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self-taught digital artist, B.Sc. biology. creating animal art and pet portraits.

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shrimpu-art·10 days agoAnswer
wow! i just found your work and it’s absolutely stunning! the texture, the lighting, shading, the careful precision of each detail it looks so real! i love it! please keep creating these beautiful artworks!

Thank you, I appreciate it! 

Honestly I can’t thank you all enough, everyone has been so insanely supportive. ;n; It still feels a bit bizarre to have such a large audience for my art but I really really appreciate it!

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shrimpu-art·19 days agoPhoto


I find white long haired dogs soooo tricky to draw, this might be the first one I’ve done that I’m actually happy with. 

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shrimpu-art·a month agoAnswer
I wanted to ask about where you got your brushes and how you learned how to paint digitally! Do you make use of layers or only use one, etc. I was wondering if the brushes you use are self made or you, those fur brushes especially!

Hi! Some resources I’ve found useful for learning art are drawabox (for drawing/sketching) and cltrpaint (for digital painting). 

I do use layers while painting, but I usually don’t go back and forth between them, so it’s almost more like layering in traditional painting. I basically make a new layer when I’m happy with what I’ve got so far and don’t want to ruin it, so I paint on top of it on a new layer so I can easily erase/etc. 

The brushes I use at the moment are a combination of stuff I’ve found online and made/edited myself. I think Lhuin’s fur brushes are a great starting point if you want to try some out. 

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shrimpu-art·2 months agoAnswer
Hypothetically if/when your commissions reopen, do you draw fish/other "weird" pets? It seems like most are dogs or cats so I figured I should ask.

I’m definitely down to draw any exotic pets! I absolutely love weird critters, especially fish and shrimp. 

I don’t have a tank right now unfortunately, so I drew this yellow Caridina shrimp the other day because I miss keeping them!

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shrimpu-art·5 months agoAnswer
This is the first time I've seen an artist featured for two different pieces on the radar in less than 24 hours! (First that cat from a month ago, and then the one from four days ago.) Must've realized it was just too good to pass up! So naturally, can't help but follow your blog and wish you a great day!

Hold up - two? The plot thickens.


Seriously though, this is bizarre!

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shrimpu-art·5 months agoAnswer
you were featured on my radar too! (or is tumblr radar not individualised? but either way) i've got to agree with the previous askers, your art is fantastic! the attention to detail of each individual fur, the luminosity of the eyes, really makes it feel like the animals are staring out of the screen at you! and you give us all who studied non-art degrees hope that with enough practice, we can still reach our art goals even without formal art training! keep being awesome and all the best!

Thank you so much!  

And apparently I’m on the login page as well. So cool!

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shrimpu-art·5 months agoAnswer
Man I just...... your art is amazing!!! The color, the texture, THE LIGHTING??? Stunning. Istg I'm so glad tumblr highlighted one of your posts so I could find you. I just recently decided to start studying art and seeing that you too come from a different study background is an inspiration on its own. I hope you keep doing what you love and wish you all the best :D and here's hoping I get the chance to commission your work someday hahaha

I’m featured on the radar? That’s insane! 

Really appreciate you checking my art out. :)

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