on into Infinity
Use me I'll be your lacrimal ocean
I'm filled with so much
So much love
I want to be there light in the darkness
I know I will never burn out
I want to be the cup they can drink from when there thirsty
I overflow with it
I know I'll never run dry
I wanna be the fruit tree that always has fruit
So when there hungry they can eat there fill
I know I'm always in season and always ripe and ready for the taking
In everything between animals to humans from gods to angels deities,devils,demons and everything In between
These tetragrammatic words hold such power in these 4 letters
L o v e
H a t e
One question I'll leave for you all here,above or below
What are you so afraid of ?
That you'll be betrayed , hurt, lied to
You ask us to have faith
Well I could ask the same of you
-love addict -
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shmitty · 28 days ago
Cupid the next time you take aim and put your sights on me and let your Arrow fly
Just please make sure it's fatal
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shmitty · 28 days ago
The space between us
With everything we say
And everything we do
Brighter than the constellations
The Light Within us grew
In the Infiniti of the cosmos
That were floating through
There's one thing I will promise
If you're scared to try something new
Just stare into my eyes
To find a different View
If you orbit me
Then I will orbit you
-love addict-
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shmitty · a month ago
The Descent
I had a dream
That I was with you
With my head resting in your lap
You running your fingers through my hair
The moment I got comfortable
I thought I felt your tears dripping on my face
Turned and opened my eyes to find out it was you and everything around me were melting into a black pitch I began to sink into
Fought and thrashed around
I struggled to breathe
But all in vain
Drew my limbs in tight
As I lay on my side
Beneath Everything
Beneath the depth
Of it all
Placed on the bottom
with the
Discarded sediments
I woke up
In the same position.
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