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self-taught digital artist, B.Sc. biology. creating animal art and pet portraits. commissions closed.

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shrimpu-art·11 days agoAnswer

Hey, this is a simple question really, but I am curious about what drawing tablet you use?

I use a Huion kamvas pro 16 tablet. 

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shrimpu-art·14 days agoAnswer

Hey! I love your art and ”Kirsimägi” sounds finnish, so r u from finland?? I don’t know many finnish artists but it would be cool

You’re close, I’m actually from Estonia haha. And thank you!

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shrimpu-art·a month agoAnswer

Hi there! First off, your art is absolutely incredible! My question to you is how did you manage to get your work out there and recognised on tumblr? I’ve just recently started to do some pet portraits for friends and my art blog is so little that it’s not really getting out there to be viewed. I’ve used some tags on the posts, but it doesn’t seem to work. Any hints or tips?

Hi! And thank you!
I feel like so much has been said about this topic that I don’t even know if I have anything to add. I remember sending a very similar ask to an artist when I was starting out and remember not being too happy with the answer haha. The truth is that getting your work recognised online mostly comes down to patience and luck. 

Anyways, here are the three steps to instant success:

  1. Put out art with consistent style, subject matter and aesthetic. Regardless of the quality of the work, I’ve found that people are drawn to pages and galleries that look cohesive. If the art you’re posting is all over the place style or subject wise, try to narrow your focus. Absolutely don’t let this discourage you to make studies and experiment with your art, but remember that you don’t have to post everything that you make. I’d also recommend to make your blog art only or at least make your art easy to find with a tag. People are more likely to follow if they know exactly what they’re going to get.  
  2. Get reblogged by an already established blog that has a similar subject matter to yours. Interacting, commenting, sending asks, participating in challenges, etc. can help them notice you. I’ve never felt right asking for reblogs myself, but I guess you could try that.
  3. Tag your posts with every relevant tag that comes to mind. It’s true that hashtags aren’t particularly useful when you’re just starting out, but they definitely help your posts get even more likes when they already have a decent amount. It will snowball from there. 

And most importantly, give it time. It could be months or years until your work gets the attention it deserves, depending on your current skill level. Posting frequently will help you get there quicker, but it’s not worth it if you feel pressured by it or the quality of your work suffers (I’ve only ever posted with the frequency of about a couple of times a month, for example). As long as you keep posting and improving, you will get there!

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shrimpu-art·2 months agoAnswer
wow! i just found your work and it’s absolutely stunning! the texture, the lighting, shading, the careful precision of each detail it looks so real! i love it! please keep creating these beautiful artworks!

Thank you, I appreciate it! 

Honestly I can’t thank you all enough, everyone has been so insanely supportive. ;n; It still feels a bit bizarre to have such a large audience for my art but I really really appreciate it!

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shrimpu-art·2 months agoPhoto


I find white long haired dogs soooo tricky to draw, this might be the first one I’ve done that I’m actually happy with. 

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shrimpu-art·3 months agoAnswer
I wanted to ask about where you got your brushes and how you learned how to paint digitally! Do you make use of layers or only use one, etc. I was wondering if the brushes you use are self made or you, those fur brushes especially!

Hi! Some resources I’ve found useful for learning art are drawabox (for drawing/sketching) and cltrpaint (for digital painting). 

I do use layers while painting, but I usually don’t go back and forth between them, so it’s almost more like layering in traditional painting. I basically make a new layer when I’m happy with what I’ve got so far and don’t want to ruin it, so I paint on top of it on a new layer so I can easily erase/etc. 

The brushes I use at the moment are a combination of stuff I’ve found online and made/edited myself. I think Lhuin’s fur brushes are a great starting point if you want to try some fur brushes out. 

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shrimpu-art·4 months agoAnswer
Hypothetically if/when your commissions reopen, do you draw fish/other "weird" pets? It seems like most are dogs or cats so I figured I should ask.

I’m definitely down to draw any exotic pets! I absolutely love weird critters, especially fish and shrimp. 

I don’t have a tank right now unfortunately, so I drew this yellow Caridina shrimp the other day because I miss keeping them!

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